Love Live! School Idol Project – 05


Prepare yourself for Niko Niko time~

Niko Niko Nikorin~~ … So yeah, we had an episode involving the twintailed member of Love Live. She’s still not quite at Maki level for me, but she quickly changed my opinion of her over the course of the show. How was your take on the episode, Hawt?
That was surprisingly hilarious! I don’t want to hold this post up anymore than I already have, so I’m just going to be throwing images up this week and doing a short write-up. The post will be up much quicker next time~ Seems like around Meta every character has at least one big fan so I’ll try to include pictures of everyone.


The faces just keep getting better each week.

Karkuri || Niko changed from annoying stalker to absolutely adorable. I really did not like her character at the beginning of the episode. Between the bullying and her presence somehow severely lowering the rest of the character’s IQ levels (really? Nobody noticed the fact that she was taking the food?), she seemed like she was just slowing down the entire group where they had been making great progress thus far. Like I said though, she definitely got better once we learned the ‘why’ to why she was being a stalker. I’ll brush off the idol obsession thing since that could apply to anyone and not be that special of a trait, and the same goes for her somewhat depressing past about how her club mates abandoned her. No, I like her because she was just a giant tsundere in the end. …Which somehow made everything acceptable for me. In the end, she was just really passionate about the subject, but didn’t know how to express herself properly. She wanted to join them, but just didn’t know how to ask.


In which Niko Niko Nikorin becomes an idol Goddess, bringing forth the sun in all its glory.

Karakuri || Of course, that flashback with Umi’s first meeting with Honoka was absolutely adorable as well. The fact that she was hiding behind a tree and crying when Honoka found her was just so… so… cute. Maybe that’s why I also found Niko acceptable at the end because the comparison with shy children was there.

Now as for Honoka’s actions at the end… Yeah, I don’t know if just forcibly saying “you’re the president now! Yaaaaaay.” is a realistic solution. What if she was just a mean spirited person (ignoring the fact that she obviously joins the group and there are no such things as mean idols; …plus they caught on to her reasoning behind stalking them) and said no anyways? I don’t know exactly how school clubs work in Japan, but couldn’t they have just signed up to the idol research club anyways and screw whatever Niko said? Oh well, it all worked in the end. Niko seems more prepared than all of them when it comes to idol knowledge, so she’ll be a valuable asset to the team. Plus I think I read somewhere that she joins Kotori as part of the wardrobe crew, so she’s even more useful~.


Rin’s rain dance was pretty well animated.


What started off an a episode that got on my nerves, the sheer adorableness at the end made up for it. Not to say that I don’t like AKB0048, but Love Live certainly pulls me in more emotionally. They have some of the most mundane problems and yet, you actually care about what’s going on and almost everything annoying in the story thus far has been quickly solved (keep in mind though, I don’t mind Kotori’s voice, which I know people find really annoying). Screw making up their idol personas, every single one of the girls here has more then enough personality. I was complaining at the beginning, but really, everyone (minus maybe Kotori and the 2 senpai we haven’t covered yet) has done excellent in becoming their own character. Everyone seems to have their own problems outside of just the problems that being an idol creates and that adds more to all of their characters. …Now let’s see them pull Eri in. Once they have Eri, Nozomi will probably just join in as part of the student council package.


What a fantastic episode! The production quality seems to be diminishing each week (despite a few clever moments, such as Rin’s dance in the rain), but Love Live’s charm is doing exactly the opposite. The episode definitely took a more comical approach to Niko’s recruitment, utilizing more of those hilariously out-of-place facial expressions and showing us some new sides to the already multifaceted cast, like Umi’s dark side and Hanayo’s increasingly obsessive feelings towards anything idol-related. Niko adds a new tsun-tsun dimension to Muse, and though I’m not typically a fan of characters like her, she’s just too adorable to resist! I’m not too fond of her voice actress however, and the ED didn’t quite click with me, but with the group she might sound much better. It really showed this week that the VA cast is, for the most part, not too accustomed to voice acting. Honoka’s seiyuu was spectacular as usual, but Rin’s, Hanayo’s, and Niko’s voices felt awkward at times, almost as if they weren’t fit for the character. Surprisingly, I’m coming to actually like Nozomi’s voice, which at first I despised. But I digress! I’m actually more interested in how the student council will be recruited since Niko was pretty straight-forward, and even more-so in what direction Love Live will take once the entire unit is formed. Whatever happens, I’m sure we have plenty of great performances awaiting us!


