Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 07

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Kate loves to watch your reactions this week

Last week was filled with maids and lots of random drama between Sena and Yozora and the reveal of Kobato’s birthday this time!? Sounds like we are going to be in for some hilarious stuff right, Kara?
Birthdays mean two things: partying and awkward gifts~. Whether the party will be uneventful or not is debatable thinking back to that after exam party, but I’m kind of concerned as to what Rika’s gift is going to be…

Happy birthday Kaboto!

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Sena-“Whoa! This is perfect for Kobato-chan right?”                Kodaka-“…………..”

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Happy birthday, Kobato! At least Sena gave you a useful gift.

Soooo Kabato got some meat on her birthday from Sena? I was not expecting such a gift from her, but that is fine because I was totally thinking it was going to be something super perverted. Besides the odd gift provided by Sena, it was a lot of fun watching the others go shopping together even though I think we all knew that Yozora and Rika would kind of drop out early and go home, but we should mention the outfits!? Like Rika, Yozora and of course Yukimura trading with Yozora afterwards because whoa! She was looking quite nice this time. So, what was the highlight of the special Kobato birthday explosion!? I enjoyed watching Maria giving that gift to Kaboto even though that short d’awww moment quickly turned into a screaming contest between the two girls, but that is to be expected since both of them are young and won’t admit to being friends! ONE DAY I hope they will be able to get along. Also joining in the festivities was Kate who is another girl that has problems admitting she wants to have friends; however, what was she hinting at by mentioning she knew Pegasus? Are they hinting at a possible surprise sister reveal between Sena, Kate and Maria because she did mention something to Kodaka before she left that he will find out the answer to that really soon. So does anyone out there really care if that comes true? Personally I think it could work as a plot line that basically gives Sena a little sister of her own to spoil, but on the other hand I think that Kate will have a similar relationship just like Yozora and Sena. However, who knows maybe they will become great friends.

More friendship

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Kodaka-“Damn this is the longest freaking text ever.”

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Sena-“It’s not like I want to ride an elevator with you or anything!”

So Kodaka continues to be somewhat oblivious and Sena kind of sort of confesses. It was pretty convenient for everyone to leave the two of them alone, but Haganai really looks like it’s going down the Sena route. I’d have thought that Yozora would have objected to the two of them going off alone, but maybe she was more concerned about her bare midriff to care about love rivals at the time. Kodaka had a good line about Rika’s hair (showing how observant he is), but I guess when it comes to romance, the guy is blind.

On to the main point of the episode: Kobato’s birthday. Maria’s gift to Kobato was… oddly normal (I think we all know what I was expecting). But to be fair, so was Rika’s. Like the preview was talking about childhood friends, I bring back my point from a few posts ago about the two of them becoming childhood friends. That would be absolutely adorable. Speaking of Maria, Kate was so… okay with Kodaka accidentally seeing her naked. It was refreshing to have her laugh it off where in your typical harem show, Kodaka would have been screamed at and beaten within an inch of his life. Her explanation of “it was an accident so it’s okay” was cool too. I wasn’t too fond of her when she first showed up (since she seemed unnecessary at the time and I thought she was like Maria), but Kate has become a pretty good character in a rather short amount of time. It seems like she’s no too much competition for Yozora and the rest either since Kodaka didn’t think twice about letting her and Maria stay over. …But I can see where Kobato is getting concerned. If Kate has that big of a bust at age 16, I imagine that Maria would be close to that too at that age. Kobato seems to be fighting a losing battle.

Fun with Blank

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Rika you are crazy but we love you for it.

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and detailed…


Rika in normal clothes.jpeg

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Kate or Sena? Who has the best meat…

End thoughts

Now this wasn’t the most exciting episode of all time because it followed Kobato’s birthday, but of course I did not mind a whole lot because Hanazawa Kana always does a fantastic job as Kobato! Even though like I said before she tends to argue and scream a lot whenever Maria is around. However, I liked the possible hints of a surprise sibling relationship reveal between Sena and Kate and if it turns out to be true I wonder how Sena will react to discovering that news because she really wants a little sister of her own to spoil like Maria? Other than tiny development in the story we had the usual reactions from Rika and Yozora wanting to become Kodaka’s boyfriend as usual, but it is both funny and sad that the other girls realize they will never ever get past the friend zone! Keep fighting on girls YOU CAN DO THIS and again I have to mention Yukimura looking great in her new outfit and maybe she will wear other clothes like that? So what did you like about this episode? Kobato’s birthday, the fancy clothes or hints at new sisters for Sena?

