Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 10


Reporting live from the… the gates of hell apparently.

Despite my complaints the last episode about HEAVENS randomly joining the plot, this episode was good! SO DAMN GOOD.

Was… was this supposed to be Tokiya’s episode? I was all “Yes! Do something Tokiya!” when he got all serious about the award…but then he never did anything. Other than that one song at the end and watching Haruka walk around lost, Tokiya just kind of blended in to the rest of STARISH and didn’t do much. Hell, it was even Natsuki who said something when they were nominated, not him. Though since the Hayato thing has been resolved, I guess Tokiya is already the most mature of the group? He wouldn’t be having trouble with amateur things like the rest of the group has been having due to his experience, and there’s nothing for him to have any inner turmoil over either. Which is why I hope he has a big part in the next episode of cheering Haruka up since there has been ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going for him in the romance department and she’s all alone now as of the end of the episode. Because if this was his episode, he’s been shafted even worse than Masato was.

And who knows what Haruka is doing. She’s worried about STARISH for sure, but why all of the angst? Because HEAVENS is using her music for whatever passes as ‘evil’ in this anime? …Okay, evil sounds melodramatic, but HEAVENS is the closest to antagonists that this show has ever had. I have no idea what’s on her mind, and it the fact that she had little to no screentime doesn’t help that fact. Everyone can tell that she’s upset, but who knows why. As far as the plot has told us, STARISH needs their cheerleader Haruka to function at 100% (…or perhaps I should say 2000%), so I’m sure they’ll have to fix whatever’s wrong with Haruka before they can truly beat HEAVENS. …Or, you know, I’d totally be okay with Tokiya fixing this on his own since that would be a great chance for romance. Just saying.


Apparently they edited Haruka out of the videocasting too considering that one moment she’s there and the next she’s not.

Ahaha oh man, these new rivals. They all seem like jerks, but then again, it seems to be an unwritten rule that anyone antagonizing the UtaPri cast has to appear to be a bad person. Ren’s exes in the games? All people who enjoy nothing more than putting Haruka down. Natsuki’s ex violin teacher? A music stealing bitch. Though then again, the senpai seemed like annoying people when they first arrived (until they got their own spin off game), so maybe HEAVENS will see the worth (and general fabulousness) in STARISH’s music and thus, eventually become friends. Though the fact that one of them will have to break up kind of complicates the whole thing. Man, the music industry sure seems efficient. You lose a contest and lose your career. And what if Shining or Raging just pick up the other idol group afterwards? I mean, they seem to hate each other’s guts, so I don’t know if that would happen, but it totally could. But hey, if HEAVENS does break up, Eichi could probably get a job as ‘generic yet fabulous villain number 1’ in pretty much any other anime.



Anyways, I guess I haven’t talked about the rival characters themselves. So apparently it’s combined of the silent type, the shouta and… the glasses guy who seems to get really excited over things. Shining even has a rival in Pimping Raging Otori. (…And as you read this, somewhere, somehow, there are doujin being made.) All of the members of HEAVENS are arrogant and their popularity is (surprisingly, considering that we’ve never heard of them) on par with STARISH. We’ve yet to hear them sing, but all of the seiyuu (Daisuke Ono, Midorikawa Hikaru and Yonaga Tsubasa) have all had singles out before (and as a bonus, all of them are quite frequent in other otome games… or at least the first two are), so I’m sure they’re just as fabulous as STARISH in that respect as well. Actually, despite being total asshats to STARISH, I actually really like all of them. …So can we get music singles from these three? Please? And possibly a spin off game? They can’t be all bad since they even admitted that Haruka has skill instead of putting her down like they did with everything else related to STARISH.


It’s tough being this ridiculously fabulous.

And here I was worried that the rivals came out of nowhere, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are the members of HEAVENS fabulous, but their manager is even Shining-level fabulous. Something I previously thought was impossible. Possible disbandment? Ha! It’s nothing that STARISH can’t handle. …Probably. I mean, the name HEAVENS isn’t even composed of the letters of it’s members names. Plus it’s like 7 against 3. Looking at things from a practical perspective, STARISH’s diversity should net in more fangirls since there’s something for everyone. …And in a maybe not so practical perspective, 7 against 3 is generally good odds in a death match. SO ANYWAYS, there are 3 episodes left and that means that there’s plenty of time for drama and whatnot between HEAVENS and STARISH. Utapri is getting good again~


… Though I have no idea how they managed to put together so many graphics of Cecil considering that he joined the group like, 5 seconds ago.


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4 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 10”

  1. berrish17 says:

    Can’t wait for next episode!!!
    Wow,Can you believe Pimping…oops (lol) yes I mean,raging Otori’s voice is Gin-san???!!!(Sugita)
    AH~!!!love it XD lol

    Thought the scene where Nagi teasing Syo was cute 😀

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh really? Sugita was Raging? Damn, now he’s even more fabulous!

      Yes! Nagi is kind of cute despite being a pretentious shota~ (plus he and Syo are the same height) xD . I want to see more of HEAVENS clashing against STARISH one on one.

  2. bresent396 says:

    May I just casually note here that Masato’s name looks like Hiiirikawa in the picture? XD

    Awesome review as always.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha I never even noticed that! …weird. I don’t crop my screen caps, so that must have happened in the episode or whatever version I was watching xD

      hehe thanks~

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