Until next time!~


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88 Responses to “Love Live! School Idol Project – 05”

  1. Highway says:

    I have been completely stuck on the ‘old’ singles that they’ve released for the last 5 days. I think I played Wonderful Rush 15 times just today. It’s so cool, even with Kotori singing. And Umi’s version of Snow Halation I just love (again, who let Kotori sing a solo version of that? Is that what the Japanese use for ‘enhanced interrogation’?)

    As for the episode, I really enjoyed it, and Love Live! is becoming a show that I really really look forward to each week. If I had a complaint, it’s that the addition of more characters dilutes the time we get with the characters we already know. Honoka got back in the spotlight a bunch this week, but it was kind of at the expense of everyone else with so much time focused on Niko. And Niko was ok, just didn’t pull me in so much with the wackiness, rather than just normalness like everyone else has.

    If I was putting the girls in order by my favorites, it would be:


    And Kotori’s fine as a character, her voice just puts her waaaay at the back. I don’t dislike any of them. Rin is down there because we haven’t had much about her, nowhere near as much as everyone else, even Eri and Maki. Niko’s look just doesn’t do it for me.

    • skylion says:


      There. I fixed that list for you Highway. You can thank me anytime.

      • Restia says:

        That’s a beautiful correction of Highway’s list, GJ Skylion!

        • BlackBriar says:

          He “corrected” one of my lists, too, some time ago. It was with Vividred Operation. I applaud his audacity. But that’s some strong Niko bias. One of these day, we gotta take a look at his loli list of favorites to see which one is the top.

          • Highway says:

            I think you’d destroy him by making him choose. Or he’s already got a list, like the Top Gear Best Times board with everyone’s name on a magnet that he reorders as it suits him.

            “Skylion’s Loli List”

            • Restia says:

              “Skylion’s Loli List

              Number of pages long: 324783918451274653761093872635

            • BlackBriar says:

              I think you’d destroy him by making him choose.

              Sounds good. Where should I sit? I’m gonna need some popcorn. 🙂

              That list must be legendary.

            • skylion says:

              I accept this challenge with vigour and authority.

            • skylion says:

              An anime loli in a reasonably priced trolley? Not so much, given that I pronounce it Low-lee.

              But you are correct in your assumption. Given proper reflection, I could make a real list.

          • skylion says:

            Yours was an actual, much needed refacing. This, however, is a blatant tease; one in which Highway ignored. ::tsun::

            • BlackBriar says:

              Ah, so you admit to sabotage. Your honor, he confesses. Guilty on all counts. The sentence: 25 years to life without possibility of parole.

            • skylion says:

              My loli minions would break me out in a heart beat. With Spammy as the lead general.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Then we’d be ready to catch you again and throw you all into maximum security.

            • skylion says:

              Loli Power doesn’t recognize such paltry things……you’ve been warned!

    • Restia says:

      Since ep 5 post is here, it’s time for Team Niko (Me, Skylion, I think Overcooled was also on the Niko train?) to dominate.
      My avatar is already a war flag.

      • Highway says:

        I will admit that there’s the possibility of my favorites being outside of the mainstream, since I seem to have a history with that. The last “idol group” I got interested in was the Spice Girls (yes, it was), and my favorite in there was the one who never sang lead on anything, Victoria Beckham. Hell, she might not even have had her mic turned on for all that she added vocally to the group.

        But I like what appeals to me. Niko’s not bad, and watching the single videos brings her appeal up a bit since it dilutes some of what I didn’t like about her from this episode. We’ll have to see where the character goes.

        • Restia says:

          XD my taste in music is pretty messed up. Atleast I think so. Currently I’m fine with pretty much every genre of music, but I mostly listen to Electro/Techno/House.

          But I used to be into alot a Trance back like.. 6 years ago? And like 5 years ago I was into Rock (I still love Rise Against), and 3 years ago I was really into Kpop (I still love Big Bang also XD) and last year I got into Touhou. So now I mostly listen to Touhou Arrangements and Vocaloid which can vary in like every fricken genre.

          • skylion says:

            Actually, my taste doesn’t even run into this sort of pop direction. Punk, folk, Irish punk/folk/rock/stuff, 80’s College radio, British New Wave, shoe-gazer, Austin City Country, eclectic, and Anime tunes with a few J-Rock bands tossed in.

