Fairy Tail Series Review


Wanna join my guild?!

If you have been following the world of Shounen manga and anime you might have heard the news that Fairy Tail recently wrapped up after 175 episodes, but if you compared it to Bleach, Naruto or even One Piece it seems like a smaller episode count; however I can bet money that Fairy Tail will return one day! Until then you can join me and Kara for a short series breakdown.
So like Fosh said, we’re talking a look at the FT series and hopefully brainwashing convincing you to take a look at it. 175 episodes is daunting, but hey, you could be looking at 500+ like One Piece. Anyways, Fosh and I are here to explain why this series is so awesome, so let’s go~!

The magical world of arcs!


If you follow any long running manga or anime series you are bound to find arcs all over the place and Fairy Tail falls into the same set up sporting roughly fifteen different arcs ranging in the episode range of three episodes or twenty seven for each arc and yeah I know that sounds really insane given the episode count! Since there are so many arcs it is practically impossible to mention all of them, but we have decided to talk about a few of our favorite Fairy Tail arcs! Just click the spoiler to read more because there are spoilers ahead.

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Magically delicious shipping


Genderbent characters! Lucy, Gray and Natsu~

 So you have a taste of a few arcs found in Fairy Tail! So what else can you find in this series? For starters the shipping found in this series is insane because there are so many damn characters to choose from, but we will stick with the Fairy Tail guild. I guess we should get the big one out of the way with a debatable couple of Natsu and Lucy! Since they are both main characters I guess this one gets a lot of hate because early on in the series we learned Natsu and Lisanna as children were really close; however again that is up for debate. Next up my favorite with Grey and Juvia even though that shipping is more one sided? I know Juvia has a crush on Grey, but he is kind of dense about her feelings! Third I would go with the rough and tough Gajeel and Shy Levy! These two are adorable together because Levy is this tiny girl and Gajeel is a brute character and most of the time they end up saving each other through several arcs.

 …Like I said before, I like shipping characters. So while nothing is really confirmed in Fairy Tail (yet) official-couple-wise, some set ups are easier to spot than others. …Like Gajeel and Levy. Or Erza and Jellal (if he ever mans up). Or even Evergreen and Elfman kind of continued into the Tournament Arc. I’m not so sure about Juvia and Gray since that all seems kind of one sided, but as for Natsu, there’s the possibility for either Lucy or Lisanna (like Fosh said above). Lucy has multiple ships too I guess with her and Natsu or Loke. I look forward to when Hiro Mashima finally confirms these things or not, but until then, It’s fun to fangirl about them.

Kick ass fighting!


 One thing Fairy Tail does really well is that it gives each character their own moments in battle. Obviously Erza, Natsu and Gray kick ass 24/7/365 and they usually are the ones fighting the main villain of whatever arc they’re in, but pretty much everyone in Fairy Tail can hold their own. Even the healing loli character, Wendy has her moments and the same goes for side characters you barely hear about, like Cana. Lucy has some pretty good parts in some battles too, though she normally gets pretty beat up in the process. Though, there are a few members who don’t get much screen time other than being comic relief side characters who only do things occasionally, but overall, Fairy Tail is pretty good at spreading the badass scenes pretty evenly so we’re not just watching Natsu beat absolutely everyone all the time.

Fanservice in my Shounen?!


 While this series is known for magic and fighting you would be surprised to find out that there is a lot of random fanservice, but most of that service is provided by the busty blonde character named Lucy who often wears all kinds of flashy looking outfits in every damn arc! Then again, is that really a bad thing? Not really and Lucy isn’t the only service character we have Cana, Mirajane, Lisanna, Ezra, Juvia, and no there is no service shots of the only loli character Wendy. So where can you see the most Fairy Tail service without seeing the entire series? I would say the OVAs series because they have beach, hot springs and they even pushed a high school setting?! Not to mention Ezra walks around in nothing but a towel in a few arcs along with Lucy again…so yeah if you like a little service in your Shounen fighting anime or manga then this series is for you!



Yasuharu Takanashi is easily one of my most favorite music producers in anime today and I love just about everything this guy produces all the way from, Fresh PreCure, Heartcatch PreCure, Suite PreCure, Smile PreCure, all the Precure All Stars movies, Shiki, Carnival phantasm, Naruto Shippuden and now he is working on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge for the spring season; however it is his work on Fairy Tail that originally got me hooked on all his music especially when he includes violins with the addition of rock guitar. I swear during the fight scenes of anything from PreCure or Fairy Tail his music pulls you into the action and for that I will love his music forever.