This episode was pretty fun~ ….mostly because it was about Kobato. It was nice to see everyone being considerate to her by giving her normal gifts instead of forcing their preferences on her. It certainly makes them all seem like they’ve grown up a bit since the beginning of the first season (where I can see them all getting her something weird). …Though Sena’s was still slightly creepy xD. It would have been so much better without the “think of it as me” line. Oh well, they all tried and that’s the important part. Maybe it was because it was for Kodaka’s sister, but I’d like to think that they did this for Kobato herself. As for the other characters, they need to step things up if they ever want to get ahead of Sena. Things worked out well for her this episode since her and Kodaka had a pretty serious (well, serious for this show) conversation and they seem pretty comfortable around one another. I’m sure Yozora can catch up soon though if she tries.


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Nuns are wacky!

Yozora gets really angry!?


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40 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 07”

  1. Highway says:

    The gifts were all for Kobato. The dates were all for themselves. Unfortunately, Kodaka typically blew it and doesn’t get it, although we can figure that Rika and Cutiemura are gonna give up on him soon. I think Rika would actually have an advantage over Sena and Yozora at getting him as a boyfriend, given his stated preferences for looks, but he just can’t get past that initial impression of her as a nerdy perv that he’s got.

    I had wondered what Yozora was thinking before whenever we see her in non-school uniforms. She’s always wearing shorter shorts than the entire cast of Vividred. And now we know that she didn’t really get it. Hopefully she keeps up the cute clothes, tho, after the initial shock of learning that she’s been showing off her goods…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I sort of see Rika and Yukimura giving up on getting closer to Kodaka and going the friendship route, but it’s cool whatever I know the main pairing is going to be Kodaka ending up with either Sena or Yozora even though I know most people want Yozora instead, but she hasn’t really pushed for anything to happen >.>

      That was strange to have Yozora figure out she has been dressing in a weird outfits going for a “boyish” look that comes off as WHOOAAAA and yeah those shorts were tiny on her.

      Soooo who wore those shorts better? Yukimura or Yozora? LOL

  2. BlackBriar says:

    With this and the two recent episodes of Kotoura-san, Hanazawa’s characters sure are getting some attention. Not to mention Hanazawa’s birthday is February 25th which makes this all feel like a coincidence. It’s amazing that even though the errands were for Kobato’s sake, everyone still managed to squeeze in their ulterior motives.

    Obviously Yozora is somehow ashamed of her body but I honestly don’t see why since she looks good in that short shirt and pants especially that they show off her curves nicely. She should wear different clothes more often.

    On the subject of clothing, Rika should bring more variety to wardrobe like Kodaka pointed out. The new hairstyle and no glasses part was a big step up so she should do a big overhaul though I almost didn’t recognize her in the orange outfit and backpack. If not for her perversion, I’d have mistaken her for someone else. I got a random laugh from her when she treated her glasses like a DBZ scouter while burning Sena for her lies.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know if Yozora is as much ashamed of her body as she is just very uncomfortable in public to the point of agoraphobia. They might go hand in hand, but I would think it’s more that she didn’t realize how much attention she would get, and when she realized that that’s what set off her agoraphobia.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I saw the tweets about HanaKana’s birthday! I was like wait a minute…was that done on purpose? If so that is really awesome xD

      Yozora in tiny shorts for the win, but now we need to see Sena rocking some tiny shorts next time~

      Rika looked like a little kid to me thanks to that backpack and odd camera angle hahaha but overall she was cute along with Yukimura getting all sexy on us.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, I thought the same thing with Rika’s look, that she was a 6th grader or something. Not the most grown-up look for her, especially with that haircut.

        • BlackBriar says:

          I fell for the same thing at first glance. Her face defies her age, she looks like a child and the clothes make it even more deceiving. She’s the kind of person who would always have to carry an ID with her.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahah yeah all she was missing was a hat to complete that “child-ish” look…

          • BlackBriar says:

            Hahaha!! A straw hat with a sunflower attached would complete the look perfectly.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’m wondering if Sena will actually look good those kinds of shorts. She strikes me as someone who sticks to skirts or at least goes around wearing jeans with three quarter legs. Yozora has to get over being self conscious about her body or she won’t be able to enjoy herself.

        Rika may look like a kid but there’s no hiding that her mind’s in the gutter. Was anyone thinking bondage while she was tied to that lamp post? That was too funny.