            So, honestly, the music in idol anime sounds pretty. But I treat it as a soundtrack to the characters and the plot development. I wouldn’t watch this if they didn’t surprise me.

            • Highway says:

              My tastes run from Metal to Pop, but for me songs need hooks, whether it be interesting singing, good riffs, hooky lines, fun lyrics, even coolness / uniqueness in the performers. Would there be any other reason to listen to Leonard Nimoy’s version of If I Had a Hammer?

              But my ‘strike zone’ has distorted guitars in it, and generally if a song’s got that I’m into it. That’s one reason I love so much anime music, because even though it’s poppy, it’s still guitar based pop, not solely synth pop. These mu’s songs really just go straight down the middle there. Maybe you could say that I’m still wishing it was the 80’s with that rock music, and that might be right, but that’s what I like.

              (Aside: I think that Houkago Tea Time is pretty much a modern version of The Go-Go’s, musically.)

            • Restia says:

              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

            • skylion says:

              Hooks are important. On the Japanese side, nano.RIPE does that very well, as does Galileo Galilee. And I did some listening to mu’s again, and did find the hooks.

            • Highway says:

              Sorry, Restia, not gonna convert me with repetitive electronica. Just not something that interests me.

              (and no, don’t take it as a challenge, please. I just don’t get into it)

            • Highway says:

              nano.RIPE is one of those bands that I love that other people are all like “ewww, that voice”. But to me, her voice is used very well, and makes the songs interesting and fun. And their music is excellent, just great rock music. I don’t think I’ve heard anything by Galileo Galilee.

              For other hooks for me, it can be something just like that unexpected and great vocal effect in mu’s Snow Halation: For just the words “Snow Halation” and “True Emotion” (second chorus) they use a great delay that adds a presence and depth to it, *only* for those two words. To me, that’s a hook that will get me to listen to a song.

            • Restia says:

              House is a genre of electronic music that has a prominent concentrated set of beats repeated multiple times through out the song.

              House would be, 3rd, 4th songs
              Pop could be 1st
              Electro/Techno would be 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
              Not sure what kind of genre 2nd would be in XD

              Well, I’m into Electro/Techno these days, I just linked some of the best songs. There are Touhou metal, jazz (which I thought I had in one of the links), rock, classical, ska, rave, etcetc. But the most popular doujin circles are definately the electro/techno arrangers, C83 which was atleast like 25% Touhou doujins, had mostly Electro arrangers with some Rock like DEMETORI and metal like UNDEAD CORPORATION. <- why do Metal and Rock artists always have caps in their names? XD But that doesn't mean it's just electro, Shibayan who's one of the most popular arrangers also does Boss Nova. I’m guessing the Electro/Techno genres of Touhou doujin music are most popular because Touhou music is originally video game music.

            • Restia says:

              meh, we all have our tastes in music, I have friends that aren’t enthusiastic about electro/techno ^v^ no big deal, perhaps I’ll have to use a different approach to convert you.. ufufufu

              Although I’ve found that most people liked Afterglow (the first one) and Myonx5 even if they don’t like electro. Personally Afterglow isn’t really electro anyway imo, more like pop, and F9’s vocals pulled most people in. As for Myon, IT’S SHIBAYAN, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH SHIBAYAN well, people who don’t listen to much Touhou won’t know. But this is probably his most popular song I think. There was another upload of this song with more views but it got removed. Myonx5 is just utterly catchy XD and 3L’s cute vocals =w= (note. not all Touhou vocalists are #letter, it just happens that both F9 and 3L were the vocalist this time XD) Maybe try listening to them one more time? You still might not like Myon after a second time even if it’s insanely catchy since you don’t like electro.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Restia: I’m trying to convert followers for my myself also (Highway is refusing to submit but If I don’t get him, someone else will) but after hearing some of this music, I might become a Touhou fan. Hell, Kyokai has already converted me to Type-Moon.

            • Restia says:

              XD yes, let’s get to work Briar!
              Already converted a friend on facebook to a Touhou fan, I’m brainwashing trying to get someone else into the franchise currently too ^v^

            • Highway says:

              You guys act like I’m new at this. I’m just new at *anime*. Heck, I might be older than Restia and BB put together. The reason I like 80’s rock music? Because I was a teenager in the 80’s!

