First Impressions – Red Data Girl

Miyuki is giving Izumiko some hardcore stink-eye right there

Spring is here! Sure, it’s still below freezing outside, but I’m wrapped in a giant blanket with the thermostat cranked up so it’s almost like a sunny day. Almost. Anyways, even if the weather isn’t exactly obeying the season, at least we can always count on new anime coming out around this time of the year. One of the first shows up for watching is RDG; a lovely scenery porn show about a cute girl with glasses. Let’s do it, Kara!
….Yeah, I don’t know where the spring weather is either. Here it was 22 degrees one day and then -8 the other (…Celsius, obviously). But in any case, at least the anime schedule is following the season appropriately. Yayyy scenery porn!!

A Walking Disaster

Red Data Girl 004

Pssst, I’m gonna be reading NC-17 yaoi doujins, make sure the teacher isn’t behind me.

Overcooled // One thing that really stands out about RDG’s premise is Izumiko’s ability to destroy electronics. Considering that everything else seems to revolve around Gods, monks, and shrines, it’s weird that this is included. It just doesn’t seem to fit. I’m assuming that this is a manifestation of her powers as the so-called Himegami, but that’s a really specific power for a God to have. Other than frying cellphones and computers, she doesn’t seem to show any other impressive abilities. It’s interesting that out of everything they could have chosen, they decided to have Izumiko’s power be the destruction of electronic devices via touch. Will she develop more abilities later? Will this inability to interact with electronics continue into the story, or be abandoned later in favour of exploring the origins of her divinity? I really hope they keep it in, because it adds a bit of seasoning to the main dish.

Izumiko usually just straight out crashes every electronic device she touches. However, after cutting her bangs, that power changes slightly. I’m glad they explained at least that much in the first episode, but it was starting to get ridiculous how much everyone was harping on about her hair. All she did was cut her bangs. Her style, colour, and overall length remained exactly the same. Before they explained why, I was confused at all the focus on a few inches of bangs. If she had hacked it all off and dyed it pink and cyan then maybe I’d see a reason for dedicating so much screen time talking about it. In the end, it seems like this is the source of her spiritual power. Now that she cut it, she doesn’t just shut down electronics, but she can…do weird-ass things to them.

Red Data Girl 006Red Data Girl 005

Ugh, who forgot to fix the plumbing?

The extent of her abilities are still quite unknown, but she apparently has the power to hi-jack computers and forcefully Skype with them whether they like it or not. Creepy, no? Furthermore, she sees the room being filled with water as she unwittingly uses the powers of Skype for evil. It seems like characters with social anxiety drowning with water has been a recent trend, with Tsuritama being the most recent example in memory. Unfortunately, the scene doesn’t have the same effect in RDG because there’s no metaphor at all. Why is she underwater? I dunno, but someone thought it looked cool, said “screw it,” and decided to throw it in for funsies. It is cool, but it’s also rather frivolous. I wonder if this will happen every time she accidentally activates this power, or if that was a one-time thing.

The Bullied Goddess

Red Data Girl 003

Noooo, why am I always left alone with basketball-kun? ;_;

Karakuri // So obviously, Izumiko is a very important character. She has some kind of god-powers because… well, just because. They haven’t gone quite into that yet, but she’s obviously special judging from the fact that she has her own (asshat of a) bishie servant and that she gets helicopter privileges (which you have to assume that she’s used to since she didn’t even blink when getting into it). I’m just waiting patiently for the whole story behind her godliness to come to light since they’ve put so much emphasis on the fact that she’s special.

