Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 06

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Meltina is totally the bomb yo!

Welcome back to another Genei review! This week we follow Seira and a preview of her past life, but I hope we can finally focus on the main story instead of dealing with the main characters.


You know, I don’t think that this is anime of the year or anything, but for what it’s worth, Genei is pretty good. It’s managed to deliver what I’ve been hoping it would every week. It could be waay better of course, but I’m pretty satisfied at the end of every episode at least.


Seira’s chilling past

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Seira looking badass as always.

Out of all the main characters I have been the most curious about Seira who always appears to be angry especially with the recent revel of Akari’s special power to hear the voices of the Daemonia? Also I have noticed that has been Seira pushed aside because Ginka and Luna have now become really close to Akari and have learned to accept her new powers, but this week we see Seira team up with Meltina and Priscilla at the start of the episode because she just does not like her current team even though Etia still feels that she should just stay with them? Honestly I think Seira should be allowed to choose which team she wants to join but I assume since this is a magical girl series I guess we still have themes of teamwork and friendship. Aside from the team stuff Seira and Ginka end up making friends with two random high school girls and of course we all knew ahead of time that one of them would change into the Daemonia of the week, but that setup is just a hint towards what Seira went through in her past when her best friend got killed on her birthday? Damn that really sucks! At least during the actual fight Seira managed to use Akari’s power to say goodbye to her new friend and leveled up her friendship powers with Akari at the end of the episode and I guess that means everyone is now friendly status with Akari now which is a great thing.

Seira is not a team player

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I love the background this week!

Once again, I’m glad that Seira isn’t like every other disagreeing team member in pretty much every other anime. She had issues with Akari, but because of her cooler personality, Seira just explained her issues calmly and told Akari that her efforts were pointless without making it a huge deal. I mean, it does suck for her that her friend died, and I can see that her reasoning behind not wanting to hear voices was sound, but I’m glad that she didn’t start a fight with Akari over it.  Seira wasn’t trying to destroy the team or anything by leaving, but she had her reasons. Overall, I’m liking all of the characters a lot more than I initially did. These character exposition episodes are pretty interesting. Now with those out of the way, I wonder if they’ll go into the main plot for all of this. The Daemonia (probably) exist for a reason and they did say that the Daemonia and tarot powers came from some quest for ultimate knowledge or something. …Though to be honest, if they continued with this “sob story of the week” thing, I’d be okay with that too.

Extra magical fun

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Loli-Seira was so damn cute-o!

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Welp someone is having a terrible birthday.

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I seriously hate this character…

End thoughts

What a depressing episode this week and I kind of guessed that Seira would have a sad background story, but I think all of the characters so far have sad stories. Besides that bit of sadness I did enjoy watching Seira team up with Meltina and Priscilla even though I knew that she would join her old team anyway thanks to friendship!  So what is next for Genei? I have a feeling we will either follow a new story with the girls eventually fighting off the hooded villain or will we have another character themed episode? The only girls I think they could follow would be Meltina, Priscilla, Luna or the talking cat and bird.

Looking at it now that we’re about halfway through, Genei is pretty good. Or at least, it’s going like I thought it would go (if not beyond that), so I don’t have any problems with it. The characters are better than I thought they’d be by far, and the plot is nicely dark. It’s not anything too gut wrenching, and I’m sure they could make it even darker, but this level is fine. I’m not looking for anything too deep in this anime. I just like watching characters suffer. Of course, the magical girl teamwork is nice too, and now that the team is FINALLY all on the same page, I wonder if the plot will go places now. Or if the plot decides to pay attention to the other magical girls, that would be fine too.


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Akari-“We can totally make up in the shower right?”                      Siera-“I will kill you.”

A lovely holiday


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10 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Genei may not be a masterpiece but it’s fairly enjoyable entertainment and the characters are above generic given that you can actually care for their unfortunate situations. It sure doesn’t let up when delving into dark and depressing elements either and that it’s surprising how far the story’s going into it. Anyone into Goth would love this show without a doubt.

