Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W – 07 – 08

Battle Time

Time for a Space CQC battle at the pool!


spring13-foshTime for another double episode review of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san for you to enjoy with me and Highway!



spring13-highwFosh and I are back for Nyarlko! Kuune is still in the closet, but what else has been happening to the crazy crew? Read on and find out!


Story Reset?

Nyarlko's turn

Highway \\ It feels almost like they’ve reset the whole story. And I don’t know if that’s really a good thing. The thoughts Kuuko was starting to have for Mahiro were making the show fresh for the last couple episodes, but since Kuune is out of the picture, it’s gone back to Kuuko chasing Nyarlko chasing Mahiro with Hastur just picking up the leftovers. And of course we’re halfway through the season, so that means a swimsuit episode, this time at the indoor pool (and let me say that I wish we had indoor pools, or even outdoor pools, like they seem to have all over the place in Japan). As far as happenings, it was pretty much your standard pool episode, combined with your standard Nyarlko episode, which results in Nyarlko and Kuuko boiling the wave pool when they inevitably have a fight over Mahiro. And this time, Hastur’s off playing with Luhy, so he doesn’t break them up, that task falling instead to Yoichi, the reliable class rep, and now a lifeguard. But he doesn’t do that until everyone’s driven out of the pool.

Shanta-kun Side Story

In the wrong place

I think she went the wrong way…

Highway \\ Episode 8 was a similarly stand-alone episode, and this time we have Shanta-kun feeling like she wants to thank Mahiro for taking care of them all, but she can’t actually get anyone to understand her (except for Kuuko with her Context Lenses). About the only notable thing in this episode was Shanta-kun’s narration (yes, that’s Arai Satomi doing the narration, she also does all of the “mii mii mii” voicing for Shanta-kun), as I found it a pretty dull undertaking. The story was pretty predictable throughout: Shanta turns into a loli, still can’t talk, and then tries to find Mahiro while he’s out to give him his cell phone. Lots of chasing, lots of “mii mii mii”, ending up with a “D’awwwww” moment at the end, and just what Mahiro needs: someone else in love with him.

Nyaruko Reference Corner



Fosh \\ Another week of hilarious anime references for you! Starting off with episode seven which was a pool themed episode! We had some shots from the original gundam, Wilson from Cast Away, a random quote “Arigatou gozaimasu! Soshite, arigatou gozaimasu!” Sky High from Tiger and Bunny and that was about all I could find in that episode. Now onto the next episode that turned Shantakun into a loli character that could only say mii mii? What? Anyway this one had a lot of references to work with like Kuko’s scouter from DBZ, Oriemo quote “There’s no way my pet could be such a little girl!” Shantakun’s carrots from Tenchi Muyou Ryou Ouki, real life locations CHUTAYA aka TSUTAYA, Gundam 00, Pokemon and finally Futari ha Buruchesutta aka Futari wa PreCure rounding off the last bit of episode eight! So which ones did I miss and did you have any favorites? I liked the reference from Cast Away because it was so random!


Kuuko Helps out

Highway \\ Honestly, it feels to me like this series is kind of coasting, just trying to get to the end of the season and be done. They had a couple episodes with Kuuko and Mahiro together, and that was actually pretty interesting, although Nyarlko was pretty insufferable throughout. But since then, they feel like they’ve given up any attempts at plot, even a plot of the week like they used to do. I like romance shows, but I gotta say that I don’t really care for the way Nyarlko is pursuing Mahiro. And that’s really taking all the air out of the room.


Things are flying along nicely for Nyaruko and her friends since they ditched Kuko’s clingy ass cousin, but of course she returns next week to shake things up and I swear I saw that they poked fun at Attack on Titan in the preview for episode nine? Besides that fun stuff I enjoyed the beach episode; however the following episode I found to be so damn annoying because they turned Shantakun into a humanoid character! That part I didn’t mind I just thought it would have been better if she could actually TALK instead of the constant mii mii, but thinking back if they were really trying to mirror Ryou Ouki from Tenchi Muyou I guess it makes since as to WHY she couldn’t speak? Also was anyone else out there shipping Hastur with loli-Shantakun because I totally was or would she be more of a little sister to him? So anyway which episode did you enjoy the most? Beach fun or the loli Shantakun?