…Not that you can tell from the way people treat her at school. To be fair though, Izumiko is painful to watch since she’s so shy and sheltered. I wonder if this is because she’s had special treatment over the course of her life? I don’t know. She definitely had the same demeanour in her childhood though judging from that flashback with Miyuki. I don’t even know if we can blame him for her actions now since it kind of looked like she was like that even before he was such a huge jerk to her. I just know that for now, she’s a ridiculously easy target for pretty much everyone and she isn’t exactly interesting at the moment since all she seems to do is sit there in her social anxiety. It’s obvious that she wants to change (and I’m looking forward to seeing her do so), but for now it’s hard to watch. Or maybe they’ll tie this in somehow with having to do with her god powers. It would probably be more interesting that way as opposed to saying “she’s shy just because”. Really, I’d be happy if they gave us any kind of justification.

Red Data Girl 001Red Data Girl 011


Final Thoughts

I’d say that was a pretty good showing for a first episode. There are some high points and some low points, but nothing that’s enough to scare me off for the long run. Although we don’t get a lot of explanations, we do get to see the beginning of several really interesting aspects to the story. There’s plenty to latch onto. The God thing, Izumiko having a temperamental “Servant,” the potential romance, and Izumiko messing around with machines against her will. There’s a ton of directions RDG can go in with all this material, and I’m excited to see what happens.

Now, although the story is promising (especially since it’s from an actual novel) I’m not so starry-eyed over the characters. Izumiko is an okay lead character, playing the textbook role of the painfully shy and sheltered girl. I’d love to see her break out of that and become less of a doormat, and I think that could be very satisfying given how meek she is at the moment. Miyuki is very hard to like, on the other hand. I would be pissed too if I was forced to serve someone I had only played with a few times when I was 5 years old, but his behaviour is uncalled for. He’s a complete douche to Izumiko despite not even knowing her personally. It makes me mad that he lectures her, yet he’s ignorant enough to judge her before even having a decent conversation with her. I really hope these two don’t warm up and become a couple because woooowwww what a jerk. I hope over time these two go through lots of character development so that they become likeable human beings.

So far, the best character is Wamiya. First of all, he may or may not secretly be a raven (based on the OP). Second of all, he totally complimented Izumiko because they have the exact same bangs. That’s like saying “nice shows” to someone with the same kind as you in another colour. What a guy. Gotta love Wamiya!

If anything, the pacing for this first episode kind of reminds me of Hanasaku Iroha. No, the two shows don’t really having anything in common plot-wise, but the first episode of HanaIro was SO SLOW. But then, the plot opened up and eventually, the slow first episode became an extremely important point in the series that you couldn’t realize until later. I hope that RDG will be like that too. I mean, obviously Izumiko cutting her hair is a bigger deal than you’d originally think judging from everyone’s reactions, but maybe it will be even bigger when we get to the end of the series and look back.

As for the characters, I have to agree with OC over the fact that none of them wow’d me. I’m sure I’ll learn to live with them with time, but for now, I’m not that impressed. Being shy can be a cute factor, but with Izumiko, it’s just hard to watch. Being an asshat can be an okay thing too, but with Miyuki, I just want to slap him. I guess what’s annoying me the most is that with the two conflicting personality types, the plot doesn’t look like it’s going to go anywhere. Nobody is really driving this thing forward. Of course, that’s obviously going to change since I’m pretty damn sure that Miyuki and Izumiko are going to become a couple, but I absolutely cannot fathom how they’re going to accomplish that. I like the sounds of the plot, but the characters… Well, we’ll see.

…At least we have the P.A. Works animation to drool at. That scene with the water seemed odd, but damn did it look cool. The backgrounds were also really, really nice to look at. This is the plus to animating something based in some obscure place mountains as opposed to a city.

Red Data Girl 008

seeya next week lol k bye *helicoptors away*


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23 Responses to “First Impressions – Red Data Girl”

  1. Muir says:

    I feel like Izumiko’s “Himegami” status is similar to Sasami’s in [email protected] She seems to be the all powerful overlord goddess.

    Wamiya best character. Oh gosh, that kid just makes me smile XD Raven, Raven…depending on where this show is leaning towards…possible Yatagarasu? But, that’s quite a dodgy guess since it’s only the first episode.

