Amnesia – 12 [END]


Yes, let’s have a leisurely conversation in the middle of a burning building.

Ah Amnesia, you were… not so good while you lasted, and now that you’re ending I am… not too sad about it. /shot
The final episode! Now I unleash all of my complaints about the series into one convenient post! …And then try to reason out why they did certain things. OTL


It sure is convenient that this fire doesn’t seem to produce smoke that could hinder this conversation.

Miyu || The first part of the episode was pretty good, in my opinion. In the end, the real truth of the entire story wasn’t mindblowing on a Madoka/Pingudrum level, but it was meaningful and appropriate considering all the purposeful confusion and build-up from the previous episodes with Ukyou. Ukyou is really the sweetest guy in the entire series, and we needn’t even talk about his undying (…literally) dedication towards the heroine such that he would be willing to die over and over again just for a chance to see her, and possibly save her from any harm. And when he said that he actually suffered all the things he had helped her to avoid, I had images of the construction-pole crashing onto him, 1239812 vehicles crashing into him, him falling into the well and slowly drowning… :c Ukyou you are so noble ;w;

Kara || So. The truth comes out (all of it). Yep, Ukyou is the best guy in the game. It’s just a shame that we never hear from him again after he disappears. His story here seems less dark and dramatic than it was in the game since they took a bunch of events out and lightened a few things. I guess here his sorrow itself would cause the world transfer as opposed to him committing suicide every time she died (which I guess is still his sorrow, but really). Overall though, the message got across well enough. He was an outsider the entire time (as unlikely as it is that only one world has him naturally in it, but whatever) and either he would die, or the heroine would die and Ukyou (the non psycho one) would follow out of grief (not that the anime really explained this). This was his story just as much as it was the heroine’s in a sense, it’s just too bad that the anime doesn’t make it seem that way.


Miyu || Actually, after the heroine successfully survived until the next day, I hadn’t expected so much of the episode to be left. I thought they’d covered the most important bases already, so I was wondering what they had left to show us… I was kind of bewildered with the sudden introduction of Neil (the, um, fairy god…?) and how he was the one who actually enabled the parallel worlds thing to happen. It felt more like a convenient excuse (okay, maybe it was better than “he did it with sheer willpower and magical feelings of love”) but it was all explained in a rather pedantic way… :\ And the part that bothers me the most is that a good part of the second half was spent covering the sappy parting between the heroine and Orion. All the while I was mentally screaming at the screen “NO ONE CARES”, and I literally just fast forwarded the entire part when they were flashing back to the “fun times” they had together =w= Seriously, Amnesia?

Kara || Well Neil’s part in this whole thing was certainly shafted. Like Miyu says, it seems like he was a last minute addition to explain why things happened, but really, his part in the whole storyline was so much bigger than what they made it out to be here. For one thing, the heroine’s survival where there had been so many failures previously is because of the amnesia (since she wasn’t herself and the world couldn’t properly identify her or something) and the world didn’t ‘attack’ as hard as usual. Orion also actually mentions in the game earlier on in Ukyou’s route that Neil is missing and that deities are the only things that can defy fate. The heroine surviving until the end wasn’t only just out of sheer luck and effort on Ukyou and the heroine’s part. If fate was that easy to defy, Ukyou wouldn’t have had to suffer so much off screen. Neil and sending Orion had a bigger part than that. It’s also because Neil was present that the world didn’t just reattempt to kill the heroine after she survived past her date of death (since technically, she’s still a ‘foreign body’ in Ukyou’s world). I guess that still counts as being ‘the reason things happened’, but it’s more than just him being the thing that transferred Ukyou and the heroine between worlds. As for the explanation of the world transferring… I guess I’ll take it. I’m not entirely sure why the heroine got back those memories at the start and never again, but Neil’s powers running out is a convenient excuse for everything I guess.


