Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 10

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Rika is filming a very hot scene from the adaptation of MetaShip this week! ARE YOU PREPARED?!

With only two episodes left of this series it makes me quite sad, but I think we might get another season of this in the future or maybe we can hope for a movie? I could see that as a possibility, so how are you this week Kara?
I’m not entirely sure how far we are along novel-wise, but I hope Haganai can end with some sort of closure… (Preferably the romantic closure kind.) But if not, then I hope we at least get to see the movie that they’re making now.

Scientific friendship

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Rika has the best computer set up.

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A super embarrassed Rika is fine too~

Last time Kodaka figured out were Yozora got her “original” script idea from…that whole scene I swear I was laughing so hard, but that discovery forced their club produce a whole new movie using a script by Sena who combined several different themes and genres together creating an ultimate movie. While we are on that subject for a moment it was nice that we got to see some of Kobato’s acting skills even though it was a silent black and white movie it did not stop Sena from turning on her fan-girl mode! Besides that moment we saw a different side of Kobato at her school, but that short scene caused Maria to suffer a mild case of depressed after learning that her rival actually HAS real friends that like her? Thankfully that familiar smile and laugh returned to Maria after Kobato entered the room for a very cute moment of the week provided by the two of them. Speaking of interesting and cute moments, I loved those somewhat emotional scenes with Rika and Kodaka and yes I know there were no actual tears or crying going on. It just shows us that she knows how he feels about friendship which tells me he is afraid of making new friends because they can leave him at any moment. That of course hints back towards his childhood relationship with Yozora, but will Kodaka ever get over that fear? I certainly hope that Rika can teach him a few things about making friends.

The State of the Neighbour’s Club

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Sena-“This is the tentacle rape scene! NOW ACTION!”                   Yozora-“EHHHHHHHHH!?”

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These two girls love each other’s company; I swear they are secretly best friends.

Rika was a bit more subdued than usual, but she had some great lines this episode. More specifically towards Kodaka at the end, but it’s also remarkable how much effort she’s put into things she’s done for the club. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s sometimes really hard to remember that Rika was a lonely genius before she joined the club. She’s usually really upbeat, but that part with her being so happy about doing things with people her own age was great. Behind her jokes too, she’s surprisingly serious at times. So in the end, it’s not that Kodaka never noticed, but more like he was avoiding noticing. It always seemed kind of odd that someone so observant could be blind, but this explains it. This seems like THE thing that Kodaka needs to figure out by the end of the series (or at least the end of the season), so I hope he works things out soon. …On the note of Rika being a lonely genius, I often forget about Maria being smart too. But that’s hidden behind how immature she acts at times as opposed to being hidden behind fanservice.It was cute with her and seeing Kobato being popular. I assume she was jealous of the other people taking Kobato’s attention…? Well, whatever, seeing them afterward was so adorable. She seems pretty shy with pretty much everyone, so maybe this is why she dislikes Sena’s doting so much? Kobato’s case actually sounds kind of similar to Sena in a way, only girls seem to like Kobato too and the guys aren’t all over her. In any case, her movie turned out pretty well, so I hope we get to see what the heck Sena’s script is actually about in movie form as well. Rika’s graphics are turning out really well, so I want to see the whole thing.

Fun with everyone

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Kobato-“Help! Onii-chan she is going to kill me with her boobs!”

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Kobato x Sena’s arm for best new couple.

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Dear Vividred Operation, are you even trying anymore?

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Rika feels the breeze this week on the rooftop with Kodaka.

