Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 08


The god of music has spoken.

…Okay then UtaPri, forget about Tokiya. I hope they have something special planned for his character in later episodes, otherwise it looks like he’s been ditched for yet another development with Cecil.



What?! Where have the senpai been this entire time?! They way they disappeared and were never mentioned again, I figured they were doing something important. …But from how nonchalant they were acting, I guess not. It’s funny how they haven’t done much of anything during the run of the anime, and yet, they have to be there on this one trip in order to supervise. I’m just going to assume that Shining finally told them to do their damn jobs. Oh well, at least Camus has achieved something since Cecil has finally become serious about things. I kind of wish we had seen more of them before this if they weren’t doing anything important, but I guess the relationship developments between Haruka and her harem were just as good.

Yes, the moment we’ve seen coming ever since he actually appeared. Cecil is now an idol. I guess I had forgotten about how the guys all sang that one time and managed to undo a spell. And at the same time of his big decision, he sidelined any and all romantic involvements with Haruka by saying how it’s not just her that he wants to make smile. Which is good and all, but there’s still part of me holding on to the possibility of an actual couple coming out of here somewhere, so having him announce this was kind of frustrating. I suppose it could happen, but Cecil seems to have shifted to a guy dedicated to Haruka to… well, where everyone else is.


Does… does this count as an orgy?

Ooooof course what STARISH was missing was Cecil. It’s a good thing his magically appearing lyrics told him so, or else he might not have been shoved into joining. Man, you’d think that being a professional, Haruka would have noticed that what she was missing an extra voice. Oh well, everyone is fabulous and a team now, so I guess that’s the important part. …Haruka felt really shafted this episode since she was there for everyone else’s problems, but when it came to her own struggles, leaving her alone was the action of choice. They did leave her flowers and such, but still. It really looked like they left Haruka to work on her own while they went off to have a bromance day. At least they seemed to have reaffirmed that the whole team idea is important at the end (even Ren and Tokiya were part of that). …Which I’m going to take as a sign that Haruka probably won’t be shoved out if the director decides to take the BL vibes further to please the yaoi fangirls. Or at least not completely.

Anyways, despite my dreams slowly being crushed, this was still kind of satisfying since this is what the UtaPri plot has been building up to this entire season. Or at least, what little of a plot this series has. And now Cecil seems to have run off and causing everyone unnecessary drama right after everything looked like it was going to be okay. You’d think they could wait an episode or two before going into this. I mean, where are they going to fit in Tokiya’s part now?

So what can I say? Cecil finally joined the rest of the group officially and while I first thought it might have been a bit early, there’s now trouble with the fact that he’s a literal prince. So Cecil has basically taken over where Tokiya was last season (since last time, he was the one causing the group multiple episode problems), but I’m wondering where exactly they’re going to fit in a Tokiya centric episode with all of this going on. And if they do manage to solve Cecil’s problems in episode 9 or so, then what on earth will the plot do for the rest of the episodes? Yes, there’s still the Uta Pri award topic, but unlike the graduation audition, there don’t seem to be any major hurdles or conflicts for the characters to get over. I mean, Haruka has everything she needs to write a great song and the guys… don’t really do much other than generic idol things. Maybe there will be a last minute concert for the Uta Pri award or something, but I can’t see much happening. I guess we’ll just have too see how much of the plot Cecil decides to take up. Though you have to question his resolve if he makes his decision, and then decides to go back on it in the same episode.


…The god of music also has the exact same handwriting as everyone else on the show apparently.


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2 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 08”

  1. berrish17 says:

    Yes, Tokiya has been excluded these past episodes 🙁
    And I wonder how they have been managing to live together with the senpais.lol
    I hope they have a episode that shows STARISH and senpais in the dorm 😀 Ai in his strict time management XD

    Cecil, welcome to becoming a idol.But of course,the letter that showed up in the end.lol

    Cant wait for next episode!

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m quite fond of Tokiya’s character, so I hope they work him back into the plot soon…
      But yeah! The senpai are back! …I wonder about that too since they weren’t even mentioned at all in the past episodes. I guess if the guys weren’t complaining, it couldn’t have been too bad.

      Next episode should be interesting! Since there’s actually a conflict going on.

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