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Again, why this series is awesome


So have we convinced you yet? Well, I guess we just highlighted a few things we liked about the series, but as for the things we didn’t mention, those are great too. Fairy Tail is a great mix of comedy, action and there’s even a bit of drama in there occasionally. Plus there’s plenty of characters so chances are that you’ll find yourself liking one of them. The plot is pretty interesting as well. The arcs are kind of character based I guess since pretty much every arc, you find out something you didn’t know about one of the characters and yet, it’s all held together by the concept of dark mages, Fairy Tail as a guild family of sorts and dragons disappearing from the world 7 years ago. …Admittedly though, the filler that it had was extremely frustrating. I can see why they’re taking a break since they’ve now caught up with the manga. …I don’t think I could have stood another filler arc. So hopefully you give it a try, since it’s a really fun series.


More Fairy Tail anime in the future? We shall see!


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22 Responses to “Fairy Tail Series Review”

  1. Rathje says:

    Only 175 episodes?

    Wow… I may actually watch the series.

    I’m still traumatized from trying to watch Naruto and Bleach in my early days. It was like being in one of those mazes where it just keeps going, and going, and going, and you’re like… “damn, I’m never gonna get out of here.”

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m sure they’ll pick it up again sometime later, but for now, it’s a good place to attempt to watch this (…since there’s actually an end in sight). I understand your pain with Bleach and Naruto. …I’ve been attempting to get through them for years.

  2. Soul says:

    Lmao on those genderbent pics!!
    Well according to me, this world need more extra extra long series like bleach naruto fairy tail, one piece, etc. I hope that the japanese would someday make a senien series with 300+ episodes.

    • Karakuri says:

      It’s always awesome when the artist himself draws these things. xD That’s… a lot of seinen. Though if a story has a great setting, plot and characters, I can see where you’d want it to keep on going. …As long as it doesn’t derail midway through.

  3. Tofu says:

    I thought this was just an April Fools thing for them listing episode 175 as the Final Episode considering there was a To Be Continued message in the end. So really they’re just taking a break and the series hasn’t actually ended?

    Well I read the manga anyways and you’re MUCH better off reading it than watching in my opinion. Mainly because there’s no fillers and it’s original content. Drawn how it ‘should’ or ‘wanted’ to be expressed by the reader. 🙂

    But I’m not dissing the anime. I used to watch it and I enjoyed it a lot ^^ The music always gets me that’s for sure <3

    Great post Kara and Fosh 🙂 Like Soul, I'm really liking the genderbent pic and hopefully more people will watch/read this awesome series xD

    • Karakuri says:

      I assume they’ll pick this up again in the future. I mean, it’s finally getting PVCs and such made. They’re pretty close to the manga right now though, so I expect the next part in a couple of years. As far as I found, nobody was overly thrilled with the filler.

  4. Krono says:

    So they are really stopping at ep 175? That sucks I really like Fairy Tail. I was hoping that they were just gonna take a break and let the manga get ahead a bit since that does not seem to have finished.

    Either way thanks for the great post for Fairy Tail.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, there was the giant “to be continued” sign on there, so I think it’s exactly what you said. I assume they’re just taking a prolongued break for the manga since they’ve pretty much said that they’re bringing it back eventually.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    It’s a 175 episode series? Hmm… I might have to take it under consideration and watch it based on the good things you two have said about it. When it comes to long term shows, I never got into Bleach nor do I think that I ever will but I did get back into Naruto Shippuden with epsode 200 almost two years ago even though a huge gap was missing. Like between episode 50 and 200. I was a big fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and that had 112 episodes. Good post Fosh and Kara.

    • Karakuri says:

      It sounds bigger than it is. …Probably. Plus there’s filler you can totally skip, which shaves like, 20 or so episodes off of the count.

  6. Muir says:

    I stopped at 120~ with that filler arc =_= too long
    Everyone loves genderbent XD Genderbent FTW!!

    My sister’s been reading the manga, I might just go watch :/ might be better (as Tofu stated)

    • Karakuri says:

      Just skip the filler. It had nothing to do with anything, really. But yeah, the manga is pretty nice. …And even more fanservice-y.

