Katanagatari Look Back – 11 & 12

Katanagatari 11 (1)

As they say, all good things must come to an end. ;_;

spring13-lvllnTime to finish this! Jrow and I are back with the same guests from our podcast on episodes 7 and 8, Natasha and Patches. If you listened to that one, you know how much we are capable of going on about this show, and boy do we do that this time, with the podcast clocking in at almost 90 minutes. There was so much to talk about here, but as you can probably guess, we spent the most time on Togame’s final words and how Shichika had made them possible, as well as just the whole emotional rollercoaster that is the final episode.

Natasha is a blogger over at Shibireru Darou, also known as Isn’t It Electrifying. You can hear more of her voice there in their podcast about Chihayfuru 2. She’s also often getting emotional about her favorite shows on Twitter as @illegenes.

Patches runs the feminist anime Tumblr What About the Waifuz and has been known to write for The Untold Story of Altair and Vega. You can hear more of him and even talk back to him at his Anifem SCCSAV live watches on Skype that takes place each Thursday at 9:30pm Eastern time. He’s often on Twitter talking about making code commits at his job as @the_patches.


The Crew:

spring13-lvlln spring13-jrow

With Guests:


0:00:36: Intro
0:05:40: Episode 11
0:31:12: Episode 12
1:15:25: Final Thoughts

You can hear various tracks from the show soundtrack throughout the podcast. We open with supercell‘s new opening theme for the show, “Hakushu Kassai Uta Awase,” and close with Piko‘s new ending theme, “Koto No Ha.”

Katanagatari 12 ED Shichika

And because I think the show’s final narration is perfect:

“[Yasuri Shichika] may have died by the roadside in the middle of his journey, or he may have completed the map of Japan, then sailed to a foreign country and continued his journey. But even after everything was over, after the historical plan connecting man and swords failed, be it for a long or a short period, he certainly lived. That was something everyone surely wanted.

The ones who failed at revenge, the ones who failed at their goals, the ones who fell before achieving their aspirations, the ones who didn’t succeed, the ones who lost, the ones who stumbled, the ones who rotted, the ones who fought with all their might, sacrificed everything, just to have their work be for naught, yielding fruitless results, who died unfairly, or perhaps illogically, tragically, without face, full of regrets; the story which offers a happy future for them, filled with hopes and dreams, Katanagatari, quietly lowers its curtains here.”

I hope you had fun listening to us dissect this fantastic show! Major props to Jrow for carving time out of his busy podcasting schedule for these 6 recordings. And many thanks to all our guests: Mr. Flawfinder, Natasha, Amuro, and Patches. This wouldn’t have been the same without each and every of you.

Katanagatari 12 ED

And to all our listeners, until next time, Cheerio!


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3 Responses to “Katanagatari Look Back – 11 & 12”

  1. MikADo says:


  2. Orangespike says:

    In the Emonzaemon fight he’s about to use his no sneaking no killing move and decides to use the guns instead, which I think was when he decided to fight for Hiteihime instead of Shikizaki Kiki. If you listen to Shichika’s voice during this fight, you can hear how pissed off he is compared to the rest of the fights. I think that while he may have had the intention to go there to die, he still was angry and wanted revenge. It seemed to me like after he killed Emonzaemon he was feeling how hollow the revenge was. He understood it in his head that it wasn’t going to make it better, but he still felt angry. It wasn’t until after when he had killed the shogun that he not only knew that the revenge wouldn’t help him, but that he felt it emotionally.

    I know it is a little off topic, but I don’t particularly agree with the idea that the female characters in Monogatari are solely there for the sake of Araragi, especially after Neko white and the otori/koi arcs because they focus entirely on the other characters like Hitagi, Nadeko and Hanekawa’s growth as people which have very little if any bearing on Araragi’s developement.

    • lvlln says:

      Keep in mind that Patches was speaking with only knowledge of Bake and Nise. I agree, the stories in the 2nd season do a great job building the girls as real characters, but through just Bake and Nise, I would have to agree with Patches that they’re all there to bounce off Koyomi.

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