Amnesia – 10


It’s Ukyou’s turn and he’s brought with him the gift of imminent death~

Congratulations for making it this far, because this is where things get interesting.



Because apparently she couldn’t have done this in the first episode of the arc

 …I think this is the most I’ve ever heard the heroine talk at once. On that note though, she was just about as devoted to Toma as he was to her. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her so expressive about her feelings and I guess it was that devotion that let her forgive Toma for his… uh… episode. I like the way they handled this here since I’m pretty sure the cage thing lasted longer because the heroine didn’t say anything to Toma about her feelings, so I’m glad things worked themselves out quickly here. But to think that this whole thing is allllllll because he thought she liked another guy. What a hilarious misunderstanding! Funny how he didn’t act like this in Ikki’s actual route. …Though if I remember correctly, he was actually her sibling (or more like step-sibling because his mother was the heroine’s father’s third wife or something) and he wasn’t around the heroine that often.


But yeah, other than being creeepily overprotective (…and ignoring that ‘I’m going to break you’ thing), Toma isn’t that bad of a person. He acts like a perfectly normal and nice guy in every other route, so I assume the pressure just kind of overwhelmed him in this one between the rather harsh fangirl bullying and the heroine having no memories. The game had Ukyou being ever creepier as well (though that was definitely downplayed until he threw her off the freaking roof). Though Toma definitely still has issues since the whole thing with taking her cellphone and hiding her away at his place was like him trying to shelter her from the world. I guess in a way he was being considerate since she was stressed enough with the no memories thing (and had apparently lost her personality in the process), but let the girl try to handle things herself.

Anyways, on to Ukyou’s route. …It only occurs to me now that I don’t think they’ve ever named him before. Oh well, so as you’ve probably pieced together before, he’s got two personalities. One of them wants to save the heroine and the other wants her dead. Obviously, you’re suppose to be getting mixed signals. There are reasons for all of this of course, but I can assure you that Ukyou is in fact human and …uh, not that bad of a guy. Though you probably saw that from his desperation of trying to save the heroine from one ridiculous situation after another.


Talking in the middle of train tracks really didn’t seem like a good idea


…As proven later.

But let’s not forget about his creepy side. I really was NOT expecting the heroine to be murdered by him at the end of Toma’s route. Orion’s nagging might have gotten annoying, but he definitely has the right idea. Personality #2 has seriously attempted to murder the heroine before. Though on that note, Orion. Seriously. You know about the heroine being thrown into different worlds. Ukyou has always talked like he knows exactly what’s going on. Why are you incapable of putting the fact together? Sure, in the game there is no being thrown into multiple worlds, so neither character would have a clue, but here it’s obvious that the pieces go together here. Hell, Ukyou even knows that the heroine has lost her memories.

Finally, an explanation to why the heroine dies every other episode. …Okay, maybe not a clear one. I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to explain why the heroine kept dying multiple worlds either since the heroine didn’t die after every route in the game, throwing one part of the explanation I know out the window. But yeah, as you saw with the ridiculousness of the train scenario, this world in particular has it out for the heroine. Though from this episode, you’d think that this city’s construction planning team is the worst ever after all of those incidents. Trains malfunctioning? Gas leaks? Explosions? Construction sites falling apart? Whoever is in charge of these things really needs to be fired since they’re obviously incompetent. These deaths aren’t really even the heroine’s fault (though I don’t quite understand why she couldn’t have just taken off her shoe with that one train incident. Though with her luck, the zipper or whatever would have gotten caught regardless). …So it’s not quite time travel, but by this point, you should be able to figure out the meaning of the Steins;Gate comparison I made earlier on in the series now.

We’re almost there! Things are getting more exciting now and the truth is almost revealed! So yeah, if this episode didn’t seem like a small pay off for all of the previous episodes… then I guess there’s just no redeeming the show for you. The truth has yet to be revealed in full, but really, this episode was like the beginning of the climax for the series. Luckily, if you did like it, then I’m pretty sure the excitement level remains consistent until the ending of the series. Plus I’m pretty sure that there will be an OTP (obviously between the heroine and Ukyou), not only because that was there in the game, but also because the build up has been there for one.