  7. KLACMAN says:

    well give heard of this series & saw some clips.

    but i have no plans to watch it give being over 175eps & if continue be a long runners.

    give my MAIN reason i will NOT watch fairy tail til re-continue rave master anime.

    give both fairy & rave are made by same person but rave anime still incomplete to watch.

    either give back my lost watching of seeing rave or make new eps or rave to continue it anime.

  8. PrimeHector says:

    Read the Rave master manga it is pretty good.

  9. Ceyrai says:

    I’m so happy you guys decided on an FT-dedicated post! I’ve been a fan of Mashima-sensei since Rave Master and picked this series up as soon as I heard he was at the helm, no questions asked. And I’m glad I followed it and saw it through the best arcs and shippings and fanservice (for both boys and girls) and ass-kicking and uber cheesy friendship speeches that will never get old!

    Seeing the rundown of the arcs as you’ve put them, I realize yet again that each arc, FT just gets more and more epic, with the scope of the story getting bigger and bigger and involving more and more characters. Sure, the filler arcs in the anime were a teeny bit tedious, but they were nice in their own right. And the Celtic-inspired BGM was appropriate too.

    The one thing I really want to complain about though is the animation. It sucked heavily, which is why I only watch the anime for fights/scenes I really like with the hopes that they were rendered properly (which they’re not 80% of the time). I don’t like the coloring, and the movements are sometimes a bit blocky. Perhaps the only thing I liked about the animation are the always flashy magic circles. But that’s about it. I wish they’d remaster the 175 episodes. Or at least make the next outing a visual treat.

    In any case, reading the manga is the way to go for me. Mashima’s art and character design are really striking, and for something that doesn’t move, the panels are really dynamic. And yeah, the friendship-and-determination speeches are reeeealllyyyy cheesy, but there are just some series that you can’t get enough cheese out of. Fairy Tail’s one of them. Come back, Fairy Tail!

    also GrayxJuvia *cough*

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m pretty sure that Fosh told me that Mashima is starting something new as well soon, though I don’t know if this is true or not… But it’s exciting if it IS true. Anyways, yeah this series was great. The storyline does get better as it goes on (orI guess, more exciting).

      …Yeah, the animation wasn’t always great. The magic circles were always nice to look at though and same goes with some of the effects they used. Natsu’s fire always looked good.

  10. Jrow says:

    Fairy Tail had some very attractive lady characters, and I’d always see the RandomC posts and thought the anime just went full speed ahead toward just being an ecchi/shounen series.

    I’d read the manga before the anime was announced and enjoyed it some, but never got back to it and didn’t really like the 1st ep of the series.

  11. NatsuGrayLoke says:

    I love fairy tail every one of them is awesome…
    Cool I seriously love to join ft guild it’s gonna be fun
    I love natsu gray and Loke
    They are so cute and natsu’s fire is cool (no hot)
    Gray is cool except his stripping habit but that is one of his highlight point any way
    Locke is funny
    I enjoy the team as well erza is way crazy strong
    Lucy is cute and supportive
    Happy and Carla and panther lily has cool flying power
    Levy smart and intelligent
    Gajeel is funny
    Laxus is powerful
    My most fav is natsu Dragneel he is funny and idiot which is his main point hot head crazy powerful.

    Overall fairy tail is awesome, guys please watch it it’s the best anime I have ever watched and I am waiting for ep 176

  12. NatsuGrayLoke says:

    The couples may be
    Natsu xx Lucy
    Gray xx Lucy (not Juvia I hate her)
    Lyon xx Juvia
    Laxus xx mirajane
    Lisana xx freed
    Levy xx gajeel
    Happy xx Carla
    Sheria xx ren
    Romeo xx wendy

  13. NatsuGrayLoke says:

    More couples
    Erza xx jellal ( best couple)
    Loke xx Aries or Lucy
    Hibiki xx Karin ( old )
    Hibiki xx jenny
    Scorpio xx Aquarius
    Freed xx mirajane or lisana
    Makarov xx porlysica ( grandine)
    Zeref xx Mavis
    Evergreen xx elfman
    Alzack xx bisca
    There are more

    Fairy tail is the best anime and manga
    I loveeeeeeeee fairy tail
    It’s cool, awesome , best and nothing can beat it..
    Watch it please :))

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