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Poor Miyuki – getting attacked by sweaty cosplayers from Mayura’s fan club. It’s like being at an anime convention, except instead of demanding ‘free hugs’ they try to pulverize you. Speaking of cons, I’ll be at Anime North this weekend! Hmm, I’d better get my costume ready to become a sweaty cosplayer myself then.

I was ever so looking forward to seeing Miyuki get knocked down a few notches from a hard battle. I was on edge for the entire fight, but felt disappointed once it had ended. Couldn’t he have gotten at least a little roughed up to really show how weak he is? The kid hardly had any dirt on him let alone cuts, bruises, or any other injuries. I know in the back of my mind that intense battles don’t have a big place in a show like this, but I just really like gritty fights. Watching Attack on Titan before this probably didn’t help. Fortunately, Miyuki and the thriplets clear up their misunderstanding from the battle, so it still serves an important purpose. Now almost everyone knows Miyuki is a weakling who would rather have a job at Starbucks than be involved in this spiritual bodyguard nonsense.

I find it interesting how Miyuki is still attached to the notion of a normal life, yet he still protects Izumiko out of his own free will. I think over the next few episodes he’s going to start deciding which of the two lives he really wants and choose it instead of waffling. He seems to think once this is all over he can go back to a normal life, so he’s not committed to improving his exorcism abilities. Once he realizes that Izumiko is essentially a full time job and he has to pick either her or living a normal life, he can do a better job focusing at that one thing without distractions.

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There’s some interesting stuff about what Izumiko thinks about Miyuki because of his seemingly unwilling personality. She wants to rely on him, but that’s hard when he’s weaker than her and pricklier than a hedgehog. He’s not exactly the warm, care-giving type, you know? Still, most girls love having a guy to call their prince in shining armour – or just someone to lean on when they need support. Izumiko knows that her relationship with Miyuki is pretty rocky, and doesn’t want to disappoint herself by placing hope in him. I really like the conversations Izumiko has with Masumi because she speaks very frankly to him about her feelings instead of hiding her true intentions. Masumi also knows a lot about her, which makes things easier. I’m glad the whole episode wasn’t Izumiko getting lost, but I really liked how they made her linger behind in the other plane for a bit to chat with Masumi.

The bad news is…Masumi might not be here forever. Or even next week. I initially found it extremely amusing that Manatsu ditched everyone for a horse and made everyone worry. Even better – when he said Tabi was his number one priority. Ouch! Tabi’s even higher up than his own twin! Is she even number two on that list or is she underneath things like katsudon, sleeping in, and comic books? That’s just who he is, but it came off as unintentionally funny for me. I had the same gigglefit when he ditched everyone for a magical spirit horse. Mayura got ditched for a horse and a dead horse within the same day.

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On a more serious note, I did enjoy seeing some new sides to Mayura and Manatsu as they dealt with the death of Tabi. His death was a catalyst for Manatsu finally acting on something he’d been feeling for a while. Both him and Masumi realize they can’t spend their entire lives together as a happy family. Perhaps they’re the only ones to realize it because they’re more connected and their feelings balance each other out. Mayura is like the odd one out. I found it odd when she said she’d never have time for a boyfriend because she has to spend all her time with Masumi and Manatsu. It turns out that sort of relationship is not normal, and Manatsu was looking for a way to tell her.

Feel free to call me wrong, but I don’t think riding off into the sunset on a ghost horse is the proper way to gently explain things to anyone. I really like Manatsu’s character, but he really slipped up by just running off and doing his own thing. It’s hard to really blame him though. When you’re at an emotional breaking point, thinking rationally isn’t very easy, and Manatsu was way past that point when he had to euthanize Tabi. So now Mayura doesn’t get the benefit of a more calm conversation to explain things, but instead has to deal with the abruptness of their separation. Furthermore, Manatsu’s recklessness is not just running away, but “becoming the same thing as Masumi.” Masumi is dead so it looks like Manatsu wants to kill himself…

I did not expect such an extreme, reckless reaction from him. I thought maybe he’d just have Tabi as his new spirit familiar and either leave Masumi with Mayura, or make him disappear by no longer trying to maintain his shiki form. I thought Masumi couldn’t exist without the two of them picturing him and using their energy to keep him going. However, it seems like Manatsu’s plan is to become a shiki so Mayura will have two ghost siblings. She won’t be a thriplet, she’ll just be a daughter. I’m really eager to see how they’re going to stop him in time and how Manatsu plans to become a shiki. Is it as simple as suicide, or is there some kind of ritual? Or am I completely off the mark with the meaning behind his text to Mayura? Next week will be a crazy episode, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone (probably Masumi) disappears forever.

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It’s a shame these two are fighting against each other so much when they obviously care so much. Manatsu says he cares about Mayura the most, yet he can’t stand the way she feels the same. The fact she leaves the trip instead of staying with Masumi makes him really mad. I thought the whole issue was that they were too attached to a dead sibling and needed to stop it. Maybe the issue runs a little deeper than that, and the two of them rely on each other so much that Manatsu felt it couldn’t last forever. It’s easier to end something yourself instead of waiting sometimes. I think that lesson about actively putting an end to something rather than just letting fate run its course will be important not just for the thriplets, but for Izumiko and Miyuki. Izumiko has a goddess inside her that will one day take her over. That’s fate. Will she try to defy fate and be her own woman? Will she actively put an end to the goddess inside her? I like hearing from the thriplets, but I’m sure all this will have a big impact on Miyuki and Izumiko somehow. I just don’t know how quite yet.