University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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50 Responses to “Amnesia – 10”

  1. Liza says:

    Heroine’s magical pick locketing skill has been unlocked! Where in the world did that come from? >_>

    But yeah, Ukyou! Who has to be my favorite out of all of the guys. Really excited for his route and explanation of what in the world is going on with Heroine.

    But dang, a world that wants to kill her… poor Heroine would be dead so many times over without Ukyou around. Although I wonder how his crazy other personality fits into this all. It would be really scary if he saved her one moment and then threw her in front of a bus in another.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Although I wonder how his crazy other personality fits into this all.

      I’m also thinking the same thing. One personality is trying to protect her while the other one is out to kill her. He was close by with all her previous accidents and here, he personally tried to kill her at the hospital. It’s a paradox because he’s close to her because his other side says he’s her lover. She can’t stay near him but she can’t afford not to.

      • Karakuri says:

        I think that was the whole point of him killing her in the hospital and then having his route where he’s saving her all the time. In order to make you question that.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I have no idea where that came from, but it sure would have been so much easier if she could have done that from the start…

      But yeah! Ukyou! It;s a shame (okay, not really since it’s livening up the plot) that absolutely everything it trying to kill the heroine, but they’re showing so much of him now~

  2. Irenesharda says:

    One, no, don’t you ever try to give excuses for Toma’s behavior. He was and is a possessive, abusive, psycho who if it hadn’t been for a diary thankfully dropping a revealing what he wanted all along, who knows where the Heroine would be? In this case, the reasons are meaningless. Toma crossed the line and he needs to be put in jail. I noticed his overly possessive behavior even in episode 8, and I could tell that it wouldn’t end well.

    Now, for Ukyo…is it okay if I say that I think he is the one that the Heroine’s actually supposed to be with? Of all the boyfriends, he is the only one who seems to actually be in love with her (his “good” side I mean).

    I have liked Ukyo since before I even started watching this show because even in the opening, I could see that he wasn’t getting much coverage. I like to go for the underdog in most situations, so I easily gravitated towards him. It also made it more interesting that he seems to know everything that’s going on here.

    I like him, even his evil side, more than the other 4 guys. At least his evil side is open about the fact that it’s psycho and not hiding behind the “It’s because I love you” excuse. One side of him passionately hates her, and the other side seems to passionately love her. However, the side that loves her doesn’t seem as smothering as the other guys. He lets her have her space. He will stay away from her if necessary, and doesn’t have to necessarily walk her home every single time. He treats her a little more as an equal instead of an infant that needs to be tended.

    Shin and Kent seem more like brothers than anything. Ikki too, to a degree. And she really just needs to get Toma some help…

    Ukyo, of all the guys, seems to be the most real and the one who actually loves her and has a bond. In each world Heroine goes into, he knows which guy she’s dating, but all he seems to care about is that she’s happy. He’s not smothering, overprotective, or treats her like an imbecile (even if she is one…), he seems to just be happy that she’s happy, even if he has to watch her be in another guy’s arms.

    Taking notes, Toma?!!!

    Anyway, I also find it interesting, that Ukyo and the Heroine are the only ones who share a similar hairstyle, with one single braid on one side of their heads. Coincidence or subtle symbolism?

    Maybe its the Joker that holds the heart of the girl with the Harlequin tights…?

    • Liza says:

      I didn’t notice they both had braids! On opposite sides too. And I love the Joker/Harlequin analogy.:D

    • JapanInspired says:

      Well, I think Ukyo appears to be the official pairing for the heroine. So it won’t be a surprise if they end up being together. As they did in the original time-line.

      Lol, I also noticed (almost from the first time) that Ukyo has a single braid on one side. I thought that was quite a nice touch.

      Ukyo is quite a nice guy, if you forget about his Psycho problems for a moment. Well, and it was her fault about it, but never mind. He is so hilarious that he tries to do something nice and then covers it up with “oh, but you mustn’t be too close to me, and we’ll take the road with a lot of people around”. Can’t wait for the next episode, there is so much ahead. At least the anime turned a bit better after these last episodes, they could have saved it if they thrown a bit of suspense in every episode, because some where quite boring.

