Robotics;Notes – 19


Discover the truth finally!

fall12-foshTHIS EPISODE! I swear it was easily the best, but you can listen to our epic chat this week because we have Lvlln, Jrow and Amuro from Anivision to give us their thoughts on the recent events of this amazing episode.

Fun with everyone


Go home Aki and Kai you are seriously drunk.


I guess that giant robot did not make the final cut?


It certainly was explosive.


Suddenly I don’t think Airi is that cute anymore…



Mr. Kimijima-“I am god of the internet and shall spread cute cat videos EVERYWHERE!”

How will Kai and Aki stop Misa!? Find out next time.


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6 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 19”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow, just wow. I’m in awe of what happened in this episode. Everything has been turned upside down in this plot twist and become increasingly grim.

    Man, that is some creepy, Shiki style music. I’m surprised the Kagome Kagome music didn’t override the robots like it did Mizuka’s leg extensions instead of shutting them down. But it’s scary that a hologram was able to do all of that. It’s as if saying technology will be mankind’s downfall. If Misa is a bad guy, then it raises the question as to why she initially wanted Kai to forget all about Kimijima Kou and his reports.

    Talk about hiding under one’s nose. Kai got played royally. Who else got trolled when Kou was revealed as the bad guy? Kimijima Kou transferring his consciousness onto the net feels very much like those anti-social Sibyl system brain members in Psycho-Pass. I’m sure he could have cured Airi’s illness all along but used her as a human puppet.

    This is speculation but the comittee of 300 could have been using monopole energy to make it look like solar flares. From what we saw, they look like they can be used as a concentration of electromagnetic pulses. It’s plausible given the number of monopoles that have been falling lately and it was the AI of Airi that identified the first one.

    As for Frau getting more info. Her mother must have been recruited by the comittee but refused because she obviously didn’t agree with whatever they had planned and left something to Frau for safekeeping. I assume it was also Kou or the comittee cheating on Kill Ballad. Nae Tennouji kicked some ass!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? This episode was one surprise after another which was AMAZING!

      The music and singing for Kagome Kagome was creepy I mean even if it was in Japanese good god it was still very creepy for me and having that moe voice of Airi singing it? Whoa…

      Mr. Kimijima wins for best villain of 2013 so far! I mean I always thought he was going to turn out to be an AI and I was correct, so well played Mr. K well played indeed…I still think he was pretending to be Airi’s AI to guide Kai into finding all the reports <3

      Sern mentioned was like AHHHHHH! YES!! The idea of black hole bombs is interesting and I did not think about that...maybe you are onto something with the 300 group and the monopoles? Nice thoughts~

      Nae to the rescue! I was happy to see Frau again now we have to see if she can use her pro hacking skills to shut Misa's spider robot down with a nasty virus xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        The Japanese are geniuses when it comes to making creepy music and it’s an obligation to have moe voices singing it so Airi was perfect for the job.

        Mr. Kimijima wins for best villain of 2013 so far? Sorry but he’ll have to accept second place. The best candidate for that spot right now is Psycho-Pass’s Shougo Makishima hands down. You can’t deny a charismatic and sadistic villain that makes you want to root for them.

        I’m sure the 300 group has their own stock of monopoles to create the electromagnetic pulses. They do have Misa as a scientist and she seems to know her way around energy sources.

        • Foshizzel says:

          This is true! There are lots of creepy Japanese music out there xDD

          Ahhh yeah I suppose you are correct on Shougo I forgot the 2nd half counts as 2013~

          Yep! I bet the monopoles come in handy later on

  2. D-LaN says:

    Gotta say, I prefer the old type of review…. I’m usually not patient enough to listen to podcast and I have trouble hearing the dialogue… I rly need a transcript lol.

    ANYWAYS just caught up to R;N and WHOAAAAA XD First Amnesia, then B-C:TLD and now this. Why all recent anime I watch is full of WTF ._. lol.

    So basically KK just went Kayaba on us D: WE TRUSTED YOOUUUUU.
    And yes, the Aki & Kai scene was a bit cheesy but I LIKE IT, someguyonRC!! Stop saying R;N don’t have good characters.

    Btw the anime ver of Sawada scene cut some stuff out like Show ▼

    Now I’m just waiting for the Occultic;Nine LN to see wht type of science they cook up this time XD

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