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Meet a sadistic Hanazawa Kana

I’m kind of a roll here (not really, I’m just trying to catch up while most of the anime are on break). In the last two episodes, a new character, voiced by yours truly Hanazawa Kana, appeared and “killed” Ugo completely. Aladdin lost his consciousness because of overspent Magoi. Meanwhile, seeing a broken Cassim, Aladdin made his own decision to face his brother Ahbmad.

If I have to say one thing about the new character, it has to be the word “fabulous.” First, Hanazawa Kana did a splendid job voicing her. Her voice is soft, yes, but that softness just gives more feeling to the princess’ sadistic personality. The Kou princess’ (can’t remember her name yet), ability is extraordinary. At such a young age, she’s able to master Djinn Equip already. However, the most amusing thing was when she blushed furiously recognizing Sinbad. Understandable, since Sinbad is hot and all, not to mention that he’s voiced by Ono Daisuke, but an “evil” princess succumbs to her girly feelings just like that! I guess it shows that no matter how strong, she’s just a girl, and a girl she will act like.

However, no matter how young, the princess’ sadistic personality and powerful ability should not be underestimated. She mirrors Kou Empire’s resolution of conquering as many territories and by any means possible. This can be seen by how the Banker licked Ahbmed’s feet and showered him with flowery words to gain his favor. Ahbmed is also stupid for trusting the Banker, but that’s what happens when one submits to momentary luxuries. And that’s another matter anyway. Anyhow, the princess’ powerful ability shows Kou Empire’s current power and it’s caused by none other than Judal. There is also the mysterious trio of warriors, the princess bought with her. By the abnormalities found among the trio, the suspicious supernatural power of Kou Empire is evident. Why do the warriors look like beasts? What changed them? Obviously it’s not because of the dungeons, the royal bloods of Kou has been conquering. It seems that there’s another organization backing up the Kou Empire. Whatever it is, the Empire is starting to look more and more terrifying, and Alibaba with the rest will definitely find a hard time defeating them.


Unfortunately, Alibaba is in no shape to defeat the Kou Empire right now. Heck, he’s not even at peace with himself, so how is he going to do that? Sinbad is right, Alibaba’s lack of confidence is a huge problem, which makes his attempts of saving his country half-assed. And what’s the result of those half-assed attempts? Nothing. Alibaba needs to step up his game and have some confidence. One of the thing he needs to have the most right now is resolution, something he really wants to do. He wanted to change his country because he felt responsible for Balbad’s plummeting economy. He doesn’t want to save his country because he wants to fulfill his duty. Heck, he’s escaping his duty as a prince. So yeah, add another half-asssed attempt. Man, Alibaba is a definition of half-hearted attempts. He’s just full of doubt, lacking in confidence and resolution. His voice is not helping either because of Yuki Kaji’s Ouma Shu. Ugh.

But rest assured Alibaba does get better in episode 12. Not that he gets confidence out of nowhere, but he finally wants to do something: to save Cassim, who is a broken mess now. He wants a revolution to happen in Balbad, ignoring the fact that war can be avoided if Alibaba talks to Ahbmed about it. No, Cassim is too deep drowning in his hatred for Balbad because of what happened to his sister. Now, he wants a revolution for revenge under the excuse of “revolutionizing Balbadd.” Alibaba, knowing that only he can save Cassim, finally has the balls to go to the palace again, to end things once and for all. Finally some growth in Alibaba’s character. The change might be little, but it’s going to have a big impact later in the story.



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I’m pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable both episodes were. I am NOT a big fan of whiny Alibaba, and he has been doing nothing but whining until episode 12. Since it’s animated, the scenes came out stronger than I expected them to be, and it made me more emotional. Whiny Alibaba sucked, but the change in him was great. Now that Balbad Arc is coming to an end soon (KARA, WHERE ARE YOU), I can’t wait to see the rest of the arc animated because that’s where things get exciting. I’m not excited for the sobfest though.

Preview: Alibaba confronts Ahbmed again, now stronger than before. Will it work this time?



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13 Responses to “Magi 11-12”

  1. Kyokai says:

    One theory of mine is that the Banker dude is a doppelganger same as the masked fellow who’s supplying Kassim weaponry for war. Unless they are over-suing MikiShin in voicing two roles, this theory should work.

