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U-unlimited Blade Works!?

Yes, I’ve been posting a lot this week. I finally have time to write thanks to the holiday, so why not (despite of my lateness)? I promise I’ll catch up to the last episode next week properly, though I’m sure I’m not going to like Magi‘s last episode.


Strong Will // Morgiana, why are you getting better and better, even waaay better than the male protagonist of this anime? Morgiana’s character is the kind of character I love the most because of her persistent personality. She falls, she trips, she bleeds, but no matter what, she will always come back again with her strong resolution and energy. What’s so ironic is that this strong girl is pretty simple-minded. All she wants is to know about the Fanalis and to be useful to her friends (where one of them is her potential lover). The simplest character in the anime turned out to be the strongest and most likeable personality in the story (anime). Gosh, Morgiana, you deserve an award.


Ghost of the Past // Unfortunately, Alibaba isn’t as strong as Morgiana. Haunted with the ghost of his own past, he succumbed to his hatred and let the black rukh to take over his body. Full Deprivation it is called, I think? Or whatever just happened in the anime, since I took little notice of this development for obvious reasons. Anyway, Trying to sympathize with Alibaba’s life a little bit, I was sort of able to understand why he went back to square one despite of the great character development he had. Cassim was his best friend plus bro, and Alibaba sort of took part in his death. Moreover, Cassim is his most important connection to Sindria, giving another reason to why his death really traumatizes him. Alibaba might be crappy again, but I guess it’s not without reason.


…I’m still baffled at the extreme differences between Morgiana and Alibaba. Okay, fine, Morgiana isn’t a princess. She’s a slave, and the same goes for Alibaba’s condition. He is not Morgiana. However, both of them have the disturbing and painful pasts that left scars in their life, physically and mentally. Yet, why are these two people so different? Morgiana is strong, but Alibaba is not as strong as her. This contrast that anime created makes me sad, because I know that both of these characters are extremely great in the manga. Thanks to the anime, I have to compare them, and I’m not liking how I’m not liking Alibaba in the anime now. If only the anime followed the manga….


Happily Never After // Never become a side character in Magi because your life will sucks, and Dunya is a perfect example of my theory. A fallen princess from the destroyed kingdom of Musta’sim, Dunya spent her life replaying the tragedy of revolt in her dead country again and again. I’m not going to talk much about her, but I really feel bad for her. I didn’t cry for her in the anime because the manga took all my tears, but I truly do feel sorry for her. Everything was robbed from her when she was a child, and she had to witness the deaths of her loved ones. And why is everything robbed from her? Because it was her “fate,” at least that’s what the murderers of Isaac said. Having nothing, Dunya decided to join Al-Sarmen because she wants to “rebuild” Musta’sim, something I see more as a way only to get her “lost life” back instead of rebuilding her country again. Once more, that’s the impression the anime gives. But anyhow, anime logic about pasts is that those who try to rebuild it will meet their ends tragically, and that’s what happens with Dunya. Poor her.


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Let’s start the rant! I know that there are changes here and there from the manga, and I let them be, thinking that the anime is going to follow the manga’s big events properly. However, I was dead wrong. Not only the anime revamped the whole point of the group’s reason to conquer Zangan, the anime also completely changed the purpose of Ithnan and Dunya going after Alibaba and the group. No, Ithnan and Dunya didn’t even try to change Alibaba into Dark King or whatever. The reasoning is waaayy simpler than that, and the manga has no nonsense of Ithnan killing Dunya. Also, Alibaba didn’t stab Ithnan in the manga. Read on after spoiler if you want to know what really happened in the original manga.

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Yep, the anime changed ALL OF THAT from the original story. Few might notice it, but my writing for this post is extremely short and bland. I was shocked with all of these anime changes and I’m still disappointed with it to even like the recent episodes properly. Honestly, it was disappointing. I totally understand why they want to change the plot, considering the little episodes left. However, changing the major elements of Zagan’s Arc is a bad move, because it just makes the whole thing ridiculous and stupid compared to the manga. Yes, changing the plot is possible, but do it smartly please? At least change it into something better than the manga? I can’t even. Ugh, I’m so angry and mad and disappointed right now. There is one episode left, and I hope it can remedy everything.

