Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 08


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With Kyousuke and Kuroneko promising to go on a date last episode, I think everyone expected date shenanigans this episode! But I’d imagine that the reality exceeded everyone’s expectations. So what happened? Read on and find out!


Romance Overload!

Handholding time

This was so authentic and so cute. Maybe my favorite part of the series.

D’awwww! That’s the biggest thing that probably came out of this episode. From Ruri’s new characterization of a risen fallen angel to her yukata, there was just cuteness galore. And this episode might have set a record for Kyousuke’s acceptability level. Truly, when he spends time with Kuroneko, he acts the most like a normal boy (that might be an interesting analysis for another time: the multiple characters of Kousaka Kyousuke, depending on which girl he’s interacting with).

Someone's got some ideas


We certainly did get a lot of time with those two together, and all of it pretty wonderful. A first date where Kuroneko opened up about the things she likes and a handholding encounter which was nicely done. A first invite to her house with an unplanned meeting with the younger Gokou sisters, Hinata and Tamaki (while “Ruri-nee” was in the bath, something that usually means exactly what Hinata wink-wink-nudge-nudge’d it to mean). And that she left the TV on that kiss scene and went to take a bath, so forward! She’d definitely planned it that way, tho. She also did well playing the cool girlfriend, and at the same time showed how much she values her friendship with Kirino. There was definitely some upset that Kirino didn’t come even say hi when she got home, and Kuroneko’s feelings that she would rather not come to the house as Kyousuke’s girlfriend if Kirino won’t continue to act as her friend was touching.

Grand Plans

What could this mean

What does this mean? 

We did see some glimpses into what Kuroneko’s grand plans are, tho. First was a drawing of Kyousuke and Kirino smiling at each other. Described as her “Ideal World” and the main goal she’s striving for, what does the picture mean? Kyousuke says that he’ll help her work towards it, even though he doesn’t quite understand it, because it looks like they’re both happy. And the rest of Kuroneko’s planning seemed to go very well, until the end of the episode.

Farewell Fireworks

The grand finale?

Break up with Kyousuke? Why!? Is that ideal world one where Kyousuke and Kirino are a couple? Or is it something else, something that would require risking ‘everything’ for? Being with Kyousuke definitely made her happy, and by the end she even did call him “Kyousuke” rather than “senpai”, so why break up now? I guess we’ll find out next week, but does anyone have any ideas?

Bonus Yukata Time

Yukata Time



Wonderful dating between Kuroneko and Kyousuke. The two of them really do make a great couple, with Kyousuke acting mature, thoughtful, and fun, while Kuroneko enjoys both the ability to get him to do what she wants without making him resent her (something that is present in all good relationships) and the time she spends with Kyousuke. So why do they have to break up? I’d love to just have the whole rest of the season be those two in love. But perhaps there are other girls to get to?


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11 Responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 08”

  1. Tofu says:

    I am one sad Tofu that the Kyousuke X Kuroneko ship will be ending… there’s no way Kirino will accept Kyousuke as a boyfriend or whatever beyond a brother! D: Forget Kirino! Enlope! Devleop your own anime series! Just the two of you! I WILL WATCH IT!!! I WILL BUY YOUR BLU-RAYS!!! T___T

  2. skylion says:

    “Well, that was awkward”
    -skylion, at the end of the episode.

    What is up with, “Bread up with Senpai”? Is it something going on in that partial chuuni brain of hers? Is this Kamineko’s true face? Or is this a test? A subtle way for Ruri to find out how he truly feels…

    No matter how she reaches the conclusion, I don’t approve.

    If her ideal world is the one where brother and sister fall in love and live happily ever after, then she should let them get on with it, if it’s possible. I can understand wanting to foster a better relation, but not at your expense. People have to adapt and change, and Kirino is no exception.

    Or is it a more selfish test? He’ll miss me more after I’ve broken up….who will he make the longest strides towards, his sister or Ruri.

    Ah, dem Gokou imouto! Bitch Onii-chan? I was nearly on the floor! Bonus, Hinata-chan and Ruri share the same voice actress. Kanazawa, and her self-verbal-repartee…

    • skylion says:

      Bread up with Senpai? Sounds…well, I don’t know what that sounds like…Senpan?

