Robotics;Notes – 11


Kai-“So what do these rocks do?”                       Frau-“They roll…”

fall12-foshWe have officially reached the halfway point of this twenty two episode series, so far I am really enjoying it every week and hopefully something amazing can happen soon. This time on the notes on Robotic;notes mini talk we have a full house with myself, Jrow, Overcooled and Lvlln joining in the fun! I really enjoy our epic chats on this show every week. songsforromance For more information.

Mecha sized mysteries


A moe Frau is fine too~

Frau and Kai continue to try their best to catch cheaters in Kill BALLAD together along with Frau taking an active interest in the Kimijima reports because she thinks it might unlock some new clues about her mother, but I think it was the news of the final episode of Gunvarrel getting leaked online that pushed her to assist Kai in his quest for the third report. It was nice to see these two working together even though I think both of them would prefer staying indoors on their computers, especially Frau who was complaining last week about the heat. I could say I am a lot like her because living in Florida during the summer is really terrible! So what about them mysteries stuffs? Like Kai beating the top Kill BALLAD player only to find out that person has been dead for a year and a half as well as the other top two players…what in the world is going on with that? Are we dealing with advanced super computer that are using their accounts or was that a warning from Frau’s mother to stop messing around with Kill BALLAD and not to investigate the Kimijima reports? I am extremely curious to see where the gamer stuff goes next! Check out salbreux-pesage here is new episodes for you.  Besides all of that stuff we had the final episode of Gunvarrel, which practically broke Aki’s heart, I think she based her whole desire to build giant robots on that anime series and a little help from her sister.

Fun with Frau


If your soul tasted like a sweet roll I would be all over them!


In the words of the wise Skylion HELL YA!


Frau-“Who dares wake me from my slumber?!”                 Kai-“Go back to sleep please.”


Junna-“Stop yelling at me!”                  Frau-“I can’t control the volume of my voice! WOOO!!”


Not a lot of text this week because we had a lot to talk about on the recording; however, I was on the edge of my seat during those final moments waiting for Frau to reveal the results of her Kill BALLAD cheater program! I hope we are not dealing with some random supernatural elements such as “ghosts” or players getting stuck in some video game like world. So did anyone get a bit shocked when the third Kimijima report matched up perfectly with the final episode of Gunvarrel? Sure it was not word for word, but it shows that Frau’s mother does have a connection to Mr. Kimijima. However, I am going to say that she did not murder the animation staff and was probably framed like Overcooled suggested. Final thing to mention, Junna using that motion capture cameras? That was kind of awesome because I kept hinting that eventually they would use her karate skills to program new fighting moves on the Gunpro projects, but she is not very good at karate… Anyway, what did you like about this episode that I missed?



Evil looking dude-“What do you mean I have to wait for more episodes?! NOOOOO!!!”

Aki really needs a hug…


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3 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Surprisingly, there is a lot on the plate this episode. Other than the story itself, Frau is the best reason to keep watching Robotics;Notes. Her perverse mind is beyond belief. She thinks of the obscene things just from a simple gesture as giving a pastry and she mostly compares it to eroges. Then there’s her sexual harassment on Junna. I asked “How did the Kinect get into this show?” when she brought the sensors. The Microsoft logo would’ve been a little too much. Being an Easter egg in the show should be enough.

    I’m glad I’m not in Kai and Frau’s shoes doing such ridiculous tasks they’re calling “checkpoints” to get another file of the Kimijima Report. Piling up a bunch of rocks and spending three hours focusing on the cave’s geo-tag? Honestly, Kimijima Kou setting up those challenges had too much time on his hands. With so many coincidences that are similar in the reports Kai read, you can’t blame him if he starts to believe them. It brings an uneasy, apocalyptic feel.

    Mizuka is a horrible liar. No one makes such a distraught facial expression without a reason, she knows more than she’s telling and whatever she is hiding is most likely very bad. She probably was there the day all those people died. This theory is plausible because she knows Airi and told Kai to stop digging.

    They’ve pulled a Psycho-Pass trick on us with the three ranked players of Kill Ballad (scenarios in episodes 4 and 5). I was thinking the same thing. If they’re dead from “accidental deaths” a year and a half ago yet they are still keeping their rank, then someone is impersonating them, someone who knows them personally. I can speculate to a degree that whoever is responsible wants to get Frau’s attention since Kill Ballad is a program she created.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! More people should watch just for Frau! Yeah she really does have a unique mind when it comes to the world of Eroge and perverted stuffs and she cracks me up with every odd phrase she comes up with…poor Junna! She better hide from Frau…

      It really is nice to see someone else tagging along on the report quest chain for once, but some of those tasks are a bit insane and for what? Random information and clues to events to come? I don’t mind the mysteries because they are entertaining xD

      Yep Mizuka is hiding something very important from Kai! I just don’t know why or what…and now we have those gamer deaths? What? I can’t wait to see how that plays out in the future.

  2. Jrow says:

    Oh yeah, that report was half wrong. No ep. of Notes this week, but the show will be back next Tuesday, January 8th.

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