Zetsuen no Tempest – 19


That place between winter and spring

One midterm for me later today and then I’m free (…I’m not using this post as an excuse to procrastinate, I swear!)~ …Minus a paper coming up shortly that I have no idea what is expected because my teacher likes talking about himself more than anything else OTL. As for Tempest, the story seems to be picking up a bit after that slower middle there.

Before we get into the bigger part of the episode, I’m still not 100% sure of what Hakaze is trying to accomplish with fighting Megumu in public. I get that she’s trying to strengthen him. Maybe she needs the Tree’s presence in order to push him further? I dunno. They’re calling her the name Yoshino figured they’d call her though, so maybe this has to do with the public’s reactions.


Tetsuma’s face here is great.

Speaking of Megumu, that conversation between he and Evangeline had was interesting. Their talk about how everyone is doing what they think is best is kind of echoing the entire premise of the show. Sure, there’s the whole fate and magic trees thing, but Hakaze would have never been sent to the island if Samon didn’t think that his actions were right. Nor would Hakaze have left the island if she didn’t think her actions were right. This also explains why everyone is working together now since they all want to accomplish the same things. A large chunk of the plot here has been about the decisions of the characters regarding fate and the trees. On to Evangeline’s other important conversation, aliens seem… less ridiculous now with the logic she gave. I have to admit, the limiter on civilization and the Kusaribe providing samples makes a lot of sense. …Though why Genesis would reverse pollution and restore the planet if it was meant to oppress humanity remains to be seen. Maybe to repair it for possible invasion/takeover so whoever made Genesis wouldn’t be stuck with a rotting planet? Who knows.


Mahiro’s reaction was so… great. Unlike how he portrayed himself in the early episodes, Mahiro is perfectly capable of being rational and thinking things through. It’s just with finding Aika’s murderer where he becomes a bit irrational, but since that’s been explained as his way of finding a piece of mind after losing her, it’s kind of understandable (or at least more understandable than it was in the beginning). Since the fact of Yoshino being Aika’s boyfriend not having anything to do with her death, Mahiro was able to act more rationally I guess. He didn’t react violently to Yoshino, he just accepted it for what it was. It was good that both of them were honest with each other and even though they’re not really friends, the fact that Yoshino didn’t go back on his word on the mountain (and didn’t even seem to be planning to) just shows that there IS trust in there between them. Mahiro’s line about being nothing to Aika was a little sad, but I guess there’s some truth to it. He also finally realized recently that he was in love with Aika the whole time too, so I think Mahiro is ready to move on a bit as a character. The conversation this episode seems to have done him well and I’m looking forward to seeing where his character ends up.


Ahaha Hakaze seems to have thrown away any reservations about displaying her feelings for Yoshino. Poor Samon and the things he has to deal with because of his imouto. But at least everything seems to have worked itself out peacefully overall. Hakaze can fawn over Yoshino all she wants, Mahiro seems okay with everything (including Aika and Hakaze) and even Yoshino seems to be doing better since he’s now talking about Aika’s bust size. Evangeline even commented this episode that Hakaze still seems to retain the ability to think objectively (…to an extent), so maybe all of the drama with Yoshino being the heart of Exodus or whatever is going to be brushed aside too. That break down he had last episode certainly made him seem more human and less like a guy who’s purpose is to uproot logic. So I guess there’s enough time left episode-wise for Hakaze to go and do… something about Aika’s murder. Does this mean we’ll get to see actual interaction with Aika?

…On that note though, since the time loop with Hakaze on the island seems unavoidable (since Samon realized later that she would have gotten off the island no matter what), what if Aika’s death is really because of Hakaze and Genesis? What if she wouldn’t have died if Hakaze hadn’t gone into the past? The cause could be a number of things since Hakaze has that crush on Yoshino and doesn’t have reservations about it anymore. …I have a loose idea what the real story is here, but this is me speculating what if.

This was a good episode as well, and yet, we seem to have reverted back to the romance-comedy genre. Though I have to admit, some of the exchanges between Mahiro, Hakaze and Yoshino were pretty funny. The more that the characters try to get on the same page, it seems the further away they get. But I guess that was the point of the conversation that Evangeline and Megumu had. They understand what everyone else is trying to do, but they have their own goals and such that they think are just as important. So with Hakaze heading towards the past to figure out the cause of Aika’s murder, I guess we’re heading towards the final quarter of the series? Things seem to be picking up after reintroducing (and fleshing out) the characters, plus we have yet to see what the final decision on Genesis and Exodus is going to be.


This should be good!


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4 Responses to “Zetsuen no Tempest – 19”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I think Hakaze fighting Megumu in public is to shoot down expectations. A way to keep people from getting their hopes up about what may or may not happen like completely destroying the Tree of Genesis. She, herself, is unsure about her role in all of this now.

    All the events up until now have been the results of those who believe what they were doing was right which excluding Aika’s killer makes it feel that there’s no antagonist at all, only a chain reaction.

    Mahiro was a lot more easy going about Yoshino and Aika’s hidden relationship than I thought because I was expecting some form of frustration from him. After his rational explanation about why he isn’t mad, it makes sense that he wouldn’t have any right to be angry. They seem to have become true friends now even though they never considered the as such a thing.

    The thing about Zetsuen is that the settings always manage to fall into place with Shakespeare’s stories like Yoshino and Mahiro being Aika’s boyfriend and brother meeting up in the graveyard where she’s buried. The author must really love his books.

    Evangeline’s theory on the trees is still too farfetched without proof and she’s too reliant on science. There are some things that just can’t be explained yet they indulge in their arrogance to the contrary.

  2. Highway says:

    Yeah, Evangeline’s story just seems like half baked conspiracy theory to me. If I’m defending the idea against your questions, then I say that if she’s right, and it’s a technology limiter, then it’s basically got the choices of eradication or velvet cage. So if it goes Velvet Cage, turning the target into a paradise, the motivation to leave is lessened.

    I think the double level of following the Shakespeare stories, and at the same time lampshading that they know they’re Shakespeare stories and that they’re IN Shakespeare stories is working well.

  3. Nuu says:

    Woww i so need to catch up on this show. Started watching then just fell off lol

    • BlackBriar says:

      Get back on and marathon it. Believe me, it’s worth the time being invested.

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