Nyarlko-san’s gotten a little bit tired it seems, with a couple seeming-like-filler episodes, and not really that interesting ones. We did get a hint of maybe some excitement coming, as Kuune seems to have escaped from the void of Kuuko’s room, but will she actually become a villaiin? Or will it just be more silly chasing of Kuuko?

 More Fun with Nyarlko!

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28 Responses to “Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W – 07 – 08”

  1. Akoriko says:

    “yes, that’s Arai Satomi doing the narration, she also does all of the “mii mii mii” voicing for Shanta-kun”

    No, the “mii mii”s are done by Sora Tokui.

    • Highway says:

      Hmm, ok. I was going off MAL which only shows Arai Satomi credited for Shanta.

      • skylion says:

        She seems to riffing off her narrator voice from Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi; an underlooked series that really does need more love.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I knew I was hearing Kuruko/Shiroyasha‘s voice during the narration.

    • Highway says:

      Actually, looking at the credits from earlier episodes, Arai Satomi is credited for Shanta-kun in all the ones I checked.

  2. skylion says:

    I have to agree with HWY, in that these past two eps seemed to coast along; nothing really new or interesting to develop.

    Now, I liek a loli and all, but this was some characterization ill spent. They should have spent less time with her character, giving the moments they had more impact. Maido-loli? Jumping around like Mario? Bit too much, really.

    I would like to see them develop the relationships more; the turn with Hasta and Luly was interesting, but they didn’t do much with it, and by process it fell flat at the end.

    Well, I hope they call pull of something good in the last arc. Big Sister getting out of the no-telling where she was place might be things flaming….

    • Foshizzel says:

      The maido-loli was alright I just wish they could have given Shanta-kun a real voice xD

      Last arc I wonder what they are going to do? Mahiro finally accepting Nyaruko’s feelings? I seriously can’t see another season of this, but who knows maybe it is popular enough?

      • skylion says:

        The mi-mi’s were fine, just less would have done it….

        • BlackBriar says:

          I agree. The mi-mi’s were being used a little too much even if it was all Shanta could say.

          • Highway says:

            So I wasn’t the only person who kinda facepalmed when she transformed into a loli, but then just kept going ‘miimiimiiiiii!”?

            • skylion says:

              If I had someone else with me watching it, a double facepalm would have ensued….

            • BlackBriar says:

              No you weren’t. But it was the same in Samurai Bride when Sasuke changed into a Master Samurai but kept making the same sounds she usually does.

            • Foshizzel says:

              I facepalmed and rolled my eyes! I thought the whole idea was that she wanted to TALK to Mahiro right? LOL

  3. skylion says:

    Oh, and it looks like new post/new comment emails aren’t happy with me again. 🙁

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think you have to refresh your inbox every now and again.

      • skylion says:

        I think I have the problem nailed down to a security update on my OS making my mail client act like an insane clown.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Then it’s just a matter of time before the problem gets cleared up.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Odd… I always thought Shanta was a male creature until now without any evidence supporting it so the reveal threw a curveball at me. Now that it’s been cleared up, this feels a lot similar to Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride with Sasuke’s gender being revealed through her becoming a Master Samurai. And just like Sasuke, Shanta wasn’t able to get a speech enhancement with her new form.

    The outting between Mahiro and Shanta was nice. It was adorable seeing how nice he was to her and the scene where she was changing back brought a lot of feels.

    Lots of chasing, lots of “mii mii mii”, ending up with a “D’awwwww” moment at the end, and just what Mahiro needs: someone else in love with him.

    It’s the curse of the harem lead. It can’t be helped.

    Story wise, things haven’t progressed much. If anything, these two episode served as eye candy with the swimsuits and showing how moe Shanta was. But it looks like things will get back on track with Kuune escaping from space time dragging herself across the floor as if she was some ghost from The Grudge. All I can say is that the exile apparently has made her psychotic.

    • skylion says:

      If you can make a character a kawaii LOLi, then you make the character a kawaii LOLi. No exceptions….

      • BlackBriar says:

        No arguments here…

        • skylion says:

          Well, some arguments, but as a general principle, the Rule still stands

          • BlackBriar says:

            It’s an unwritten rule, however. It’s going to take a lot of motivation to set it in stone.

            • skylion says:

              My body is ready Yeah, it could happen…

            • BlackBriar says:

              But the journey is long and hard so brace yourself. 😛

          • skylion says:

            My body is ready….Yeah it could happen…

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