    I guess the story is doing a good job? Miyuki at the moment is a bit of an antagonist, and he’s a dick so I’m pretty sure everyone hates him, which means they did a good job of portraying how much of a jerk he is. And Izumiko, I agree, definitely hard to watch =_= She’s too shy and helpless, I almost want to agree with some stuff Miyuki says.

    • akagami says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Miyuki is totally justified? I would probably be the same if I was in his shoes and dragged to some backwater rural town. I’m a big-city boy through and through and couldn’t even imagine how it would be to be in a small town. Don’t even want to tbh, just don’t see the appeal personally.

      Wamiya reminds me of Noumi Seiji. And then I want to start raging…

      • Overcooled says:

        @Muir: Ohhh, you’re right, maybe Izumiko won’t be the only God in the show! That could be interesting.

        @akagami: I don’t think he’s totally justified. His position really sucks since he was essentially forced into looking after a complete stranger for the rest of his life. His dad beats him up when he disobeys too, so I understand why he’d be mad at his dad and generally a bit snippy to people. Likewise, I understand how he’d try to find any teeny tiny loophole to slip through so he could get out of this situation. His behaviour to Izumiko though? Not cool. It is not okay to vent out your frustration on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Izumiko never asked for this either, and the least he could do is be nice. Heck, they could even collaborate to find a way to get him out of this mess. Just because you had a rough time doesn’t give you the right to make someone else miserable.

        • akagami says:

          Well I agree the bullying was unjustified. Guys don’t bully girls! That’s just not cool.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Ha! At least it’s still a little cool for you two. I’m all the way out in the West Indies and things are just going to get hotter from here on out.

    Looks like we have another hair themed anime other than Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. The genius is in the surprise that Izumiko’s powers are balanced by hair length though the constant mentions of it being cut was starting to be a little too much. It kind of makes you wonder how much worse it would have gotten if she cut her pig tails. Since she’s a shrine maiden and her family follows old traditions, one could say her powers have an adverse effect on all modern creations.

    As for Izumiko’s personality, it’s a bit annoying but expected. She’s the textbook example of someone who’s isolated from the world so she has few social skills. Once she ventures outside more often, she’ll develop. Same can be said for Sasami from [email protected] It was all for the sake of a life of Shintoism they’ve been placed into.

    First encounter and that soon-to-be servant’s attitude has rubbed me the wrong way. He acts like a bastard and feels his side is completely justified. He’s too much of an ass for me to think he and Izumiko can ever get along and childhood picking isn’t doing good for his defense.

    • Highway says:

      I think there’s some justification there for Miyuki. Here’s a 14 or 15 year old kid, who’s being told by his dad that his purpose in life is to serve this mousy quiet girl who can’t seem to do anything for herself. And if he doesn’t want to do it… he gets the crap beaten out of him by his dad. How could anyone at that age be happy with that?

      • joojoobees says:

        Yeah, on a personal level, I can’t condone beating a kid into submission and then making him say he “fell down”, even if he was acting like an ass. If anything, Miyuki’s character is well explained by the behavior of his dad.

  3. Highway says:

    I was reminded a lot of Hanasku Iroha as well. And generally I really enjoy the pacing of PA Works’ series (Tari Tari is the other I’ve seen, haven’t seen True Tears yet). I was so glad I waited for the HD airing, it looked just as good as I’d hoped. And while te story didn’t move very far in this first episode, it feels like it built a lot of potential.

    It also felt like it had the right kind of desperation. Izumiko wants desperately to not be the way she is, even to make some of her own decisions, and ironically, she’s changing who she is by NOT leaving the town she’s lived in all her life. I thought that was a really interesting twist. Miyuki wants desperately to break out of this life he feels he’s being railroaded into. I’m really excited to see where it goes.

    And I gotta say that Izumiko with her elephant mug and mules and sweats and housecoat was just a great look. I felt it really captured this innocent girl who is trying to be herself, and is surrounded by all of this other stuff, and she’s just small and wrapped up inside it. The little girl who’s still trying to grow up.

