Amnesia – 08

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Every boyfriend’s nightmare

I actually don’t think that Amnesia is that bad, all things considered. It’s sticking closer to the game than most of the other otome games to anime that I’ve watched, so if people don’t like what’s going on here… well, I guess they just wouldn’t like the game.
…I hope this show 1) ends or 2) gets more interesting soon. ;w; Come on guys don’t let every otome game adaptation end in disaster.

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Miyu || Dawww, Toma’s actually a pretty sweet guy even though be might a liiiiittle bit overprotective of the heroine. The heroine’s gullible as a goose (?) anyway, so I guess his roundabout method of lying to her about her cellphone to protect her from Ikki’s scary fangirls works – even if she found out, she probably wouldn’t even get angry because being sorry/thankful/timid is pretty much all she can handle. Actually, I think Toma’s the most normal out of all the guys that the heroine’s been with so far – he’s kind, gentlemanly and knows his limits (hehehe lingerie shop it was funny how awkward it went). That’s the thing though – he almost seems too perfect for a game like Amnesia where everyone’s just a little off here and there, isn’t it…? I actually spoiled myself on Toma’s route by reading the game review, so I was expecting… something less sweet to happen throughout the episode (maybe you could tell from the occasional madness in his eyes, or that glint of murderous intent) but everything went more or less fine so well… my advice to you is: watch out next episode x_x

Kara || Okay, that was nothing short of adorable. Toma’s big brother act just seems to balance perfectly with the heroine’s ineptness. Every tight spot she was in because of her lack of memories, he helped out without even being prompted. Though with that though, the heroine was more competent than she’s even been before now. Probably because she’s finally used to dying every other episode, but she didn’t shy away from Ikki, nor did she sit there for 5+ minutes wondering what to do. Well, I guess Toma was a big part of that too, but I was just impressed that she bothered looking at her schedule and went shopping by herself. …Not that the shopping trip ended well, but it seemed awfully proactive considering who we’re talking about.

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Miyu || I should think that Ikki’s crazy fangirls are targeting her for the same reason that they did in his route – because she appears too close to Ikki, and she also hasn’t been keeping her promise of updating them? But this time, she probably isn’t really dating him (but instead Toma) and their back-alley meetings are probably because she’s trying to disband/break up the fanclub from the inside-out I should think, so Ikki and the heroine are actually working together! …or that’s what I think. The routes are beginning to overlap – the crazy fangirls from Ikki’s route are still trying to kill her (yay, 1 more to add to the 139818263 ways she could possibly die in!), and the heroine’s been able to link her flashbacks to her experiences in another route (thank god) properly, so I suppose we’re close to the full truth. Ah, and Ukyo’s split personality has finally been revealed!! That’s the only thing I knew about him in advance though (Wikipeeeedia), I still don’t understand why he’s appearing in every route and actually knows what’s going to happen. So… something big’s coming!

Kara|| So remember when I said that a lot of drama can be blamed back to Ikki and his fangirls? …Yep. Even when the heroine and him aren’t dating, Ikki’s fan brigade still is out for blood. You’d think they’d notice that she spends most of her time with Toma and only meets up with Ikki once in a while. …Eh, I’ll expand on this when it becomes more relevant (…more relevant than it already is), but really. Those girls need to chill the hell out.

…I told you Ukyou was the best character. On the note that he knows more about the heroine than she does though, the heroine hasn’t been getting any memories back lately. I only point this out because Orion told her right at the beginning that she needs to get them back or else she’ll turn into an empty shell. …Ignoring the fact that she doesn’t have much personality to begin with, that was the whole point of having her not tell anyone that her memories were gone because being stuck in a hospital wouldn’t end well. I wonder if they just kind of forgot about this point, or if there’s a reason behind it not being relevant anymore. …Plus I guess the heroine never lives long enough in each world anyways. The game didn’t do the world switching thing so if they forget about this point, I guess it’s not that important for this plot.