    • Highway says:

      Nice typo there. I could fix it, but not going to after you made a joke about it. 🙂

      Not to be all ‘The Great Mysterio’ or anything, but I think all will be revealed. I think it’s pretty obvious how much Ruri loves Kyousuke. And she’s not the type of person to just willingly give up on someone she loves that much so that he could just be with his sister. So I’m pretty sure her grand plan doesn’t involve just setting those two up to be happily ever after.

      I was dying at Hinata as well. “ehhh? Ehhhhh????” How old is she anyway? Actually, I guess 14 isn’t implausible, given that Ruri is about 16. And if Ruri was so willing to go for that with Kyousuke on their second ‘date’, I’m wondering if she even tried throughout the rest of their time dating…

      • skylion says:

        Hinata is still a young girl, no older than 10 or eleven at most. Having nearly raised nieces and my own vicious hell-spawn of remarkable brilliance, that sort of precocious attitude is all to present. Well, in my family perhaps, where myself, at least one niece, my own hell-spawn, my mother and quite possible one or both of my twin grand-nieces all share the sort of attitude on display in this episode. The Riley-Hatfield-Cupp Scots-Irish Steak of Devil May Care Attitude.

        We love to make people uncomfortable in ways they never knew they could be.

        The rest of the Destiny Book of Chuunibyou Kuroneko? One would shudder to think that she has pick out baby names at this point.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Okay, I’m confused. Did Kuroneko just go Chuunibyou’s Rikka or Haganai’s Kobato on us with those two color eyes?

    Though funny, sometimes I wonder what goes on in a Japanese household. What kind of upbringing are Kuroneko and her sisters getting if the younger ones use the word “Bitch” freely like that and talk to elder in a condescending fashion? It’s probably due to the parents mostly spending their time at work leaving the kids to “raise” themselves on whatever is in their reach.

    It’s offputting that after all that time together, she’s going to try and break up with him, moreover how depressed she looks when turning that page. I mean, they’re great side by side and Kirino shouldn’t be in the equation because she’s simply Kyousuke’s sister. Kuroneko shouldn’t have to sacrifice herself to let someone she loves go to another girl. That’s just wrong.

    • Highway says:

      As she says about the wings, the two eyes are symbolic of her having arisen from fallen angel status (where she has two red eyes). And neither the red nor gold is her natural eye color (purple), so she not only has red contacts, but also gold. Maybe this is the same kind of thing as Kyousuke offering to drop 180 bucks on a tablet for her.

      I would imagine that ‘bitch’ is just indicative of Kuroneko’s friendship with Kirino. I mean, Kirino always refers to people descriptively (“The dark one” and “the plain one” for Kuroneko and Manami, respectively). I’d imagine that to them, “bitch” is the same kind of mildly derogatory loan word. And I’d say that Hinata’s familiarity with Kyousuke is more of an effect of his going out with Ruri-nee than disrespect for an elder.

      And she does say that she is willing to risk everything for that outcome. What kind of everything is she risking, and what is the outcome, really? That’s the stuff that hasn’t been shown yet.

      • skylion says:

        Oh, those full wings were glorious! I almost regret seeing them go, but for the sake of that joke, the sacrifice was well worth it. That look on her face, as she tried to exit her house was priceless.

        That depth of character is why I sorta pissed at her right now.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, it’s been really difficult to not give up the game here. Kuroneko is really one of the shining stars of this whole show, and as such it’s hard to imagine her doing something so out there.

          Actually, the characters break down fairly evenly between wonderful people and not so good people. On the wonderful side, I’d put Kuroneko, Saori, Manami, Kyousuke’s mom, Kaede (the normal kid in the Games club), Kanata, and even Tamaki and Hinata. In the not so good side, there’s Kirino, Sena, Kanako, Gennosuke, and usually Ayase. I don’t really put Kyousuke on either side, because he’s so much just a reflection of who he’s dealing with at the moment.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    This episode was cute as hell especially with Kuroneko’s little sisters and the bit with her in Kyousuke’s bedroom? The reaction on Kirino’s face was hilarious!

    While that was fun I really reaaaaallyyyyy hate how Kuroneko is going to break up with Kyousuke is so freaking dumb! I predicted that at the very start of the episode and I will rage so hard if he does end up with his sister >.< WTF NO.

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