End thoughts

Now this was not a hilarious episode because it seemed to be focused on the idea of friendships and all that, but I think that is the message this series is shooting for, right? I am sure I am not the only one thinking that; however, the best moment of this week was between Maria and Kobato in the club room because they were holding hands and calling each other names while smiling? That has to be one of the best heartwarming moments so far, but all my love goes towards the character interactions between Rika and Kodaka. Like the video editing room scene where Kodaka learned that Rika took pictures of everyone so she could create that game for them that revealed the kind-hearted side of the perverted scientist which left me saying d’awwww, Rika I love you! I still think she has gone through the most development out of all the characters so far and I know that is a really huge thing to say when we have other interesting characters like Sena, Yozora, Yukimura, Kobato and Maria who have also gone through so much. Before I ramble on and on I will end my thoughts here saying that this was a really fantastic character driven episode. I can’t wait to see the next episode, oh and we had a special appearance by the very “developed” student council President Hinata Hidaka voiced by your favorite K-ON member Mio aka Hikasa Yoko…

Like I said above, I hope Kodaka’s problem gets solved by the end of the season. …Or maybe I didn’t use that exact wording, but I do hope that it happens. It was nice to see Kodaka and Rika share some moments this episode too. A ton of this season seems to have been dedicated to Sena. Not that the other characters have been neglected since I can recall a bunch of scenes with the other characters, but we haven’t seen much of Rika by herself until now. It was definitely worth the wait though since  not only did she reveal something important about Kodaka, but also because she’s actually a pretty sweet girl underneath it all. If only the other characters knew how much effort she puts in. Oh well, so the engagement is definitely not making a huge impact on the way the characters are acting (thank goodness Yozora seems to have recovered), which is good, and we’re now full into the movie. …Whatever that’s going to be about.


haganaiNEXT (11)

New characters are taking over next week!?

New challengers appear?!


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25 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 10”

  1. Tofu says:

    GASP! You did NOT just say that Fosh!! It’s Hikasa not Hisaka T___T A part of me died when I read that.

    But yes, I’m happy to finally see Hinata getting a bit of air time, but sad at the same time we won’t be hearing much from her since Boku Tomo is very close to ending (NOOOO~~~!)

    Rika is adorable as always! Really loved the twin tails look with the jumper this episode~ <3 And I totally agree with you Fosh, she's really gotten quite a lot of attention with season 2. I feel there's a bigger focus on her (not necessarily more or less screen time). Being a Rika fan, this makes me go "UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • Foshizzel says:

      my bad bro.jpeg

      Yep! Haganai is getting close to the end and it makes me sad, but we still have two episodes to look forward watching xD

      Hell yes Rika for the freaking win! I want more of her in future episodes <3 UNIVERSE!!!!!!! YES!!!!

  2. KLACMAN says:

    well yea seeing so far indeed rika is turning to the 3rd wheel for kodaka life.

    give that more develop on rika even since whole glasses got to go really like she pull a clare on us

  3. belatkuro says:

    I’m not entirely sure how far we are along novel-wise,

    Then do I have some news for you. This episode just finished volume 7 of the LN(with the exact same cliffhanger). Of 8, that’s right you heard me, 8 volumes publishing. Volume 9 is scheduled for release this month.

    Long story short, don’t get your hopes up for a conclusion that will tie up all the loose ends but expect something…decent. After all, the last chapter of vol8 is entitledShow ▼

    They’ve been placing Kodaka’s monologues now I see, along with the girls whispering “important” stuff, which has been severely missing in this show. A bit late to do it now but these episodes wouldn’t have worked otherwise I guess.
    Next episode should add some more fuel to the ship wars. I’ve always enjoyed being a spectator so I’m going to thoroughly enjoy next week’s ship wars. Should be fun.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh wow thanks for the info! It makes me happy to hear that Haganai is still going strong, but how does it stack up against popular light novels like Sword Art Online and the Monogatari’s? I was going to throw in Index but I don’t think that is “popular”

      Sooo season three if it gets made will be Kodaka finally taking charge? I would LOVE to see a few “dream” episodes where he actually goes on dates with all the girls minus the loli characters of course…

      • belatkuro says:

        Had to do some research on this…

        For LN sales, Vol8 was last year but its 1st week did over 90k, with its 2nd week bringing it up to 160k. 3rd week brings it to a total of 180k.
        Lower than SAO(SAO averages 220-250k)but still an awesome number for an LN, considering that some titles only reach around 10-20k. 50k is probably considered a hit but I’m not sure.