Miyu || That screen time could’ve been put into showing us a glimpse of her original life. I don’t get why in the end she still had 5 routes to choose from because isn’t the one she was originally from the one where she fell in love with Ukyou? They didn’t even let us have proper closure and actually see her full memories, let alone give us a little glimpse of her life back with Ukyou and maybe a sweet little scene or to to make up for all the pain and agony he’s been through… BUT NO, waste all that time on Orion. /facepalm. If they were aiming for that vague it is up to you, the almighty viewer to imagine and think up of your own story bullshit, they didn’t do it in a satisfying way. Now I just feel kind of cheated, because I had at least wanted to know more about how the heroine and lovely Ukyou were like before this hell of a mess, and how the other 4 guys as well as the side characters at Meido no Hitsuji fit into her lifestyle. Was it that hard to construct a dramatic flashback of her life story?

Kara || So that parting with Orion. Funny how something that made me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME in the game left me with no reaction whatsoever here. Of course, a lot of that comes from the fact that anime Orion isn’t as funny, sarcastic or helpful as his game counterpart, but still. He did a pretty good explanation of why everything happened, but still, there was a distinct lack of emotions here compared to that final part with Ukyou earlier. I’ve already complained about Neil’s downsized part, but this ending just felt… incomplete. What made me angry at the end though was the part with the doors. Screw the fact that the heroine only really had meaningful interaction with Ukyou. Also, screw the fact the he just kind of disappears into sparkling lights and was never heard from again. They basically just said “make up your own damn ending” and left it at that. Of course, this is bringing back that “Ukyou is dead if you take any other route” thing that makes me feel bad about the whole storyline, but still. The guy kind of got screwed over there. Plus other then saying that she forgives him, the heroine didn’t seem any more attached to him then she is with the other guys. They really just left it open ended.


Miyu || What this show failed to do, I should think, is make its viewers feel. Although I won’t say that I didn’t feel anything at all throughout these 12 episodes, I didn’t feel enough to make me really care about the characters and empathize with them – and that is the key to keeping your viewers interested, building up characters that resonate with your targeted audience and getting them involved in their predicament. While watching Amnesia I always felt like a faraway bystander. A good series (and I should think, a good otome game for that matter) would be one that allows you to put yourselves in the shoes of the main character, but in this case I was always clearly a 3rd party in this whole affair. That’s what I think is lacking for all otome game adaptions to date, and that’s why they usually fail to capture a wide audience after the first 3 episodes or so.

Kara || Funny that you mention the 3rd party thing, Miyu. Otome games tend do this to some extent, but in Amnesia especially, the heroine was purposely made blank in order for the player to insert themselves more easily into the heroine’s character. Amnesia wasn’t made for a person who wants to watch the heroine fall in love with various guys so much as actually feel like they themselves are in the situation since they control pretty much everything the heroine says and fill in the blanks as to what her personality is like. While it was still a bit weird in the game since the characters basically talked to themselves (though it was perfect to play while doing homework since Orion voiced over everything until the very end and I didn’t have to read), obviously such a blank heroine with no lines doesn’t work as well in an anime. If they were still going for the ‘insert personality here’ formula, obviously it’s harder to do that since the viewers have absolutely no control over the direction the anime takes. …So in the end, of course the heroine is really, really hard to relate to.

All in all, I still think that Amnesia started out with an extremely promising premise (as all otome game adaptations do), but ended up falling flat on execution, with more telling, and less showing and really feeling :c It’s a shame because so many aspects could’ve been handled so much better, and with a setting like that the series could’ve been amazing. With regards to character development on the heroine’s part, I was glad that at the ending she was actually able to run away from danger (gold star! ~you tried~) and show some despair at Ukyou dying. The last episode was pretty good if we’re just talking about the heroine because she actually acted like a normal female lead – feeling and thinking. Thank you for not keeping her as a statue to the very end.