      And the one thing that still bothers me Why didn’t they make more memories come up in her mind? She should be “dead” already. I was hoping for at least 1 new memory (even a 1 second one) every episode. I don’t know about the others, but I think that would have made the show more interesting.

      • Karakuri says:

        The memory thing has been bugging me too since they put so much emphasis that she HAS to recover them Though with the multiple worlds thing, I wonder if they’ll have her recover her memories from the original world where she died and that will be it? Having her jump worlds kind of throws me off. It’s also odd that they had her recover them the first episode and then never again.

        • JapanInspired says:

          You mean that they will just put in the episode with Ukyo asking for help in the hospital? Maybe, I hope that they WILL put at least that one.
          It really is strange, the first episodes she sees memories, and then nothing. They could have put much more in if they threw out a few seconds of talk or something.

          I also agree with your words about how the heroine avoided to say to any of the men that she cares for them, or how they avoided in the anime to show more scenes of them being lovers. Though, I think it would be logical to say that she is the same person in every world, since her mind travels, and so how can she fall in love with a different man every few days? Imagine people say what kind of a person she is if she has romantic feelings for 2-4 guys at the same time? lol
          So the anime creators making her remember her feelings only for Ukyo and falling in love with him again would be quite easy to understand, yes?

          Hmm…maybe that’s why they didn’t let her get her memories back? I just thought about it, but, I mean, if she gets more of her memories that leads to finding her true feeling and so that would make her love someone again. Like when if the Heroine remembers how Shin confessed to her, or how she said that he is really kind when falling from a cliff and mistaking Toma for Shin, would have led to something…
          Okay, I have no idea where I am going with this. lol

          • Karakuri says:

            Lol I think I talked about that somewhere between Shin and Ikki, but yeah, I assume they haven’t had her commit to one guy (or even mildly show affection) to avoid having her look like she’s fallen for 5 guys.

            I hope that’s their explanation to her lack of memories returning (either that or maybe they’ll just say that this world has the true memories or something). I think the switching worlds is important in here and maybe they’ll say something like she loses memories after going through the worlds every couple of times…? It would explain why she remembered a few things because maybe they happened before, but she lost her recovered memories again due to one reason or another…? I don’t even know if I’m making sense.

            • JapanInspired says:

              Oh, Really? You did? Hehe, I didn’t know, I kind of just missed them. Sorry

              Well, I don’t think that it’s the she-loses-memories-after-going-to-different-worlds, since it would be kind of unfair, it’s not her fault she goes from one to another (but maybe it is, since I still think “why the hell didn’t you try to swim?! Is how to swimming part of your lost memories?), lol.
              Hm…losing her recovered memories… you might be right, remember the 1st episode, when Orion introduces himself, the next morning he asks does she remember the things from yesterday, and says how it seems that her memories have finally calmed (did she forget what happened yesterday every next morning?) also so you can guess that he was already before the 1st of August with her.
              I kind of forgot about that part, but it must be important, since they used there precious time in the anime, and I highly doubt that he said the same in the game (though I played it quite a long time ago and could have mistook something).

            • Karakuri says:

              No, no I mean more like, she’s either been floating between worlds or whatever for some time and recovering memories or something and then something happened before the beginning of the anime, which made her forget again which is why she’s had limited flashbacks of things that hadn’t happened yet when the story began (though I might be completely wrong since Orion JUST joined her at the beginning).

        • JapanInspired says:

          I’m replying you here, since it doesn’t let me go further with my reply’s.

          You said that something might have happened to her before the anime started and possibly made her forget the memories that she already collected.
          I remember in the game Ukyo said that since there was her original world means that it’s her last chance.
          Uhgr…I’ve been thinking a lot about what could have made her forget everything again, but I have no idea. Also with the thoughts “we went so far away with this, but what if everything is much easier than we think?”.
          I really can’t think of anything else. So, since today the 11th episode will air, I propose that we watch that one and continue with our new thoughts, is that fine?

          • Karakuri says:

            Yeah, I’ve definitely confused myself here. ….Watch them forget all about that part and never answer our questions xD

            • JapanInspired says:

              Hahaha. Oh, no no no. I won’t let myself forget my questions, I will come up with a theory even if they don’t answer these questions(no matter how crazy my theory will be, lol).