        For character popularity, we turn to the popular LN ranking poll Kono Light Novel wa Sugoi!
        For the recent voting, 2013, Sena placed 5th and Yozora placed 10th. Kodaka isn’t shown there but he’s ranked 15th.
        Buriki, the LN illustrator, ranked 2nd.

        For anime sales, 1st volume of 1st season did 11k, which probably means its succeeding volumes did less which is the trend. Probably averaging 8-9k.
        Checking Stalker rankings, Haganai NEXT is slated to sell less than that, with BD predicted to sell 4k and DVD to sell 1k for a combined number of 5k for the first volume. Of course Stalker underestimates a bit but with the release being close, it’s likely to be close in actual figure.

        So overall, Haganai is pretty popular in Japan. The only problem it has is that too few materials. Like I said above, volume 8 was released last June and vol9 is just going to be released this month. The author did some side stories in the meantime, entitled Universe and Connect, because apparently, he doesn’t know yet how to continue the story.

        PS. Index is definitely a popular LN and anime in Japan. Check the rankings again above. Misaka Mikoto has been defending the top spot of the female rankings for 4 years now. Touma and Accelerator are at the top 5 rankings for male. The LN is also in the top 5, being ranked 1st in 2011.
        It will take a long time to look for the sales figures of the Index and Railgun anime(already took a while pulling out the details of Haganai) but I believe both are selling above 10k in average, with Railgun being higher than Index.
        So yeah.


        • belatkuro says:

          Oh and I should add that Haganai has 3 or 4 manga adaptations. 1 which adopts the novels and 2 which are spinoffs(one is a Sena end, sort of).
          So yeah.

  4. Highway says:

    The realization that Kodaka’s “Huh? What was that?” wasn’t him being stupid, just him being intentionally deflecting, was actually pretty surprising to me. “Ooooh, I didn’t think of that.” But why get so angry? That’s what I don’t get. Why is he so afraid of Rika saying that they are friends? And I have to give Rika tons of credit for 1) figuring it out, and 2) continuing to press him on it. Her “I can go back to treating you the way I always do” line should have cut him so deeply, and probably did.

    Maria and Kobato’s friendship was also something really neat to see. It’s kind of funny they all call her “Kobato-sama” even though she apparently doesn’t play the vampire character at school. And they give her all that attention she doesn’t want. It’s obvious that she doesn’t just want gratuitous attention, she wants specific attention: Kodaka’s, Maria’s, and everyone else in the Rinjin-bu (she probably wouldn’t mind Sena’s attention if it wasn’t so creepy and smothering). Seeing both Maria and Kobato enjoy each other’s company like that was great.

    I think the show will probably get through the making of their movie and Kodaka’s current issue with Rika for the end of the season. I definitely don’t think that we’ll get any sort of romantic closure for Kodaka / Sena / Yozora. The other big question is “Will anyone wear panties before the end of the season?” At this point I can’t even believe they wear thongs with as much ass as we see from Yozora. The only time I’ve seen panties in the entire show is when 1) Maria threw hers in Kodaka’s face and 2) Hinata’s VPL.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Kodaka uses that as a weapon to dodge the club members and their true feelings for him and I agree why get so angry about it, but yeah Rika is quite smart for figuring things out! I just hope she doesn’t get hurt in the process or pushed away forever…

      Maria and Kobato have the best friendship ever! I kept waiting for the two of them to come around to being nice, but this is a huge step in the right direction for something special later on xD

      Right I can’t possibly see any romance happening with only two episodes left! I assume episode eleven will be the movie followed by some gag related jokes and twelve will be the “hint” towards who he really likes? I would love to see season three follow some dates between all the girls? LOLOL The fan service has been crazy with new girl showing off her ass…yeah…what…

      • Highway says:

        To me, that shot of Hinata Hidaka was probably the closest to an obscene shot we’ve seen this series. A lot more so than Yozora or Sena’s ass cheeks.

  5. skylion says:

    Aww, so many sweet moments to choose from. I would place my personal fav at Maria and Kobato’s enduring friendship.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Rika for the win bro, but yes I agree 10000000% the scene between Maria and Kobato was great! ALL THE FEELS!