But was all the boredom, awkward silence, stuttering, nearly-dying, nearly non-existent character development at the start worth the reveal of the truth behind the parallel worlds and Ukyou at the end? For me, the ending wasn’t all that I could’ve hoped for, but it was good enough to justify all those hours spent agonizing over its original blandness, if only for lovely Ukyou. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone in their right minds to start watching Amnesia. The ending was only okay for me because I had already sat through all the initial hours of boredom and there was nothing I could do about it (;w;) and I wouldn’t make anyone have to go through that. It was a good experience blogging an otome game adaptation (although I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be trying this anytime again soon in the future), and even better blogging it with Kara the otome game veteran! So many thanks to Kara for letting me blog this with her (whatnot with my frustrated cries and complaints), and many thanks to you too, for sticking by the entire of Amnesia with Kara and I! Hope you enjoyed this journey (actually, yay for you if you survived through it), and see you guys again soon! ^w^~

…What can I say? I much prefer the game’s ending to Ukyou’s route (which explains what happened to Orion and Neil after all of Ukyou’s story was resolved). Everything here was just left feeling so… so… incomplete. One thing it did do though was the fact that it was fairly true to the game (which is a good and a bad thing), so I can’t really complain. On one hand, they didn’t mess around with the storyline much minus taking details and events out of it. On the other hand though, they kept the heroine as a blank character, only half explained things, and then left everything up to the viewer to conclude themselves last minute. Also, the heroine never got back memories, which would have been a good way to flesh out her character. Hell, they hardly ever included flash backs at all. Maybe they followed the game format a little too closely in this since the flashbacks only every really happened near the end of a route (which the anime rarely ever got to) and the anime also liked doing events in chronological order. I can see why they’d take them out too, since a lot of the flashbacks involve the heroine realizing that she was attached to whoever’s route she was in before she lost her memories and the anime seemed really reluctant to confirm her having romantic attraction to anyone.  Other than the world jumping and that last scene with Orion, the anime didn’t add in anything that wasn’t already in the game. Thanks for listening to my pleas to stay with me, Miyu (though the ending wasn’t quite as epic as I had hoped). Also, thanks to those of you who actually stuck with this (or at least those who commented). I was afraid I’d be talking to myself this entire season since the opening episodes were so slow. (´;ω;`)

So yeah, I’m 95% done my review of the game (so you can compare how crappy the anime is to the game, and yet good compared to other otome game adaptations) and that should be coming out shortly…


Why Waka? Well, why not.



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39 Responses to “Amnesia – 12 [END]”

  1. Liza says:

    That ending. Ummm wow. I wasn’t expecting much from it but yeah, it turned out worse than expected. -_- Ukyou’s confession was so sweet but then…EMPTY ROOM WITH ORION.

    Yeah, I ended up looking up all of the guys’ routes and reading up on them(and even the Later arcs) and geez. So much stuff not there. Especially about Neil. Who I think is a girl? I checked my artbook and the CG with Neil in it, I think I see boobs.

    But yeah, meh. This got me interested in Amnesia at least and the designs were nice(going to cosplay from it too). Maybe if they stuck her on Ukyou’s path and had her end up with him it might have turned out better but maybe not since Heroine here is still a dull, boring mess like she was in the beginning(although Ukyou arc she did have a bit more emotion…).

    At least there’s Amnesia Crowd to look forward to?

    • Karakuri says:

      Neil is referred to by Orion as a guy, so I guess he’s just… really… feminine…. yeah. I thought those were boobs at first too, but I think that’s just his shirt folds >.> his voice certainly doesn’t help the confusion.

      Yeah, I would have been happier if they had done something other than just having Ukyou burst into a thing of light. I certainly think that Ukyou’s ending in the game offers a hell of a lot more closure.

      Ugh I still need to finish Later OTL I don’t even know what Crowd is going to be about considering that everything is wrapped up in the first game.

      • JapanInspired says:

        I can’t believe it all ended….epic fail end. I was really hoping for the Good End of Ukyo: him and her meeting in the park and them seing Orion in human form with Niiru, but the Heroine doesn’t remember them and everything is known only to Ukyo. Well, I guess they didn’t want people to complain “Why did she end up with Ukyo?! I wanted her to be with *insert name*”. Oh well, I wasn’t really expecting much, so it’s fine.

