Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 12


It’s a bloody good time~!

Welp, my city is currently up to it’s knees in water due to record flooding, but you’d never be able to tell from all of the idiotic people I had to deal with at work. You’d think they’d listen to the official’s advice about staying the hell off the roads, but apparently buying fake plants and stickers is just more important. …Sorry about the rant. People piss me off. OTL


So I still don’t know what a made-to-order is. The topic became increasingly less important this episode, but still, telling us that a made-to-order is achieved by a lot of sacrifices gives us basically nothing. Why are people sacrificed? And I’m still wondering as to why Gossip knew that Emily was a good fit for the Bloody Opener or whatever her gloves and knife combination is called. …Or are the gloves a different Killing Good than the 46 knives? See how confused I am? On the other hand, I have no idea who Violet was talking to this episode or what his significance is either. …But in that case, we’re not really supposed to know right now. I assume he’s another high up with Gossip, but it seems weird for them to be adding in a new character right at the end of the season without even hinting at there being another character anywhere before. Or maybe he’s Iwai’s father or something.

I’m not entirely sure if Kiri’s plan to try and make Emily scared of death was the most well thought out one. I mean, he lost the first battle pretty miserably and then dug himself into a hole in order to get Emily to fight him. Yes, she’s emotionally stunted and doesn’t really understand what death really is. But Kiri was putting a lot of faith in his battling abilities for this plan and to be honest, he’s never really ever won a fight. Yamane kicked his ass the first time, the sledgehammer guy was off the deep end, Kiri fought Romio and not Ruka, Seiji almost killed him and then Emily beat him soundly even before all of the blood loss. I guess this is why Kiri winning this episode without any doubt was good to see.


THIS is what I signed up for! Not fetishes or awkward first loves, but murderers honestly trying to kill one another. Kiri awakened this episode and I loved every moment of him torturing the crap out of Emily. …Yes, she’s like, 8 (10?) and killing people is bad, but let me have my fun here. So there was that shaky moment of Grayland maybe not existing, but even with it being unclear, Grayland was certainly something. Maybe he didn’t kill 200 people (though from Emily’s words at the end, maybe that part IS true), but he was pretty sadistic with what he did, and that seems to be enough to bring Emily to her knees at least. I’m still fond of Emily’s ability of making unhealing wounds, but making small cuts feel like your entire arm is being taken off is pretty cool too.


Okay, I see a resemblance now. 

I was actually kind of glad that Kiri had that moment of finding out he wasn’t special (not that it was true, but still). His lines about wanting to be someone (villain or hero) felt really sincere there for Dansai Bunri and we can kind of see how him always saying that his Author lineage is above everyone else’s was him trying to reassure himself (despite him never really backing those words up). It was amazing when he did back up the claims of course, but I liked that minute of faltering since it addressed a problem I’ve always had with the show. So what was Grayland? I don’t even know nor can I imagine why the rumours around him differ so much, but he was most definitely a murderer and really, that’s what’s important right now. The moment where it had Kiri relive Grayland’s actions seemed really powerful as well, since that really explained the stunted emotional growth that Yamane talked about in the last episode. What child wouldn’t be traumatized by reliving killing someone? That connection there also lacked the normal over-exposition on the matter that Dansai normally gives, so the subtlety was a nice change.

Emily really hasn’t changed my opinion on her character much, but seeing her act more like a normal child when faced with death kind of warmed me to her. It’s not that she’s a stone cold killer who doesn’t fear death, but more that she’s just never met anyone stronger than her before like this. Instead of her being a child killer for the hell of it, her being so young here actually played a part in this. Plus it was really effective in making Kiri look more like a monster here since normal people don’t go cutting children so mercilessly. So if you couldn’t tell, I’m really fond of this episode of Dansai Bunri. I’ve wanted to see Kiri lose his reason and go into killing mode since episode 1 and seeing it now is just so rewarding. Of course, I’m sure the next episode will slow down and probably involve Iwai trying to get Kiri to calm the hell down, but our dear protagonist was just so badass this episode. I still have issues with how convenient it was for him to suddenly dream of Grayland as he was dying, and as usual for Dansai Bunri, it just kind of skimmed over the details of things involving what the hell a made-to-order is and Kiri’s transformation, but the aftermath was still fun to watch. I kind of wish that this anime would go on longer to see if Kiri becoming more of a complete Author affects his reasoning in daily life or anything, but since we only have one episode left, I doubt we’ll see much past the conclusion of this fight.


Though we do get to see Kiri in the hospital, so watch me be wrong.


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10 Responses to “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 12”

  1. Highway says:

    I was less than satisfied with the last fight, mainly cause I didn’t like the way it was fought. Holding scissors in your mouth and crawling around like a bug? That really didn’t do anything for me.

