Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 05


Underneath that smile, he’s planning to kill them all.

…Pretty much every episode of UtaPri has had me going like this -> щ(゜ロ゜щ) chanting “OTP! OTP!” in my head. This probably isn’t good for my health.

Two insert songs? An almost confession? I’m sensing some Otoya favouritism. At least some parts of his backstory is being included though like the fact that he’s orphaned. We’re not into the deep part of his backstory where Shining is his (heavily implied, I can’t remember if this was confirmed or not) father, but at least they’re keeping some facts from the games in there. Actually, they did this too with Masa’s closeness to his grandfather, but I was too busy raging over the stupidity of the episode to link things together at the time.


Haruka being afraid of the least convincing haunted house ever created (and hell, she even helped set it up) was adorable. …Pathetic, yes, but still adorable. She also seems to be writing songs like no tomorrow, so good for her! Yay! No more silly writers block like in the last season. At least she can write songs like a mofo where she can’t seem to do anything else without endangering herself. Plus I guess coming up with multiple songs justifies her mysterious absence in the last episode. I just hope that Shining pushing her like this isn’t making her run out of steam before the end. All we need is another episode of spontaneous forgetfulness.


Cecil… really isn’t doing a a whole lot to convince me that he’s not a stalker. Just how did he know where Otoya’s orphanage is when nobody else did? Why is he on such good terms with the children? He’s obviously been there before, and yet, we’ve never actually seen him there. Anyways, if Haruka didn’t show up in the episode, I was just about ready to dub Cecil as the heroine of the show. Really, he’s the only character who’s been getting constant character development this season and he’s obviously realizing just what the other characters see in the idol business. Obviously this episode was all about the joy that comes from making people laugh/smile/whatever. Plus his senpai is the only one who hasn’t vanished off the face of the earth. Which is kind of ironic considering that Camus was the one character who vanished into thin air in the very first senpai introduction episode. I’m starting to suspect that he murdered the other 3 for more screen time.


The concept of ‘haunted house’ seems to be lost on these children

Well, at least these children seem to be the most musically inclined over all of the other instances of UtaPri children we’ve seen in the past. …If you can’t remember, Tokiya attempting to sing Amazing Grace with crippled children went from touching to hilariously off key and so did Haruka’s time with the children in the park (though that scene also resembled a satanic ritual). They were actually really cute (as was the parts where they were pushing Otoya and Haruka together) and I’m glad things worked out for the bazaar overall. …Though I’m not sure if having the rest of the guys dress up in animal suits was necessary. I mean, they practically have teenage girls throwing them their panties every time they do a job. All they really need to do is walk around in public and I’m sure that’s more than enough to draw publicity. …Though the fact that they’re not dancing suggestively or sparkling might throw people off. Kind of like how a simple pair of glasses worked as a disguise for Superman.

So after 5 episodes, at least I can deduce that there is some kind of plot here. …Or at least, there’s more plot than last season, where the show told Haruka to pick a partner and then she just kind of hung out with people and then made a really rushed last minute decision. There’s been steady progress with Cecil about what being an idol is (which I guess is what the show’s really about so that fits pretty well as a theme). Also, unlike from what I remember last season where it only occasionally showed the characters doing classwork, the characters HAVE been progressively working in their careers and the show is just highlighting the less frequent problems they’ve had.

So I guess we have Ren, Tokiya and Natsuki left for episodes. Plus maybe another 4 for each of the senpai if they all haven’t been sacrificed to the god of entertainment or something off screen.


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6 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 05”

  1. shiizumi says:

    I’m starting to suspect that he murdered the other 3 for more screen time.

    We’re thinking the same thing! Gosh. I wanna see Mikaze Ai and hear his beautiful voice again (by my favorite Aoi Shouta)!!

    Anyway, I think that of all the pairings here in UtaPri, Ittoki x Nanami has the most chemistry. The other guys feels a bit forced but with Ittoki, it feels natural and sweet!

    Now, don’t assume that he’s my favorite. My favorite is Kurusu-kun <3

    • Karakuri says:

      Sigh. I wouldn’t mind Ai coming back either. Hell, I even kind of want to see Ranmaru at this point.

      Yes! They do have nice chemistry together. There’s just something about Otoya’s easygoing kindness that goes well with Haruka’s inability to walk without tripping.

  2. Liza says:

    This episode…GAHHH The cuteness <3

    Out of all of the guys Otoya is my favorite so there was a lot of "dawwww"ing going on as I watched this episode. And Haruka was actually in it and did stuff!

    And I also suspect Camus murdered the other three. There's no other explanation…

    • Karakuri says:

      I KNOW. щ(゜ロ゜щ)

      Yay for the heroine actually doing things! This was a huge improvement over the last episode~. The cuteness overload in this one even kind of made up for the last episode as well. Poor Masa was shafted in his.


      • Liza says:

        Sorry Masato, Otoya is closer to Haruka’s heart than you! XD

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