        I think Crowd is about the Heroine being captured (I guess). And you play for the male character to save her, you also can hear the thoughts of the guys, and get to know them better.
        What really got be laughing that the game has minigames in it where you can practise math with Toma, make food with Kent. And it has come to my attention, that Kent does the cooking and Shin does the cleaning. lol

        • Liza says:

          Huh, so that’s what Crowd is about. Of course then what does that make Luka? The kidnapper!? And then she falls in love with him on this arc? 0_o

          • JapanInspired says:

            I really have no idea. But I think I read somewhere that Luka really loves beautiful things, so, who knows? If I am right, and the game is about the Heroine been kidnapped, then:
            Did Luka think that the Heroine is really beautiful and made her his toy?
            Is he a maniac, that likes to play games with lovers by putting one in danger? (yeah, Heavy Rain fan here, lol)
            Why does one of the shots have Orion in it? Will the male character see Orion?
            I am really exited.

        • Karakuri says:

          I wanted a good ending too, but I guess they didn’t want to close off the possibility of her being with a different guy since they put all of that effort into animating their routes…

          …Hmmm. Otome games with mini games are either a hit or a miss with me. I’ll have to see once I get around to playing it…

          • JapanInspired says:

            I guess so, but I would be fine knowing that the Heroine is with the other guys in different worlds. I would have made it like that. Showing at the end, that she is with Ukyo, but at the ED that somewhere, where Ukyo isn’t living, she is with Shin/Ikki/Kent/Toma.
            And, I kind of fell sad that they didn’t show her with Orion, since she did meet with him in the second game. He wasn’t really her lover, but I still thought that it was really sweet. Oh….lol, a scene with Waka, maybe? Someone? He had a route in the game too. Haha.

            Really? Why?

            • D-LaN says:

              How Waka in Later?T ht guy have so many personality across the worlds lol.

  2. Irenesharda says:

    Again, I cried on this episode. Ukyo has the most emotional, heartrending scenes in the whole show. That poor man has died time and time again, each time for this girl that he truly loves. And to think all those dangers that he warned her of: falling construction equipment, building explosion, getting hit by a train, poison gas in the playground, traffic accident, quicksand in a well, building fire, getting stabbed, these are all ways that HE has died and so was able to warn her from first hand experience! Poor guy! No wonder he’s crazy, after dying at least that many times just so he could be with her! (Honestly dude, the girl isn’t worth it…she’s still as bland as Styrofoam.)

    I thought it was an okay episode, the beginning part with Ukyo was great, but the ending part with Orion and Neil I thought was only half done. It felt as if they had only just pulled out this plot point just so they could try to tie together all the plot holes. After everything that Ukyo had gone through I hoped to at least see an longer reunion between the two. Honestly, the guy has died for her so many times, and he’s had to watch her be with other people even though he’s the one who is making the sacrifice. He deserves more screen time.

    And how was the whole thing resolved? That the Heroine was able to live until the 26th? Well, you know what, she could have granted that wish easily if she had simply STAYED AT HOME! But it seems with this girl, things are never easy. She might have somehow drowned herself in a bathtub or something.

    All in all, the series was okay, the Heroine never gets a name or a personality and while the SOME of the guys are likable (I’m looking at you Toma, you abusive psycho…), Ukyo seems to be the only 3-dimensional one and the only character that I truly care for very much. Heroine doesn’t deserve him.

    I give this series about a 6/10. It stepped it up at the end, but not enough to save the entire series.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes! You understand my sorrow! How could they explain all of that and then NOT have the two as an OTP?! … Screw leaving it open ended, I was really hoping for some kind of closure. Not just a still shot of the two hugging and the heroine looking stunned.

      Well, the game explained it as Neil (who’s merged with Ukyou) had to be there and Ukyou was planning on dying that night, thus why the heroine ran after him. ….Obviously the manga had none of that explanation in there so she just looks like an idiot xD

      Yeah, the no name thing was weird. I hope that doesn’t become a trend. The guys were only really half given personalities too, so Ukyou is the way to go.

