First Impressions – Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Z

Say that this is the best anime of this season, or else Akutabe will give you hell

AZAZEL-SAN IS BACK YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH asdfghjkl No words can describe the happiness I’m feeling right now because aaaaaaaaasdfghjkl I love this anime so muuucchh and I’m happy that the second season is airing right now.


Here’s a quick summary about Azazel-san. It all started when a girl named Rinko applied for a secretary in Akutabe’s office and got accepted. The problem is, Akutabe calls demons and, er, “makes” contracts with them so that these demons can do his work. Akutabe saw potential in Rinko, so he hired her. This was the start of Rinko’s adventurous days with Akutabe and his demons, especially a certain demon that always gets into Akutabe’s and Sakuma’s nerves called Azazel!


Not-So-Demonic-Demons // The highlight of Azazel-san is probably the irony of the demons. They are so powerful, especially when they are in Hell, but then they all turn weak when it comes to Akutabe (and now Rinko also). To make it even worse (or better?), these scary yet good-looking demons turn into crappy animals that can’t even do jack shit, thanks to Akutabe’s powerful barrier. So yeah, basically, these demons are pretty much useless and stupid when they’re not in their demonic form. Except, of course, when they’re using their demon powers, but it seems that those powers don’t even work on Akutabe. That what makes this anime hilarious though.


Akutabe’s Secret // Season two starts with the re-introduction of the characters along with some new characters that pop out of nowhere (it seems that the anime skipped some arcs?). There is also the Second Moloch who wants to kill the “source” of his brother’s “disgrace.” Thanks to Second Moloch though, finally more about Akutabe is revealed. It seems that he has some kind of great power that is well-known by many demons. From Second Moloch’s reaction, Akutabe’s true identity is an influential person in Hell? Though it’s not revealed yet, I’m sure as hell that Akutabe’s true identity is something that is feared in Hell. Now here are the questions: why is he in the human world? Why is he taking Rinko as his student? More about Akutabe is revealed, but it seems that his character is getting more and more mysterious. That his appeal though. And that sadistic personality of his, mijn god <3



Sakuma Rinko // She’s the protagonist of this anime. Well, not really a protagonist, but everything seems to revolve mostly around her. She’s the straight man in the anime, and she tends to get into trouble with the demons. However, she’s also cunning and happens to be an opportunist also (can definitely be seen in season 1), and it seems that this evil side of her is starting to develop all thanks to Akutabe’s influence. It seems that Akutabe’s sadistic personality has spread over to Rinko as well. Despite of her stupid (and starting to be sadistic now) personality, it seems that Rinko is pretty powerful, and this can be seen with the fact that Akutabe chose her as his apprentice. The question is, for what is Akutabe training her for?

Akutabe // The god of this anime. I hope I gave enough hints that Akutabe is an extremely powerful character that happens to own more than half of the demons residing in this city. He’s also super-sadistic, and this can definitely be seen from how he tortures his demons to the point where the demons can explode and literally have their guts spew out from their bodies. It seems that he has a soft spot for Rinko though, and this can be seen from how he tried to get her back when she “resigned” in season one. Or maybe that’s just my imagination. Anyway, he’s the most mysterious character in this show, but he’s the reason why this anime exists. He is the demon contractor anyway, and without him, the demons especially Azazel won’t be in Japan.

Azazel, Beelzebub, & Other Demons // The demons Akutabe calls to be his slaves. Some of them are also Rinko’s, mostly the major demons that appear in most of the episodes. There are some minor demons that are under contracts of other minor characters, such as the Raccoon that was called by the hentai school girl. These demons are the ones that give color to this anime, but not the usual kind of color. Most of the colors are full of disgusting dirty jokes and bloody guts or blood spilling everywhere in the Akutabe’s office. But oh well, that is what makes these demons so special and lovely… To be laughed at.

Akutabe’s Greatness

Show ▼

Those who have watched this anime will definitely know why I love it. It is the right kind of anime for me. I am tolerant and pretty sympathetic  but deep down I have a personality where I would laugh at some of the most sadistic scenes in movies. I laugh at guts spilling out from a person’s body. I laugh when a character in a movie screams in pain. Damn, the scream feels like music to me. I would laugh the hardest at some of the dirtiest jokes that ever exist in this world to the point where they can be called sexual harassment. Now, for those who love these kind of things and have an open-mind when it comes to humor, they should definitely watch Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san.

Now this is what I love about Azazel-san. The author tries to be different by creating a work that crosses the line many mangaka do not cross. Azazel-san has extreme graphics, jokes, sexual humors, everything is in here. Goodness? No way, fuck that. There is no such thing as goodness in this anime. This anime purely focuses on the evil aspect of mankind that would do everything just for their own sake. This aspect of Azazel-san is what makes me love it. Among all of these anime and manga where they would have things such as “mankind is good” or “everything is for the sake of humanity” or maybe even “the most evil characters have good hearts,” Azazel-san is definitely a new breeze for me. I love this anime the way it is, and I’m going to watch it all the way until its end.

Preview: Hemorrhoid?



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15 Responses to “First Impressions – Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Z”

  1. Muir says:

    Ahahah! Azazel~ I havne’t seen the second ep yet though, I should get around to it.

    oAo Anaaga I didn’t know you were so sadistic, I though OC was the queen of sadism! Dirty jokes? Hurhur I prefer Seitokai Yakuindomo for dirty jokes~

    • anaaga says:

      Haha, I’m actually pretty sadistic when it comes to human anatomy and mental torture, but I just don’t show it because I let my yaoi side dominate me

  2. Novashade says:

    Man.. Been waiting for this piece of shit jewl filled awesomeness… The first season got me laughing hard.. And I love the sadistic Akutabe and his protege Rinko-san..

    • anaaga says:

      And it seems that Rinko is following Akutab’e footsteps too. Loving the inherited sadism in the office

  3. Karakuri says:

    Azazel-san. The only place I can sit and hear Kamiyan rave about shit <3 Ah, I've missed Akutabe's sadism.

    Also, I want you all to suffer as I have.

  4. Liza says:

    Yay Azazel’s back! 😀 Been waiting a long time for this. I like how they jumped right into the “action” immediately. And Azazel being blown up…lolllllllllll

    • anaaga says:

      I think Azazel will always be the one that gets blown up the most. That’s what happened if one becomes the main demon of Akutabe’s hehe

  5. Cybersteel says:

    Who’s scarier? Akutabe or Oga?

    • anaaga says:

      Definitely Akutabe because he has no heart whatsoever that defines him as a human being. That’s what makes him cool, of course

  6. skylion says:

    Holy Shit, I loved the absolute love of raunch this show puts out. Never mind thar briddle lads, just let this hos run the fields….

    • anaaga says:

      I love how all the humans except Rinko and Akutabe with some minor characters are fugly as hell. This show really takes insulting, sadism, and other negative things into a whole new level

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