Sigh, the things Toma has to deal with. I can kind of see why he is the way he is… Anyways, between Toma and Kent, Amnesia is finally starting to feel like an otome game adaption. This raises my hopes about the future episodes since things are kind of picking up and the heroine is being oddly more useful than usual. Hopefully the ending will be as great as I remember, so I can sit here, reaffirm that I’m not crazy and that I’ve been saying all these optimistic things this entire time for a reason (oh, that and followed by an “I told you so”).

So yeah, as Miyu and I have warned before, there are fun times ahead~!

Okay, at least there seemed to be more action this time round, and things are actually happening! I thought Toma’s boyfriend-ish acts were also the most acceptable of them all – Amnesia actually felt like a real shoujo anime this episode, so I guess I enjoyed the romance (even despite harboring dread in my heart for what is yet to come). We’re nearing the end of the series soon (sorry, I still think I’m more happy than sad about it ending) so things are going to get faster and better from now onwards!!! *trying to convince myself*



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24 Responses to “Amnesia – 08”

  1. Jackpot2121 says:

    I’m glad with how this episode turned out, especially since green-hair is back (that’s what I’m calling the guy Heroine meet’s until his name is revealed). And as of this episode, every memory that Heroine got in the first two episodes has been shown. Also, Orion didn’t appear this episode either. Wonder what he’s up to.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think Orion may be trying to repair the damage he caused the heroine. After all, he’s the one responsible for her amnesia. Or maybe Ukyou has something to do with his disappearance.

    • Karakuri says:

      Orion? …As far as I know, he never leaves the heroine’s side, (or more like he can’t really until she gets her memories fixed since he feels guilty about the whole thing), so I assume that he’s just sitting there giving her advice that she can’t hear.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Sometimes, there really isn’t much to say about this show. In opinion, Touma was a better fit than Kent for the heroine but he seems more big brother material than boyfriend and like an older sibling, he hasn’t gotten to the thought he might be pushing himself on the girl too much.

    And this time, the girl had enough personality to realize that it gets bothersome having someone do everything for you and you’re barely allowed to anything yourself along with them deciding plans without your consent. To her defense, she’s managed to remember a few things like the warning Orion gave about staying in a hospital.

    The highlight was Ukyou. I thought he was a random, near bipolar character but he’s proven to be something else entirely. Given that he knows about the heroine’s past and present situations, saying that she’s going to get killed and him disappearing in the blink of an eye, it’s offical that he isn’t human and he could be the reason behind the girl’s amnesia.

    If there’s anything that gets on my nerves, it’s those girls that stalk Ikki. I could understand if things were still on his route but they’ve harassed the girl at every turn in her resets. And why do they always cut her hair? I’d very much like to see them have a few “accidents”.

    • Gecko says:

      I agree, the cutting of the heroine’s hair is so random and makes little sense to me. The girls are annoying and don’t make a ton of sense. I wonder if they work for Ukyou or something, like maybe he controls the fan club? That would be quite interesting.

      • Karakuri says:

        Really? Neither of you have heard of hair cutting as a form of bullying?

        It’s a non-threatening way of threatening someone and unlike a knife or gun or something, you can’t really get arrested for carrying scissors. Plus cutting hair can lower the victim’s self esteem since you’re messing with their appearance, making them even easier to bully. It’s like a psychological form of bullying that’s not quite violent, but still bad.

        • BlackBriar says:

          I see. So it’s a psychological technicality of saying you didn’t do anything when in actually, you have done something and it leaves an emotional scar on the designated target and they’d have pretty much nothing to retaliate with. That sounds like a loophole a corrupt lawyer or legal system would use without end.

        • Gecko says:

          Huh, I had no idea hair cutting was like that. I see. I would have never thought of doing that to bully someone.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, Toma’s been acting the big big brother to the heroine and Shin since childhood. It’s kind of ingrained into his personality at this point. As far as I know, the heroine doesn’t mind it either, so he has no real reason to stop.

      Uhhh, I wouldn’t be labelling Ukyou as inhuman just yet. There are reasons for everything here, you just have to wait for the reveal.