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh, I’m not making excuses so much as trying to rationalize how a guy who acts like a perfectly normal human being in every other route turns into… well, this. Plus people were pinning murder on him and such in the comments for episode 9, where his faults more lie in the fact that he took away the heroine’s freedom. I guess in that, I came off softer than I intended.

      Yeah, I’d say it’s safe to say that he’s pretty much THE one for the heroine. They’ve taken out quite a bit from the other guys route-wise in the anime, which is why they don’t really seem like lovers and to add to that, the heroine has avoided saying to any of them that she really cares about them. Even with Toma, she never actually said out loud that she loves him, it’s just that her diary from that world said that she did. I really hope that this is a sign that they’ll make Ukyou the guy for her since they’ve avoided having her commit to anyone else thus far.

      • Irenesharda says:

        I honestly think that if Heroine never had that diary or she had never loved him in that world, Toma would have ended up raping her and eventually killing her himself either in a murder-suicide, or one of those “If I can’t have you, nobody will” murders. The guy has a screw loose somewhere and even if he’s been tamed by the end of his route, I think if she ever did anything to make him jealous or if she even simply twisted her ankle, he would fall right back into his previous behavior. I’ve just heard a few people making excuses for this guy, saying that he was “sorry” afterward and he never treated her that way again. Arghh! It just irks me.

        I am actually thankful for Ukyo dropping her off the roof and getting her out of that world. Toma’s route couldn’t have ended soon enough.

        • Karakuri says:

          To tell you the truth, you’re probably right. In the game, she meets Ukyou in full psycho mode outside when she gets out of the cage at Toma’s and he tells her that the next day is the time limit before Toma kills her (which Ukyou has been saying is going to happen since the first time the heroine meets him in this world). It works out okay here, but the fact that he’s probably killed her in other worlds is somewhat disturbing. >.>

  3. Gecko says:

    Toma’s route ended rather easily despite all of the creepiness. Toma is still creepy to me, for sure. I’m a little worried by the fact that they forgot about the whole cage deal so easily, but I suppose Ukyo throwing her off the roof was a bigger issue.
    …Especially because then, his other personality ended up being so nice. I mean, goodness. Always protecting her, although not directly.
    I was worried that he was going to switch personalities all of a sudden at the top of the stairs and throw her down all of a sudden and we were going to start seeing Steins;Gate although from Mayu’s view where she remembers all of the routes, and Okabe=Ukyo, and deaths were going to happen more often. But she’s survived so far.
    As for the shoe, it would have been bad to leave the shoe there in the tracks, because the train needs the tracks. She could have gotten out of her shoe and then pulled it out, but it seems like there aren’t any ways to really get out of the shoe (no zipper, from what I see) quick enough to pull it out.
    I guess, for once, I’m looking forward to the next episode to see how many more deaths they can come up with.

    • JapanInspired says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Toma creeps out not only me. I heard he is quite popular, because of how protective he is, or something like that. The cage was also really creepy, I just can’t imagine sitting still and quiet locked up like that. And it was so hilarious how in the second game Toma mentioned that the Cage was the most expensive thing he bought for her and now it’s on his balcony. Really? Toma, what will people think if they see it from outside? lol

      Oh yes, the deaths that they come up with are hilarious, like how Ukyo didn’t let the heroine go to a festival because she could choke on an apple or drown in the water from goldfish scooping.

      • D-LaN says:

        How the hell did they allow Toma to walk around freely after the whole cage deal is beyond me. Where are the therapist!?And yeah, he on the top of the popularity poll.

        Toma why would did tht I can’t even

        I can actually see Missus Amnesiac dieing frm those accident knowing her >_<

        • JapanInspired says:

          He’s also the top in polls like “the worst boyfriend”. I think there are just people who really like him, and people that think he’s crazy, no third. Haha

          Well, I guess she just wanted to show how the World desperately wants to kill the heroine.

      • Gecko says:

        Wow, the cage is on his balcony… of course. lol. lol. lol. I’m laughing very hard now. That must have been a joke or something the game writers made.
        That’s so crazy! An apple? Goldfish scooping? Man, that’s getting to Toma levels of protection. Minus cage.

