Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 07

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Is it finally time for a vacation?

Welcome back readers! So we finally cleared all the main characters stories, but I think we all just want to know when their team starts fighting off that hooded villain?! I guess we will continue waiting on that to eventually happen.


 The hooded guy never showed up this episode! …I feel kind of let down. But at the same time, having a break from all of the depressing things is okay too once in a while.


Magical fun time

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Ginka-“How do I hold all this money!?!”

After countless battles and drama regarding the Daemonia it is about time finally are close friends, but how long will that actually last? Most of the episode followed the girls enjoying a much needed break from the battles as they took in the sights and sounds of the town. So I have to ask was I the only one out there thought Luna was going to explode because of her jealous rage?! I mean yeah it was obvious that she was getting jealous watching Akari and Seira’s newly developed friendship; however I am thankful Luna remained calm and did not let it bother her too much, but Luna did reveal something about her older sister being just like Akari which explains why she is so found of being near her. While that is going on apparently one of the card users from Moscow has gone missing!? I can only guess that our hooded villain managed to kill that girl or maybe she switched teams? I would love to see that kind of thing happen, but I don’t think any of the main characters would try to kill another tarot card using girl because of Akari’s influence on the others. So what about the talking crow and cat? I swear I was like what the hell is their problem but I guess since they are familiars they don’t really know how to not be rude? At least I thought they were acting a little rude and what about the ending? I assume their team is going to be divided thanks to several Daemonia appearing at once, so that should provide some more random drama to deal with.

Chilling with my friends

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The girls have seen the horror of bad cosplay~

It’s another slow episode like the first one was, but this was way easier to sit through since this show has already established quite well that all of the characters are going to suffer some time in the near future. So in this case, the slow, friendship orientated episode was a nice break. They kept the drama up there too with Luna, Seira and Akari. …And I guess Ginka was just there to keep things from being too noticeably awkward. So we know that Akari resembles her sister, but did we ever find out exactly what happened in Luna’s household? I know that Luna’s memories of that place weren’t exactly happy, but I don’t think we ever got the full story about that since the episode it was told in was eclipsed by Akari’s angsting. All we know is that Luna’s older sister just kind of disappeared from her life. …Somehow. It would be interesting if Luna lost it because of Akari and Seira getting closer. I assume that The Lovers user disappearing means that she’s turned into a Daemonia since every scenario in this anime is a worst case scenario, plus it’s confirmed that the Tarot users can turn, since that’s the reason Akari’s memories were taken away at the beginning (she was close to becoming one after Fuyuna first died). So maybe we a have a fight against friends coming up? Or even if Luna does’t turn into a Daemonia, I’d say she has yandere potential. Just look at Fosh’s captions every week.

I do have question about The Lovers user though. It’s not really about the Daemonia, but the Tarot users apparently come from bloodlines, right? So what happens if the user of a card disappears like The Lovers did? Assuming that she doesn’t have blood relatives, does that power just become unusable? I have no idea about the age of the user that disappeared, but I’m thinking along the lines that Akari’s team is all within the 12-13 age range. They’re nowhere near the age of having children, and if one of them completely lacked blood relatives, then maybe the Tarot users would be permanently out a team member if they died.

Extra magical fun

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Don’t push her Seira! She will murder your face.

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Seriously no one likes you!

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Seira is having quite the effect on Akari’s personality.

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Graveyard action ftw

End thoughts

Well that was a fun episode! I know that is not a word you would use to describe this series, but hey it was still fun to watch the main girls hanging out together instead of fighting the Daemonia of the week! Like the test of courage scene? That provided a lot of hilarious moments especially with Seira’s reaction about possible ghosts!? I did not think she would be that easily spooked but it was still hilarious to me; however with only a handful of episodes left I wonder what is next for the series? I guess we are gearing up towards the battle against the shape shifting hooded villain.

I don’t really have a lot to say about the normality of this episode, since it’s pretty obvious that they were just giving us some heartwarming moments in order to make us feel even worse when something bad inevitably happens in the upcoming episodes. The girls are finally all friends and a team, but as the reading this episode said, it’s not going to last. There’s something big coming up for sure. …Though at the moment, I’m still wondering what exactly that is. The Daemonia seem to be more active and the hooded guy is definitely plotting something, but I guess we’ll have to wait for next week in order to see where this goes.


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Happy times are coming to an end soon…


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3 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    The call this The Breather Episode.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    With the hell they’ve been through so far, I found it alright for them to have an episode of R & R. Besides, the remaining number should be more than enough to cover the rest of story. This series has a total of 13 episodes and there’ll be an unaired 14th ready by next season.

    I get pissed off seeing that cat and crow all the time acting like the Daemonia crisis isn’t their problem and they’re basically saying they are there to observe. Characters like that I really don’t care for if they get killed.

    The hunt through the forest exposed something dumbfounding about Seira. She fights Daemonias but she’s afraid of ghosts. I fail to see any difference. 😉

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Hey! I happen to like the Cat. Lapschro-nya!

    And this week sorely lacked Shota-Palpatine time. Seira is one of those who pretends to be emotionless but deep inside, she hurts badly.

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