Amnesia – 05


When fangirls attack

Miyu is off busy with school again, so this week’s Amnesia is brought to you by me alone. …Yep. Well, I like the adaptation of Ikki’s route thus far, but there are definitely still problems. …Mostly with the heroine. On the plus side though, the animation and OP are still fabulous. Plus Orion’s appearance was actually useful for explaining what’s going on.


Sigh, it looks like in her confusion, the heroine decided to revert right back to the way she was pre Shin. Silent and helpless. Orion cleared up the fact that what happened with Shin wasn’t a lie, but apparently the heroine still doesn’t think that asking anyone questions would be a good idea. Hell, we even had a repeat scene with Ikki showing her how to make a parfait. Maybe it’s not as stupid as having characters introduce themselves again, but it still feels redundant. …At least the heroine actually called Sawa by her name (or at least acknowledged that she knew her) instead of keeping silent. That report thing is definitely going to come back and kick her ass later though. You know, I realize from the game that if the heroine had asked people questions, she wouldn’t have had half of the problems she went through. OTL Of course, there are some questions that would have been a dead give-away that she didn’t remember anything and she doesn’t have the accident to blame, but Ikki already knows that she’s off. I guess it’s just annoying me that the heroine doesn’t really take risks. Even with Orion gone. You’d think that she would have gained something from that experience with Shin. …Though if she went from dating guy to guy with ease, that might not be the right image for her either.


I’m a little saddened by the fact that Waka didn’t make them shout “THE CUSTOMER IS THE ENEMY!” like he did in the game.

So, Ikki. Is he just a guy with the worst and most obsessive fangirls in the world, or does he deserve his terrible reputation? The whole story thing about dumping every girl after 3 weeks is definitely a turn off. Plus, he keeps saying that he’s never had to fight this hard with a girl, yet he keeps counting down the weeks. Keep in mind though that Kent did say that the heroine is different, and he’s the type to tell things as they are, no matter how bluntly. …Then again, I don’t know if you could have picked that up with his really small role thus far.

There is a reason he keeps staring at the heroine at uncomfortably close distances though. There’s also a reason he has 830294508 fangirls (and does the 3 months thing) too. I’d speculate, but considering I know the answer and I can’t come up with any other possibilities off the top of my head, I won’t. They’ll probably let the secret out the next episode anyways. Plus it will probably be just as easy as when Shin cleared up the murderer thing. …You know, for a show the puts so much emphasis on the mysteries, the answers seem to come out rather easily. …Which is probably a good thing since I don’t think the heroine would put in the effort to figure out the answers herself other than think “Oh no, what do I do?” or something along those lines.


Didn’t you see Phi Brain? Obviously puzzles are the greatest form of friendship there is.

Either way, you kind of have to feel sorry for the heroine since not only does she have to deal with (previously threatening… in a different world) fangirls, but also with suddenly switching boyfriends and on top of that, having him give some rather mixed signals. Though despite my complaints about the heroine and the repeat scene, I have to say that they swept us into Ikki’s route pretty painlessly. We weren’t completely reintroduced to his character and everything the we learned about him was pretty new. I just hope that when we get to Kent’s route, it’s just as painless  since he’s a pretty straightforward character who already has been in a memory flashback  (or even Toma’s route since the heroine should catch on and become more adaptable… Or at least one would hope).

Orion’s appearance actually meant something this episode!!! And yes, they explained one of the more confusing (even though Miyu and quite a few of you guess it right away) parts of the plot a bit more directly (and sooner) than I thought they would. Things from other episodes don’t line up because the heroine is in a completely different world. The two places before this one were completely different worlds as well. So I guess it’s kind of understandable that the heroine isn’t getting back any of her memories lately. She isn’t just dealing with one set of them, but a whole handful of them.


Like I said above, I definitely have mixed feelings about this arc. I like the way they’re handling the storyline since they’re still keeping the same level of… well, confusion and explanation, but at the same time, …that heroine. Everyone one has noticed that she’s different, and yet, she’s not trying hard at all to do anything about it. You’d think that after the results in Shin’s route, she would do something. Oh well, I think I’ve complained about that enough for now (I have to save some complaining for later xD). If Ikki’s route could be wrapped up by the next episode, that would be nice. Not that I don’t like the route, but hopefully ending this will mean the heroine finally gets a personality (oh wait, I said I would stop complaining about that). In any case, they seemed to have upped the Ikki part of the route and lowered the bitchy-ness obsessive fangirls quite a bit, which makes the whole thing much less rage inducing. They’ll probably do more in the next episode (plus we need a reason for the heroine to die and move on to the next world), but even if they don’t make it as bad, it seems like it will be strangely okay even though the fangirls were a HUGE part of Ikki’s route in the original.


There’s no real preview, but I’ll leave you with this eyecatch from the game.



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21 Responses to “Amnesia – 05”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    The OP visuals were slightly different. So this probably means it will be modified every time the girl is paired up with a different guy.

