Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 05


This dude needs help.

 Time for your weekly tarot card reading on Metanorn and this week we follow the octopus eating Ginka Shirokane! I wonder what kind of depressing backstory she will have because so far all of the main characters have had some kind of heartbreaking story that pushed them into becoming magical tarot card girls.


 Yay for depressing back stories!! Taiyou is doing pretty good with the whole dark themes thing and once again, I feel sorry for the Daemonia. …Though obviously, that’s what you’re supposed to be feeling.


Money problems



Time for a party~

Who knew that Ginka’s dad owned a chain of discount stores and what about her past? I guess we discovered she was once poor and her uncle Honda helped them recover, but somehow the tables have turned and now Honda’s company is going bankrupt? Which left Ginka and her father quite worried for him after learning that he borrowed some money from the mafia or something like that? I swear that sounds like a plot of a bad movie and to make matters worse he turns into the monster of the week thanks to the hooded villain. Since I mentioned that villain I have to ask what the hell is up with his strange powers!? I never knew he could transform his body like that? After seeing it happen I thought of Truth from Eureka Seven Ao who also shares the same power to turn into guys or girls…so how do you trick someone like Honda into selling their soul for magical death powers? The answer is simple all you have to do is transform into a cute loli character, but I guess that power is perfect for a main villain who needs to trick people into doing things for them.

Beware of evil



I actually liked Ginka’s past. It’s always nice to hear about characters succeeding after they’ve hit the absolute bottom of a situation, and for once, they came out of it okay without using shady means. I’m glad for Ginka and her father, and I’m actually really glad that they’re both doing okay now. …Too bad that Honda didn’t manage to do the same. That last comment about wanting to see Ginka’s wedding was really depressing. I wasn’t as fond of his change in character as I was with Kiyone, since Honda didn’t seem to be motivated by anything and Kiyone was obviously motivated by anger. I guess I just didn’t see where the Daemonia infection (or whatever you want to call it) came from as easily as I did with Kiyone. Honde just seemed really sad. Anyways, I’m actually finding the villains of this show more interesting than Akari and the rest. Especially the mysterious hooded figure who seems to be able to change his age and gender at will. …And all while wearing some pretty nice looking outfits (seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen him wearing anything that I haven’t loved). I wish I had a name to call him since ‘that mysterious hooded guy’ is long to type, but I’m sure we’ll get to that eventually.

Extra magical fun


Luna x Akari ftw


Behold Ginka’s ultimate attack!




Luna might turn into a yandere character if anyone steals Akari away.

End thoughts

Well that was an interesting story this week, but I still feel bad for Ginka who lost her uncle this time because it seemed like they were really close. On the bright side at least she doesn’t appear to be too heartbroken about it and I think next week will focus on Seira and her past because the next title is To the Ends with the Star and hopefully that will be the last main story! I just want to see the main tarot card girls fighting the hooded villain soon.

Sorry to bring up Madoka again, but the similarities are striking. Actually, the reason I’m bringing up Madoka is because I actually think Taiyou is doing a better job at making me feel depressed. Or at least where the ‘targets’ are involved. The witches were tragic indeed, but all we learned about them as individuals was through the vague symbolism that they provided. Here, the Daemonia are shown their transformation, and we see the individual suffer through it. …Not that I’m saying that I didn’t enjoy Madoka’s symbolism and how the fans obsessively put theories together (I might have actually enjoyed that even more than the show itself), but I’m just finding Taiyou more depressing because it’s a bit more personal. Sorry Fosh, but I’m perfectly okay with sitting through a few more episodes of this before we get to the mysterious hooded guy. I like my tragic story lines.



I hope it is a cool episode next time~

Seira’s past revealed?!


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10 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, this had some interesting character back beats. It explains why Ginka’s room is so much a 99 Center Explosion….but doesn’t explain why all she eats is takoyaki. That is an awesome dish…but she need a bit more.
    I’m glad they didn’t make it so overwhelming, yet managed to bring a good dramatic turn. I really felt bad for Uncle. But Ginka’s Dad? That dude is awesome…being in the service industry for so long, I feel him. He loves his customers.

    I’m really glad they had this story. Temperance is about understanding the plus and minuses of a situation, and Ginka very much did so in the pinch. She did her duty with all the sadness and necessity in mind. And was able to say, “Hey it could have been my Dad, It could have been worse”. Temperance in essence.

    And next, A STAR turn?

    • Sumairii says:

      Her dad invented a takoyaki making machine; that’s how they made their fortune and got out of debt.

  2. Highway says:

    What I really liked this episode was that when Ginka’s dad encountered Daemonia Honda, he recognized the situation, used an escape that he had, and beat feet out of there. He didn’t stammer on about it, he didn’t whine, he assessed and dealt with it, and even though he didn’t remember him afterward, he still knew that he had to do that. Good to see a character face up to what’s going on.

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh right, I had forgotten about that. Yeah, Ginka’s dad is pretty awesome~ …And I’m rather pleased that Ginka had thought to give her dad a talisman in the first place. I would have hated to see him die because Ginka had arrived too late or something.

  3. elior1 says:

    next time is the “star” backstory time lets see what the star hiding

    • BlackBriar says:

      There’s nothing more depressing than waiting to see what comes next. Can’t we speed up time faster?

  4. BlackBriar says:

    What a sad backstory for Ginka and her dad, a huge contrast to what they have today. Sometimes I feel this show could get almost as dark and depressing as Shingeki no Kyojin with its stories. The best part is that they’re grateful to Honda helping them out and don’t take what they have for granted.

    I feel sorry for what happened to Honda falling prey to loan sharks. Surely if Ginka and her dad knew earlier, they’d be able to help him since he’s family to them and that he was hoping to be there at Ginka’s wedding.

    To me, Honda’s motivation for the Daemonia to takeover was the desire to get rid of the things keeping him seperated from the people he wants to be with. More than anything, he wanted to see Ginka happy and that couldn’t happen with his company going under him constantly being hassled by loan sharks.

    A shape-shifting villain is the worst kind to go up against. They turn into a form they know their victim would be weak against and few anime characters can resist the charm of a little girl trying to help you out of a bad rut. And yeah, I felt some Truth from Eureka Seven AO vibes from that guy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I agree BB Ginka had a sad backstory with her dad! LOL true about Titan xD

      Damn Honda! Don’t borrow money from shady bros…

      The hooded villain even looks like Truth O_o

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:

    “It is all going as I have forseen…”
    – Palpatine the Dark Shota.

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