Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist – 02


…And then mahou shoujo happened.

I guess I’ll be kind of covering Makai Ouij since it caught my interest. …Though I’m definitely not taking this seriously. I’m not familiar at all with the source material and I’m finding things fairly hilarious for the wrong reasons. At least I won’t have trouble coming up with screencaps for this.


…He says, and then returns to hell for a portion of the episode. 

William is both hilarious and infuriating. On one hand, he’s totally an ojou-sama stuck up guy who thinks way too highly of himself, and on the other, I love how he just ignores all of the supernatural stuff because it’s too bothersome. He’s not in awe or anything; he’s too good for that and has more important things to do like bask in his own glory. …And then just when I thought he’d finally accepted that there’s something supernatural going on, he goes on some rant about atoms. Uh, okay then. At least he’s accepted the fact that demons are real. William still doesn’t want to have anything to do with them, and he (sort of) thinks that there’s some kind of logical explanation to them, but at least he’s not going around thinking that they’re magicians or conmen or whatever anymore. …Having him flat out refuse to have Dantalion help him with tuition is kind of annoying though. Dantalion isn’t even using black magic, he’s just trying to help William pay for the schooling he wants so badly (but it too proud to accept). Though I see William’s logic here since then Dantalion would have something to hold over him.

I can’t say that I’m angry over his choice of not electing anyone right away. No matter how bishie the demons are, they’re still demons and seem pretty shady. Maybe they might be okay people to be around since they’re all really fond of Solomon, but William doesn’t know anything about that. So it does seem like a smart idea to hold off on making any contracts that may or may not screw him over. Maybe it’s not doing much for the plot, but I can respect the decision. …Though from the looks of it, it’s more a matter of William’s pride that’s keeping him from being involved as opposed to actual logic.


“You’re not even wearing high heels!”

Sytry (Sitori?), I was totally expecting on being a cute (and devious) shota-ish character or something based on his design. …Or maybe female, though I was doubtful of that due to the nature of this anime (ahaha). I definitely guessed wrong and instead, the episode entered some argument about fallen angels and nephilim demons that I could care less about. I get it. There’s a divide and different types of demons. …I still have absolutely no idea how the Elector thing works and would like to know more about that before we go more into how hell functions. Of course, in order to get that explanation, William would have to come off of his high horse for a couple of minutes, but I don’t know if I want that yet. I guess it might just be as simple as William just announcing that one of them is the substitute ruler, so if he did decide already, I don’t know where the storyline would go.

Anyways, back to Sytry. I guess he was also rather close to Solomon. As for his personality, I honestly couldn’t list you any traits other than being kind of manipulative and proud. …Though that definitely applies to William as well and William has the more extreme personality, so I’m really hoping that there’s something else that can set Sytry apart from the other characters. On that note though, Dantalion doesn’t seem to have that much of a personality either. I’d like to say that maybe this applies to all demons, but Gilles is pretty out there and he’s one …He’s also the most interesting character to me right now too, which probably says something (though honestly, that might just be because his fabulousness seems to know no ends; though Sytry seems pretty close to that as well).


…Solomon certainly got around. 

Solomon himself seems like quite the enigmatic character. The characters have said that he received god’s blessing, and yet apparently he had demon friends all over the place. What’s the real story here? I hope it’s something more interesting than Solomon just made demon friends because he had a heart of gold (like, maybe he had an ulterior motive for doing so). He seems to have made some kind of deal with Lucifer about picking his temporary successor, so it would make sense if there was some darkness in his heart or something (ahahaha cheesy line, right there). Or maybe I just want an interesting personality contrast to the glowing white figure of redemption that we’ve seen in the flashbacks.

And if that’s not a point of conflict, it looks like the priest knows that something is going on. …Are these demons affected by angels like they usually are in anime?  I know angels and demons aren’t exactly friends because of a plot summary I read, but I wonder if either is super effective against each other. Especially since we have fallen angels like Sytry wandering around, and he didn’t really seem to have any upper hand against Dantalion. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for an actual angel to show up.

I’m still not completely sold on the plot, but this is still fun, so whatever. Sytry’s transformation sequence (complete with the sparkling sound effects) was so fabulous, it hurt. Plus this episode, there was another short lived fighting sequence that looked nice. I kind of wish that there was more information on what the overarching storyline here is as opposed to William complaining about how much his life sucks and acting like he’s better than everyone else. I don’t mind his personality myself, but I think that other people wouldn’t find him as grating if the story was less about him and more about the Election thing and demon fights. Maybe he’ll get better as the series goes on. The ring certainly looks like an important piece, so maybe the storyline will focus more on Lucifer’s replacement once the last demon with the green hair joins William’s harem group. I also just realized that the FukuJun butler has angel wings in the OP, so hopefully that takes the story away from Will’s school troubles.