  3. belatkuro says:

    The explanation for the world-jumping really came out of the blue there. It explained a lot of things but I really would like some foreshadowing or some hints dropped in the earlier parts of the show. It seemed like “hey, here’s the explanation for all the stuff that’s been going on here. Take it or leave it.” Even Orion was surprised by it.
    It’s probably because Ukyou didn’t get as much emphasis in the story as the Heroine. Speaking of which…

    Ukyou is quite a tragic guy. It’s kinda like the 2 first routes of the F/SN VN. When I got to Heaven’s Feel, I kinda thought hard about what is going to happen to Sakura in the Fate and UBW routes because Show ▼

    Though that was dispelled when I looked more into it.
    Anyways, it’s probably because he didn’t get much focus here in the anime that his fate was left hanging and didn’t get much closure. Sad but that’s probably it. When he stabbed himself, I actually thought for a few seconds that, “did…his body move to block his stabbing. How is that possible?!”, and then it showed that only his hand moved. Silly me XD.

    Heroine…is still the slow person she is. She’s in a burning building with a psycho trying to kill him, and she’s still not moving, or even panicking as much. Sure, she’s probably paralyzed with fear but that’s not how it seems. Her blank state really is a good and bad thing.

    When she was leaving towards the gate, those flashbacks…I was really dreading that she’s going to stay. Orion end?! I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS \(` A `)/
    Luckily, she didn’t. And those flashbacks didn’t really amount to anything. Orion felt so insignificant despite being a character that helps.
    And with the nature of Neil being someone who gets power by granting wishes reminds me of a certain Incubator so I still don’t trust him. But he was played as the good guy so I’ll accept it I guess.

    Surprisingly, I…liked the ending. Even though Ukyou didn’t get much closure as he’s in the middle of this phenomenon as the heroine, it’s nice to see that there’s a world where they get together, along with the other guys. An open ending of sorts but I kinda liked it.

    It was a decent ride. The blandness of the Heroine really hurt the character development but at least she is consistent in her character unlike certain stereotype characters *cough*KugiRie tsundere lolis*cough*.
    The mystery of the world was one of the things that intrigued me with this but they don’t leave out clues as it goes along and I keep telling myself that maybe next episode. And it’s the last episode now…
    The characters. Well, I got attached to Kent and Shin in their worlds/routes. I laughed out loud with Toma and I still hate Ikki. They were interesting but they didn’t add much to the story except being one of the ends of the story.
    Ukyou, while seemingly being the central character, never got to shine as well. He was sympathetic but he was never fleshed out a lot for me to care.

    Overall, it could have been better. The adaptation does seem to have been decent but they probably stuck too much to the source that it didn’t quite work out in the anime. Still, I looked forward to watching it every week(mostly because it’s the only show coming out on Wednesdays). The Heroine(we never got her name right?) is still so beautiful that I can accept the things she did in the past 12 episodes. I’d better start looking for more pics of her.

    tl;dr 7/10. Not recommendable and re-watchable but it was a good ride and I’m glad to have stuck with it.

    • Karakuri says:

      I guess Ukyou’s talk about knowing the heroine before is supposed to be taken as a hint, but really. It did seem pasted on last minute here. Never played F/SN, but it sounds like it would be about the same feeling.

      Yeah, I guess in the end, he blankness actually made the ending seem a bit better. And she also showed an appropriate amount of fear here too.

      An Orion end? I WISH nah, even in the fan disk, he’s like, 12 and it’s more of a friendship ‘wait until I grow up!’ thing as opposed to a couple. Ahaha I didn’t think the flashbacks were anything special either. Sure, he was present and giving advice, but I don’t think they had any real meaningful interaction.

      …I don’t like it, but I can’t really deny that the ending was smart.

