Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 09


Psh, put a bandaid on it. He’ll be fine.

I’m in the process of completely switching schools/majors for the upcoming fall semester and everything seems to be making itself more difficult than it should be. Yaaaaay OTL. At least this episode of Dansai Bunri had better pacing than that needlessly long struggle that happened in the last episode. …It’s been the kind of day where a non-boring episode of Dansai Bunri is the highlight.

…Okay, I guess Iwai is descended from the queen from the play? I guess I had forgotten about the conversation that happened here. Plus that doesn’t answer why killing the Hair Queen bends reality and grants wishes, though maybe that has more to do with the witch. Maybe her residual power grants a wish in form of gratitude for killing the Queen’s descendant? Maybe the whole wish thing is a lie? I have no idea. Anyways, Kiri appears to be blaming the whole story on the fact that the witch in it cursed the queen as opposed to the fact that the queen was totally asking for it. It makes sense that there was bias there towards Iwai’s side, but honestly, I felt the opposite where I sympathized with the witch figure more. It’s not her fault that the queen was jealous of her hair (though the curse kind of makes her less of a victim). Who knows how or why the Queen stopped murdering too, so maybe there’s even more to the story. There kind of has to be since the wish thing hasn’t been addressed.


…Yeah, I don’t expect to meet the people I invite to my own parties either.

So here’s the head of Gossip herself, finally. I’ll believe her statement that she wanted a peaceful evening and she seems like an okay person aside from orchestrating Iwai’s death in an oddly organized manner. Though not to say that Violet isn’t to be feared, since she spared no mercy in killing Seiji. I mean, the poison was one thing, but the knives were another. I imagine a single Author would have been enough to kill him considering that he was already bleeding a lot, but Violet sent a few after him, which seems like overkill. Plus if Iwai hadn’t interfered, it looks like she might have killed Kiri for no reason other than he gave her attitude. That seems kind of… counter productive. I mean, weren’t Gossip the ones who didn’t want to kill Iwai before Kiri because it would be boring that way? Wasn’t Kiri supposed be be kind of special because he was one of the only people who didn’t want to kill Iwai? …I don’t get these people. Anyways, her reaction to Iwai was interesting though since she seemed surprised and a bit repulsed (or at least that’s what I read from her slapping Iwai away). I wonder why that is. …Though it might be the same as everyone else’s reason, where nobody likes Iwai because her hair can’t be cut.

It looks like the whole point of the party was to invite a bunch of rich people to stare at Iwai? I guess it’s kind of like saying “this is the girl we’ve been sending people to kill. Aren’t you glad you joined?” or like showing ownership over her or something. There’s probably quite a bit about Gossip’s creation that needs to be told since I doubt it was an easy task gathering a bunch of serial killers and telling them that there’s now a system they have to follow, so I look forward to finding out even more about it.


Kiri never claimed to be a competent murderer.

Well, Kiri and Iwai finally got together, and it kind of worked. The two of them announcing their feelings here might have felt cheapened by the fact that both of them had a shocking experience and needed some comfort, but it worked okay here since they’re always facing near death experiences. This one just came a little closer than usual, and Iwai finally realized just how much she needs Kiri in her life after thinking he might have died. It does seem like this came awfully close after Iwai announced that she didn’t want to enter a relationship though. Especially since her reasoning was that she didn’t know a lot about relationships and other than clearing things up with Houko, Iwai doesn’t seem to have learned much in that field. Oh well, I’m just going to attribute this to the near death thing making what Iwai values more obvious. Plus Kiri confessed first, so it was just more that Iwai responded than bringing up the relationship herself.


And finally, Seiji died. Obviously. I can’t say that he didn’t have it coming since, putting it lightly, he’s been nothing but a jerk to Kiri these past couple episodes, but it’s still kind of sad to see him go. At least he managed to die with a kind of dignity, despite it being a rather painful looking death. I rather liked his line about being prideful to the end, since that pretty much sums up his character. He lived without reservations and definitely got himself into a hole with his final actions, but even with that, he went through with things all the way. Maybe an apology to Violet would have prevented his death (or maybe not since Violet seems to take insults very seriously), but Seiji still insisted that his actions were right, even when faced with death. Seiji might have been a troublesome character, but at least he was true to himself in all of the screentime he had.

