Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 11


“It’s just that the animators seem to have gotten lazy for this episode.”


…Really lazy.

Ahahaha Dansai Bunri sure had a lot of QUALITY going on this episode. …Which doesn’t really help the fact that it was a slower episode of exposition I didn’t really care about. Plus I’m having a hard time concentrating due to some kind of weird cold. OTL


…I seem to have totally forgotten about the backstory of Emily if that was in the manga at this point, but I guess it does shed some light on the whole thing. Her story seems to be pretty stereotypical with her being an orphan and Iwai’s father being the one nice person to her in the world. Really, it was so stereotypical that I don’t even have much to say about it. Yes it was touching, and yes, I can see exactly why Emily was so fond of the guy. I’m still not that fond of her character though. I’m still not entirely sure why she owns random dogs and if she really did want to kill Iwai that badly, why not do it on sight instead of being dragged around shopping for who knows how long? Or since killing in the middle of a busy area isn’t a good idea, why didn’t she sneak up behind Iwai in the bathroom while her guard was down? It’s not like Iwai could have put up much resistance considering how quickly Kiri was taken down. I know we kind of need Iwai around for the plot, but it just seems weirdly inconsistent for a so-called professional killer.

Anyways, it looks like Iwai’s father did have good intentions for Iwai the entire time, so maybe this is why he was involved with the place Hitomi is as well. It’s ironic that the girl Iwai’s father hoped would help his daughter is now trying to kill her, since you’d think that Iwai’s father would have mentioned it to Emily or something if they hung out so much. Though it seems like she became a murderer and such thanks to Violet, since I imagine it was her who said that if Emily killed Iwai, her father would come back. I can’t help but think Violet had something to do with Iwai’s father’s death as well since Emily seems like the perfect tool for her. Though you have to wonder about if Iwai’s father had connections to Gossip since a.) they’ve apparently been involved with the Hair Queen for a really long time and b.) where else would Iwai’s father be getting information on if Killing Goods are compatible with random orphans? …Come to think of it, how would they know if a random child on the streets is compatible with Killing Goods? Is Emily related to a murderer (since for some reason, I’m under the impression that made-to-order’s don’t necessarily have to be related to murderers… though maybe that’s because they said something about being manufactured), or do they have a test or something?


Yay needle time with Yamane! … The version I watched had Yamane’s needle antics censored (I don’t know if the other versions were), despite it being totally okay in other episodes, so that was a little weird, but I guess the point is that she’s honestly trying to help Kiri and Iwai at the moment. The explanation about her emotions being stunted explains a lot about how oddly Yamane acts, and despite being a bit lacking in the emotions department, she still has her moments where she seems somewhat normal. Which have been increasingly frequent ever since she became friends (ish) with Iwai and Kiri instead of trying to kill them. …And I guess the injection is fun times for anyone who takes it, since I don’t think that Kiri is much of an M. Or maybe it’s only when it’s beneficial since Kiri didn’t look like he enjoyed it much the first time Yamane injected him with something.

Which leads us to the point where Kiri realizes that he might be a bit incomplete as an Author. I’ve already pointed out that he doesn’t seem to have as many urges to kill despite not having an Instead before Iwai, so we finally have an explanation. I imagine that Kiri’s murderous urges will rise once he does become a complete Author, but that’s what Iwai is for, really. Getting a description of Grayland… doesn’t seem like it would help much other than giving obvious exposition on Grayland (so the viewer isn’t going “who’s this random old guy?” if they somehow couldn’t figure out who he was if he appears). It seems like the dreams and such are just supposed to happen naturally, so I don’t know how Kiri is going to force this to happen. Shouldn’t he be talking to Ruka or something (since she’s the only Author he knows of that probably won’t kill him/ is still alive) about her own experiences? Oh well, it looks like we’re already up for confrontation number 2 between Kiri and Emily, and I don’t know how well Kiri will do considering that he hasn’t accomplished much in his downtime other than bleed a lot and learn useless information.


Yeah, I have no idea what was going on here.

So other than proving that Emily is fairly uninspired in every aspect in her life, there were some interesting bits of information in here. I really want to see Kiri become closer with Grayland and losing himself a little, for one. Also, I guess Emily was one of Violet’s Authors that killed Seiji before (since there was the gun, knives and poison)? I was under the assumption that Violet had a ton of Authors under her command, but it looks like the few she does have are pretty deadly. I can’t help but think that this meeting with Emily is coming a bit early, but I imagine that this might be the push Kiri needs to do… whatever to become complete as an Author. I don’t know. Everything in Crime Edge seems to be really vague lately and there are a bunch of little details being left out (like what the hell a made-to-order Author actually is), so I’m not into the story as much as I was in the beginning. Anyways, it looks like the fight the next episode takes precedence and Kiri will have to struggle with blood loss more.


…Or maybe Kiri will be okay after all.


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10 Responses to “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Yeah, it was slow this time around but wasn’t bad. I’m curious as to how they intend to wrap up the story in the next two episodes.