      Yay for consistency. Yeah, the story didn’t shine through exactly how I hoped it would (though it wasn’t bad, all things considered). In the end, I’ll take this as a good adaptation, but I’m not watching this again. I think there are some good cosplay pics of the heroine out there. I’m pretty sure someone posted one somewhere in the comments already.

  4. zztop says:

    Actually I didn’t think it was that bad.

    I’m a guy, and I liked watching Amnesia.(PS I never played the game before).

    A few good things about Amnesia:
    1)It knows how to set up atmosphere. Nothing much actually happens in a episode, but the music, angle shots grab your attention and make you want to continue watching the next episode. It knows how to create tenseness in certain scenes.

    2) The character designs. As an artist, I immensely enjoyed the details and designs of each character’s clothing. Granted they’re funkier than normal, but I’ve actually seen clothing designs like Heroine’s, Sawa, Mine and Toma in Japanese fashion magazines. I’ve even seen Asian girls with dyed hair similar to Heroine’s(light brown with the pink highlights).

    Heres a nice Heroine cosplay. Looks like a fashion model doesnt she?

    PS. What exactly are Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd? I saw some ads for them on the series website. Are they direct sequels or game expansions?

    • Karakuri says:

      Good to know that not everyone hated it.

      1- I think that’s a matter of opinion really. I was interested because I knew where things were heading. Miyu on the other hand was rather bored. That might just be because she was expecting something else though, I don’t know.

      2- the art was an interesting direction. I don’t have any complaints about that. BRAINS BASE is a really good animator.

      Amnesia Later is a fan disk, so it’s like a slightly longer epilogue (and covers some of back when the heroine was memory-less). I haven’t cared enough about Crowd to look up what it’s about.

      • zztop says:

        I rewatched some earlier episodes before the finale, I thought there was a pretty good flow.

        Few things I’m curious about.

        1)In the early episodes, the characters mentioned how the weather in August was ‘colder than normal’, but this was never elaborated on in the show. Was this a side-effect of the universe-travelling?

        2)I understand the different universes killing Ukyo to correct the existential anomaly he caused(like how white blood cells kill viruses in the immune system), given he was an outsider from another universe. But how does Heroine count as an existential anomaly herself? How would she have been deemed an outsider in the prime (Ukyo) universe that needed removing?

        • Karakuri says:

          1) Well, this last world was more of a rewind of the very original world where the heroine was killed as opposed to a new one. So where Neil could rewind the time, he couldn’t rewind the weather as well. So basically, it’s September weather in August

          2)This one got me too (even in the game). I just assume that since it’s her fate to go into a coma on August 1st and die on the 25th, the world attempted to just try and make that happen any way possible. She’s not supposed to be alive past the 25th, so it’s not so much that she’s an outsider, so much as she’s fated to die and the world is trying to fulfill that. …I don’t really understand the attacks before the 25th 100% either, but I assume it’s the world going something like “Wait a minute. This girl is supposed to be in a coma that will kill her. I need to come up with a way for her to die since she’s not in a coma.”

          • zztop says:

            OIC!! Thanks!

            And if Heroine’s death ensured Ukyo’s survival in a universe, how did he specifically travel to other worlds after finding out she died?

      • zztop says:

        I’m still curious about a few things:

        1) Some earlier episodes had characters talking how the weather was colder than normal, yet the show never elaborated on this. Was this a universe-travelling side effect?

        2)If Ukyo was an existential anomaly the universe needed to destroy to correct itself, how did Heroine become an anomaly in the penultimate episodes? Is it because she was an outsider too from her prime universe?
        And if Heroine’s death ensured Ukyo’s survival in a universe, how did he specifically travel to other worlds after finding out she died?

  5. mistress_kisara says:

    Yeah, the no personality heroine really hurt the show what they should have done is split the lines between her and Orion in the game. Felicita had no lines in the Arcana game as well but they made it work (although it’s also a crappy adaptation)

    I actually like the Orion send off its more touching than the game. Basically he’s just “GTG, just let let Shin/whoever take care of you”

    I just hope BroCon and Dialovers would be decent. XD

    And thanks for blogging this!

