Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 07

InuHasa: The Musical

Well whaddaya know, this episode of InuHasa is actually decent. With just the right amount of nonsense and mystery, the show might do well if it continues to use this formula.


Missing Undies

How to make a death mask.

This week’s mystery comes in the form of Kirihime’s bra. Flat chest jokes aside, her favorite bra goes missing, and Kazuhito gets stuck with helping her locate the lacy undies. Long story short, he unknowningly snatched them when he was looking for something to curl up with at night. Faced with Kirihime’s impending wrath, he opts to hide the evidence by doing what a dog does best: bury things. Obviously things don’t go as planned, but more on that later. In the meantime Suzuna shows up and acts like her usual self to our great enjoyment. Repeatedly smashing her head into a locker door so hard that she starts leaving an impression of her face? Yeah, sounds about right.

Singing, Fighting Maids

Super novelist numero tres.

Back to Kazuhito, our unfortunate dog escapes from the clutches of Yayoi yet again and makes his way to the park to complete the deed. Except he gets distracted by a maid. A singing maid, that is. It’s like InuHasa suddenly turned into a musical! Well, this maid is none other than the one we’ve seen around a few times who is hinted to be employed by the last of the hot shot author trio. And in fact, we even get a brief flash of who I can only assume to be the master in question, though she has no lines this episode. Perhaps this hints at an introverted and quiet personality (maybe due to her handicap); quite a contrast from the flashy Maxi and the passionate Kirihime. Although her maid is certainly more like Kirihime, as we soon see.

Look out! It’s The Zapper!!!

Remember the Tuna Eater? What was that all about anyway? Well, we’re in for another treat, because this time InuHasa brings us The Zapper of Corruption. It’s a broom, but it’s not your average broom, Because the bristles can be removed to reveal… a blade? Huh? I’m pretty sure that’s a spear and not a broom. But no matter. At least it’s not as ludicrous as the Tuna Eater. Just thinking back on the electric-knife/dual-chainsaw/hand-cannon gives me shivers. So mystery maid, displeased with being “seen”, sets about “cleaning” Kazuhito with The Zapper. Cue shenanigans and the dog is rescued by none other than Kirihime, who swoops in to save the day just as he’s about to die again.1

Moe Moe Kirihime

On the bright side she doesn’t like him so much that she could just eat him up.

The whacky events aside, I found it particularly entertaining how Kirihime is suddenly so mellow this episode. We’ve previously seen her being deredere with Kazuhito, but at no time has it been as evident as it is now. I mean, if past indications were only not so subtle hints, this episode pretty much shouts “KIRIHIME WANTS TO GET IN KAZUHITO’S PANTS”. Well, that’s what she would do if he were still human and could wear pants. So now she has to settle for the next best thing, which apparently is cuddling. And don’t even get me started on the baby-making…


All in all this was a much stronger episode of InuHasa than all those before it. Which might or might not be a good sign if you consider we’re already 7 episodes in out of a total of 12. But let’s assume the glass is half full for the sake of the show. Who knows, maybe episode 8 will be even better! Oh wait. It’s going to be a Maxi episode. FUUUUU-

1At this point Shirou is clenching his fist so hard the world explodes.


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4 Responses to “Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 07”

  1. Highway says:

    I think that’s more of a polearm than a spear. 🙂

    The show is definitely random, and really goes through a lot of scenes and locations in just one episode. Sometimes that makes it feel like it’s going on longer than it does, since you’re getting a little fatigued by the end, but I’ve thought the last couple, more slice-of-lifey ones were pretty good episodes.

    • Sumairii says:

      Sure. Glaive, naginata, guandao, call it whatever you want. I figure most would just call it a spear anyhow.

      As far as the slice-of-life episodes, somehow I wasn’t too impressed by them. But I think this must be because I’m generally not a very big fan of the SoL genre.

  2. Vespera says:

    I only watch this now because the dog is so cute and it’s interactions with the female cast. Besides that most of the females are just weird. But they were made weird just so they would have a presence in the show instead of being dead weight. It wouldn’t be to far from the truth to say that the dog is carrying the whole show and the rest of the cast are just extras.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    This show is so random there’s no way of knowing what to expect but that’s what makes it appealing in its own right and the slice of life part was good. The one thing I seriously had to scoff at was Kirihime not being able to find Kazuhito when she said she still had a tracking device on him last episode so that made the sequence here relatively useless.

    Kazuhito really doesn’t learn from his mistakes, does he? He presses his luck criticizing Kirihime’s bust knowing full well the consequences but thinks he can get away with it. Such arrogance comes at a high price. For his sake, he better learn his place because he’s being severely overpowered. And while it’s on topic, Kirihime’s scissors are really razor edged. Does she sharpen it daily or is it just me?

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