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Time to sacrifice the shota virgin to the gods

A not-so-late episode two post! Yay me! I’m not that busy anymore, so I was able to leech off my university’s fast WI-FI and get the episode in a snap. I’m pretty excited to see episode two also, since the first episode had an exciting cliffhanger. Let’s see how it goes!

Watching the second episode was like reminiscing a part of my life again. As I watched, my happy memories resurfaced, and I was unconsciously wishing for them to happen again. Yes, “longing” is probably the Word of the Week for this episode of Hakkenden. Unlike the usual problem, then using-action-to-solve-things pattern, Daikaku’s arc ends with a bittersweet reunion with his step-father, who turned into a cursed monster. There is also the revelation of the surprising relationship between Shino and Riou spiced with a dark twist of the truth about Fuse-hime. Every single thing in this episode was because of the longing each character has to something that is attached in this world.

Daikaku’s father has such obvious attachment, and that is none other than the great dolls he created. Flawless dolls that became his masterpieces, are worth to be admired. However, none of them he loves more than the replica of Fuse-hime. Unfortunately, this pride of his became a thorn in his life, even after his death. Unable to rest in peace, Daikaku’s father kills anything wanting to stain his Fuse-hime masterpiece – the reason of the death of Daikaku’s real father. From a loving man who is supposed to rest in peace, Daikaku’s step-father became a deformed ugly spirit who cannot let go of everything he’s supposed to let go, from Daikaku to his dolls. Yes, his killing of the other father might also be a act of love for Daikaku, but is it, really? Why not act before Daikaku was killed? It’s sad how such a simple obsession became something that can make one forget everything, even when it means forgetting his own son that he loved so much before his death. Longing can be such an ugly thing at times.


Daikaku’s love to his father is kind yet cruel at the same time. Raised with love by a man he is not even blood-related to, a great respect and affection grew within him. Yet this respect and love became Daikaku’s downfall. Blinded with his longing to see his father again, Daikaku turned a blind eye on his father’s now-deformed state – a monster who is unable to rest in peace. He loves his father so much to the point where he doesn’t mind for him to take over him, forgetting that a dead man will always be dead, no matter what they do. Is this a selfless act or an selfish act? Selfless because he wants to sacrifice himself for his father, or selfish because he just wants to end things, even when it means that he’ll be separated from his sister, who’s still alive? This is where longing needs to have a limit. Yes, it is OK to long for something, but do not forget that there are also others – alive – who still care about you. Long for the dead, but do not forget those who are still alive.


Thankfully, Daikaku was saved by none other than the precious cat Noro. Noro’s dedication for Daikaku is really something that should be admired. He might lurk around after he’s dead, just like Daikaku’s father, but for a whole different reason. His longing is not something where he and only he has to be the one who owns the thing he “longs” for. Unlike Daikaku’s father, Noro knows his limit. He knows he is dead, and he has no plan whatsoever to take Daikaku with him. Instead, Noro protects him from the back, letting go of Daikaku while wrapping his arms around him at the same time. It’s funny how Noro became something Daikaku’s father is supposed to be – someone that watches him going away while protecting him at the same time. But again, this is the proof of a cat’s dedication to his master, Noro’s dedication to Daikaku.


If Daikaku’s father, Daikaku, and Noro are busy with their own things, the same goes for Riou. He’s busy protecting something precious from his past – Shino, who happens to be his brother. Oops. At least, that’s the impression Riou gives when Kaname asked him about Shino. Either way, Shino is a little brother figure for Riou, which makes the whole I’m-your-guardian-yo thing makes so much sense. Though, Riou realizes that he can’t go to the beautiful past he longs for – the past where Shino actually knows him. He is still trying to look out for Shino by keeping him close… And wiping his memory? This is the confusing part. Riou is trying to make Shino forget about his murderer, Fuse-Hime. Why? Fine, Fuse-Hime might be from the Satomi family, but Shino remembers nothing about the Satomi family. So why wipe his memory? Of course, the fact that Fuse-Hime is from the Satomi family just makes things worse. After all, the possibility that Shino is Riou’s brother is still there. Meaning that Fuse-Hime is a relative of Shino. Maybe that’s why Riou wiped out Shino’s memory of Fuse-Hime? Whatever it is, we are one step closer to the mystery now.


Slowly entering the incest territory

Whoa, I did not expect such a shocking episode. Starting off the season by slamming down all the juicy revelations, that’s very bold of you, DEEN. I like how Daikaku’s arc ended up differently from the other arc. Instead of solving things with blood and Murasame, Daikaku solved his own problems with the melodramatic meeting between him and his father, with Noro ending things between the two grown-ups. Yes, it might be anti-climatic, but it’s so… Bittersweet. All the emotions poured into this episode, from Daikaku’s to Riou’s, I love it. The biggest surprise has got to be the revelations by Riou though. Shino and Riou are related?! Like whoaaaa they got different hair colors, yo. But this is anime. The revelations from Rious makes me see him in a whole new light now. I used to think he’s such a bossy bishie, but now he’s a protective older brother, making me swoon for him. That’s not the problem though. The problem is the relationship between Fuse-Hime and Shino. After listening to the things Riou said, I started to wonder… Is Fuse-Hime Shino’s mother? This sounds crazy, but if Riou and Shino are related, then anything is possible. Maybe this is related with the disease Shino had and how his parents dressed him up as a girl when he was young? Gosh, everything is so crazy and messy right now. That’s a good thing though, since this leaves the audience wanting more. Tsk, Abe-sensei really knows what she’s doing with her stuff.

Preview: The stalker is back!



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  1. Kyokai says:

    You are right, the episode had too much unexpected information. Though, I like this pacing better than the previous season because I do want to know what REALLY happened with Shino. This Riou angle is new and as the stalker is coming back, let’s see what our hunky partner has to say about this new development. I already see some discord brewing.

  2. Karakuri says:

    You were really right about them upping the animation budget this season. Everything looks so pretty now that I look at it~~

  3. d-LaN says:

    Is tht Haruka+Makoto dude in the preview pic!? I did a double take as I saw it.

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