        • JapanInspired says:

          Oh, maybe it was a joke, but then when the Heroine asked if Toma will sleep with her on 1 bed, he answered that he won’t be able to restrain himself and suggested that he’ll sleep in the cage and she will have the key.
          But the scene about the cage on the balcony really made laugh alot.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m a little worried by the fact that they forgot about the whole cage deal so easily, but I suppose Ukyo throwing her off the roof was a bigger issue.

      …I don’t know why, but that line made me laugh really hard. Yeah, they switched over pretty fast.

      Surprisingly, despite her track record, she’s actually doing well at staying alive. Of course, 10000% of this is due to Ukyou, who’s also know for trying to kill her, but meh details. Oh I guess so regarding the shoe. Even if she had managed to pull her foot out of there, the train probably would have derailed and managed to kill the heroine in the process anyways.

      • JapanInspired says:

        Well, it’s like she forgot what is normal in the society.

        But Toma did suggest, in the second game, that he’d sleep in the cage and the heroine will have the key. It’s kind of hard to compare the game to the anime, since I noticed how the heroine acts different in different routes in the game. In Toma’s route she was really crazy about him, and even Shin mentioned that it’s disgusting to see her letting Toma do anything because she loves him. Although she covered it with “people cutting her hair and blah blah blah was more scary than Toma” O_o really? I would have just gone straight to Shin, so he would keep Toma away from me, and then to Ikki, to find out what the hell is going on, pretending that the consciousness-lossing caused some of my memories to get mixed, but it will be okay after a few days. And that Diary, I would have tried to open it from the start.
        But, it’s just me, and that would have ended all those interesting scenes with crazy-Onii-chan.

        I do blame that the heroine is acting stupid in some ways, but you know, in philosophic literature they do say that aspects of a good story is when it allows you to connect with the hero, and you are emotionally detached.
        You don’t want to get killed, but you enjoy being in these situations. You want to know what will happen next and what the protagonist will do.

        I really liked the game, and I can say that I enjoyed playing Toma’s route, because of how scary (hilarious) it was. He creeps me out, but he’s still and interesting character.

      • Gecko says:

        I’m glad you liked my silly writing! Every now and then I manage to say something good here.
        (Granted, I used a lot of my power on OverBriar shipping)

        • BlackBriar says:

          (Granted, I used a lot of my power on OverBriar shipping)

          You said that deliberately, didn’t you? Admit it!! That’s still embarassing. 🙂

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Congratulations for making it this far, because this is where things get interesting.

    Curiosity is what kept me coming back. I’ve done that with a lot of animes, some I’ve regretted and wished I didn’t.

    The heroine has a little development to her defense. She’s a lot more human now. Unbelievable that the she still had an interest in Touma after what he did to her. Even now, seeing him around her makes my skill crawl. I know she’s pretty much a doormat and naïve but he would have gotten some sympathy from me if he wasn’t so possessive of her and the fact he’s the jealous type isn’t helping the situation.

    Finally those Ikki stalkers got it through their thick skulls to stop bullying her but I felt they got off way to easily. Maybe if they had a taste of their medicine, they’d understand better, like cutting off some of their hair.

    I’m beginning to see what you’ve been saying about Ukyo these past few weeks during each post. He is the most interesting guy out of the group. Before you said the had a spilt personality, I thought there could have been two of him but the former is more plausible than the latter. Am his claim is a stretch. If the world is trying to kill her, than what, his insane side is doing its dirty work like when he threw her off the roof?

    • JapanInspired says:

      Actually the world by itself is trying to kill the Heroine. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Ukyo’s psycho-side has nothing to do with the world’s plans on killing her, it’s just that everything led him to be that way.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Alright. With everything set up the way it is, one would suspect that Ukyo was working for someone or something. The fact that a world wants someone dead went over my head. It all felt like a coincidence. All that’s left to find out is why his psycho side is trying to kill her.

        • JapanInspired says:

          Oh yes, the scene when you find out the truth about him was so dramatic and so lovely. When I played the game, I really thought that he made a contract with the devil or something. I really want to see how they’ll open it up in the anime.