        Between the two girls who have a nice figure, I’d pick Kate over Sena because she’s more developed. Her body looks mature for someone who recently turned 16 years old. I wonder if she has a dirty mind even though she’s a nun.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Rika tied to that pole was freaking hilarious!

          Kate or Sena wow tough choice! I would go for Sena because of the whole love of gaming/anime, but she is into some CRAAAAZZZYYY stuff…

  3. lou says:

    Sena do have sibling…half sibling infact…but not kate…guess who…

    its pretty darn close too…if i dont mistaken pegasus try to keep it a secret from sena, but sena know it anyway but pretend dont know…

    • Karakuri says:

      It took a bit of internet searching to find it, but I’m just glad it’s not Kodaka. OTL

    • Foshizzel says:

      filed under DO NOT WANT TO KNOW…

      • BlackBriar says:

        Some things are better off not knowing, right? Some say knowledge is power but it can also be a lethal poison to the mind.

        • Foshizzel says:


        • Karakuri says:

          Knowing who the real sister is, it’s not as big as you’re probably thinking.

          • Foshizzel says:

            True Kara you have a valid point finding out wont destroy the series because it is just a sister xD

          • BlackBriar says:

            As long as the sister isn’t someone that causes a major impact in the show that would disrupt everything it’s accomplished so far. Kind of how Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! was.

            • Foshizzel says:

              ahahaha yessss! Judging from the current cast I can only picture Kobato with the blond hair and all, but at this point I wonder if we will even find out? Episode 12 will be here in no time T______T

    • BlackBriar says:

      An illegimate child hidden away by a privilidged parent to minimize the chances and shame of a scandal breaking loose. That seems to happen a lot in rich families.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ahhh yesh this comment reminds me of a past episode of Little Busters which tackled the same kind of set up, but done a bit differently of course ;P

  4. belatkuro says:

    And so ends volume 6. We’re reaallly burning through the source material here. In actual fact, there are only 8 volumes out with Haganai, with vol9 coming out next month.
    There are two other volumes out, Universe and Connect, but they’re kinda like side stories or the same story told in another perspective so it doesn’t count. And seeing the OP, they won’t touch them.

    They’re…keeping the mumbling from the characters but they still lack the impact or subtlety of the novels.
    I can see why Sena is the favored one to win da Hag anai because of this. Though with all that’s gonna happen, it’s still anybody’s game no matter what anyone says. They first gotta crack through Kodaka’s thick skull that they’re already friends before they even proceed to becoming boyfriend/girlfriend.
    He’s definitely perceptive in most parts but dense in everything else.

    Though how did that last message of Kate be interpreted to be a sister reveal? The big clue in there was “Or a certain something else would be nice. But you’ve already got Sena-san…” Combined with Pegasus and it should be easy to figure out. It’s been hinted way back in episode 1 too.
    I might have said too much though. Oh well.

    Next is volume 7 and the start of new things. This should be good as there are some good reveals in this volume.
    In the end, the advantage of having read the LN is disappearing as the anime is already catching up to it. This is why I think it was a bad idea for a second season given the limited material. It’s not much of a money spinner though as the 1st season didn’t break the 10k mark so why this was green-lighted is something I can’t understand. Then again, the anime industry is a difficult thing to comprehend. Oh well.

    • Highway says:

      See, I actually think this pacing was about perfect. Assuming that there is a 10-volume LN story, then this is coming neck and neck to the end. Volume 9 is being published, and it’s pretty certain that Volume 10 is in final editing, and the story is all known. I’m actually a little worried that they’re spending so little time on the last 3 LN volumes (assuming there are only 3 left) since I’d imagine more stuff happens in them. But from a standpoint of “enough material to fill the series” I think they’ve got that just about right.

      Basically, I’m viewing it as the same sort of thing as Toradora or Sakurasou, where a 10 volume LN series worked out pretty much perfectly with a 25 episode anime.

      I don’t know how people got ‘sister’ out of that either. Maybe too much Darth Vader on the brain. Of course, I actually know what’s going to happen (I believe there was either a spoiler on an earlier post here, or it’s something I found out on an ill-advised Wikipedia trip).

      • belatkuro says:

        The thing is, it’s not yet ending. From what I gather from sources, the author considers the first 8 volumes to be the ‘prologue’ of the whole story. And yet he(she?) doesn’t know yet how to continue, hence a large gap between the releases. Volume 8 was released last June, Connect was last December and like I said, volume 9 is next month.
        So don’t expect much from the anime’s ending as the source material is so limited.