    That movie screening oddly nailed the facts on the head for the heroine’s situation. I think whenever something crucial happens to her, she’s put back in time or into a parallel world with another male character to do things that were different with the previous choice. The story must be doing this to make a final decision.

    While Shin was straightforward in his approach, Ikki beats around and he’s narcissistic.

    • Gecko says:

      I agree! The movie was really really close to the heroine’s situation. Except that she didn’t really notice.
      My thoughts are that whenever she uncovers a bit of the truth and why she knows all these guys, she gets a reset of some kind to move along with the next bit of truth. Orion said something about how she needed to figure things out again (if I’m remembering correctly), this must be how they’ve decided to do it.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’ll give the heroine credit for noticing anything at all because at the start, it was like she wasn’t thinking, let alone trying to figure out what’s going on while Shin was doing most of the work and found out what happened to her.

        I see the flashbacks in time as a sort of fail safe. Something is being hidden and if she gets too close, everything resets only that the guy she spends time with is different. Given that she seems to be accident prone, the next reset will probably occur very soon. The girl is quite the klutz.

    • anaaga says:

      Wait wait, how come I didn’t notice it in the OP? I never skip hot guys kissing one girl

    • Karakuri says:

      Totally didn’t notice the change in the OP details.

      I don’t remember much of the movie from the game, but the anime certainly nailed the situation. Hmm, you’re right in some ways, but wrong in… others. I stand by my connection to Steins;Gate, but Miyu’s connection with the song Kagerou Days isn’t too off either.

      I wouldn’t call Ikki narcissistic exactly, but he does have a problem with saying ‘no’, which is the reason for the 3248910741 fangirls

      • BlackBriar says:

        I noticed the differences in the OP the moment the background of the title was a different color instead of all black like usual. From then on, the montage of the guys and the photo like sequences were altered.

        Can you let me know where I was right and wrong? I haven’t seen Steins;Gate so I can’t put an opinion on the subject.

        So basically he lets himself be a pushover because he doesn’t want to hurt them. It’s noble. Stupid in a sense but noble. There’s no way you please everyone. Someone eventually is going to get hurt. That’s the sad truth.

  2. Gecko says:

    Well, the heroine is still annoying (oh well, I mean, who could actually handle this well?)
    I was annoyed by Shin because he was rather gloomy, and kept moving on the heroine, but I’m thinking that Ikki might be worse. He seems serious, but at the same time, he obviously plays with people as he wants.
    My guess is that the fangirls will reveal something and the heroine will end up freaking out and falling over off something into an obvious death situation. And that will happen 2/3rds the way through the next episode so we can move on to the next guy.
    I feel like I should be positive, so here’s my positive comments:
    1. Waka is hilarious in every route so far.
    2. I’m glad the guys have their own time, rather than all at once trying to get her attention. It feels a lot cleaner than other reverse harem shows (and harem as well) that pack all the love interests at once, constantly. It’s easier on the viewer than trying to remember them all at once, I think.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The dominant problem here is that the heroine still doesn’t have much of a personality and that’s what needed to carry the series. If she doesn’t improve soon, the story will crash and burn. There’s seven episodes left so there’s still room for hope.

      • Gecko says:

        Yep. I don’t want to rely on Orion or the guys.

        • Karakuri says:

          Well the heroine will need to grow a spine or at least some sort of resolve for the true route at least. …There’s something to look forward to.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I’m sure she’ll develop the more she goes through a time and space reset. I have a feeling it has something to do with Orion who, fortunately, isn’t talking as much.

        • d-LaN says:

          Wht is with the Orion hate T_T

    • Karakuri says:

      This is definitely the best version of Waka here, but I still don’t think the anime has done him justice on just how great he is yet. xD

      Yeah, I was hoping they’d give each guy their own time like this. Harems are great and all, but I like formulas like they did in Amagami SS where each route had it’s own dedicated episodes so we’re not trying to keep track of 5 different possible relationships.

  3. anaaga says:

    Man, Ikki is the type of guy I REALLY hate. I don’t know the whole 3 months shit, but he has every right to reject those girls if he wants to. But since he didn’t he dated them and respond to their fangirl squeals anyway. He’s just the type of guy who can’t say “no” to girls, and this annoys the hell out of me. C’mon man, show me you have some balls at rejecting those girls! His comment about the heroin being the first is pissing me off too. Gah, I just don’t like Ikki at all. His silver hair can’t save even save him from my blacklist

    • Karakuri says:

      He has his reasons for not being able to say ‘no’. …If the anime doesn’t get around to covering them, I will at least in the episode post. It is annoying though, especially later on when the fangirls get murderous. Really, a good portion of the crap that goes on in the game is Ikki and the fangirl’s faults (directly or indirectly) xD Ahaha… again, if the anime doesn’t cover this, I will.

  4. d-LaN says:

    Woohoo! Finally got the motivation to catch up with Amnesia! \(^o^)/

    And I just realized Ikki have a pair of antenna on his head lol. And wow, moe moe kyun Waka to hot blooded Waka :O

    Yay Orion is ba- And he gone again. Oh well, at least he isn’t giving us tutorial every 5 sec XD

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