    • Karakuri says:

      I felt that Fel wasn’t that expressive either in the AF adaptation though. At least the game had the comic book like pictures so you knew Fel’s general reaction to things.

      …I cried pretty much every time he left in the game (though especially in Ukyou’s route). Maybe not so much Shin’s and Kent’s, but Ikki’s really got to me for some reason. I don’t know. I guess I was more emotionally attatched to Orion in the game than here.

      Dialovers should be… interesting xD I haven’t even looked into playing BroCon yet to be honest. I’m on a rejet spree right now.

      No problem! Thanks for reading~

      • zztop says:

        ‘He, uh, killed himself so that Neil would send him to another world.’

        Wow, that’s quite…macabre and disturbing.

        Did the game ever give specifics on how long Ukyo had been world-travelling/Heroine-killing for?

        • Karakuri says:

          It’s implied to be hundreds if not thousands of times (though some of them are him dying due to being a ‘foreign body’ before he can ever talk to the heroine). Especially because he tells her so many different days about what to avoid. He also knows all of the other ways the heroine can die in the other routes.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Hmmm… With the last episode, I can say that Amnesia gets an average rating, just below Arcana Famiglia. Nothing big but it was nice enough to watch though it was hard at times because the heroine was such a doormat. This episode felt like two big scenes whereas the previous ones had a handful of them. I guess there was very little stuff to explain.

    Wow, Ukyo really is the best character for her. I don’t see the other guys risking their lives to that extent for someone they like but maybe Ikki would be the exception because he and Ukyo seem almost alike.

    The one thing I noticed is that with all the explanations from Orion, Ukyo and Neil about why she was put into these situations in the first place, we never once found out what the heroine’s name was even though her memories have now been recovered. Did she have a name in the otome game version? And it was a bit sad when Orion said once she gets her memories back, she’ll forget about him. Seeing those two together was growing on me.

    • Liza says:

      I don’t think she had a default name in the game itself(not from what I found…) The wiki says it is Mary but I don’t know if that’s right or not. :/

      And as for Orion….Amnesia Later fixes that nicely, in Ukyou’s path only…

    • Karakuri says:

      WHAT??! Below Arcana Famiglia?! ….I didn’t think that was possible, but I guess AF had more action and even Fel with half of her personality is more personality than no-name here.

      Yeah, I dunno about her name. Though every time someone names a different no-name protagonist for an anime, there’s always debate. Like Yuu in P4 (though the debate was more the fact that his name was Seto in the manga). I’m sure there was debate over the protagonist’s name in Devil Survivor 2 as well (though I think Hibiki works well personally).

  7. zztop says:

    Well, despite the various complaints, I will agree on one thing : I really enjoyed listening to the opening and ending songs. Its a good break from all the cutesy sounding stuff.

    Who else thinks so too?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I agree. With such a moe feeling atmosphere coming from the series, I expected an OP that would compliment it but “Zoetrope” by Yanagi Nagi blew me away. It was a surprise and the music is very addictive. I’d listen to it about three times before watching the rest of the episode until I downloaded the full version.

    • JapanInspired says:

      I agree, I even remember myself rewinding the OP a few times before the episode started. Haha, so addicted to it now.
      Well, and it was nice to see how they turned everything, Amnesia is quite a hard game, for an anime adaptation.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I really enjoyed the OP as well, I actually listened to that even before I decided to actually check out the series. That was actually one of my favorite parts about the series finale. They played this really cool orchestral version of Zoetrope and I can’t wait till the soundtrack is out just for that!

      • JapanInspired says:

        I also loved that version of Zoetrope, and that flute part, aww, it was perfect. I even went to try to transcribe that version on my piano, haha. Can’t wait to hear the full version of it.

    • Karakuri says:

      I liked them even better than the game OP and ED songs~ Nagi makes everything better.