Preview: Something about Aladdin falling to black Alibaba’s conscious? IDK man, I have little care of this anime now.


Though, a second season has been announced today and now I don’t even see the point of this change.


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8 Responses to “Magi 22-24”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Aww man, WHAT A MESS. I recommend everyone to go read manga from chapter 88.

    I’m wondering what they’ll do with season two really. Mess it up even more? Hmph!

    • anaaga says:

      Season Two: Aladdin is actually a god

      Alibaba will turn into a Dark King again

      Sinbad is dating Ja’afar

      I’m fine with the third one though

  2. Liza says:

    Whut the heck happened to the anime!? -_- I’m having flashbacks to Ao no Exorcist all over again.

    Seriously. I don’t understand why they changed it this much. It didn’t change for the better, it changed for the worse.

    The only good thing that I saw in these episodes was Morgiana releasing her household vessel for the first time(which was one of my favorite scenes in the manga). Other than that…bah!

    I will be watching the last episode to see how they clean up this huge mess but seriously…will one episode be enough time for Sinbad to clean up the monster thing in the water, Aladdin to snap Alibaba out of this dark knight thing AND have the dungeon captured?

    • anaaga says:

      The whole Organization earing Sindria is just ridiculous because that is a wrong political move. Besides, the whole thing makes Sindria looks weak. I KNOW SInbad is really really really strong seeing all the sacrifices and risks he took. But now… Everything just went downhill. Beh.

      It seems that Hakuryuu conquered the dungeon already. In a flashback, Hakuryuu did remember something where Zagan said “It seems that I have no choice but to pick you.” So yeah… They skipped the whole thing out

  3. Krono says:

    Gotta say I’m also a little annoyed they changed things so much. The organization attacking Sindria I can sorta accept as a viable way to speed things up, but the the Dark King Alibaba stuff is pure nonsense. They had absolutely no need to do that. I feel like they are just wasting time now since they could have ended the fight in the dungeon quicker by following the manga. Oh well I hope they don’t screw the rest up.

    • anaaga says:

      I was literally flipping my table about the whole Dark King because it is totally not what the purpose of the Organization is. I don’t know why they cut things shorter because they still can add the fight between Ithnan and Aladding and use that for the cliffhanger ending so that more people are more curious about season 2.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Morgiana is just such an awesome female character. Powerful, beautiful and reliable. I always admire her drive to push herself forward through her troubles and to encourage others to do the same. She’s very passionate and noble because she wants to shoulder everyone else’s burdens.

    I really felt sorry for Dunya and it’s understandable that Alibaba sympathized with her. If I were in their place, I’d want revenge as well. The whole “she had to die because it’s her fate” thing was total bull. Those people were such cowards they couldn’t just say they were jealous, they had to cover it with an excuse. Surely they got theirs in the end. Dunya was beyond sexy in her Dark Djinn Equip and it’s such a shame she was killed. She would have made a nice addition to Alibaba’s group.

    Yeah, I heard the second season is announced to air this fall and also there being a lot of complaints about the anime rushing the manga chapters. Sometimes, I don’t if it’s always a good thing to read a manga than later watch an anime adaption if you know there are going to have pieces missing. I can’t say I agree with everyone’s frustrations because I haven’t read the manga myself. Is there a huge difference?

    • anaaga says:

      I thought that Dunya was about to survive too to add Alibaba’s group! They’re like power ranger now, they’re just missing one more member. Eh…

      Yep, lots of difference.

      Show ▼

      It’s not like I don’t like changes, but the changes the anime did will take out some of the important scenes for the series because the scenes and actions lead to those important events. This is what happened to magi, and now I don’t know how the studio is going to fix everything without making them look forced. Especially in season 2

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