              It’ll take something pretty surprising to convert me to something that I haven’t liked so far. Although I’ll be honest, I don’t get what ‘touhou’ is actually supposed to be, since it’s not really a genre, it’s more of an aesthetic. But even then, it seems to be mostly electronica. There’s some electronica I like, a couple songs by daft punk, the OP to TLR: Darkness, but that’s because they do something interesting, not repetitive (Around the World by Daft Punk I like because it switches every two bars. If it went four bars before switching I probably wouldn’t like it).

            • Restia says:

              YES Daft Punk. I like Justice more though. Shibayan’s style is also sounds similar to Justice’s. Invitation to Evening would sound most similar to song I linked form Justice.

              The Touhou Project is a series of side-scrolling bullet-hell shooter games. The cast includes more than 100 characters, is currently up to game 13.5 (which will be released at Reitaisai 10 I believe), has tons of doujins (hell NicoNico Douga, basically Japanese Youtube, is practically like made up of Touhou, Vocaloid andAnime), and tons of Doujin circles and works.

              The music in the games are really popular, so lots of doujin circles remix and arrange it in various genres. I have 10 Youtube playlists full of Touhou doujin music XD and other downloads on my computer that aren’t uploaded on Youtube.

              Well, I don’t understand how you CAN’T like Myonx5 o3o but if it doesn’t suit your taste:

              [IZMIZM] Izna – All Out
              [ShibayanRecords] Shibayan – Autumn Fan
              [38BEETS] JiNG*da*LaW – mxoxn
              [Studio “Syrup Comfiture”] Poplica* – ———–
              [Lost Garden] Kaguraduki – Love-Colored Master Spark
              [Halozy] Sumijun – Discoteca
              [TAMAONSEN] Coro – Lunatic Dancehall
              [俺++(Includeore)] Yuuna Kamishiro – In Sight Girl
              [ALiCE’S EMOTiON] REDALiCE – Scar
              [ShibayanRecords] Shibayan – Love

            • Highway says:

              Sorry, that Myon song… booooooring to me. I even skipped ahead like 3 times to see if it got better. Each time it dropped me in a different pattern that didn’t change for the time I was listening to it.

              Really, I need my music to progress, and progress quickly. Add or change something every two bars, or lose me forever. That includes lyrics, beats, instruments, almost anything, but it’s gotta keep changing.

            • skylion says:

              @Highway. If you’ve heard the OP for AnoHana you’ve heard GG. And that really isn’t even the best song they got.

            • Highway says:

              That’s a negative. That’s another anime on my list that just keeps getting longer and longer and longer.

  2. skylion says:

    Nico Time is All Time.

    Seriously, Highway, I have a weakness for Twin Tails. I have a dreaded weakness for tsundere characters (Taiga is my waifu). So Nico is a stacked deck against me. Singing talent? It matter’s not one wit. This girl is pure Idol Otaku and I am stuck with her.

    I was laughing so hard-core at every single antic she pulled, and that was pulled against her (She has poop on her head!). But, she is a great motivator. And Muse will greatly benefit from her. She show them the stakes they are up against. And more power to her.

    Yep, show just keeps getting better. Look out AKB0048 you have a contender.

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    Feb 3, We will forever be Niko Niko Nikorin day.

    Going back to what Nozomi said about Nico bmaking a school idol team, it makes you wonder who else was part of Niko’s club? My theory is that Eri was also part of that group. It gives reason to why she’s so negative to the school idol plan. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • skylion says:

      MSO, that is a pretty good theory. We shall have to see what is up with the failings of Nico’s club in future episodes, and I will be watching for that.

      And we shall have to celeberate Feb 3 as Nico Day as much as well can. I need a t-shirt with her on it now LOL!

    • Restia says:

      Seems like Love Live still has more secrets to reveal.
      What’s up with that idol signature and Kotori? Perhaps she’s related to that idol?

  4. Restia says:

    Why do people hate Kotori’s voice? Honestly I think Hanayo’s is more annoying, like I said before.
    I think her seiyuu tries too hard to sound shy + cute so much that it sounds kind of like a grandma. The VA for Suzu in Horizon pulled off shy moe nicely, but I’m not liking it for Hanayo.

    I think Kotori’s voice is just cute. When singing though, she’s on the border of getting annoying.