      Yeah, they’re a pain. There are reasons they’re out for blood this time too and it has to do with the meetings with Ikki, but that will probably be explained in the next episode, so I’ll hold off on that info for now. PFFT you and me both about the ‘accidents’ part. They’re rather tame in this route though compared with Ikki’s where one of their plans was to ditch the heroine in a forest and gang up on her there.

  3. Gecko says:

    I HATE this route. HATE. Touma is already on my nerves and we haven’t gotten to the really odd part. Gee, he is so overly protective, like, let her do something on her own! I get that there are a few death threats and she is having trouble avoiding them, but still. Touma could take her to her house and they could grab some of her stuff there, and then go to his house! He is protecting her quite a bit, I assume he could protect her in her own apartment and on the way to/from. All I could think about was how much money they were wasting, going shopping like that. (I’m so cheap.)
    But yeah… the over-protection is awful. The heroine can’t be herself if he’s doing everything for her. Kent was better because she had to try to talk, do something. And so she did, and then he started to, and the relationship was both of them working towards each other. This one is just Touma doing everything for her. That isn’t healthy.
    But anyways, Ukyou’s split personality is quite amusing. He basically gave away that he knows how the system works and that possibly, he is part of the reason she has amnesia. Even though he’s supposed to be scary and all, I was just laughing. (I’m a terrible person.)

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha it does seem like a huge waste considering how they STILL went after her after she changed locations. Though I guess that’s just how Toma is. I assume you know what’s coming up, so you know just how overly protective Toma can be. …Not to mention that the heroine’s lack of communication skills comes back to haunt her later in the route, you have a point.

      ….AAAAAAaaaaah, I have so many things to talk about regarding Ukyou, but I don’t want to say them until the truth pops up OTL

      • Gecko says:

        Actually I don’t know what’s coming up. I prefer to be in the dark when I watch things that I don’t know about beforehand. It makes it more fun.

  4. Liza says:

    Ukyou! _>

    • Liza says:

      *sigh* My long beautiful post got eaten. *tries again*

      Ukyou! _>

      • Liza says:


        Ukyou! I was missing my favorite crazy green-haired man. XD Sadly, I felt like laughing along with him when he was scaring poor Heroine half to death(I found his laughing wayyy back in the Shin arc with the flashlight to be hilarious)

        I’m thinking THAT is going to be happening next. It will be nice to finally know what it happens(since I’ve only seen Cgs…) but at the same time I’m still like, “RUNNN HEROINE!”

        Plus those quick expression changes on Toma’s face has me on guard so much…

  5. D-LaN says:

    Damnit, the b*tches are back. We are not even in Ikki route D: I definitely have no problem sending Saya (B-C) to “protect” them 😉

    And I was warming up to Ukyo be4 he started to do the yandere face =__= He definitely not human if you ask me.

    Wow, to my surprise Toma is a pretty OK/good BF if not a bit overprotective. But the *winkwink* frm you guys & those quick expression changes is pinging my anime radar… Couple with this pic I saw in the LP….. Let us see how the next episode play out….

    Welp, small improvement is still an improvement. Still, couldn’t Missus Amnesiac think of some way to open the diary?

    • Liza says:

      I was annoyed by the diary too. Those locks are flimsy. All she would need is a good pair of pliers or cutting shears or something. Heck, I bet she could ask Toma to rip the lock off to.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hell, she could even use a small blow torch on the lock.

        • D-LaN says:

          You honestly think Missus Amnesiac have a blow torch in her house?

          • BlackBriar says:

            LOL. Nah, just wishful thinking. She’s nowhere near that kind of person.

            • Liza says:

              Who knows? She might have been that crazy before she lost her memory. Have to defend herself from those fangirls somehow!

            • D-LaN says:

              Well…. I heard ppl said tht she regains her personality in the fandisk Amnesia Later….. @Kara can you confirm it?

            • Karakuri says:

              Uh, yeah. Kind of. She has actual lines (unlike the first game for the most part) and she’s a bit more expressive, but she’s still kind of blank though since part of the game takes place back when she didn’t have memories.

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