Robotics;Notes – 15


Frau-“Do I wish to download a loli folder with one billion pictures? HELL YA!”

fall12-fosh Welcome to another Robotic;Notes episode review on Metanorn, last time we had a Frau themed episode to enjoy; however this week we follow the adorable Airi! Which usually means more Kimijima Kou report questing and lots of cute moments with Airi running around, but his time on our awesome notes on robotic;notes it is just me and Jrow as the other girls are either sick (Kyo) or studying (OC)! So, enjoy our chats about the events of this episode.

Fun with Airi




Frau has to install that software…


For some reason I pictured Skylion’s fridge in his basement.


Just clean it up afterwards.

End thoughts


I didn’t have a whole lot to share this week because it was just one of those episodes where nothing serious happened to progress the overall story, but I did enjoy the many reveals about the real Airi and how Mr. Kou was finally revealed to us. So, is he still alive somewhere or possibly asleep just like Airi? I can easily see that; however, everyone else assumes that he is technically dead or is he? For some reason I am just expecting him to arrive at Kai’s school or possibly appear before Misa! The possibilities are endless. I am wondering something though since he was a master at creating AI I really wonder if he planned ahead and created one for himself just in case? I could see that happening a lot more versus the whole “faked his own death” theory. That is fun and all but I have to talk about the best scene of the episode with Airi and Kai on the roof! First off high five to Frau for using her hacking skills to create snow for Airi…wow…such a touching scene and of course the OST in the background? I must have replayed that scene a lot! It was just so wonderful. I have a feeling that Subaru will be the center focus next time because we still have to wrap up that loose end with his father hating on robots, I know the title of the next episode is called something like “I love giant robots” which tells me it will be robotic themed in some way? I guess that could be applied to Misa or Aki as well.



Merry Christmas from Sister Centipede.

Giant robot time!


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70 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 15”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I never thought I would feel so much for an AI but what do you know, she’s real and has a past too. I’m sad to see Airi go but at least Geji-ne is still around and that glitch proved that everything can’t be trackable by hardcore science.

    Cool points for Frau for hacking the weather. I knew she was up to something.

    Also, this post is missing a Kimijima Kou shot. 😛 My theory about him being Frau’s father is strengthening, not the blonde hair but due to his features. I do wish he was around for more explanation.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here Kyokai! I guess it helps that Airi never hacked or helped Kai become awesome unlike another loli AI character >.>

      I was like omg Frau that was so nice!

      Oh? Yeah I am starting to think that could easily be a possible and I have a feeling there might be an AI version of Kimijima Kou because he did create Airi’s AI system? It could happen.

  2. skylion says:

    Do I wish to download a loli folder with one billion pictures?

    C’mon, Fosh, this is the future, why would she do this when she can just transfer the file to a secure cloud? Just based on the power those little tablets are showing us, these guys are dealing with more than just LTE.

    For some reason I pictured Skylion’s fridge in his basement.

    I was going to say something clever, but if I do it would only encourage you more ::hangs head:: I do bring it on myself thou.

    We’ve seen stories like Airi’s before. Sick little kids are such great motivators. I think the staff handled this one rather well. And they made it just one level of the Kou master plan.

    Yes, three cheers to Kona-chan! I know I was cheering when she hacked the yuki. I think she did it for Kai as well.

    Notice how they framed the kiss? Just like any other first kiss we see in anime. Cute.

    Bring on the Giant Robots!

    • Highway says:

      General aside: If we actually get to LTE Advanced speeds (which meet the 4G spec) I think people will be amazed at the amount of throughput there is. And we could have that hopefully by 2016. So we’re in the same time frame as R;N.

      I’ve actually been impressed with the way they’ve had the technology in the show be really in line with possible developments in our world. And I was honestly pretty skeptical of the idea of PokeComs that size being ubiquitous when the show started, but now I’m seeing iPad Minis, and Galaxy Notes, and seeing that people are more and more willing to take on a bigger phone with a bigger screen for a device they carry all the time. I’m kind of surprised, but I think it might happen.

      • Jrow says:

        I’ve been thinking recently about going to something like a 7″ tablet as my primary device. R;N isn’t exactly the driving force behind my thinking, but if I can knock out the cost of my unnecessary voice plan and just have a 7″ tablet w/ Wi-Fi & LTE where I can email people or tweet, etc., then I’d personally be a-ok.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, I’ve wondered for quite a while why they don’t have a version of a tablet that will handle phone voice calls. I know with LTE right now, it’s a technical issue, that they just haven’t enabled a protocol to handle voice over LTE (but this is coming). Sure, you’d look dumb holding a 7″ tablet up to your head (a coworker has a 5″ smartphone, and it looks dumb when he holds it up to his head, for sure), but speakerphone? Bluetooth headset? And at LTE Advanced speeds, video would be no problem (LTE Advanced is peak data rates of 1 Gbps down, 500Mbps up). A bigger hurdle to video is that people don’t use it because of embarrassment.

          But having something bigger like that, in a holster or fanny pack or in your bag, I’m starting to think that that’s a possibility, especially if it’s such a convergent device (a big enough and powerful enough tablet to handle your everyday stuff, a phone that does all you need it to).