        And I believe it’s a trip to Wikipedia that got you there 😉

        • Highway says:

          Ahh, I thought I had heard it was a 10-volume series. Now given the really short time frame that we’ve gone through in the series, about 6 months in show time in 19 episodes, they could easily drag out the story for another 12 or even 24 episode series before getting to any forced significant change in the characters lives, like Kodaka, Yozora, and Sena having to graduate from high school.

      • Highway says:

        And after I said that, people are saying that Sakurasou probably won’t make it to the end of the LN series in the amount of shows they have left, which will be a bit disappointing to me, because I know that means that there’s a higher probability it will end up with a half-assed ending for this series, with no assurance of another series.

        Once again, I go back to the idea of ‘half-seasons’ for shows. Take the number of episodes you need to tell the story, don’t worry about cours. So many shows would be better with 16 or 18 episodes, rather than compressing down to 12 or stretching to 24. Hyouka did 22. Mondaiji is doing 10. It’s not like all series start on the same day, or even the same week, anyway.

        • BlackBriar says:

          If there’s a long running manga going on, then I won’t like the idea of squeezing the story into 12 episodes because a lot of material, including the good ones are going to be cut for the sake of maintaining the time frame which is between 22 and 24 minutes per episode. Take Deadman Wonderland for example. The manga is still ongoing but the anime version nearly two years ago was only 12 episodes and ended on an annoying cliffhanger leaving a load of questions unanswered and squandered material. Had it been 24, everything could have better explained and there would be better character development which would have been good because I was looking forward to know more about Shiro being the Wretched Egg, the Red Hole incident and the origins behind the Branch of Sin strain that allows the “Deadmen” to manipulate their blood as a weapon.

          • Highway says:

            Well, sure, that works for some properties. But a lot of stories just don’t fit conveniently into a 12 or 24 episode format. Some stories would be better as 6 episodes. Others would be better as 18. OreImo was pretty atrocious at 12, but was great at 16. KoiChoco could have used 4 more episodes, but another 12? It would have felt interminable.

            Really, what I’m advocating for is more freedom to tell the story in the amount of shows that it would naturally take, with less constraint imposed by strict adherence to a 4 season schedule.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Hmmm… The anime version of Black Rock Shooter fits what you’re talking about with episode format. It only had a total of 8 episodes yet it was able to tell a full story. That and there were some glorious yuri vibes among the characters which were all females along with good animation and action sequences.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I thought sister thanks to twitter because someone linked a picture of Kate but they changed her hair to Sena’s color and it kind of matched well, but this is kind of a comedy series which is hard to write about every week and I don’t read the novels or read the manga…however after thinking about it I suppose you could take Kate’s comment as wanting to be Kodaka’s boyfriend? I guess they are saying she is jealous of Sena and the other girls?

      • Highway says:

        Well, her comment was definitely the old “I don’t wish you were my onii-chan” comment with the subtext that “I couldn’t date you if you were my brother” (ask Suguha how that works out) that you’d think some of these idiot harem leads would figure out by now. Don’t they watch anime or read mangas?

    • edo says:

      do you know where to find a summary of connect 1 ?

      • belatkuro says:

        I haven’t checked yet as I’m not as invested in this as other series to actually search for summaries and spoilers, like what I’m doing to SAO, AW and Mahouka.
        Animesuki’s Haganai board should be a good place to look, as well as jcafe24.

  5. Highway says:

    Kara, on your last point, I also just thought about how comfortable Sena was in a casual setting, just having coffee with Kodaka. Yeah, she backed off and reframed a couple topics to keep from straight up asking “Do you want to go out with me?” but otherwise had a good conversation where she really learned a lot about how Kodaka thinks. I can’t help but think that in the same situation, Yozora would have a lot harder time actually talking to Kodaka, which really points to Sena’s far greater comfort with herself. A Yozora / Kodaka conversation would have had a lot more stammering and hair pulling, I think, even though Yozora seems to be able to talk to Kodaka frequently one-on-one in other situations. I think the obvious ‘date’ setting would have thrown her off quite a bit.

    Plus, Yozora’s email to Kodaka to ask him out was pretty hilarious. I didn’t get a screenshot of it, but it was full of ‘betsu ni’, even multiple times in the same sentence. Get a little confidence!

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