Sukitte Ii na yo – 10-11

There’s always that one person that cannot stand any thrilling rides at amusement parks…

And hello againnn, I’m determined to catch up with all my posts nao ;w; I feel really empty recently for whatever recently, like all the life’s been sucked out of me… Need to get back into the happy jumpy mood again but don’t know how sigh. Anyway, onto Sukitte.

In episode 10, we witnessed how lots of misunderstandings snowballed into a full-blown argument. The cause of everything, in the end, is the lack of proper confrontation and communication. It happens a lot in real life too, doesn’t it? Getting led on by rumors and forming impressions of people when you don’t even know what really happens, this is what really leads to many break-ups between couples and friends. With their roles reversed, Yamato’s the one feeling jealous and more evidently, possessive this time round. What’s surprising is that when he heard those rumors he didn’t even bother to ask Mei – he’s always been really patient with her, always double-checking with her if she’s okay with the pace of their relationship, clarifying and ensuring that things are alright before heading on, but this time he’s let his emotions get the better of it. Mei, who’s only just learnt about love, can’t possibly read Yamato’s mind/face that easily and know what to do, she needs to be guided, but Yamato, blinded by jealously, couldn’t give her that.


It’s nice how it all turned out though, how Kai actually took the risk and said some hurtful things to make Yamato spill his feelings and really talk, instead of taking it out on Mei. Where do you even get such a thoughtful rival in love? He was the most perceptive, and also the person who best controlled his emotions and read the situation to do what he thought was right to fix it, and I thought he deserved more credit for that! In the end though, no one knew about Megumi’s inner-self, and the horrible things she did other than Kai, but I’m sure that’s going to spill soon.


This week, Megumi’s haunting past is finally revealed. Again, like the most of our Sukitte cast, she has had emotional scars inflicted on her through the bullying and name-calling that happened when she was younger. What’s different about all our characters, is how they choose to deal with this pain they’ve received from others. Mei chose to shut herself off from the rest of the world, Kai transformed his pain into motivation to become stronger, Aiko took her pain as a driving force to change her appearance in order to be loved. But Megumi?  She’s similar to Aiko in a way, except that even now, she hasn’t grown, hasn’t learned like Aiko did. She still doesn’t know how to really interact and form bonds with people. She’s let her pain take over and become a double-edged sword – always only treating people as friends on the surface, attracting them with monetary or materialistic ideals. The only way she knows how to make “friends” is by showing off her connections, and that’s what she does best. As she struggles to gain the affection and attention from everyone in this way, in the end she’s left with no one who really understands and cares for her.


Thinking about it in this way, it’s pretty obvious that Megumi doesn’t really like Yamato – rather, she views him as a potential “possession”, something to own and show off, much like what she’s doing with her occupation as a model currently. When her façade crumbles and her real self shows, people shun from her and basically just leave her behind. What they don’t know is that beyond that façade and that arrogance of hers, is actually loneliness and trauma. Like everyone else who’s grown in Sukitte, I think what she needs is just a little push or some encouragement in order to move on from the pain that she’s suffered.


On Yamato’s and Mei’s relationship, I thought episode 11 and their trip to Land was really cute. They’re both making compromises for each other – how Mei’s holding in her fear and taking all those thrilling rides with Yamato without any complain, and how when Yamato realized it, he began bringing her to the more relaxing kiddy rides instead. Little things like how the hotel room he booked had two beds instead of one, also show how much thought he’s put into their date, and how much he respects her as an individual, and also his girlfriend. They’re taking it slowly and steadily, and it will be interesting to see how it goes from here.


Kai’s arc ended a lot sooner than I thought it would, but Megumi’s is still dragging on. Out of all the Sukitte characters she’s the one that needs some form of friendship and encouragement to move forward the most, I should think, because she’s never known that before. I also wonder if Sukitte is going to introduce any more characters so close to the end, since the appearance of Yamato’s older brother just came out of nowhere. Anyways, what I’m expecting for the last two episodes is probably a wrap-up of Megumi’s arc, as well as a vague ending signaling what’s to come for Mei and Yamato as a couple. That kind of mushy-mushy thing. I’d still enjoy it though xD



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10 Responses to “Sukitte Ii na yo – 10-11”

  1. Yvoon says:

    I sincerely hope there will be a second season. ><

  2. KLACMAN says:

    well give way it slice of life/degrassi feel like sure with 2eps wonder how it wrap it?

