Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 06


Oh look, Haruka’s clumsiness is contagious.

…I think I was supposed to be concerned during the blackout scene this episode, but watching Ren’s brother flail around was pretty funny. Yes, he was in a rush, but those injuries could have been easily avoided.

It’s nowhere as ridiculous as the games, but it seems like Ren broods a lot for a supposedly nonchalant character. The events of this episode didn’t weigh down his spirits too badly, but then pretty much everyone (minus Haruka, but that’s okay since she made up for it later) noticed that something was wrong with Ren. Oh well, things seem to have sorted themselves out fairly painlessly this episode. …Minus the giant blackout. And since it was one of that size that’s backed up by a company as large as the Jinguuji’s, I assume that someone, if not a few people lost their jobs. But hey, it’s okay as long as it’s not the main characters. Overall, Ren’s performance went pretty well and that imagery with him lighting a flame inside everyone’s hearts was… interesting. It’s a good thing that 99.999% of the people there were female, or that scene might have been kind of awkward. …I’ve just grown to accept Cecil as the 2nd heroine at this point.


…And I don’t even think I need to comment on his hobbies anymore. 

Haruka could have been a stalker and the CD could have contained the music version of The Ring or something, but luckily this is UtaPri and everyone has inherit goodness in their hearts/can be believed when they claim to be things. …Or at least, if you’re in the entertainment business, you can get away with more things than most people (I’m fairly sure that absolutely everything Shining does is illegal on some level). Plus Ren’s brother showing up was rather convenient. As was Cecil just happening to have the instrumental to Ren’s song. Haruka has steadily been more active in the plot and Tomo showed up! She hasn’t showed up in a while, but it looks like she’s been doing well. They’ve talked about all of the characters still not being ‘official’ idols, even though they kind of are, so I guess Tomo also fits under that description. Only, I don’t think she’ll be winning the Uta Pri award, so it looks like she’ll be stuck in that not-quite-an-idol position for her entire career (unless she becomes super popular for reasons that don’t involve awards). …Which is kind of depressing, but like the impending unemployment I mentioned about the staff above, it looks like we’re not supposed to dwell on this. At least we have conformation that she’s still alive, unlike some characters.


The only time lighting your audience on fire is okay.

Ah yes, brotherly love. As expected, Ren was completely misunderstanding his brother’s intentions and it was just a convoluted way of getting Ren to… follow his dreams I guess? To give him purpose? Well, in any case, it wasn’t just for profit for the Jinguuji Company like Ren thought it was. Ren sucks at expressing what he’s really feeling inside too, so I guess it runs in the family. …And since Souichirou apparently doesn’t appear to age, maybe Ren will get lucky with that too. Though, uh, that “I love your songs” line… Were this season one, that’s like the equivalent of confessing your undying feelings. I don’t think Ren flashing back to the conversation he just had a scene ago was really necessary either, but I guess they felt like they really wanted to draw that scene with Ren reflecting by a lake. Overall, I’m just glad that the drama in this episode didn’t come from one of Ren’s ex-girlfriends.

Oh, but hey, this episode aside, it looks like Ren also has a role in Karneval as Uro. …I’m kidding, but really. It’s the same VA (Suwabe), using pretty much the same voice and the characters themselves look like pallet swaps.


I see no difference.

Even Ren had a better episode than Masato (which is good, but still, I feel sorry for Masa’s character). I still remember the pure rage I experienced during Ren’s route in Repeat, so I’m just really, really glad that none of that nonsense continued on into the anime. Not that they’ve really pulled anything from the game’s plots before this. Though if I remember correctly, Ren did have a fashion show and that’s where Haruka first met his brother in the games. Anyways, Shining mentioned rivals appearing for the Uta Pri award, but will they show us who the so-called rivals actually are? Uta Pri’s entire cast has already been shown by this point. …Unless the rivals are the senpai, which would explain their mysterious disappearance, but at the same time, I thought only new and upcoming idols could win. From the way they were talking, the senpai have been in the business for quite a bit of time. …Well, I guess we’ll see.




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2 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 06”

  1. Liza says:

    So officially the senpais are dead with no hope of return. Poor guys…

    At least Tomo is still alive! 😀 Everytime she appears, I remember how much I liked her character. She reminds me a bit of Sawa from Amnesia(whom I also love). I wish there was some focus on her but meh, this is an otome game adaptation. There’s no way she’s getting anything.

    Ren’s plot was interesting. I never expected he got into the academy because of his brother and it was cute when Ren realized at the end that his brother liked him and did this all for him.

    But that dramatic get-the-CD-to-the-soundsytem. I was loling. Did it really need to be that dramatic? And he hurt his hand in the progress on top of it…

    • Karakuri says:

      I’d miss them, but they were mostly jerks in the game and they didn’t do much in the episodes they did appear in xD

      Tomo is certainly likeable! She’s down to earth and funny… and it’s a shame we never heard more about her and her composer boyfriend. The best friends sometimes get their own routes in otome games (…and they usually have some heartwarming light yuri vibes like “let’s be best friends forever~” in them), but not for Tomo sadly…

      Ahahaha the ending with the running was pretty funny. Even more so after I realized that the part where he hurt his hand was when he dramatically leaped to get it into the CD player. The most unnecessary part of the entire dramatic rush to get it in there xD

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