Magi – 25 [END]


An (extremely) late Magi’s last episode post

I Have nothing to say about the lateness of my post. I am truly truly sorry about this. I really am. I have been so buy with college, club, and work that I have very little time for anime now, especially these past two weeks are actually midterm weeks. I’m so sorry. Oh well, better late than nothing, right? Teheh *peace*


Unbreakable Bonds // The last episode managed to show the bromance deep bond Aladdin and Alibaba share. While I’m not in favor of the whole “Dark King” concept the anime adapted, I think it was a great bridge to show the deep friendship between Alibaba and Aladdin. Can it even be called a friendship now? Their fates are literally entwined to each other, making them more than just friends. They’ve went through numerous journeys together and literally know every single thing about each other, including each other’s pasts now. To make it even more gay-er, it’s amazing how both of them changed each other lives and perspectives, turning each other into better persons. Imagine Alibaba who did not meet Aladdin and Aladdin who did not meet Alibaba. Heck, can it even be imagined? Because I can’t. I don’t think both of them would make it this far if it weren’t for each other. Yep, Aladdin and Alibaba are really fated to be with each other in a non-romantic way.


I also loved how Cassim played a minor role at pulling Alibaba from the darkness. Despite of his death and past life that cannot be boasted about, especially when it comes to his relation with Alibaba, Cassim is still there for him even after his death. Only one word can describe Cassim’s dedication to Alibaba, and right now, I still can’t find that one word because nothing can describe the greatness of Cassim’s dedication to him. To have a best friend, who’s still there for him even though the best friend is dead already, Alibaba is truly a lucky man.


Fate // Every concept in Magi literally revolves on this one word. This episode finally managed to resolve the question that has been eating my heart since episode one. The concept of fate is something vague in this anime, because it can be described in a positive and negative way. In a positive way, fate is something that makes the world works like how it is now. It pushes the world to revolve while making the world balanced at the same time, giving everybody the best choices in their lives. However, Ithnan is right about the bad side of “fate” in Magi. What if the fate of the person is just death? What if the fate of the country is meant to be destroyed? Unfortunately, fate stays as an ambiguous concept even at the last episode. However, one thing is for sure about it: it is something that makes the world how it is now, and it is something that will always strive for the best solution for the good of this world. At least, that is what Aladdin said about fate.


Alma Toran // Now we get to know more about Aladdin’s past. After twenty-five episodes, thank god. Well, it’s not really about Aladdin’s past, since the whole thing is just about Ithnan reminiscing about the world of Alma Toran (though it’s been hinted that Aladdin is involved in that world too somehow). Basically, before this world, there was this perfect united world under King Solomon. Everything was all good, until one annoying emo Magi decided to revolt with his minions. In that world, everything was destroyed, and the world became dead. Such tragedy! Though there’s nothing much except the basic of Alma Toran has been revealed, now it’s clear what Aladdin’s mission is: to prevent the same thing happening in the current world. With such powerful enemies such as The Organization and the political conflicts that are about to happen in his current world, I hope Aladdin has enough power to make everything balanced again.


Sinbad // Ah, now the true nature of Sinbad has been revealed. He is not just a mere Magoi user who became king, he’s a Half-Deprived Magoi user. Before going further, deprivation is the concept where a person has fallen completely to the black rukh. Yep, Sinbad is basically halfway into deprivation. He’s immune to curses because he’s already cursed even though it’s just halfway. The question is, how and why? However, all my suspicions about Sinbad is clear now. He’s not as innocent and as nice as Alibaba thinks he is. He has something big in his mind, and he’s willing to do anything to achieve it, even if it means that he has to manipulate those who love him.


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Despite of the worrying episode before the finale, the finale turned out to be alright. At least, the studio managed to shove everything that was skipped in this last episode, making the anime consistent with the manga. To make it even better, everything flowed so smoothly in this last episode despite of its original concept and story-telling. Feck, I hate how good the last episode turned out to be even though its concept is original. Anyhow, the anime is finally on track with the manga, so I guess everything is all good.

The only thing I don’t like about Magi is how inconsistent the animation was at times. Heck, it was at its worst after the Cassim Arc, and everything became unrecognizable many times from then on. The sucky thing is that the animation did not improve at all except in this last episode. Even in Zagan’s Arc, I saw some animation faults that made me squirm. It was just… Bad. I really wish that the animation could be better. As for the rest, I think it’s all good. Actually, the music was a little bit… Meh, the music is fine too, even though some of the BGM were used at the wrong time of the anime, and that really affected the episode as a whole (remember that dull fight between Alibaba and Cassim thanks to the crappy BGM?).

Overall, Magi has been an entertaining ride for me. It has its ups and down, but it’s definitely in my good side of my list. The concept in Magi is something that I was able to attract myself with, as I was (and still am) fascinated with the world of Magi. The characters were pretty well-developed too (don’t make me remember how Alibaba went back to square one in the last few episodes), and the story was able to stay consistent with its magical world and terms. The story was definitely smooth. The seiyuu also did a good job at voicing the characters, as the characters’ personalities were able to be seen clearly just by the voices alone. Magi was good. Now I can’t wait for the second season and explore Magi‘s world as soon as possible.




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6 Responses to “Magi – 25 [END]”

  1. Liza says:

    I agree with how this episode managed to wrap everything together and make it all set for season 2. Did I like the Dark Knight concept? Not really since I feel like that sort of thing is done over and over but at the same I felt like it worked pretty well. ^_^

    Also really excited for the Magnostadt arc. That will be awesome. 😀

    • BlackBriar says:

      I heard the second season starts in Fall 2013. Exactly a year after this one began. You got to give the studio credit for being consistant.

  2. Krono says:

    Overall I did like how they wrapped up the season. The only 2 things I did not like about it were Hakuryuu (I think that might be spelled right) some how convincing Zagan, who is supposed to dislike humans, to partner up and Cassim leaving Alibaba at the end. My real problem is with the latter though. I think that was a blunder on their part because Cassim still plays a role with being inside Alibaba later on.

    Either way it was a good end to the season.

    • Kyokai says:

      This what happens when they squeeze too many manga chapters in one episode.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Yay another season of Magi in the future! Woooooooooo! Hooooooooo!

    I finally caught up with the manga and I can’t freaking wait to see what makes it in the anime version and what doesn’t I know they changed and edited things in the anime to speed things up, but yeah IMO the manga > anime and usually that is how things go for the most part xD

    Alibaba was annoying at times because I swear he spent most of the time complaining, but I really hope he grows into a better character xD

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I had some worries about how things would wrap up in one episode given that so much was going on and actually, I accepted that it all mulled over so quickly like Alibaba changing back and Sindria winning the battle.

    Now that Zagan is under Hakuryuu’s control and the dungeon cleared, I wonder if Dunya is going to join the group seeing that she appears to still be alive. As much I don’t have a problem with the guys, I want to see another female than just Morgiana. Given that she’s had a similar tragic past, Dunya could prove to be an interesting character.

    The highlight is Sinbad running on both Light and Dark power. It would be next to impossible to beat someone who’s actually gained power from both sides and he looked like Broly in that form. If he’s half fallen from grace, wouldn’t that mean his mind is split in two and one is trying to dominate the other? It would probably be a strain to maintain both of them.

    I’m really eager to see the second season. Too bad we have to wait until Fall.

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