  3. Highway says:

    This has been my favorite shoujo anime, and in fact it’s one of the first I’ll ever finish, because they’re not doing the usual “They’re going to get together!… and then they don’t”, or they have some stupid misunderstanding that keeps them apart. In this one, they’ve made Mei and Yamato a couple from the beginning, and kept them as a couple through all of their tribulations. No emotional breakups and get back together episodes, no exceedingly stupid misunderstandings, and even when Mei’s let her hesitance get the better of her, she works through it. Even when Yamato felt he was losing out, because they were already a couple, he came and tried to stand up to Kai, who he thought was taking his girlfriend (and Kai, even with his crush on Mei, sees how much Mei loves Yamato, which I think is great, so he wouldn’t do anything to try to steal her).

    I actually think Yamato’s taking things a little *too* slow, but maybe that’s just me being a guy. Mei’s mom sure isn’t worried about things going too fast, tho. But after their meeting, I’m betting mom is more than happy to see her daughter end up with Yamato. For all that I heard about the manga making him out to be kind of a crappy guy, in the anime he’s about as perfect a boyfriend as you can have.

    • Gecko says:

      As for the manga making Yamato crappy, the reasoning is that the modeling arc was a lot longer and took a while to be resolved. The introducing Kai arc also took a little longer, and Mei and Kai keep talking and Mei is all like “gee I can tell Kai stuff that I can’t tell Yamato” and Yamato is jealous about that. (Although if he knew what they were talking about, he’d probably realize how awkward it could be…) And also the middle school bullying parts are more accentuated, and some things about what Yamato did are more detailed, like how he hung out with certain people and how he got along with everyone via certain methods.
      And yeah, he takes it slow, but if you look at it from Mei’s perspective, it’s pretty crazy for all of that to happen so quickly. Also another thing about the hotel room was that there was one bed, and Nagi got picked up in the early evening…

    • anaaga says:

      Maybe you should try Kimi ni Todoke. The pace isn’t as fast as Sukitte ii na Yo, but the plot and the characters develop well

      • Yvoon says:

        Though at times, it is so slow to the point of unbearable. At least that’s how I found it. The chapters would be released once every few months and all the recent chapters seem to be going nowhere.

        I read 50 chapters to see them get together and now 5 chapters later they’re already drifting apart!

        • anaaga says:

          Hmmm if you focus on them getting together, then you’ll have to be patient and wait for chapters until you read it. KnT focuses more on the problems in relationships, so they’re going to do that a lot

      • Highway says:

        Ugh, I dropped Kimi ni Todoke (anime) for some of the same reasons Yvoon said, and also because I found Sawako’s attitude and behavior unbearable. Alright, we get it, you’ve never had friends, and every time something happens you shut down and don’t know what to do… Criminy, that got old. Plus, they never actually got to being a couple in as far as I saw, probably about halfway through the first series. It was always “I’ll almost confess… and then something happens.” There was no development in a direction that I wanted to see.

        I guess the faster pace is exactly what I like about Sukitte. They’re a couple, they’ve been together, they’re working stuff out as a couple. There’s a significantly different attitude to working out problems as a committed couple, rather than as a not-yet-couple.

        A comparison I came up with is that Sukitte is, to me, very much like Nazo no Kanojo X, in that the progress made by the couple is always *more* progress. It’s not progress, setback, and then more supposed progress that only covers the same ground from before the setback. For instance, I saw that Mei’s behavior this time, when Yamato pulled her into an embrace, was far more comfortable with him than last time when she pulled away after saying she liked being near him.

  4. deane reyes says:

    yamato is too kind….he always helps others..this episode is very sweet but megumi ruined it in the end….she will make herself pity by others especially yamato and then mei will be alone again…i just hope even if he helps others all that e will see is mei…be considerate of her feelings…

  5. anaaga says:

    I’m conflicted about Megumi. I used to like her open attitude, but now she’s becoming more and more narrow-minded. While it’s understandable why she’s like this now, the fact that she didn’t learn from her past experiences and Yamato’s indirect rejection baffles me somehow. Instead of trying to change herself, Megumi is wallowing in self-pity. I hope Mei and Megumi have some serious talk because both of them are lacking in communication too. The best way to solve problems is to face them head on, and talking about it is one of the ways to do that

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