  6. JPNIgor says:

    Why is Rika so cute right now? D= Why is Kobato cuter than ever as well??? D= What happens to these lolis nowadays?!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Rika is love that is all you need to know <3

      Also she is just a great character! Sure she has tons of ecchi ideas in her mind, but she does have a whole other side of her that doesn't involve sexual thoughts and for that I can't get enough of her xD

  7. BlackBriar says:

    The start was hilarious when that sign was hung around Yozora’s neck. When I saw that, it made me think of the Germans who use that as a method to announce prisoners and traitors (Hellsing comes to mind).

    Rika has a lot of hairstyles. This week, she’s trying out a favorite from Saya Kisaragi but the twin tails need to be longer. Ah, that hidden room of her’s. Didn’t the Meta Team had a post with a picture of a room like that with multiple computer screens? It’s vaguely familiar.

    Maria and Kobato’s enemy/friend relationship is getting interesting to watch. I never imagined Maria would be so happy to see her after all they’ve been through and fighting over Kodaka. I couldn’t help smiling after seeing that.

    Rika is doing a far better job of getting under Kodaka’s skin than Yozora and Sena. If anyone is going to get anything significant out of him, it’s her. I think the whole deal with him is that like Yozora, he’s afraid to make any serious bonds so deflects any signs of affection from the girls. He’s afraid to get hurt and so he hides in his shell.

    • Highway says:

      One thing I commented on in my post this week was basically Yozora being put on ‘trial’ in Sena’s court. Kneeling in front of the TV, on the right (from the door) side of the room, that’s well established to be Sena’s area of influence, as opposed to Yozora’s on the other side of the room where she reads quietly. I, at least, thought it was an interesting symbolism. And Maria was made to wear a similar sign when she got in trouble at the end of the first season (and that pic was from episode 6 of this series. Long punishment

      I think you have to say that Maria and Kobato are straight up friends. That comment “You never let me finish!!!” and the smiles on both of their faces when they saw each other were just priceless.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, I remember that about Maria from season one. It was after Yozora tricked her into bathing in sunlight naked because Kobato bit her saying that doing so keep her from turning into a vampire. For someone who studies a lot in school and is book smart, she was pretty lacking in common sense.

    • Foshizzel says:

      @BB: I was thinking that or the recent pet trend where you have your pet sitting in time out with a sign near them describing what they did? LOL

      Rika I can’t get enough of her! Which makes me sad that we only have two episodes left to enjoy her personality, but damn that computer set up was awesome! I noticed the giant robot on the wallpapers and yeah I think there was some artwork we found like that…

      Maria and Kobato together just feels right! I loved how they were both grinning while making fun of each other <3

      Rika is solving the mystery of Kodaka, but the way he reacted left me saying NOT COOL BRO! NOT COOL! I guess Rika can handle it though...

      @Highway: I remember that sign from season one and Maria!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Apparently there a lot of uses for signs in animes. I wonder if Sena ever got one hung around her.

        I can’t get enough of Rika either. She’s really stepped since season one in both appearance and personality. Before, she was a bit more reserved in her perversion but here, it’s all out. Now I remember where I saw that off setting number of computer screens. You guys did have a post like that. It was the Meta Team’s Aniblogging Habitat. Strange coincidence, huh?

        Maria and Kobato are becoming such good friends that I wonder if they’ll try to switch roles sometime in the future. Kobato as a nun and Maria as a vampire. That would be interesting and fun to watch.

        Kodaka is losing ground the more Rika pries into his insecurities. Whatever Kodaka is hiding, he’s not willing to let it go.

        • Highway says:

          I wonder if some of Maria’s boredom at the movie and discomfort afterward when going to Kobato’s school was because of Kobato’s identity change from “Reisis V. Felicity Sumeragi” to “Kobato-sama”. Seeing a different side to her friend, one that neither of them are comfortable with, could definitely be something that would throw off the mood. Perhaps both of them would rather incorporate their chosen roles into their interaction, because it gives it an extra flavor, but also an extra level of abstraction and insulation.

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