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You can never be as cool as Nyarlko!

spring13-highwHello everyone and welcome back to your bi-weekly Nyarlko-san update! Last we saw, Kuune had escaped the other dimension she was in, so is it time for havoc? Let’s pick up Foshizzel and find out!


spring13-foshWelcome back readers it is time for more Haiyore Nyaruko-san reviews with my good friend Highway!


Returning to the original form

Nice hairAnother bad bad guy

Some really terrible villains 

These two episodes really were a reversion to the form of the original series, a form whose lack I’d lamented earlier in the season. Two episodes, two really terrible villains. And not terrible as in fearsome. Terrible as in “Wow, you guys are dumb.” But that’s what makes this show work. First we have a guy mind-controlling the whole high school so he can get feedback on analog games, and then we get a group of just silly looking monsters trying to take all the precious materials from the earth, so that they can corner the galactic market on them. In depth and well thought out plots these are not. But they give everyone a chance to whup some behind. I thought it was a nice change of pace, especially since I went into episode 9 thinking it would be more Kuune drama (and admittedly, so did the whole cast).

Nyaruko reference corner


We’ve seen some aliens get taken out like this before…

I probably sound like a broken record when I say that the references have been lacking, but thankfully I have two episodes to work with starting with episode nine which started off with Cthune wearing an outfit from video game series called Deus Machina Demonbane, The title of the episode High school of the heat which is a High School of the Dead complete with Nyarlko saying Saeko’s famous quote of “I’m Wet!” a Matrix parody with Agent Smith, Evangelion AT Fields, DBZ Haameehaameehaa and last some Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Now onto episode ten which started off with Nyaruko shouting out random names while sneezing just like the main cast of Gintama in episode fourty-seven. Next a movie reference to Mars Attacks, lots of Macross complete with some deculture and that ending is obviously more Kamen Rider, so there you have it a quick list of stuff to look at and like always thanks to that blog for all the help!

Renewed Romance



With Kuune out of the picture, Kuuko backed off a little on Mahiro, but not enough for Nyarlko. There was various fits and starts as usual, Nyarlko being overbearing as usual. But the big thing came at the end of the latest episode. With Kuune back in the picture, Kuuko renews her (fake?) engagement with Mahiro, even going to the length of kissing him “19mm from the left side of his mouth”. This could have some special significance, or it could be a total fakeout, the show is likely to do either. But if it is significant, then Kuuko’s really stepped past Nyarlko in pursuit of Mahiro. And worse for Nyarlko, she’s still not making any progress. Kuuko seems to be more up Mahiro’s alley, and isn’t making things worse for herself. I don’t expect any romantic resolution before the end of the series, but it definitely seems like the order has changed.

Caught feeling better

She could blame it on being sick, maybe?

 More Fun with Nyarlko!

Show ▼


Just like last time things seem to be moving quite slow for me but at least the anime references seems to be keeping my attention every week, but the “story” seems to be all over the place and I kind of wish that the creators would continue to push Mahiro and Nyaruko together; however I just can’t picture him saying that he LOVES Nyaruko because that is impossible! Then again with the fear of alien invading earth almost every day I guess Mahiro has more things on his mind. I did laugh my ass off when Nyaruko threw poor Shanta-kun under the bus when she was trying to destroy the evil aliens in episode ten? So it appears that next week has a new shipping pair forming with Kurei seen on top of Mahiro in the preview…


Two stand-alone episodes made for a nice break after Kuune’s (and Nyarlko’s) oppressive behavior. They were some really crummy villains, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Nyarlko-san! But the romance side has just gotten more convoluted, and it seems like Nyarlko’s falling behind. Can she regain her #1 spot in Mahiro’s heart?

Analog games

These are totally going to replace the Xbox!


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6 Responses to “Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W – 09-10”

  1. skylion says:

    As an avid board and TRPG gamer I would love to see those things replace the Xbox/PS thingy. I have a local game store not five blocks from me, and it is awesome to meet new people and play games face to face; we split the cost of pizza and soda, and it really is better than MMO. Oddly many of the games we play are going iOS, Android, and in the Arcades of MS and Sony.

    Well, the screwed the Mi-go up very badly. I can take serial villain of the week, but dese guys never operated in any cold climate. Appalachia, Xebecs. Read the texts!

    You know, the thought of Mahiro x Kuuko is very appealing. She is a sweet character without the attendant histrionics. I think this second season would have suffered “MORE OF THE SAME” if they didn’t have that twist.

    That was an interesting take on Ashton. And by interesting, I mean a total and complete fictionalization. He was a real guy, just as big a nut bag as Lovecraft, but more traveled and racially tolerant.

    I really do hope they can pull something big for the last arc.

  2. skylion says:


    • BlackBriar says:

      Your comment count is too insane. It attracts Spammy like a moth to the flame. You’ve gotta do like the guys in DBZ and suppress your power level until the Spammy Tamer is back in action. 😛

      • skylion says:

        NEVAR! As long as I have the powerful allies of HWY and Teh Fossizel, I will always rise to 9000 and beyond!

        • BlackBriar says:

          Not if Fosh reaches 9000 first. Which he probably will… Who can keep up with him and all the comments he crunches in? The guy never ceases to impress.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    These two episodes felt very weak compared to the others concerning the villains and story progression but it was good enough for the references and goofiness. I stifiled a laugh when the red head guy called himself Agent Smith. The real one would probably make him into a copy of himself to regulate the damage to his image as a badass villain.

    The parts that made me facepalm intensely were the ridiculous “sneezing sounds” Nyaruko was making and the way those aliens were killed.

    Hopefully there’ll be more of Kuune before the show’s over. She’s interesting and surely a lot can be done with her character.

    It’s official now. Kuuko is swinging both ways. She’s paying attention to Mahiro as she does with Nyaruko. That kiss was way too affectionate to be fake but the pairing is acceptable in my opinion. After all, she did say Mahiro was going to bear her child. Don’t ask me how that is going to work out because I wouldn’t know where to start on the explanation nor would I want to. It’s creepy just thinking about it.

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