Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 11


 Remember: They can’t file a restraining order if they don’t even realize that you’re there.

YES. This was an episode worth the wait! Finally, Tokiya gets the screentime he deserves and provides us with a fluffy (ish) romance episode. Oh, and Haruka’s character had some development too, so that was great as well.

Finally, we learn what was wrong with Haruka. I guess I should have seen the losing sight of what’s important thing coming, but honestly, I thought they were going to go with the Maji Love 2000% song like they did with 1000% in the first season (hell, they still might and just say some bs like Haruka “improved it”). It didn’t even occur to me that Haruka would still be writing music at this point. …So does this mean that she’s writing something completely new for HEAVENS as well, or are they just going to use a recomposition of one of Haruka’s previous songs? I imagine it would have to be recomposed since the songs would be intended for 6 people harmonies and HEAVENS only has 3. Is Haruka going to be forced to help them recompose? Ugh, I have so many questions that don’t really need answers.

But hey, for questions that will get answers, Shining has other intentions behind making Nanami work for both sides. …Lord knows why. Probably for the sake of fabulousness and pushing people to the limits (because that’s all Shining does when he’s not busy coming up with new ways to defy gravity) or something.I’m interested in finding out what’s going on in his head about this whole thing though.

Anyways, it looks like the problem has been solved now thanks to Tokiya coping a feel reminding her of what’s important. I’m really fond of that line about it being okay to lose sight (since it’s basically Tokiya referring to his past self). …Though once again, I’m left wondering what kind of problem the plot is going to throw in here next since every problem has resolved itself within an episode. The animation was great about letting us know Haruka’s mental state at least. Maybe it’s that her yellow eyes look half possessed in the first place, but that part at the beginning of the episode where she was in her room writing music like a madwoman was absolutely terrifying.


Music is Serious. Fucking. Business.

HNNNG Tokiya’s part in this episode was great. Even more so in that he gave support to Haruka, where that’s generally her role. Plus as the flashback pointed out, Haruka said practically the same thing to him around this time last season. It’s great to have relationship callbacks like that, since it ties the two seasons together and shows how much the characters have changed. …Or at least how Tokiya has changed, since I don’t think anyone else really has (expect maybe Ren since he’s less of a manwhore now). I guess the other guys were there to offer encouragement and random singing as well, but it was definitely Tokiya who got Haruka back on track. I… can’t really think of any deep meaning behind the two of them going to a festival though (other than it being a stereotypical otome game date place). I guess that was great for a few cute scenes. And so was him helping Haruka on the busy street. Ahahaha it looks like Tokiya’s episode just consisted of a bunch of random flag events all shoved together. Which, while random, was great to see amidst all of the dorama with HEAVENS and heavy bromance vibes of the last few episodes.

Tokiya’s insert song is my hands down my favourite out of all of the other guys. Probably because it definitely reminds me of Hoshikuzu☆Shall we dance?, which is my absolute favourite song from the games (wish I could link to youtube or something for the song, but all it has on there are covers OTL).


I’m kind of sad about the lack of HEAVENS in this episode, but maybe the next episode will show us Haruka being forced to work with them for their song composition? …Maybe this is just my wishful thinking though (because I’d really like to see this scenario happen). It’s kind of late in the game to show us the appeal of the rivals when the plot has set them up firmly as asshats, so I guess I’ll just keep wishing for a spin off game (which is probably going to happen since Broccoli seems to be milking this game for all it’s worth. …with varied results). However, STARISH seems to be doing pretty well despite their careers being at stake and other than Haruka, they all seem to be handling the pressure pretty well. So yeah, two episodes left and who knows where this is going. There’s going to be a fabulous concert of fabulousness somewhere in the future for sure, but other than that, this could go multiple places.


…Though lord knows what Tokiya was trying to advertise, based on the commercial.


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6 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 11”

  1. A says:

    I think this is seriously one of the best episodes to have happened on this show. I like how they incorporated a little more romance on this season, and a little part of me wants Haruka to end up with someone; however, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    but I want HarukaxTokiya to be real… *heavy sigh*

    I’m glad that we got to see more of Haruka this episode and how she was dealing with the pressure, because she hasn’t gotten as much attention this season imo; it was mostly about the guys.

    On another note, I’m also sad that they didn’t show Heavens in this episode. I need more Kira in my life.

  2. Karakuri says:

    I WISH SHE WOULD END UP WITH SOMEONE TOO. But this season was definitely a step up from “I love your music”. Maybe in 3000% if that ever happens. I totally agree with you and the HarukaxTokiya thing! If there’s going to be an OTP, I want that to be it.

    I’m kind of sad about her problems being about music writing still (since that seems like all the Haruka ever struggles with in this show), but yeah, the coverage on her was nice~.

    Well, hopefully the next episode includes HEAVENS. Maybe with an insert song. We’ll (hopefully) get one eventually since there’s a concert battle coming up.

  3. berrish17 says:

    Yay~finally Tokiya time <3 Listening to Hoshikuzu Shall we Dance? Right now XD

    When I listened to the CD,I didn't expect to be a fast beat song for Crystal time watching episode 10 but Im glad they connected to this episode.

    Yup,lack of HEAVENS on this episode but I recently bought the PSP game and man, Im in love with the 4 senpai!!!!LOL
    I know senpai are wayyy out of these episodes but Im glued to the game that I don't even understand a word in Japanese…haha

    Tokiya's disguise in this episode was hot too.lol
    In his Japanese kimono too XD
    Tokiya's "You need someone by your side" OMG,well someone's honest tonight?
    Its youuuu :))

    • Karakuri says:

      Like I said, it was my absolute favourite insert song thus far~

      Oh, is the All Star game really that good? I saw reviews that said it was definitely a step up from Debut… Though I’m still probably not going to be able to play it until I finish Amazing Aria and Sweet Serenade (which is going to take a looooong time) OTL

      Hnnng yes! The scarf and glasses combination! It was perfect. Tokiya is just the best~

  4. mistress_kisara says:

    I absolutely loved this episode! I also want Haruka to end up with Tokiya (or anyone). I know the yaoi fangirls will rage if that happened ^^;

    • Karakuri says:

      …Yeah they would, wouldn’t they. OTL And then on the other side, you get the ones that complain that Haruka didn’t end up with their favourite character or whatever.

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