    So Seira finally understands how the others feel and all members are on the same level. Though it came at a harsh price I’m glad for this development because it annoyed me that Seira did everything she could to ignore everyone else’s views about hearing the Daemonia’s voices but she can’t be fully blamed either after that obscure flashback of watching her friend die.

    Until we find a name for that hooded bastard, I’m just going to call him Truth since like the Eureka Seven AO version, he shifts genders while in disguise. I’m hoping the girls meet up with him soon so they can planning on how to tear him apart because he’s totally heartless if you think about the last couple of victims he’s gone through. Not to mention this one was a sweet kid who just wanted to help her friend out.

    • Karakuri says:

      That might be a better description for what I think about the characters. They seemed generic at first, and now I’m attached to them because they managed to rise above genericness in the best way possible. …I don’t know about goth, but I’m definitely here for the tragedy genre xD

      There’s another thing I like. They make every side of the story justifiable. The main characters, and the Daemonia. I feel kind of bad for complaining about Akari in that 2nd episode. Seeing all the sides now, she had the right idea (though I’m still annoyed by the way she went about dealing with it).

      Oh, I’m really liking the hooded guy/loli/nurse/whoever the hell he is. I like seeing all the sides to the story, but I’m on the fence as to if I want the hooded guy to also have a story I can sympathize with, or if I want him to be a heartless bastard for the hell of it.

  2. Highway says:

    I don’t think it’s that Seira shouldn’t choose her team. Etia’s thinking is that Seira *needs* to be on Akari’s team, so that what happened this episode could happen: Seira learns that the Daemonia aren’t solely brutal monsters to be dispatched without thought. She also learns that Akari is not unserious, allowing *Seira* to start building trust with her.

    I think it’s good the way that all 4 girls have dealt with the reality of the Daemonia. Ginka especially has been interestingly resilient. I thought they’d make her have a harder time, given her happy-go-lucky, “I’m just in it for the money” attitude. But she basically thinks “They’re people who made a wrong choice, and it’s sad, but we can’t let them hurt others anymore.”

    I was again comparing this to Madoka Magica this week while watching it, in that they have been setting up each week of this show as a gut punch. And you know it’s coming, and you’re waiting for it to happen. And I was wonder if it’s better to have some normal episodes, and then one bigger gut punch, or have one every week that you’re just waiting for them to knock off one of the characters, like this show has been. You’re sitting here saying “noooo, don’t do it!” But they still do.

    • Karakuri says:

      I think I like this tragedy of the week thing, personally. It keeps me interested at least. What would be really cool is if they kept pulling these smaller punches, but then still manage (somehow) to pull a bigger one. Like if they lull us into a false sense of security of “oh, someone’s already died this episode” and then kill off one of the 4 mains or something.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Hmm… running out of witty Dark Side oneliners.
    Nurse Palpatine: “Let me tell you the story of Plagueis the Wise who able to manipulate Life itself…”

    He should get more screentime!

    • BlackBriar says:

      “Let me tell you the story of Plagueis the Wise who was able to manipulate Life itself…”

      Hehehe, that’s straight out of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Nice choice for a quote.

      Hmm… his screen time would be a lot more meaningful if we at least knew what his name is. So far, we’ve got nothing and he’s really an underhanded bastard.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        His name shall be… Palpatine.

        and he’s really an underhanded bastard.

        Just like the greatest Sith Lord. Hence all the quotes. If I recall correctly, there is nothing in Eps IV to VI G-canon that says the Empire is corrupt and xenophobic. All the extra information is derived from the EU. From the prequels, you would see that the Republic in its dying days was equally as corrupt, if not so more. Palpatine took advantage of this like any good Sith would. Xenophobe he was definately not as his counsel had a Chargran and Umbran. It was the limitations of the time that there were few other species in IV to VI. His goal was the extermination of the Jedi Order and control of the Galaxy as per Sith vision, and he succeeded where others failed.

        Now enough diversional tangents…

  4. CarVac says:

    Too many good shows this season. Spring started out well, and then several of the shows dried out halfway through.

    I started this season light, but kept picking up more…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Hmm… I feel pretty much the opposite. For me, Spring did a lot better than how Summer’s going on now despite a few good shows which Genei has a place in. However, Fall looks like it might outdo both previous seasons.

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