Robotics;Notes – 21


Airi is excited to listen to the Notes on Robotic;Notes podcast!

fall12-foshhello and welcome back to the wonderful world of Robotic;Notes and we only have one episode left? Can you believe it? Time sure does fly when you are having fun, but this week on the notes on robotic notes you can listen to me, Lvlln and Jrow breakdown this episode! I hope you enjoy the recording!



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Fun with everyone!


Aki for best hyper anime girl of 2013!


At first I wasn’t a huge supporter of this shipping, but in the end it works.


Frau and Subaru need to hook up! Seriously…sorry Junna…


With great friendship comes AWESOME POWER!!!



Are you ready to take on the final boss Kai?

Misa vs Kai in an all out mecha battle!!


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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13 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 21”

  1. skylion says:

    Something tells me that Misa is going to give a curb stomping…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that is a possible or she will resist Kimijima and give Kai an opening to stop her? I can see that xD

  2. JapanInspired says:

    If Aki has the switch ready for Kai, if she presses it, wouldn’t it work on her too and turn on her 1-day-as-5-seconds-thing? She will miss everything! The epic battle!

    • BlackBriar says:

      She suffered effects on the ship like Kai did so that’s a possibility. I guess she was so concerned about him that she didn’t take her well being into consideration. That machine has long range radio waves.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I assume the NIV device that triggers the attacks is on the robot somewhere and it would be miles away from Aki so it shouldn’t trigger her attacks xD

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Though it may be necessary, I think it’s a bad idea for Kai to rely on that machine to deliberately induce seizures so he can slow his reaction time. It’s bad enough that comes randomly and surely his body weakens every time it does happen. The next time might actually kill him.

    So this Kimijima Kou is a program. It must have been a fail safe the real one set up in case anything happened to him so his ambitions would still be carried on. The maniac thought of just about everything. Seeing him reflecting off of Misaki’s helmet was creepy. He’s very much like a ghost possessing her.

    LOL at Kai’s straightforward confession to Aki. So non-chalant but it suits him well. It wouldn’t be him if there was some over the emotion behind it. It did a good job of catching Aki off guard. She was so moe and had a nice kiss. I saw the pairing coming a mile away even though they seemed more on a sibling kind of relationship. Don’t forget that in shounen animes (this is shounen, right?), they always play the childhood friend card. Her modifications on the robot were great. Old model, new parts.

    Ah, man. Our weekly doses of Frau are coming to an end. She was awesome shooting down Aki’s new title for the robot. “That’s so l-lame it hurts”. I agree with her, Aki can do better than that. That was really cheesy. While things are on their way out for this series, there’s still no closure on what happened to Frau’s mother. It’s as if they’ve completely pushed her aside and she was a big part of the conspiracy regarding the comittee of 300. Hopefully there will be some clarity in the last episode.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same I don’t like how Kai has to endanger his own life to save Misa…I can’t see anything positive coming from that, but I assume he will be fine; however if he does die I guess the 2nd half of episode 22 will focus on a time skip?

      I always thought since Kimijima created Airi’s original AI that of course he had one for himself, after all he was messing with some serious stuff back in the day!

      That confession! OH MY GOD! I did not expect it to happen or for Kai to say it so fast and I was thinking wouldn’t that be something Aki would do?! I agree I feel their relationship was more bro x sister than lovers, but I guess it works.

      I AM SAD! I will miss every random outburst by Frau, as for the info with her mother I can totally picture her contacting Frau after all this giant robot/end of the world stuff blows over.

    • Kansokusha says:


      Haha don’t worry Kai got plot armor…… wait a minute, in Chaos;Head, Takumi kinda died in the very beginning and his “true” self is dead in the end; in Steins;Gate, Okabe is dead in the future of some of the worldlines… maybe this time Kai can break the tradition that the MC had to die at least once?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ahahah yeah I can totally picture an ending with Kai dying off and a time skip afterwards with an older Aki? I wouldn’t mind that, but that plot armor is kind of thick for our main character…hopefully something great happens!

  4. Kansokusha says:

    Airi: “Kimijima-san, why, why do you want to complete the experiment?”

    Kimijima: “……”

    Kimijima: “Hahaha…”

    Kimijima: “Why do I want to complete the experiment you say?”

    Kimijima: “…because, I want to complete the experiment.”

    Kimijima: “The content of the experiment, whether it’s butchering 5 billion people, or the blooming of a flower, they are all the same to me.”

    Kaito: “So in the end, you are nothing but a mere program, aren’t you?”

    Kimijima: “You can say so.”

    Kimijima: “Didn’t I tell you that I am composed of the testing data converted right before my death?”

    Kimijima: “Without enough data, it’s hard to truthfully reconstruct the human Kimijima Kou.”

    Kimijima: “So it’s reasonable for me to have some improper behaviors.”

    Kimijima: “Now, I might be considered as incomplete in a human standard. But for the execution of this experiment, I’m close to perfect.”

    Kimijima: “To complete the experiment. That is the sole intention of Kimijima Kou, and nothing can ever change it.”

    Kimijima: “As for now, personal thought is useless.”

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahah interesting comment thanks xD

    • Kansokusha says:


      This Kimijima is so detached from human morality that it scares me. But he wasn’t anything better when he’s still alive, hum maybe being a lolicon can be considered as an act of good? I doubt it tho XD

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