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This scene would’ve been touching if the one talking has a body

Lesson learned. I’ll never use a certain group’s video that has a 500+ mb size. I’ll even wait for weeks if that’s the only way not to use their video. Thank goodness the crappiness of video didn’t stop me from enjoying episode 14 & 15 marathon.


Alibaba Now // I remember how I kept giving Alibaba thumbs down at the beginning of the Balbadd Arc. However, I ceased doing that when the anime entered the later half of the arc. In fact, I was cheering for Alibaba nonstop, especially in episode 14 and 15. Alibaba is just that amazing now. He’s so great, it’s hard to believe that he used to be such a wimp. It’s as if the old cowardly Alibaba never existed at all. I mean, there’s no way the old Alibaba would be able to abolish monarchy and gain people’s support by himself. And yet he did, all with his own power. Heck, I was almost in tears when I heard his speech; it was powerful and moving. Unlike before, Alibaba is brimming with charisma and wisdom now. These changes happened because he wants to stop Cassim and change Balbadd. He’s willing to do everything to have his vision comes true, even if he has to do it by himself. Isn’t it amazing how all these things happened just because of a strong will and the desire to create the future Alibaba wants to see? Alibaba’s another example to prove that the future one envisioned can be created if he’s willing to try.


Cassim Now // Alibaba got better, but the same thing can’t be said about Cassim. Cassim, what’s happening to you? Why can’t you make up your mind? First, he wants to overthrow the government through a rebellion. Yet, when a rebellion isn’t necessary anymore, he still creates chaos through his words, stirring people’s emotions. Seriously Cassim, what the hell. The things Cassim did were definitely inappropriate, but it shows one thing: he only wants to create chaos and disorder throughout Balbadd. All these talks about changing Balbadd is just bull. He just wants to screw it all up for his own sake. Is this revenge for what Balbadd did to his sister? Probably. Is this because of his jealousy towards Alibaba? Also, probably. Man, Cassim’s just the perfect villain. Instead of hating Cassim though, I pity him. The more I see him, the more I realize that he’s… just lost, without anybody to guide him. Unlike Alibaba, he’s alone, and his surroundings forced him to act this way, changing him along the way. What sucks is, all of these could have been avoided if that stupid shady organization weren’t attempting to reverse the flow of fate. Cassim became one of the victims of that shady organization. If only someone guided Cassim, if only the flow of fate wasn’t disturbed… Everything would have been different, and he might have been saved. Unfortunately, time can’t be reversed. Cassim sacrificed his heart and body, and nobody can save him now. If there’s something that can save him, it has to be a miracle.


The Citizens of Balbadd // These people are just… I don’t know, man. I do sympathize them for enduring the long and unjust government system under Ahbmed, but I’m not amused with their quick change of heart. Seriously, they were all YAAYY from Alibaba’s announcement but then they went all BOOO from what Cassim said? In less than a minute? Not amused, Balbadd peeps, not amused. They’re so quick at changing their opinion, and they’re easily affected from an outside party. The heck man, even I don’t want citizens like that. Yeah sure, they were also affected by the metal vessels, but obviously, these things didn’t come out of its own. Deep down inside, the people still hold a grudge on Balbadd for ruining their lives. All the stress they’ve been holding back is finally out. Oh well, this is the result of such crappy government. So, I guess people’s condition and attitude do reflect the government they are under.


Sinbad’s Scheme // The title makes it sound as if I’m treating Sinbad as the bad guy, but isn’t he one, indirectly? Sure, thanks to him, Alibaba sharpened his Djinn Equip skills, and he’s partly responsible for Alibaba to change his mind. The Alliance of the Seven Seas will also help Balbadd too, so I guess Sinbad’s not all bad… But ehm, I see some drawbacks from these alliances or friendship whatsoever. First, Sinbad’s good at twisting his words. Sure, Aladdin as Balbadd’s king will definitely improve it’s condition, but won’t that put Balbadd under Sinbad’s rule indirectly? Sinbad is, after all and in some way, Alibaba’s mentor. For Alibaba, Sinbad is someone he looks up to, and Aladdin will be blinded by that. Making Balbadd to join the Alliance, isn’t that another way for Balbadd to be under another organization’s rule? Honestly, I see the word “Alliance” as something empty. The leader of the Alliance, after all, is Sinbad. Either way, Balbadd will be chained by another rule. Seriously, I can’t fully trust Sinbad yet. He’s too nice to be true.


Aladdin & Ugo // Aladdin finally finds Ugo’s head! It was such a surprise when I realized where Ugo’s head was: it never left the mysterious maze/library. Ugo’s head stayed there, watching over Aladdin. It makes me wonder why Ugo’s head stays inside the maze. Could it be that he has to stay there, close to his true master? To add more questions, why did Ugo stay with Aladdin instead of Solomon? Did Solomon lend Ugo to Aladdin? What makes Aladdin so special? There’s no way Aladdin is not special. He went through the Wisdom of Solomon, the Truth of All Truths, the Knowledge of Everything. There must be a reason why Aladdin is able to go through the Wisdom of Solomon. Some kind of secret must be hidden inside that shota body of his. But what? The whole Wisdom of Solomon thing just adds more questions. I hope everything can be explained by next week because I’m so curious NGGHHH.