    I think the question about whether Grayland existed as the rumors say is still open. What says that what Kiri was seeing was anything more than a delusion or dream as he’s feeling like he’s about to die? It certainly wasn’t anything like Yamane was talking about.

    I took the made-to-order discussion to be that they found people they thought would be potential candidates and gave them the Killing Goods, then they would see what happened. I can imagine that most of the failures were people who went outright crazy. Emily just managed to be the right person to become an Author. The idea that Emily was supposed to be the salvation for Iwai, not the threat, was interesting. It also makes me start to wonder if Kiri is a made-to-order Author as well, especially since he is so atypical.

    • Sumairii says:

      I have to agree. Kiri’s fighting “stance” didn’t exactly look very effective at all. I’m sure it had a lot of style points, but trying to attack someone holding your weapon in your mouth isn’t the best way to go about it.

      As far as the veracity of the Grayland legend, I also have a feeling that Kiri’s “vision” was nothing more than self-suggestion. In effect, he needed to believe that he was special, so he fooled himself into thinking as such. It probably wasn’t so much a conscious act seeing as he was on the verge of death at the time, but my point is nothing is confirmed about Grayland in the end.

      If Kiri is potentially a made to order, I wonder if his grandfather is involved with Gossip? Remember that extremely awkward transition scene way back when in which his grandfather suddenly decided to tell him about his Grayland lineage?

      • Karakuri says:

        If Kiri is potentially a made to order, I wonder if his grandfather is involved with Gossip? Remember that extremely awkward transition scene way back when in which his grandfather suddenly decided to tell him about his Grayland lineage?

        See, I was entertaining the idea that the guy talking with Violet was Kiri’s grandfather for a bit since we could barely see his face and they both wear glasses. But then, the seiyuu don’t really sound the same (though I can’t figure out who the mystery guy X’s was) and the hair colour looked different.

    • Karakuri says:

      Okay, fine. That kind of bugged me too, but when it comes to unnecessarily violent scenes in anime, I’m incredibly easy to please.

      Oh maybe. That didn’t even occur to me to be honest. Dansai Bunri tells us a lot that seems weird, but they never fully explain anything so I’ve just learned to automatically trust any information it gives out. Plus since it was different from Yamane’s version, I felt like it was another one of those “Kiri is special” things.

      But… how do they go about telling who’s right to be an Author or not? Kiri being made-to-order would be interesting. Though he’s had the scissors since forever and he’s been said to be actually related to Grayland. …Unless what Suma suggested above is true about his grandfather, in which case, Kiri’s life is a lie.

      • Highway says:

        Who’s the right person to be an author? Whoever ends up chosen by the Killing Goods. I mean, they apparently had a set of criteria to check for when Iwai’s father picked Emily, as that headhunter guy said she met whatever it was. So they have these people they find, they match them up with the Killing Goods and see what happens. Maybe they’re like “Oh, bleh, a knife”, maybe they go overboard and go too nuts to do anything except kill themselves. And then a ‘success’ would be someone who just hits that right amount of insanity to become a controlled killer.

        A couple of the questions that it brings up about Kiri are how did *he* end up with the scissors? He’s related, but then so is his grandfather AND his father, and all the generations earlier than that. The Killing Goods didn’t affect any of them, apparently, so why is Kiri all of a sudden the guy? And why is he so different from the other Authors? I just wouldn’t be surprised if somehow he got ‘introduced’ to the scissors, and not with the most innocent of intentions.

  2. br0 says:

    I have to agree. Kiri’s fighting “stance” didn’t exactly look very effective at all. I’m sure it had a lot of style points, but trying to attack someone holding your weapon in your mouth isn’t the best way to go about it.

    I don’t think effectiveness is important in this case. Some shallow cuts are enough and then the pain augmentation ability will do the job. The last think you need to do is to walk up to your target who is grovelling on the ground in great pain and stab him/her to death.

  3. skylion says:

    Wow, that broke the Cutie in a damn hurry.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I was needed to destroy that superiority complex of hers. She was becoming increasingly arrogant and needed to know there are others as or more dangerous than her.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Kiri got what he wished for but at a huge price. For him to have that vision, Grayland must have been real enough and through that, he did a number on Emily. What he did to her was similar to the Chinese torture technique “Death by a thousand cuts”.

    Now that Emily has had a brush with death, she probably now knows how irreplacible a life is after nonchalantly talking about killing Iwai. Her personality change was astonishing, she became completely undone. It’s sadistic of me to say but I enjoyed watching her face that harsh reality of being helpless.

    I’m guessing the made to order thing was a trial and error process and therefore needed sacrifices. Whoever arranged it must have been getting information from each death until they found something to work with and Emily turning out to be one of their achievements.

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