  8. zztop says:

    One last question. In the 1st episode the fangirls and Rika were ganging up on Heroine in the prime universe, but nothing was said after that.

    Did the game ever elaborate on Heroine’s relationship with Rika and the fanclub in the prime Ukyo universe? And if she was with Ukyo, how did the fanclub think she was with Ikki?

    • JapanInspired says:

      I didn’t quite get the question, but I hope this will help.
      In Ukyo’s route(world) the Heroine and Rika were good friends. And the first episode didn’t look like Ukyo’s route, since, well, how can you understand in what world is she? Easy, look at Waka. lol, well it looked more like the anime started in Ikki’s route, although I might be wrong. But I thought about it that way also since the fangirls were angry that the Heroine didn’t send any reports.

    • Karakuri says:

      First universe, I assume, was in the middle of the heroine being thrown between worlds and wasn’t Ukyou’s ‘world’. I’m pretty sure it was Ikki’s due to the reports and bitchy fangirls (plus Rika) (though they’re bitchy everywhere).

      Like JapanInspired says above, Rika and the heroine are best friends in the original world. Rika knows that Ikki’s eyes don’t work on the heroine and Ikki and her can hang out without it being a huge issue because he’ll do something later like ask Rika to go to the beach. Rika doesn’t mind sharing. The fangirls though, er, well the trio we saw the most in the anime, they were explained as being newer members who just want Ikki all to themselves, thus why they get violent. …They can’t do much about Rika because she’s ruthless, but the heroine is an easy target.

      They first get jealous when Ikki asks the heroine to see fireworks and at first she says yes, but then spends the day with Ukyou instead. …But this incident causes the fangirls to think that she’s too close to him. Especially since he likes hanging out with her and Rika a lot because they don’t treat him like an object of desire.

  9. D-LaN says:

    Wow this episodes….. ALL OF MY FEELS. Especially the part with Orion ;A; This episode pass in the FEELS department IMO. (Honestly, I only feel for Kent, Ukyo and Orion lol) I consider it an OK/good ending.

    Dammit, no Orion/Ukyo end 🙁 Oh well, in my headcanon Missus Amnesiac chooses Ukyo world. Still, I heard there orion route in Amnesia later? If so then do want. (Aksyssssss~ Translate F/E CCC first though)

    Overall, it ain’t as bad as the whiners said. I genuinely enjoyed the show (OK maybe except the Ikki fangirls/Toma part) IMO it need a longer episode count though. Can’t wait for your AMNESIA review, @Kara!

    • Karakuri says:

      …It’s not a bad ending, I just wanted a bit more closure for Ukyou… Well, Keant and Ukyou had the best arcs. …Which is kind of sad considering that Kent had more of an episode. Though Shin’s story is boring if you take away the investigation behind her falling off a cliff.

      Well, there’s kind of an Orion route in Later. Though since he’s like, 12 and the heroine is almost 20 (she’s 18 or 19 or something), there’s not much romance. …Aksys needs to translate CCC. OTL Words cannot describe how bad I want that game localized. GILLLLLLLL

      Amnesia review is done actually! Just waiting for a slow day to post it. ….I’m FINALLY working on my Arcana Famiglia one too (like, a year later).

  10. anaaga says:

    Sobbed a little during the parting. Orion is the true male lead of this anime.
    Am I the only one who like this anime? I have to admit, the last episode is shitty and confusing as hell. Who the hell is Neil? But anyhow, I actually like how the anime focuses more on the stories instead of the main character. I knew right away that the main character is supposed to be ignored when she has no name, meaning that the audience needs to replace the main character with themselves. It was actually pretty unique and entertaining, Imagining what I would’ve done instead of the main character. Also, the open ending is something I favor because this way I don’t have to RAAGEEE about the canon pairing while knowing that the MC does end up with someone.
    What disappoints me the most is the last episode. It sucks SO BAD. They were just dumping everything in the last episode, wasting all the time loops whatsoever done in the previous episodes. The anime is decent, but then the last episode ruined it all

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