Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 10-12


When a character voiced by Kamiyan has this kind of fetish

Gaahhh I know I know the new (and last) episode will be out by Saturday night already, but… But! Guuuhhhh



Finally, everything about Sousuke is clear. Yes, he literally lost half of his soul, and that is the reason why the dog is filling half of his life. The shadow though has all the memories and other records of his life. This means that the nice Sousuke has just been a vessel all along? So, during the plague accident, Sousuke almost lost his life, and the dog’s spirit filled up the missing part of his soul. However, since the missing part is just mere memories and records of Sousuke, he has no physical body whatsoever. See, this is what I don’t get about the whole “half a soul” thing. If they are connected, how come the nice Sousuke is not aware of his missing shadow? Hell, nice Sousuke doesn’t even shiver or something when the shadow Sousuke’s present is in town. This is the one thing that bugged me a lot. Both Sousukes are deeply connected with each other, but they are also free doing whatever they want without anything chaining them down. This, my people, resulted in a confusing relationship that seems hollow, empty and illogical. Those three words perfectly describe the relationship between the two Sousukes.


However, I am starting to understand the actions of shadow Sousuke. It seems that he is trying to gather parts of physical bodies to create a body of his own? Though it is still related with his obsession for Shino. Ehm, for example, shadow Sousuke wants Kohaku’s eyes because “Shino seems to love them.” Honestly, that is such a bull reason for me. For me, it seems that the shadow Sousuke wants to be free from his “chain” to the nice Sousuke and wants to get his own physical body. This or I’m just being paranoid. Anyhow, whatever the shadow Sousuke wants, I am sure he wants to get rid of the nice Sousuke. Let’s how this is going to go down later on.



I was totally surprised with the sudden development Shino had throughout Kohaku’s arc. I used to wonder about Murasame and its uses. I mean, Murasame looks like a harmless sword to me, so why in the world is it called as “an evil being?” Then Kohaku’s Arc comes into play. Not only extending Shino’s life, Murasame is actually a demon that sucks on Shino’s physical body. Murasame is also something so powerful that it can grant any wish Shino wishes, realizing it or not – even if the wish belongs to another person. Yup, Murasame is definitely something evil. Seeing its effect on Shino’s body, I am starting to wonder more about Murasame. How in the world did it come into existence? How come the sword fell into the hands of church? There are more questions instead of getting more answers as the anime ends. I think we need a season 2.



Well, her character is something that is so-so, but it definitely plays a big role at answering (and adding) some questions to the anime. Thanks to Kohaku, we all know more about Sousuke and the shadow version of him. More about Shino is also known thanks to this woman who has golden eyes and hair.


Despite her brief appearance, enough story about Kohaku has been told to make me sad. All this time, she has been living in a delusion because she does not want to remember anything about her past. Her life might be glamorous, but deep down, all she wants is death. This is what has been in her heart all this times. I can’t imagine myself spending my days in delusion, wishing that some natural occurrence might happen that will give me a painless death. I secretly admire Kohaku for living with such thinking in mind, because she has been surviving until now. She might be fragile because she turned to delusion, but surviving with such emotion in her heart proves that she has been living her life strongly until now. Although she died as a “monster,” a “monster” who has two golden wings look more like angels to me. Maybe she did turn into an angel before her death.


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I think this is the best arc Hakkenden had so far. I like how the story indirectly uses the minor character (this time, Kohaku) for everything that is involved with the main character. Solving the mystery of Sousuke’s life? Through Kohaku. Showing the audience, negative side of Murasame? Through Kohaku. Knowing what happened to the village during the hostility with the North? Through Kohaku. Making Shino have a sudden character development that looks hella natural? Through Kohaku before she died. Yep, it seems that the story used Kohaku’s short life span effectively, and this is what I like about this arc. A character is used to its max despite of her short appearance, resulting in a perfect story line that flows smoothly. Though I didn’t cry for Kohaku, I was able to sympathize with her for a bit. I also liked this arc because of endless information it gives naturally about the main characters’ pasts, powers, and problems. It was definitely the best arc of Hakkenden that also had the most budget (of course)

Preview: Church meeting… Old man with golden hair? What’s with this cliffhanger for the last episode? I guess they’re trying to leave a room for the announced second season.



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7 Responses to “Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 10-12”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Aaagh, I’m so behind on this. Time to catch up. >>

  2. Liza says:

    Shino…you look so good when you are 18 in body! *_*

    *cough* Well, with the other Sousuke, I’m guessing that lady is the reason he’s fine?(and Shino’s wish to keep Sousuke alive…). I mean we have 2 other characters who were helped by women spirit things bu this is a different circumstance so maybe she can only help keep him alive a little?

    I loved Kohaku story and development. I felt so sad when those wings came out of her back and then Shino said she was beautiful before killing her.

    I’m guessing the last episode might be a filler because what can they do with the one episode they have left until season 2?

    • anaaga says:

      I was really really REALLY surprised when I saw the adult version of Shino. Like daammnn that’s seme material right there. He can top Sousuke at any time. Anyhow…

      Hmm what you said do make sense. They did mention a lady visiting the village before it fell to a plague right. Maybe that lady took half of Sousuke’s sould for a reason. I thought the lady would be Kohaku, but I guess I was wrong.

  3. Ansatsu-shi says:

    wait… kamiyan as in kamijou touma or a different kamiyan!??

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