        • skylion says:

          My Nexus 7 is good for just that, Jrow. It makes G+ Hangouts very mobile.

      • skylion says:

        It’s not the technology it is how you pay for it. Or how that data gets set up, how it cloud syncs, etc.

        • Highway says:

          When those speeds are ubiquitous, then the other stuff will work out. It’s not something a lot of people are working on right now, just because they don’t need to yet.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that~

      All in good fun <3


  3. skylion says:

    Spammy is having dessert, it seems. I should add that I do indeed want to give Airi-kaeru a hug.

  4. Highway says:

    Just an aside for you guys, a gif that Sumairii made:

  5. Highway says:

    I was a bit sad at this episode, because basically we’ve seen the death of a character. And I can’t get past the idea that it was done at the behest of the 300, in order to get rid of AIri. But the way it was done was touching, and it seemed both Kai and Kona were thinking of AIri as a little sister, which she loved.

    It’ll take me a while to figure out what’s going on with Kimijima, etc., but I am pretty sure there’s a 7th report. There are just no flags to clear for it. They just have to find where it is.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True it was technically the death of a character at least “half” and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Airi for all we know she could get cured? Yeah that was nice it really does seem like Frau and Kai treated Airi like a sister.

      I have a feeling Kimijima is alive but in AI form? He did create Airi’s AI and I wouldn’t put it past himself to have one in place just in case?

  6. Bonk says:

    loli’s fresh? A fresh of a loli?

  7. BlackBriar says:

    So we get to see Airi’s story. It’s sad that she has a disease and has never gotten to see snow. I’m glad there was some insight because in this episode, she was acting very human for an AI. I was beginning to think someone digitized her mind and turned her into an AI and once I saw that machine in Kimijima Kou’s basement, my thoughts went directly to a sleep chamber with a body before the reveal.

    More hidden basements. It makes one wonder how many are still concealed. Kimijima Kou is a secretive individual but I think his security system is redundant if all his protocols can be cracked by the same password Kai’s been using. As for Mizuka’s involvement, it’s possible she’s a close relative.

    Do I wish to download a loli folder with one billion pictures? HELL YA!

    You guys are going to give loli fans a heart attack. Namely a famous Motherfoshing Gandalf. Here’s a reference from Frau: “It’s a loli. Pant. Pant.”.

    More Frau is always a pleasure. Duhuhu. She’s too much fun and I can easily compare her outbursts to Haganai’s Rika. They both go off and start rambling without warning. Normalfags? Haha, maybe she’s following too many internet comments.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good point BB! Airi was very human for such an advanced AI and who knows maybe they have a cure for her and there might be a chance she will appear again? I certainly hope so and yeah I kind of guess she was inside that pod thingy.

      I bet money that Mizuka was taking care of Airi’s real body because she knew where the place was or she simply followed Kai? I wonder if we will ever find out why she was there.

      Frau continues to be the best character and oh my god if she ever met Rika they would be the best of friends 😉

      • BlackBriar says:

        You’ve got to hand it to Kimijima Kou for being a skilled programmer. I think anyone who isn’t paying attention could think it was the real Airi. The idea of putting Airi in hibernation. I wonder whether he theorized beforehand or if he simply rolled the dice and hoped for a positive outcome. There could have been a chance it would have accelerated Airi’s condition instead of slowing it down until she wakes up in a time where there’s a cure.

        Mizuka could have been Airi’s caretaker after Kou died but I feel that she resents her. A few episodes back, she asked the program version if she couldn’t just disappear. After all, she never mentioned a word of this to Kai.

        If Frau and Rika ever meet, I don’t know who’d whom. Essentially, they’re both scientific geniuses but also top class fruitcakes.

  8. skylion says:

    You guys are going to give loli fans a heart attack. Namely a famous Motherfoshing Gandalf. Here’s a reference from Frau: “It’s a loli. Pant. Pant.”.

    No. I’m heart attack free at the moment. Closest I ever came was Nisemono Ep 4.

    Normalfags? Haha, maybe she’s following too many internet comments.

    I think she follows all of them; it’s like she never leaves /b or hack/reddit.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    No. I’m heart attack free at the moment. Closest I ever came was Nisemono Ep 4.

    This is my bias talking. Since you brought that particular part up, I can totally understand. How could one not be charmed by Shinobu? Her and her haughty attitude. Whew.

  10. d-LaN says:

    So did any1 caught the Kurisu cameo?

  11. Gecko says:

    (Well, I caught up with R;N. The plot seems to be moving along at an alright rate. Thank goodness for the Kanako Itou ED, I was worried they’d forget her or something.)
    Kimijima Kou kind of creeps me out. He finds Airi, and he looks a bit older.. Yeah.
    As for him being Frau’s father, it could work. They’re both smart. He locked up Airi in that creepy sleep chamber (I thought it was a coffin of some sort at first.) And she made the game, and hacked the weather for Airi so that she could be happy before she disappeared. Frau could have gotten her robot love from her mom and her tech smart from her dad.
    As for the 7th report, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somewhere really cliche.
    Subaru does need an episode, however much I don’t really want them to use an episode on that. Gah. I’m curious about the council of 300 and all that.

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