    • Highway says:

      When I talk about voices, I’m only talking about singing, because that’s what is important to me. During the show, it’s not like they’re breaking into long soliloquies that we have to sit through.

      But I will say that even then, I’m getting conditioned to the point where I don’t want Kotori to say anything. 🙂

      Most of the rest of them have fairly typical Japanese High School Girl Anime Voices. The only two with anything distinctive from that are Eri and Umi. And Nozomi and Hanayo’s voices just don’t have the grating, drilling-into-your-brain-through-your-ears quality that Kotori’s has.

      • Restia says:

        This is how I here them

        Nozomi – DAT ACCENT. YES
        Eri – Commanding, like a Seitokai Prez, and a little tsundere? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Kotori – I think it’s just cute :/
        Hanayo – Hello, Grandmother
        Umi – Beautiful :> Strong piercing vocals along with Mako
        Mako – Singing is good, but sometimes it sounds awkward when she’s talking

        excuse me.

        • Restia says:

          Oh I forgot Honoka XD
          I actually think Honoka’s is quite nice ^v^ clear, mid-range, not annoying not too deep, but a bit of a mainstream singing voice that doesn’t necessarily stand out.

  5. Highway says:

    Kara, I’m pretty sure if the president of a school club doesn’t want you in the club, you won’t be in the club. Especially if it requires you actively joining. And Honoka’s plan worked, cause mostly Niko just wanted recognition, and these other girls had basically marginalized her. I can’t say I’m a big fan of her sabotage attempts, tho.

    • Karakuri says:

      Could have used that president veto power in my high school. Then again, it was super Catholic and we all had to pretend that we liked everyone.

  6. Highway says:

    “korekara no Wonderful rush, minna shiawase ninaru tame…”

    *does dance moves*

    Hi! Hi! Super Jump! Oh Yay! Super Jump! Life is wonder, Wonderful Rush!

    *more dance moves*

    • Restia says:

      XD I’m liking their songs too
      Anime OST isn’t sounding bad either, that ending is beautiful

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s some nice music right there. Now I’m really in a mood to see a showdown between these anime idols. The ones from Love Live, AKB0048 and Symphogear. I would’ve added Idolmaster as well but I’ve yet to see that.

      • Highway says:

        Oh, I wanted to mention another thing I really liked about Love Live! from the music side: When they did the live in episode 2, they played the whole song. Not a 90 second insert version, not a one-verse wonder. It was the whole 3 minute song. That made it seem a lot more engrossing to me.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Man, I wanted to see Maki’s expression when Umi scolded her about the dance moves. Umi’s face was good but showing Maki’s would have made things funnier.

    Niko has gotten on my good side. From the end of the last episode, I didn’t like her personality. At first, I thought she’d be just another hater who doesn’t have any school idol experience herself and bringing them down because they’re getting noticed. And to my surprise, she has a lot of knowledge that can actually improve the group. The tsundere thing is going to be a chore to tolerate now and again but it’s a sign that she doesn’t yet know how to deal with people, meaning she’s usually a loner. It was ironic with her trying to break them up when she wanted the exact same thing.

    The flashback with Honoka and Umi was nice. I don’t know which versions are better: they as they are now or their chibi selves. I haven’t fully made my list of favorite idols yet in this show but the top slot already belongs to Honoka. Her optimism and ditziness makes her very cute. Second spot goes to Umi for steadily believing in herself and opening up more.

    @Hawthorne: I’m being curious here but are you going to continue blogging AKB0048? I’ve seen up until episode 4 and things are getting competitive.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Well, I’ve come to realize that with my current college schedule one show is about my limit and since Love Live is new (and seems to be more popular here on Meta) I’ll be sticking with this one. I’ll probably throw something together towards the end of the season though for discussion!

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Spammy got one of my comments a while ago. He’s testing my patience. One of these days, I’m going to lock him up and throw away the key.

    • Restia says:

      Spammy is quite active today. Someone might need to discipline him.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Define discipline because I have a torch and pitchfork ready at any time and my hands are itching to use them.

        • Highway says:

          Do you have a village full of angry rabble, too? Ready to storm your Vampire castle with their own torches and pitchforks? 😉

      • skylion says:

        Flee my beast, I shall deal with this rabble at our gates. Muh ha hah

        • BlackBriar says:

          Oh, no no no. He’s not going anywhere except solitary confinement. There’s no escape this time. We’ve got him on the run.

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