Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 04

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Time for more magical science!

YAY! AKARI IS OVER HER ANGSTING PHASE! That alone makes this episode an extreme improvement over the last one! Though this episode was great on it’s own since we had a villain introduced, and we saw more of Daemonia and how exactly a human transforms into one~


Time for more tarot card magical girls on Metanorn and last week we had to deal with Akari crying and looking for a reason to fight, but I guess we just have to watch the episode and find out what happens today.


Evil magical boys

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Villain dude-“Don’t you want to play this childrens card game with me?”

Okay, maybe I’m starting to feel kind of sympathetic towards the Daemonia. This episode gave some really nice insight about how a small insecurity in someone can transform them from a human being into something the Daemonia can exploit. Plus I had a pretty good feel for Kiyone’s pain in her development throughout the episode. I’m sure a lot of people can sympathize with being untalented, and having Yume telling her that her painting wasn’t anything special was definitely hurtful. Actually, I really liked how they handled this story since the Daemonia thing wasn’t specifically anyone’s fault (other than the mysterious hooded guy’s who seemed to have planted that in her), but more of a regrettable series of events. I don’t think that Yume was specifically trying to hurt Kiyone, but more like she didn’t understand the pain of being untalented. Yume was just giving her honest opinion (open criticism happens in art school all the time, since it gives people direction on how to improve. …I hate crits myself, but I do agree that they’re necessary). If Yume was being a bitch on purpose, the story here would have been different, but they made her a more sympathetic figure. Kishida probably had no idea that Kiyone even liked him. The girl herself probably wouldn’t have resorted to murder if the hooded figure hadn’t approached her. She probably would have still been terribly unhappy, but I don’t think she would have resorted to killing everyone.

Magical big boss!?

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Breast art day ever~

After four episodes we finally see that mysterious hooded dude from the opening, but is he really the main boss of this series? For some odd reason I do not really get that feeling from him because I am used to the normal magical girl way of a henchmen type of character who hunts humans and using them to gather energy that is used to revive some ancient evil? While we wait to see who is really pulling the strings it was interesting how the “evil side” operates when it comes to taking advantage of a human’s emotions like this episode which screams jealousy as one artist competes against another artist. So what about our main character this time? Is she still crying about everything? Not really I mean with Luna’s help Akari might have a way to prove that she is not lying about hearing the voices of the Daemonia and that answer comes from either touching Akari or being close to her during a fight? Now I don’t expect that to be a major breaking point for the series, but it should provide some much needed emotion from a few side characters and who knows maybe Siera will finally become friendly towards Akari?

Extra magical fun

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She is always awesome.

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Ketchup makes for great paintings.

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I am not sorry.

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The voices in her head command her to kill everyone!

End thoughts

Once again, YAY FOR AKARI NOT ANGSTING! She’s still fighting to hear the Daemonia speak, but I can handle this much, as long as she doesn’t become a huge hinderance. As for the rest of the team, Luna continues to be a good balance for Akari and Seira isn’t as cold as I expect her to be towards Akari. Which is good, because we had a bit of team angst already. Let’s have the plot progress further before we go back to that again. As for the plot itself, I wasn’t expecting a direct force to be controlling the Daemonia, so that guy’s appearance was a nice surprise. He seems to be a bit of a monster himself, considering that normal people’s stomaches don’t produce evils that possess people, so that’s interesting. At the very least, he seems to be in some kind of control over Daemonia, so I look forward to seeing just what exactly he is. I want to see more people transform into Daemonia as well! Kiyone’s story was both interesting and a bit heartbreaking, so I’d like to see more stories like that. It certainly makes me more lenient on Akari trying to save everyone (I really wish I had seen this episode before 3, maybe I wouldn’t have complained as much) and I like seeing all sides of the story. It seems like no choice is a good one, since either way, somebody dies.