Mysterious Organization // The pain in Solomon’s/Aladdin’s/Alibaba’s/Sinbad’s ass, the one that’s responsible for all the shit that’s happening in the Magi world right now. Their goal is to reverse the flow of fate aka to go against fate and make their own flow. For what, the reason is still unknown. I’m pretty sure though, they’re the ones controlling Kou Empire. Also, they screwed Judal so bad Judal’s rukh is all black now. So far they’re doing a dang good job at spreading evil force, and it seems that they’re winning the war. I can only hope that Aladdin comes soon to kick their asses.

Magi has not been disappointing for these past few episodes. The anime is faithful to the manga, and I’m so happy because of that. It seems that the author decided to solve the political problem first, hence the lack of action for the past few days. I’m totally cool with it, and we’re getting some action soon anyway (prepare your tissue). The flow of the story has been so smooth, and the character development of Alibaba feels so natural. I have problems with the idea Alibaba proposed about the whole republic thing though. His arguments are pretty ridiculous too, but he realized it so it’s fine. Honestly, changing the country’s system in a snap sounds like a bad idea. Is that even possible? Will the citizens get used to it? Will they be able to choose wise leaders and create wise decisions? Just look at them, a flick from Cassim changed the citizens in a snap. Honestly, I’m not sure whether the sudden change of government system will work at all. But this is anime though, so I guess I should overlook it? *cringe*

Preview: Aladdin is awake and ready to kick some ass! Will Alibaba be able to kill Cassim now that he’s changed completely? Will anaaga make it through the deadline next week?


Wisdom of Solomon


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16 Responses to “Magi 13-15”

  1. CarVac says:

    What’s wrong with said sub group’s over-500 MB files?

    • anaaga says:

      It’s SO HUGE, and there’s little difference in quality with other group’s videos. It gets stuck a lot too, though that one has something to do with my player. But I don’t run across this problem with the other 720p videos

  2. Krono says:

    Awesome as always. I’m glad they are nailing everything the manga hit so well. so, far though there have been no real reveals about why Aladdin was given the Wisdom of Solomon. it has been mentioned that Show ▼

    Ah well looking forward to the next episode.

    • anaaga says:

      I fixed the comment so that the spoiler is under the spoiler section. Yup, everything is exactly the same with the manga, and I’m glad they’re not screwing it up.. Yet. They’re probably reveal the reason later on in as the episodes go by

  3. Foshizzel says:

    I am having a lot of fun with this series Anaaga, but right now ill be honest with you these past episodes have kind of bored me with all the heavy talks of politics and all that jazz. I think I just want to see Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba to go on magical adventures together instead of dealing with kings, but I know it is probably important stuff.

    New OP and ED are so good <3 <3 <3 <3 I need the singles already! AHHHHH!!

    I guess Aladdin is going to be stuck in training mode? With him asleep and his friends in danger it feels like DBZ when Nappa and Vegeta arrive on earth killing everyone?! HURRY UP Aladdin! WAKE YO ASS UP SON.

    • anaaga says:

      If you want to the adventure, you’ll have to wait until they animate the current arc the manga is covering because there will be looots of adventure in the current manga arc. Early Magi stuff is full of politics, so you’ll have to be patient =( BUT this week’s episode should be full of action… and tears *sob*

      LOL DBZ. Don’t worry, he’ll be waking up reaaallyy soon. How could he not wake up when his king is in danger? *yaoi mode*

  4. PrimeHector says:

    The next arc is going to be hilarious.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Episodes 14 and 15 were really good. Alibaba gained some more of my respect when he went to the palace to confront his brother and dissolve the monarchy. A republic is a good idea but if sent in the wrong direction, it can be as bad as being ruled by a tyrannical king.

    Kassim is so lost that I don’t think he even remembers his initial reasons for creating the Fog Troupe. There’s no reading his motives because in the back of my mind, I thought he wanted to become king. He’s just swallowed by his anger to the point he’s easily influenced.

    • anaaga says:

      Can’t discuss much about the republic thing because what I’m going to say is involved with the next next serious arc, but I can say for sure that I still doubt that Balbadd will still have trouble building its government by (literally) itself.

      Kassim will get better, though not in a real way… I like his character though, the complexity of his character feels so real. It can be seen from his actions and flashbacks that there are some good in him, but it was battling with the dark side of Kassim’s. Too bad it lost. He’s a character that’s lost and can never go back anymore.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Lesson learned. I’ll never use a certain group’s video that has a 500+ mb size.

    I can recommend to you a site where you can download videos that aren’t so big in memory size. The site is You can download either High quality or low quality videos (I strongly advise the low quality ones). The quality of the LQ is 720p and the memory size ranges between 75 and 80 MB. It’s a good a deal if you want to manage your computer’s hard drive memory.

    • anaaga says:

      I was more disappointed with the quality of the video, not the size. I do go to Cyber12/anime4psp for the anime I don’t blog, considering that my connection is really bad (it can take a day to DL a 500 mb torrented file)

      • BlackBriar says:

        Cyber12 is always my first choice when I’m downloading anime. The memory size is reasonable and the quality is great because it’s 720p. The only time I’d go to other sites like Anime-Sensei or anime4psp is when they have material that Cyber12 doesn’t like OVAs and other specials. The trouble with Anime-Sensei is there are too many different video formats meaning you’d have some other player or codec to watch while Cyber12 and anime4psp stick to mp4.

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