Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 06


Oh hey, an episode that focuses on some of the side characters and also introduces a new one!


Mystery of the Week

The sisters.

This week’s mystery is brought to you by Kazuhito’s favorite bookstore. Even as a dog, he still frequents it for his literary fix under the guise of retrieving books for his owner. I’m not sure how he managed to set up the situation since it seems Kirihime hadn’t set foot into the store before, but we’ll just let that one slide. The store is run by a family that consists of two daughters, a father, and a mother. The older sister is the clerk we see often attending to the register while the little sister is… the little sister. The father is just a little eccentric, but has good taste in books. The mother we never see, but apparently she regularly physically abuses her husband for being terrible at business. I’m glad that we do get an episode on this family as the bookstore is obviously near and dear to Kazuhito’s heart. But honestly the whole thing felt underwhelming.

It’s so cooooool… sunovab-

To sum it up, the little sister runs away from home for a day after getting into an argument with the older sister; something about the store closing down and the older sister not caring. So Kazuhito spends the day with her trying to save the store and then failing at comforting her when she starts crying because she’s a little kid who just ran away from home. Cue Kirihime’s appearance and the day is saved. The twist? The store was never in any danger of closing. The little sister was just a little too well-educated on divorce, and jumped to conclusions from the “fights” her parents always have. This little tidbit is reminiscent of Touka’s “playing house” with Yumeha in the good ‘ol Chuu2koi, but it just turns out rather dry in InuHasa.

New Character and Returnees

I’m sorry for being sorry.

The final presumably important girl is slipped in with the ongoing “crisis” this episode. I thought she would be someone Kazuhito knew from school, but so far we only see that she’s an acquaintance of Sakura. In terms of characteristics, she’s probably best described as having incredibly low self-esteem and is constantly apologizing. You know, that kind of character. Here she only makes a very brief appearance, but I assume she’ll get an episode of her own soon enough considering she’s featured in the OP with the other “big” girls.

Have I blinded you yet?

New characters aside, we are unfortunately subjected to the blinding torture that is Maxi. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but she still annoys me to say the least. It must be the obnoxious self-centered attitude. I know she does offer to help the bookstore out, but I wonder how much of it was due to being looked up to by a little girl. Well, I’m most likely being way too harsh and she’s really not that bad of a person, but it’s still grating every time she interjects with her light and sparkles. Plus, we don’t even get the pleasure of watching her get carried away by her bodyguard or have a verbal spar with Kirihime this time. But at least it means she disappeared so quickly there wasn’t even time for that to happen, so I suppose I should be thankful for that instead.


InuHasa is again rather meh, for lack of a better word. I like to have a positive outlook when shows have only just begun airing; after all, why would you wish for a show to be bad? But when one falls so deeply into the pit of unremarkableness as InuHasa has, it’s really disappointing for those of us who didn’t immediately pan it. Can it still turn things around with half a season left to go? Perhaps. But it’s highly unlikely at this point. So to be honest I’m finding InuHasa to be a complete lost cause and am seriously considering dropping coverage since I don’t really enjoy writing generally negative posts all the time. Let me know if you readers (what little of you still watch this) are even interested in my continuing to cover it. Make no mistake, I’m not dropping the show; it’s not that bad. I’m still going to watch it in my own time. I’d just rather not write about it if the only thing I can do is repeatedly state how disappointing it is.


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4 Responses to “Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou – 06”

  1. Highway says:

    I like the show, and I liked this one, cause it was pretty cute and slice-of-lifey. But to me it’s obvious that the characters work better for me than for just about anyone else on the planet.

    Hah, I just got the joke about Kazuhito’s picture being held by that girl (it looked like a funeral picture).

    I’m going to guess that the ‘sorry’ girl is the other big author that was mentioned earlier in the series, besides Maxi and Akiyama Shinobu.

    • Sumairii says:

      Yeah, the funeral picture bit was one of the funnier bits of the episode.

      As far as the last author goes, I strongly doubt it’s the apologetic girl. We’ve seen who I assume to be the mystery author’s maid around town a few times before and I gather there’s some reason she doesn’t go out herself.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Though there was no mystery theme this around, the episode got a nice slice of life story. It was sweet that Yayoi tried to save the bookstore on her own and I can understand why she’d misunderstand her parentss situation though they have an eccentric relationship. TV programs really do exaggerate on certain things and do poor explanations especially when impressionable children manage to catch sight of them.

    Kazuhito must have a death wish taunting Kirihime about her bust while she’s asleep. I wouldn’t do that at any time because I value my life. You mess with the bull and you get the horns and in this case, you mess with the sadist and you get the scissors.

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    i kinda liked and kinda didn’t this episode, it was a good change from the usual…
    did you guys notice…Maxi’s got moves on this episode U.U9

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