Preview: Mayura desperately chases after Manatsu. Izumiko and Miyuki probably try to help somehow using their spiritual abilities. Miyuki has wings, because why not?

Red Data Girl 012

 He turns into a magical bishounen more and more every week


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13 Responses to “Red Data Girl – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    He turns into a magical bishounen more and more every week

    This is the saving grace of the series. I feel for him, as he just has the demeanor of a fella dropped into the wrong anime. And it’s not like he was expecting to be an extra on One Piece; he just didn’t expect himself to be a main character that had to know what he is doing.

    I like that Izu also feels much the same way, only she never expected to be dropped into any anime; she doesn’t really expect much does she.

    But now that they know what is going on, more or less, I hope they starting making some goals. I like that they won’t choose sides. As neither path has anything in mind for them.

    • Overcooled says:

      I never thought about it that way, but you’re totally right! It feels like Miyuki got sent to the wrong show or the wrong role. He thought he’d be an extra, but he’s playing the leading role. Same with Izumiko, pretty much.

      Yeah, they know so little about what this crazy spiritual voodoo is about that it’s no wonder they’re not jumping on it eagerly. I’d want to just go home and play video games too.

  2. Highway says:

    I like that the show isn’t afraid to go off on a major tangent, setting aside the direct development of Izumiko and Miyuki to spend time on Mayura, Manatsu, and Masumi. The triplets are interesting characters, although I think Manatsu is maybe a little one-dimensional. But what could Manatsu do to ‘become like Masumi’? Could he actually become incorporeal? And if Mayura says is true, that Masumi still ‘exists’ because she and Manatsu consider him the same way, would Manatsu becoming more like Masumi mean that both of them cease to exist, since Mayura’s belief alone might not be able to hold them to this plane?

    • Overcooled says:

      I like when a show has side characters that are strong enough to carry an episode. The thriplets are definitely cool enough to get their own mini arc.

      Manatsu’s text is really vague, so I’m guessing he means that he wants to become a spirit. The how is what stumps me. If he dies, I don’t know how he’d sustain Masumi’s form either since he needs both Mayura and Manatsu’s powers to exist. Unless they pull a crazy trick where Manatsu’s spirit form can actually still work with Mayura to keep Masumi “alive,” so to speak.

  3. Gecko says:

    He turns into a magical bishounen more and more every week.

    I feel like his character design keeps changing and getting a bit older-looking every time. And now wings. But it’s really his growth that we’re seeing. Sure, Izumiko has her “talking to more people” thing, and her Himegami thing, but that really led to Miyuki and his drama.

    Of course, the thriplets are having their issues, but I get the feeling that it will go back to Miyuki and his drama/powers/growth. Mayura is so attached to her brothers, she won’t be able to do anything until she has to pick one, somewhat like how Manatsu had to decide when to let Tabi go. So perhaps Miyuki can possibly get a power up as the show leads up to that decision for Mayura.

    But, hopefully, I would hope that Manatsu clears his mind before being too reckless, and that if someone disappears forever, he/(she?) is okay with it. (Mayura better not just be like, “oh no you two need to survive! I’m disappearing!” UH NO.)

    • Overcooled says:

      His perma-glare makes him look older too. I’m glad to see Miyuki and Izumiko changing even as the story is wrapped up in a different set of people.

      Oh God, I hope Mayura doesn’t pull a disappearing act lol. I’d be much more content with a mutual sort of ending where all parties agree to let someone go. I don’t know how possible that is, but if they can stop Manatsu from being so reckless then they’ve got a chance.

      • Gecko says:

        Yeah, the glare does it. Before it was a kiddish glare, now it’s an older glare. And with the wings it just gets condescending.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Speaking of cons, I’ll be at Anime North this weekend! Hmm, I’d better get my costume ready to become a sweaty cosplayer myself then.

    If you’re cosplaying a space vampiress like Saki, don’t forget to bring your Valvrave. 🙂

    Miyuki’s continuing attachment to Izumiko is the reason he’s conflicting with his ambition for a normal life. If she really could handle herself, there wouldn’t be any need for him to him to be around. Then again, he’s probably still hung on the Himegami’s last words a few episodes back and can’t leave her alone. Though he really needs to practice his exorcism skills for unforseen circumstances like he was just put in.

    I guess Izumiko wants to keep relying on him because she feels he’s the first true relationship she’s ever had as opposed to being isolated all of her childhood and because of him, she’s experiencing a lot of new things.

    Manatsu’s priorities are skewered and face palm deserving. Who in their right mind puts a horse above the well being of people, their own family members, no less? It’s not like it can talk or have the same life span as you.

    • Overcooled says:

      If I ever cosplay as Saki, I’ll be sure not forget it!

      Izumiko is totally unaware of her powers and emotionally a bit fragile so she needs someone to protect her. If she was a strong woman and had total control, then this show wouldn’t even exist! It all hinges on Izumiko changing, learning about herself, and figuring out what this Himegami hullabaloo is all about.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Manatsu running away for a horse was kind of silly.

  5. joojoobees says:

    My new theory is that Miyuki will become the final boss. Izumiko will defeat him in an epic dance sequence and become romantically involved with Masumi or Manatsu.

    • Gecko says:

      I like the dance idea.

      Although for Izumiko’s sake, she should become romantically involved with Masumi, if it has to be one of those two.

    • Overcooled says:

      I think all finales should have dramatic dancing in them so I’m all for this!

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