    I knew there was a reason Emily talked about Iwai’s father in such a familiar fashion. Though he had ulterior motives, he was a cool guy watching over a child who was down on her luck when no one else would because she surely would have died eventually. And he treated her like a human instead of a disposable object. In a way, she’s like his second daughter.

    Emily’s motives, however, are really screwed up and it’s doubtful she’s thought things through. If she kills Iwai to bring the father back then it shatters everything she hopes for because not only would he resent her for killing his real daughter but it would result in resentment towards her because he would have been brought back to suffer the knowledge that he’s partially the reason why she’s dead.

    Kiri’s personality never ceases to impress. Instead of dreading where he came from like other protagonists, he embraces it and wants to learn more for the sake of getting stronger. I like the fact that I can’t read his motives and you only get to see things as they go along. It’s refreshing to be honest. His drawback is that he takes himself a bit too lightly especially in appearances. His classmate knew something was wrong right away and all that blood in the bath tub made it look like he attempted suicide.

    The highlight was the scene with Yamane. Though she was sharing her blood with Kiri to keep him alive, I had trouble containing my laughter at the masochistic atmosphere between the two. I couldn’t tell which outdid the other: Kiri enjoying being pricked with a needle like Houko (are we sure that needle doesn’t have traces of an aphrodisiac or an anesthetic?) or Yamane getting very much sexually aroused from injecting him. From her fainting, it’s possible she gave him blood more than once and with her pale complexion, I’m sure she has anemia.

    • Karakuri says:

      A super showdown with Emily followed but a random flash to Violet within the last 5 minutes of episode 13 just to remind us that there could totally be a season 2 and we should remember that the story is still ongoing? …Or they could give it an anime only ending thrown together hastily since there are so many questions unanswered.

      Yeah, I figured it was something like Iwai’s father ‘adopting’ Emily or something. Iwai had no clue about the girl, and they look nothing alike. I wonder if there are any others like Emily who were ‘adopted’ or whatever.

      I don’t know if she’s ever thought of what Iwai’s father would think if he was brought back with the death of his daughter. I remember Emily saying that “Papa always looked sad when he was talking about you (Iwai)”, so I think her childish mind just kind of linked it as Iwai’s father not actually loving Iwai. Of course, it would be a slap in the face if Emily ever learned the truth, but for now I think she thinks that she’s doing the right thing and everyone will be happy in the end (minus Iwai and Kiri but I doubt Emily cares about that).

      As for Kiri… yeah I guess he’s pretty cool for a shounen protagonist. He does what he has to when the situation calls for it instead of hesitating. I don’t think about him that often to be honest though.

      The manga said flat out that Yamane had constant anemia or something even before she gave her blood to Kiri, so I think it’s more that she uh, left the needle in his arm the entire conversation. …Which Kiri didn’t seem to mind, making the whole thing unintentionally hilarious. Man, where does this show get it’s fetishes from xD

  2. sonicsenryaku says:

    Emily has to kill Kiri first before he gets the chance to kill Iwai. I believe there are rules to the game that emily must follow. If you remember, the killing goods game could not begin until Iwai got a protector as the game would have been unfair otherwise. Im assuming emily must kill kiri first before she gets to reach the grand prize

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s like playing chess, you have to get rid of the knights first and from Emily did to Kiri last time, she’s pretty much done the deed. And her method for doing so is sadistic. Death by blood loss has got to be a painful way to die.

    • Karakuri says:

      But she said right to Kiri when they were on the rooftop that she had absolutely no intentions of killing anyone BUT Iwai. She only attacked Kiri because he was still hostile.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the other authors have to kill Kiri first before they can kill Iwai, the ‘game’ just needed Iwai to have a protector. I do wonder if it also means they can’t just attack her when Kiri’s not around, which could set up a cheap separation where these two decide not to be around each other because of some threat on her life. That seems like the kind of cruel thing that these folks in Gossip wouldn’t mind setting up either.

  3. br0 says:

    Emily also said she just scared Iwai and kills her on the anniversary day of “Papa”‘s death.

  4. Highway says:

    Personally, I was thankful for the censoring from Sunbeam-chan, because I’m pretty weak to needles drawing blood. If that hadn’t been there, I’d have been peeking through fingers and stuff and hopefully not getting queasy.

    To me, that scene symbolized the release that the authors get when using their abilities. We know that they need some release, otherwise they go nuts. There’s no reason it couldn’t also become a form of sexual release like that for a lot of these folks.

    I *really* liked Yamane’s description of how emotionally stunted the people with Killing Goods are, and the reasons. I thought that added a lot of background, and also felt really authentic. It also helps to explain some of the difference between Emily and Kiri and the rest of the authors. I think Kiri never got to that point because he did have an easy ‘Instead’, cutting his family’s hair (at least for a while). So maybe that pressure never built up the way it did for the people who had things that were obviously instruments of sheer destruction or death.

    • Sumairii says:

      I really like your interpretation of those scenes providing a release. It really puts them into perspective aside from being randomly sexualized.

      As for Kiri, we’ve seen what happens to him when he goes for too long without cutting hair. Remember when he pretty much manhandled Kashiko? Maybe if he had gone a little longer, he might just have gotten in touch with his inner mass murderer.

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