Poor Kouzakura though. Maybe she did have feelings for Seiji and the whole younger brother thing was her trying to pass their relationship off as something less meaningful to her, but the point is, she obviously cared. She was right the whole time about Seiji getting himself into more trouble than he could handle too, which probably also hurts for her since everything she was trying to prevent happened anyways. I think this is the first time we’ve seen an Instead after their Author was murdered (I’d consider Kouzakura Seiji’s Instead) and despite being pretend-murdered by the guy, there was obviously some weird bond there. I wonder if we’ll see any more of her character since her whole reason for being involved in the plot is gone. Hopefully she’s not completely forgotten, since I kind of liked her character and I’d like to see how she handles being a post-Instead after a bit of time has passed.

Wow, there was a lot in this episode to talk about. There was a lot of emotion this episode from various characters and it felt like a lot was accomplished compared to the last episode. So with Seiji gone as an antagonist, they’ve quickly replaced him with Violet, who seems like someone we’ll be able to sympathize with a bit more. …Maybe. Gossip seems a bit more intimidating now though since we know how powerful the leader is and how… sensitive she is over some issues. Who knows what Violet or Gossip want at this point, but we’ve heard a bit more about both the organization and the Hair Queen, leading us to… something. The next episode should introduce a new Author, but I have no idea where they’ll end the season off to be honest.


Because on Dansai Bunri, you’re never too young to provide fanservice.


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8 Responses to “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 09”

  1. Liza says:

    I really was not expecting Seji to kick the bucket. 0_0 I thought he was going to be one of those characters that make it until the end while always being a thorn in Kiri’s side.

    From the way Violet was telling the story, it seemed like the Queen was also an author(she was holding a sword in the “flashback”). That would make for an interesting plot twist. The leader of Gossip, an apparently neutral group is led by an Author.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, his character certainly seemed that way, didn’t it. I guess he was just a filler antagonist until the real one showed up though.

      Maybe, but she seems like a special case since there was also the hair thing. …Not that the anime even said anything about that.

      • BlackBriar says:

        His presence was too strong for me to consider him a filler antagonist. At the very, he’s a side villain. He did have a fair number of episodes that he was a part of.

        • Karakuri says:

          I’m a couple chapters later than this though and I can’t remember Seiji being mentioned once, so I don’t think he’s that relevant to the plot anymore. The main focus seems to be Violet and her loli Author trying to murder Iwai.

          • Liza says:

            So the little girl in the OP that hasn’t been introduced yet is Violet’s loli Author huh?

            • Karakuri says:

              Er, I don’t think I’m spoiling much by saying it, so yes. The loli is allied with Violet.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Psh, put a bandaid on it. He’ll be fine.

    Pfft, ha! At this point, not even stitches are going to help. I had a feeling someone was going to die but I didn’t expect it to Seiji. That was a curveball.

    Violet should constantly be kept in check because it seems she’d kill on impulse and that makes her dangerously unpredictable. The plot twist is making ask if the curse isn’t on her family instead of Iwai after Kiri pointed who really should be at fault.

    I felt sorry for Kouzakura. To me, Seiji was a jerk but hearing that he was a younger brother to her was sad. It’s surprising that he had that kind of effect on a person. If he had more restraint and respect, he would have lived.

    • Karakuri says:

      Dying from something small like that? Seiji is such a drama queen. Bandaids totally cure poison and multiple stab wounds, don’t they? xD

      Violet seems ridiculously overpowered and there’s probably nobody who can even attempt to keep her in check. She seems rational enough though (when they’re not insulting her). …Maybe, but then why would she get upset if Kiri was insulting the witch? Or maybe Iwai was just misreading the situation. Maybe instead of imminent death, Violet was going to give Kiri a hug or something.

      If he had restraint and respect, his last words wouldn’t have been “prideful until the end”. That’s just how his character was I guess.

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