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…So the part with Ruka and Romio seems to have resolved itself relatively peacefully. Which is kind of sad since they’re my favourite Author and Instead couple thus far and I’d really like to see more of them. Oh well, on to more of Iwai and Kiri.

This episode was kind of a break from all of the action (which is probably for the best, since some really important things are coming up). We’ve already had the plot make Yamane look less like a psycho, so now it’s Houko’s turn. Well, her first impression wasn’t outstanding, but this episode pretty much told us that Houko is just your average teenage girl who has to deal with a lot of crap. With looking at her character in greather depth though, I think it’s safe to say that Houko doesn’t hate Yamane, it’s just awkward to be around her. I imagine Houko wouldn’t have felt guilty about leaving Yamane if she completely hated her. The two of them just live very… dramatic lives between Yamane occasionally freaking out and Houko needing to “die” all the time. The look into their relationship seems a bit weird coming now instead of back when Yamane’s character was more relevant.  But I guess at the same time, it does make sense coming out now since Yamane seems more like a reasonable human being.


I can’t think that Houko really hates Iwai either. She might have acted that way to distance herself since she had it in her head that Iwai was going to have to die some day for Yamane, but Houko even said this episode that she couldn’t stop caring about Iwai. So yeah, she’s not so much of a cold hearted bitch as much as she just tries to hide her feelings all the time. Will she attempt to kill Iwai in the future again? I think the chances of that lessened quite a bit this episode, but I imagine if Houko was driven far enough into a corner, she might. It would be hard on her though. Yay friendship. Iwai’s feelings about how she liked Houko and Yamane because they were the only people she had contact with felt like a really stereotypical heroine reaction to that scenario, but then again, pretty much all of Iwai’s reactions to things are stereotypical heroine actions. Plus the ending scene with the tears did manage to be touching.


Aaaand then we move on from Houko to Kiri. The fact that he was a complete creep to Kashiko was both a bit surprising and then, unsurprising. I would have thought that he had his hair cutting urges were more under control from the way he acted in the first episode. But then at the same time, he’s already proven his hair obsession to be a little over the top. I feel like Kashiko was officially friendzoned since Kiri specifically made a comment about never trying to creepily cut her hair again (and we all know cutting hair=life for Kiri) this episode, but at the same time, I don’t know if she’ll let it go that easily. I mean, why bring up their first meeting again if the plot isn’t going to go anywhere with it? Since Kashiko feels like Kiri is drifting away from her, then I can see her doing or agreeing to something drastic in order to join his little world or whatever.


Kaede continues to be a really odd character (especially for this show), in that he didn’t seem that involved with the party Gossip is throwing. Plus he was saying something about Kiri becoming like him, which leads me to believe that he has a lot more to do with Iwai’s family then just being a lolicon. Maybe he’s looking after Iwai because he had something to do with the other Hair Queens. …Or maybe something else happened between him an an Author, but still. It’s an interesting direction for his character and I’m glad they’re doing more with it rather than leaving him as the creepy guy who likes dramatic murder.

…I’m not sure if having Kiri and Iwai go visit the organization that’s trying to have Iwai killed is a good idea, but whatever. I guess it’s time to learn a bit more about Gossip. There are quite a few important things coming up (plus actual death!), so this was a nice break in between all of that. A nice thing about this series is that all of the characters (minus nameless sledgehammer guy) all have fairly interesting back stories and relationships between them. Hell, Iwai is starting to look a little bland now since as far as we know, she sat in a house her whole life until Kiri showed up (but hey, on the other hand, it makes her social naivety a bit more believable) . Kiri at least, is a bit more interesting with this new thing with Kashiko. I don’t know how important that particular flashback is since the translations stop shortly ever the next event, but I’m kind of wondering how many girls (or maybe guys) Kiri has accidentally creeped on because of their hair. Maybe Crime Edge has had more control over Kiri than the plot has let on.


Hey look, it’s everyone’s favourite dental abomination~


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11 Responses to “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    I think this party is going to be a disaster. They already forgot to thaw the hor’s d’ouvers….

    • Karakuri says:

      …Not sure if that’s a metaphor for something, but they’ll definitely need to call cleaners in afterwards for blood stains~.

      • BlackBriar says:

        You forgot to mention the therapists for the psychological break downs that have yet to take place.

  2. Highway says:

    I love how much this show has going on. And Houko’s pain and confusion at how to deal with Iwai was great. I think we needed Yamane’s transition from pure antagonist to Iwai to friend who puts aside her own needs to kill Iwai before we could get to Houko’s issues of guilt about how she’s treated Iwai. And it kind of seems like this will become a continuing theme, that Iwai will defang enemies as we go.

    Kashiko and Kiri’s relationship is weird. From their first meeting where he totally creeped her, but she didn’t get scared off, it set the basis for a weird crush. But perhaps that’s the only kind of crush someone who acts like Kashiko can have.

    • Sumairii says:

      I guess the moral of the story is that Kiri can be creepy and no one will mind?

      I do wonder what the deal is with Kashiko though. I keep thinking she might come into the game later on because of the OP, but there’s been practically no such indication so far. Maybe she is in possession of a Killing Good, but just hasn’t realized it yet?

      • Karakuri says:

        Well, Kashiko seems to show up with the blonde lady, so I’ve always assumed that the two are related somehow. …Though even I’m not entirely sure how exactly.

    • Karakuri says:

      I like the idea of Iwai making friends with all of the people trying to kill her. It certainly seems like a logical step for her character and I’d like to see the other characters when they’re not out to murder people.

      …I don’t even know what you’d call their relationship. Kashiko is a… tsundere? I don’t even know.

  3. Overcooled says:

    I like how Ruka is practically an M now instead of a hard S. That worked out nicely!

    I’m glad Houko and Yamane made up. I can see why Houko would avoid someone who killed her parents AND sticks needles in her constantly AND is a borderline serial killer. It’s kind of hard not to feel uncomfortable around someone like that – sister or not. Their circumstances are really different from Kiri’s and Iwai’s. I wonder if Kiri will ever start showing any murderous intent like Yamane did, or if Iwai is enough to satisfy him.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes! A great relationship~

      From the direction the manga is going, I assume Kiri will get worse (plus things are more interesting that way), but Iwai’s whole part of the plot is to humanize him, so at least he’ll have that to fall back on. I mean, she even makes his hair obsession slightly less creepy. She’s a pretty amazing plot device.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    It was a good idea to lay off the action for a while to explore Houko. At first, she was pretty much bitchy character who’d usually throw a trantrum over insignificant things so this shows that amongst everything, she’s just conflicted.

    I’d say she did hate Yamane immensely for a while. You’d have to be really cold if you didn’t feel something for the loss of people you care about but she was a kid and therefore, narrow minded and not that understanding but she as she grew up, she began to learn how to forgive.

    As for Iwai, the reason Houko had it in for her was most likely that she is the main reason for Yamane being close to a murderer because of her role as the Hair Queen in the game. If there was no Queen to begin with, there wouldn’t be a game and therefore no need for the Authors.

    The scene between Kiri and Kashiko was creepy. And Kiri was so out of it that I wouldn’t put it past him if her killed her there. My speculation is that it was a time before he realized his obsession.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yay conflict!

      Uhh, I can’t really believe that Houko hated Yamane, since her first reaction was to hug her (if I remember correctly) instead of slap her or anything. I bet she disliked Yamane before that, but I think the death of their parents was a turning point where Houko started putting blame on herself since Yamane might not have ended up like that if she had been paying attention.

      The point about Kiri is interesting. The latest chapter in the manga seems to be hinting that
      Show ▼

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