    • akagami says:

      True Tears was an excellent romance. Personally I found Tari Tari to be average, it kind of floundered near the end for me (though Sawa was great and very fashionable ^^ ).

      Would also recommend Angel Beats if you haven’t seen it.

      • Gecko says:

        I’m seconding that Angel Beats rec. Only time I’ve cried for an anime.

    • Overcooled says:

      I like that desperation too. She doesn’t want to be a poor, sheltered girl who shies away at social contact but she has no idea how to even begin changing that. All she can think of is…cutting her hair. Poor thing. It is kinda ironic that her first step to speaking her mind is asking to remain where she is instead of going to Tokyo. Miyuki is more of a man of action, so maybe Izumiko will learn something from him.

      …I really liked her loungewear too. So cute! It made her look like a tiny little girl.

  4. skylion says:

    Damn, that shrine has some power to command the lives of it’s people that well.

  5. Amutofan123 says:

    I am Izumiko. Izumiko is me. Painfully shy and breaks every electronic she touches. She might me annoying or boring to some, but I can’t help but like her because of how much I can relate to her. I’m looking forward to watching her break out of her shell.

    Oh god, Miyuki though. What an asshole. He was cruel toward Izumiko. His feelings about being her servant were understandable, but that doesn’t justify his actions toward her. Then they had to go and show that scene from when they were little and it made me rage so. Freaking. Hard. That had absolutely no excuse whatsoever. However, he does get better in the next few episodes, so I’m not quite as pissed at him now as I was in this episode.

    But yeah, I like RDG. The plot has me intrigued, it’s pretty to look at, and I can relate to the main character a lot. The start is kind of slow, but I don’t really mind. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    • Overcooled says:

      Aww, cute. I always get more emotionally invested in characters when they remind me of myself or someone I know. All the better for your enjoyment of RDG!

      I agree that Miyuki is in a crappy situation, but shouldn’t displace his anger on her. I can’t believe he was a bully even when he was 5. I’m assuming later they’ll try to explain his fits of rage with a tragic backstory, but that still doesn’t fully excuse him from tormenting Izumiko :/

  6. akagami says:

    Yayy, PA Works is back!

    Not bad, pretty interested so far. At the beginning when she grabbed the scissors, I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! щ(゚Д゚щ)

    Long hair = win. And don’t like the fugly glasses.

  7. Liza says:

    I personally really do like Izumo. I guess since I’m also pretty shy(although not to her extent) I can relate to how hard it can be to change and such.

    The one weird thing I found was Miyuki’s attitude change to her from the first to second episode. It was like, he hated her in the fist one and then was alright with her in the second. I wished they showed more of a transition between the two phases instead of sudden, “I AM A-OKAY WITH YOU NOW.”

  8. Gecko says:

    I can relate to Izumiko but I’ve changed. I’m hoping she will do the same. It seems like she wants to, and that’s better than a lot of textbook shy characters.

    As for the water scene, I thought it was cool although somewhat random. And then I thought about it and hey, water would totally ruin a room full of computers. It works. It gives a “distant from the others” feeling to it since it’s harder to hear stuff underwater (I think.) I also figure she breaks computers because she is the Himegami, which is really old and traditional, and computers are new and so the Himegami wouldn’t know how to deal with that, ect. and so the computers break because they can’t hold up to the divinity. Or something like that. Sounded better in my head, of course.

    I found the hospital tests to be even more random, considering she could have totally broken those fancy helmets and the MRI machine. That worried me.

    But hey, this could be good. I just hope Izomiko breaks out of her shell. Otherwise this will be terrible.

    • Karakuri says:

      I think it’s a given that Izumiko will change eventually. She definitely wants to change as a person so it would be silly if her main goal from the first episode is ignored.

  9. D-LaN says:

    Never be4 have a show makes me hate TWO characters just by its 1st ep…… (Yes its you, Yukimasa and Miyuki)

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