    • Karakuri says:

      You made it through Bread: The Animation. I think that’s an achievement on it’s own.

      Personally, I’m just thankful that Toma wasn’t nearly as creepy as he was in the game. They put more emphasis on his ‘nice guy’ parts here.

      I was wrong above. I went back to Toma’s route earlier today and they do actually apologize. Toma makes them upload a statement about what they did too online since they have her profile on a prostitute site or something, which is why she got the texts.

      Oh crap, did I accidentally have a spoiler in there? Oh well, I’m pretty sure Miyu said something similar earlier. Yeah, Ukyou is pretty damn awesome. …Though of course, I enjoy watching psychopaths, so there’s that.

      • Highway says:

        I read through these posts and comment threads and I’m just amazed… I’m so glad I’m not watching this show. It is definitely not for me. I don’t get along with shows that are entirely broken people very well.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ahahaha then I’d stay far faaaaar away from Diabolik Lovers Wifebeaters when it gets it’s anime sometime soon.

          • D-LaN says:

            But we need some1 to blog tht show so tht I don’t need to watch it ;P

        • D-LaN says:

          Why so serious? Just turn off your brain and enjoy the madnesssssss XD

          But yeah, you should stay away frm Diabolik lovers anime like Kara said. I’ve seen a LP of tht game and my NOPE radar is ady pinging HARD on the prologue.

          • Karakuri says:

            They call the heroine bitch-chan and threaten to cut her ear off or something in the drama CD. I have yet to actually play the game, but where could it go wrong? xD

            Well, Highway might be out, but it’s got vampires absolutely everywhere, so at least we’ll have Briar.

            • JapanInspired says:

              O.O sounds interesting.
              Really, what could go wrong? lol…I hope, nothing.

              Reminds me of Black Wolf Saga.

            • D-LaN says:

              @Karakuri Cute kid route, just the cute kid route. WTF WHY DID HE JUST I CAN’T EVEN WHHYYY Godbless you Briar.

              @JapanInspired Both VNs are made by the same developer (rejet). And I can totally see the influence =___= They did a good job making me hate (almost) all the datable guys lol.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Hahaha! Now how did I get wrapped up in all this? I can use this influence to create some followers, hehehe. Looks like there are some mixed feelings about this but since Kara mentioned vampires, and you know I have a really hard time denying my favorite monster, I’ll give it a shot.

              @Kara: That was underhanded luring me in with that little detail. Nice work.

        • BlackBriar says:

          A lot of patience is required to deal with these kinds of shows, Highway. Believe me, I’ve endured animes most would’ve dropped after the second episode and yet I always manage to keep pushing forward. The absolute good thing I can say about Amnesia is that it has a nice OP and ED. The rest depends on the opinions of whoever is watching the series itself.

      • BlackBriar says:

        You made it through Bread: The Animation. I think that’s an achievement on it’s own.

        Please don’t remind me. Even now, it’s hard for me to forget. That anime was poison to me as BTOOOM! was for Highway.

        You like psychopaths, eh? If I were the heroine and I could, I’d check Ukyo Crime Coefficient. I can’t help it anymore. Whenever there’s talk about psychopaths, Psycho-Pass analogies keep coming to mind.

        • Highway says:

          It was not, because you finished it. I didn’t even finish it (Shiny Bread), probably missing the best part (best in relative terms) in the last two episodes. And I quit BTOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! in the middle of the third episode.

          Interestingly, for as much as I can’t stand too many broken people, Psycho-Pass, contrary to what you’d imagine, doesn’t have many broken people in it.

        • Gecko says:

          Oh, yes, please, let’s check Ukyo’s Crime Coefficient. Once when’s he’s normal, and then another time when he’s crazy. And then we can figure out what the Dominator would set itself to.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I already can guess. It will go over 300. Enforcement mode is Lethal Eliminator.

        • D-LaN says:

          How bad is Shining Bread?

          Heck, we should scan Toma and those murderous fangirls CC too. Include the guys frm Diabolik lovers too.

          • Karakuri says:

            Hell, do it for all rejet characters. Have you seen routes from Gekka and Tokyo Yamanote Boys? xD

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