Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 02


Admittedly, Cecil is a much better name than ‘Blafluffy’/’Kuppuru’

…I tried to limit my use of the word ‘fabulous’ this episode as a self-challenge, but… Camus’ dramatic appearance made that really, really hard. That was like, Shining level ridiculousness.

So yeah! Aladdin Cecil is now officially part of the school. Not a clue how he went from being a cat to officially human, but whatever. …Or maybe he wasn’t Kuppuru to begin with (even though it clearly showed him turning from cat into a human…which was followed by random spinning). God, I don’t know what carried over from the game and what didn’t. Like Syo’s heart problem. That’s obviously not an issue in the anime, since he can climb a tree in 2 seconds flat, but it keeps throwing me off. Anyways, yeah, Cecil is prince of an eastern country and he obviously has an attitude problem due to a mix of bing overly self confident and a lack of common sense. Or at least he’s good at pushing the other guy’s buttons.


Oh no, he didn’t!

I can’t exactly blame them for being angry with Cecil since he came out of nowhere and got extremely close to Haruka. Plus he kind of undermined everything they stood for. But I guess he’s the whole reason why the guys are together, so they can’t exactly hate him. He’s certainly forward though towards Haruka. Maybe even more so than Ren at this point. Though Ren has kind of been in the background a lot this season. But really, joining the master class to be close to Haruka? Obviously he had no idea about the no romance rule (as proven later, when he appeared on Haruka’s balcony). Also, they carried over his kind of childishness, but I guess it still wasn’t as bad as it was in the original UtaPri game (…Cecil can be annoying at times). His insert song was nice though. It’s definitely not an ‘idol’ song (even Cecil admitted this himself), but it fits in with all of the other songs his character has.

…And then Cecil goes and proves that he’s a grade A stalker magical by reading all of the guys. Now, most of this he probably could have guessed from just watching them interact or if he was really stalking them, but I’m just going to assume that it’s magic due to the game. I guess this is just showing how insightful he is? Though it also served as a quick reminder as to what went down in the last season with all of the guys.


Actually, I didn’t mind him in here so much since the other character’s reactions to Cecil’s challenges and Haruka saying “lol, he gives me advice in dreams. I’m not crazy, I swear.” was pretty amusing. Maybe this wasn’t so good for Haruka since she pretty much admitted that it wasn’t exactly her  idea to get them all together to form STARISH (which may or may not have been a big blow to the guy’s egos, we’ll see). On the other hand though, she did stick up for Cecil, which is better than her sitting in the background and letting the situation sort itself out. Plus we got to hear some Sawashiro Karuta (kind of) reading.


Now for the senpai. …Camus is actually pretty hilarious. He’s just so… so… fabulous (even among the other characters) and it’s nice to see him knock Cecil down a few pegs. …While posing dramatically and sliding all over the floor. Which I thought was carpet (though it doesn’t really have texture, so it could be anything). However, apparently being an idol means you can do anything and screw physics. …I mean, just look at Shining. Anyways, I’m not entirely sure why Camus himself didn’t challenge Cecil, but oh well, we had a chance to see Syo climb trees and Masato put his calligraphy skills to the test. Hell, the other senpai actually weren’t that bad this episode either. Ranmaru was still his surly self, but it wasn’t overbearing or anything. If they can keep the senpai/kouhai angst to a minimum like this, that would be great. Yes, there was the issue with Cecil in this episode, but honestly, he needed Camus to teach him a lesson (which wasn’t even that harsh of a lesson). Meanwhile, Masato and Ren are seriously working towards their goals, so having Ranmaru belittle them at every opportunity would seem like unnecessary drama.

So there was drama, but it was lighthearted drama as opposed to the dark, angsty stuff that Debut threw at you at every possible opportunity (…I said I probably wouldn’t offer insight into the game, yet here I am). They’re even still continuing with the notion that everyone likes something more than Haruka’s music and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Of course, it seems as though there might be drama on the horizon since Haruka is expected to write a new song and she has to do it without the help of foreigners who visit her in her dreams. …Though you know, I don’t think she should have been so shocked when Shining told her that she needed to write one considering that it’s kind of sort of her job and she just wrote like, 6 the last episode (though to be fair, Shining asking anyone to do anything is intimidating). Well, at least she hasn’t forgotten how to play a music instrument yet or anything quite as pathetic as that. Things are going really well!



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7 Responses to “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – 02”

  1. Liza says:

    This episode was hilarious. I was surprised by how much I laughed when the guys were trying to get Haruka away from crazy-stalker Cecil. I was also not expecting Camus to be that….entertaining(also trying to reduce the use of fabulous XD). I also was not expecting his voice to be that deep. 0_0

    • Karakuri says:

      YES. Not all of them said a lot, but LOL those reactions. Damn, Camus is entertaining. I totally wasn’t expecting that either. I guess I was expecting the voice due to the short time I attempted the game, but I guess compared to the other senpai, it is a bit deep (minus Ranmaru)

  2. berrish17 says:

    It was so cute when Cecil fell in the water XD

    And, ur first picture at the top is exactly the one I paused during the anime and thought it was soooo cute.lol

    • Karakuri says:

      The chibi faces this anime does is adorable! …I was debating between this one and the one where the guys all have shocked expressions since Cecil was getting close to Haruka. Tokiya’s look of disbelief is hilarious.

  3. JapanInspired says:

    I laughed so hard when Starish attacked Cecil every time he aproached Haruka too close. “How dare you!? Haruka is ours!”
    And that Karuta game, Hahahaha.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha they all have to hold back, so Cecil has to too! xD This season has been great so far~

      • JapanInspired says:

        I hope so too, I kind of watch Utapri only because how funny it is, oh, well, and the characters. I hope the word “fabulous” is not banned here yet. Haha.
        I wonder, if they all attacked Cecil, do the guys realize that? I mean, do they even know that they all have feelings for her? Even if they didn’t know that about themselves, their body’s still moved on their own.
        And I hope no more “choose me! choose me!” from the romantic side happens. Haha, I think that would be crazy.

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