Well that was an interesting episode and finally we have a villain to hate on every week, but I can not really hate on him right now without knowing more about him and his motives for taking advantage over the humans and we have no idea if this new character is the main boss or just your average henchman serving a higher power? My experiences point towards him being controlled or tricked into doing these evil things with the humans. So what did you enjoy this time was it the new villain popping up or Akari sharing her power with Luna? I had more fun watching the new bad guy doing things.


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And it was the best bbq of all time.

More magical adventures next time


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12 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 04”

  1. skylion says:

    Kudos review.

    Oh, he is a bad boy indeed. I wonder what would have happened if he had approached Yume instead. She didn’t seem all that satisfied either…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks Skylion~

      I like this new evil character and I can’t wait to see him fighting the girls in the future.

  2. Highway says:

    I took Kiyone’s jealousy a different way. I thought the show was saying she was very talented, but that Yume got all the attention and accolades (and the boy Kiyone liked) not because her art was any better, but because her father was rich and important and she was pretty. And I thought the extension was good, that getting Yume out of the way ended up being not enough to bring Kiyone the attention (and other things) she wanted so she got more jealous.

    The idea of the Daemonia being kind of like a generally benign bacteria, always present yet never strong enough to be a problem, until they grow numerous enough in a willing host, is an interesting device.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I can see that too Highway and I guess it works both ways? In the end she was still jealous over another persons success versus her own.

      I like the idea of the Daemonia being a virus xD

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Good to see Akari isn’t in a continuous moping state. I wonder if her friends aren’t picking up her ability to hear voices the more time she spends around them.

    So I right in my theorizing the Daemonia exploit negative emotions to takeover humans and given Kiyone’s dilemma, hardly anyone can blame her for wanting to lash out but it goes too far if you’re aiming to kill. I agree Yume needed to be taken down a notch. She’s already got privilidge and talent so she had no right shooting down those less fortunate than herself. Those who have it easy never consider the feelings of others.

    I like the fact the Daemonia aren’t random wandering creatures since it’s apparent there is a puppet master. It makes for a better story when someone behind the scenes towards a goal though the kid in the hood screams pawn to me and that he answers to someone.

    • Karakuri says:

      I don’t think Yume was purposely shooting down Kiyone. Maybe she was being a bit arrogant, but in art school, you’re seriously encouraged to be honest about how you feel about a person’s work. If it’s the worst piece of art you’ve ever seen, you’re expected to tell the person that you think so and explain why (the teachers do this as well). Not that anyone’s THAT mean about it ever, so again, I think Yume just wasn’t completely considering Kiyone’s feelings when she said directly that Kiyone’s paintings were boring. But even then, that’s not necessarily a mean thing to say. People can get too attached to their own works and not see the flaws in them due to that attachment. Sometimes you need to be direct.

      False praise is far worse for an art student because they’ll never improve or question themselves. It’s up to the student themselves to figure out how to make their work better based on what everyone’s told them. I think a lot of this was just that Kiyone couldn’t take the criticism and especially not from Yume, since she had an inferiority complex towards her.

      Long story short, I can’t see Yume as a totally bad character since her antagonism was just her acting like an art student is expected to. Maybe she wasn’t entirely humble, but she didn’t seem like a bad person overall. She seems like she was just born into the right family to gain publicity and ticked off a bunch of people without even knowing it.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know if there’s a puppet master, really, as much as there are those who are working to increase the Daemonia. I would imagine they’re no more than encouragement to something that would happen at a lower level.

  4. d-LaN says:

    Frm wht I’ve seen around the net, this show is living it up as the next Madoka. PAGES OF ARGUMENTS AND DRAMA EVERYWHERE and quite a bit of it is abt Seira.

    The OMNOMNOM scenes i saw floating around the net got me interested lol. Now I shall take a peek at the 1st episode when I feel like it.

  5. Di Gi Kazune says:

    It is good to see what Palpatine did as a young shota. Seducing people to the Dark Side(tm) in preparation for his Galactic conquest.

    “Search your feelings… you know it to be true.”
    “Give in to your feelings… let the hate flow…”

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