The plot decrees that Dantalion must get uncomfortably close to William at least once an episode.


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11 Responses to “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist – 02”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    An interesting episode.

    While most of the cast is interesting. William, once again, is the most annoying and an idiot. I have no idea why the other Hell lords are scared of him. Other than the fact that as Solomon’s descendant he can order them to stop attacks, the guy’s really not that powerful and again–He’s an idiot.

    Now we’ve added another member to Will’s male harem in the form of Sytry. I’m beginning to think that all 21 of Solomon’s pillars are eventually going to come to the school.

    This story is kind of weird in that it pushes to make the Bible its basis, but still wishes to butcher it badly. They confirm that this Solomon is the same one from the Old Testament, yet they took so many liberties with him it’s ridiculous. Not to mention that they’ve got the supernatural stuff all wrong. But it’s a fictional story that decided to take a lot of liberties so I get it. It’s their fictional BS, who cares. I mean, this is the series that decided Solomon, the son of David, was blond and green-eyed and pale as ivory and lives in a European forest in a stone castle with machine-bound, hardback books. I think they really don’t give a crap…-_-

    I’m beginning to wonder what Kevin’s story is. I’m betting that either he’s an archangel or he’s Will’s guardian angel, or both.

    I like the fights, but I hate that every time they get interesting, Will cuts them off. It’s really annoying, just like him.

    I give this episode a 7.9/10. It’s an interesting series to watch. Nothing amazing, but interesting.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m finding William’s friend the most annoying, though maybe it’s because he tried to summon an angel, came out with a demon, and then had no plan when it attacked. I imagine that if Sytry hadn’t interfered at the beginning, Issac would be dead.

      Oh maybe. Though that’s an awful lot for a harem (though Solomon had like, 1000 women in the bible if I remember correctly >.>)

      Ahahaha this, and every other show that uses the bible. xD I hadn’t given much thought to the machine-bound books, but I guess Solomon was just so wise, he had technology beyond his time that he decided not to share. …I’d like to think that the author looked at a short description of Solomon, went “Oh! The wisest king ever! Sounds awesome!” and then didn’t bother researching anything else.

      Archangel or guardian angel, either would be interesting.

      I understand William cutting off the last episode’s fight since he was going to be stuck forever in hell or whatever. I didn’t mind him cutting off this one either, but then again, I don’t find him as annoying as you seem to.

  2. D-LaN says:

    Should’ve expected it, but dammit I was hoping Sytry to be a female D: You are not allowed to have a fabulous mahou shoujo transformation + outfit as a guy! Oh well he have a nice design.

    I love every appearance of Isaac~ He cuteness is downright criminal 😛 Tht and I love ppl who are into occults tht haven’t reach the creepy level.

    Dantalion is being awesome and hilarious again XD

    William, just shut up.

    How many demon friends Solomon have!? Maybe William male harem is in the gene after all….

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, from the looks of it, female characters DO exist somewhere in this. And from the ending, we might even get a hetero couple! Amazing!

      …Hmm, I’m not all that fond of Isaac. We’ll see if that changes.

      Ahahaha there are a ton of demons in the OP, so I guess we’ll see just how many fall into the harem.

  3. Liza says:

    The yaoi vibes in this episode was less than the first one I noticed. Still there but not as there.

    So apparently angels are magical girls. 0_o Or fallen angels. Whatever.

    And I have to say, Gilles entrance near the end of the episode was hilarious. XD

    • Karakuri says:

      We didn’t have William being kidnapped by an okama this time. xD I think there were kind of some vibes between Sytry and Dantalion. …Though those are the rivalry BL vibes.

      …All I want in this anime is for every angel to get an entrance like that. xD

      Ahahaha Dantalion’s reaction there was the best

  4. Miss Madness says:

    I actually feel sorry for William because he’s showing signs of deep denial. He’s willfully trying to ignore the mess he’s falling into with all this might. He already had an ego, he pretty amphibious, spoiled and is one to stay ground in reality. Sadly demon paying for your school funds doesn’t mesh well with that. Neither is getting involved demon fight. He is right about being expelled for getting involved at best at worse he’d get lynched. Considering the era.

    • Karakuri says:

      …And yet, I don’t think the author was thinking that deeply about all that when this was written.

  5. anaaga says:

    Jesus, I laughed so hard during the transformation I literally got a stomachache.

    I’m more interested in Solomon rather than William now. That dude really have lots of supernatural gigolos minions around him. I wonder what the story is.Libido being too active?

    • Irenesharda says:

      Well, the guy did have 700 wives, 300 concubines, and some others on the side. So…yeah, you could say the guy has a pretty active libido. 😛

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