Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist – 05-06


As is every other male on this show.

…I don’t know why, but I keep wanting to call Camio ‘Cecil’ for some reason. Anyways, after that first episode, Makai Ouji is… definitely less interesting than it was first introduced to be. Maybe if there was a plot, we’d have something, but there’s no end in sight unfortunately.

Episode 5


Ahahaha Camio certainly knows how to talk William into things. It’s kind of sad that William is that easy to predict at this point in the story, but that’s his character I guess. Anyways, so the story this time about ghosts being around… It certainly didn’t seem like it had anything to do with the main storyline, so I had a hard time paying attention to be honest. It’s interesting that they’re pulling Killmoulis (which apparently are similar to Brownies) into the storyline, but we still have no idea what crawled up Kevin’s ass and died why Kevin is acting so cold to William or what this business about Solomon’s ring is. Those things seem a bit more important. But hey, Camio is an interesting break from the rest of William’s harem. Rather than sticking with him for no real reason like the rest of the candidates, Camio seems perfectly okay with not having anything to do with the rest of them unless he wants something. I don’t know how much devotion he has for Solomon, but it doesn’t even look like he wants much to do with the election.

Anyways, hey! Female characters! Ignoring the loli who’s Dantalion’s fiancee apparently (though I think we all know which way he really swings), Astaroth is interesting. I kind of wish that we could have gotten more out of their appearance than what was shown (…like more of an explanation as to who they are exactly), but I guess the warning was important. …Or at least I hope it was important, since that would mean that something will actually be happening soon. I assume that she was referring to Kevin being the main threat since he seems to know something and has connections with the church, but it would be pretty interesting if she meant Isaac.

Episode 6


The next episode was a bit more interesting. I’m still not entirely sure what Astaroth’s relationship is with the other demons, but Kobayashi’s character, Eligos was interesting. Apparently she’s also one of Solomon’s pillars, but I guess Beelzebub is just more important for whatever reason. I’m curious as to just what her relationship with Solomon was since it doesn’t look like they shared an intimate relationship quite like the male pillars did if she’s now in love with Beelzebub. …Even though he’s married to Astaroth and Lamia (you know, the loli character) is their daughter. Also, why William couldn’t just tell her to stop trying to kill someone like he’s done with the other demons so many times is beyond me. I’m pretty sure that Dantalion said that he could only command the pillars that way, so I’m sure he could have done it. …Finally, I have no idea what her goal (or I guess Beelzebub’s goal) was other than starting a war and killing William. I don’t even know why they needed his soul. The dots aren’t really connecting here.

Speaking of Beelzebub needing William’s soul (or maybe that was just fancy talk for Eligos just wanting William dead), William seems pretty… relaxed about the whole thing. You’d think that he’d ask Dantalion or one of the demons about it since he already has one powerful organization after his life for some reason, and now there’s another one. Again, I have no idea why Beelzebub wants William dead, but William isn’t bothered by it enough to even try to prepare for the possibility of someone attacking. I don’t even think that’s arrogance there, that’s just stupidity. They also kind of breezed over the fact that Mycroft’s father just kind of turned into a pile of ash or dirt or whatever. He was a pretty important figure who was holding a party. Wouldn’t it take a lot of explaining if he just suddenly disappeared? And does Mycroft even remember almost being killed by his father/Eligos? I assume he does since he was talking about taking over things being difficult, so does he know about demons and things too? …Or maybe all of the characters just have an unspoken agreement not to ask any questions whatsoever about anything.


At least my questions about Kevin were answered. Or maybe I should be calling him Uriel. He most definitely has some kind of connection with angels since he has that wing, and I guess he also has some sort of subordinate that looks creepily like himself. …For some reason. Even if that wasn’t really explained, at least we know why he and Dantalion don’t get along. Besides the other obvious, more shippable reasons of course. I think I’m leaning more towards Kevin and William at the moment, since they have the childhood friends thing, and Kevin was just so adorable with William at the end of the episode.


Though this was funny, so points to Dantalion too I guess.

Ahh!!! Looking at the cast list, Kamiyan should be in here somewhere!!! That makes this shaky plot (kind of) worth it!! …But seriously, I wish I knew where this was going. So far we have a bunch of people after William (for his life or otherwise), a protagonist that doesn’t really have a goal, a few factions that may or may not get along, and still next to no mention of the plot that brought them all together. Solomon is still important, but there’s been absolutely no mention of him except in passing. Ah well, I guess this will continue on as it will. I hope at least the plot pulls itself together enough to make the last couple of episodes interesting. I’m not really expecting much at this point, so here’s where Makai Ouji could get back to being as interesting as the first couple of episodes were.


This guy looks interesting at least.


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6 Responses to “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist – 05-06”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Well, episode 5 was so boring and pointless that it was practically filler in a series that is going nowhere fast. Episode 6 on the other hand…

    So, 6 episodes in and things are finally getting serious…

    Things took a darker turn here as we deal with Beelzebub and his minions, and this one actually deals with the things Hell is known for: death, war, and destruction. This episode is probably the best so far, with Swallow and his family and the forces of God and Satan in battle against one another.

    Everyone once again is after William, who is not bad if he stays away from his realism kick. We also find that what I suspected for a long time is true, Kevin is literally an angel in disguise, whose real identity is that of Uriel, one of the lesser known archangels. We also have introduced is his cohort, another even lesser known archangel, Raguel. Actually a big clue is that their names all end in “-el” which in Hebrew means “God”.
    (For the most part, Uriel and Raguel are not considered “canon” archangels held by the Western world Christians, (Catholics only acknowledge 3: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Protestants only 2: Michael and Gabriel)but are acknowledged mostly by the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox sections of Christianity. Raguel is supposedly the one talked about in the Book of Revelations as the angel of the church of Philadelphia. While Uriel is supposedly the one in Genesis with the flaming sword in the garden of Eden and the one that helped baby John the Baptist and his family flee Herod at the same time that Gabriel did for Joseph and Mary.)

    Honestly, Kevin/Uriel has been such a comforting family presence to William, while all the demons seem to want is to have Will elect them (even Dantalion and Styry are constantly trying to blackmail him), while Heaven has always been there for William without wanting anything in return.

    I give 5 a 4/10 and 6 an 8/10. Let’s see if they can keep things up.

    • Karakuri says:

      YES. 5 felt so much like filler! This show doesn’t need that!!! OTL

      Episode 6 was certainly the darkest so far… and I really have to agree with you about it being the best. Some things didn’t make sense, but Eligos possessing corpses and killing people was SO much more interesting than watching William go around pretending that he wasn’t involved with the plot.

      I hope Uriel/Kevin comes out with the truth to William soon. It would certainly make the plot more interesting. …And closer to what I thought this would be like from the plot description at the beginning of the show.

  2. d-LaN says:

    This guy looks interesting at least.

    Seen better looking guy with beards in otome/BL VN 😛

    Also, out of context screencaps are fun XD Will catch up to the show after I’m done with my finals.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha maybe ‘distinct’ would have been a better word there xD

      …But yeah, I have fun coming up with these things based on out of context dialogue. xD

  3. anaaga says:

    Man, Solomon’s a player. MILF, shotas, gigolos, virgins, he has them all

    • Karakuri says:

      Screw William, I want to see a show about how Solomon managed to create the most diverse harem known to mankind. xD

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