    Personally, I hate the Kou dudes and dudettes. There’s something more than fishy there.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The whole situation reeks of a coup d’état and Alibaba’s idiot and oblivious brother is playing into their hand. He’s too blinded by his instant gratification to see that he’s digging a hole so big that he and the country won’t be able to get out of. And “helping” Kassim with his ambitions is probably insurance if things don’t go according to their plan.

    • anaaga says:

      Kyokai that’s cheatiiiiinngggggg *pout*

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I’m so used to Kana Hanazawa playing moe roles but she is doing a good job branching out into other territories like Guilty Crown’s Ayase or Binbougami ga!’s Ichiko Sakura but I think I’ve fallen in love with her playing a sadist as that Kou princess. Man, that calm, intimidating yet seductive tone in her voice even when she’s ordering people to be killed is alluring. I have a thing for strong female characters like Morgiana but I also have a thing for hot, sadistic females as well. No wonder Judal is with the Kou Empire. She has her arms wrapped around him.

    It’s painfully obvious that arms dealer supplying Kassim with weapons is with the Kou Empire. He should have been able to the black rukh exuding from him which is the same as Judal and that he’s being manipulated. Having a full scale conflict would bring casualties, weakening the country and making the Empire’s grip even stronger than it already is.

    That lack of confidence Alibaba had in him. I’ve seen that too many times with Yuki Kaji’s roles (Guilty Crown’s Shu, Accel World’s Haru) but the pleasant difference here is that Alibaba quickly develops his resolve when he realizes the situation isn’t just about him, it’s about the future of his country. When a number of people are involved, you have no choice but to look past your own problems. And it’s time that his spoiled brat of a brother stepped down because he doesn’t realize that he’s indirectly making himself a “royal” slave to the Empire.

    • anaaga says:

      I’m starting to prefer a HanaKana as villains because she sounds more alive when she does that.

      Haha, everybody’s making the same theory about the conspiracy of the Balbadd conflict. It seems that it will be beneficial for Kou Empire if Balbadd is in chaos, though.

      The good thing about Alibaba is, he did get better. Now he’s so freaking awesome in the manga. It’s surprising he was such a wimp before. Kaji Yuki did many cowardly roles, but Alibaba is definitely the best, and waayyy better than Oh ma Shoe

      • BlackBriar says:

        She sounds a lot more lively here as a villain and should do it more often. Whether it’s movies or anime, we tend to be more attracted to the villain than the hero if they’re really charismatic (Judal, Psycho-Pass’s Rikako Oryo or The Joker from The Dark Knight).

        Yeah, that theory is pretty much out there. I think it’s called “Chaos Theory”, a means of gaining something in the middle of an incident. That seems to fit the Kou Empire’s style. After all, what do all people with power want? More power.

        Good thing Alibaba doesn’t dwell on self pity for long. the only other Yuki Kaji role I know where he doesn’t play a coward is C³: Cube x Cursed x Curious’ Haruaki Yachi.

        • Highway says:

          I wouldn’t really call Satoru from Shinsekai Yori ‘cowardly’, especially in context of that world.

          • anaaga says:

            Satoru is not cowardly. He will play a bigger role later. However, Kaji Yuki’s unfavorable roles are known better than the decent ones, especially with the existence of Ouma Shu last year

        • anaaga says:

          Ah yes, the attraction to villainous characters never cease to amaze me. They’re the antagonist, they’re supposed to be the so-called evil in that world, but the audience will always have soft spots on them, somehow.

          It seems that Kou Empire is working toward world domination. It could be the start of globalization where only a single government rule the entire world. Unfortunately, Kou Empire’s ways are not chivalrous at all. For us at least. The coin has two different sides

          Oh man I totally love Haruaki. He’s so normal but I love him because of that. Totally shipping him with C too

  3. Karakuri says:

    I’d love to join you on this, anaaga, but I’ve been very tired all week and I’m afraid that if I get anywhere near the end of this arc, I’m going to start crying like a mofo and not stop for a couple hours. I’m staying back by episode 8, where it’s still kind of safe. I don’t care how good Hanazawa’s voice acting is. xD

  4. Liza says:

    This arc man. I really hate how Alibaba is in this arc even though it’s so important for his development. I don’t know if I’m ready for the sobfest that’s coming up next though. It was bad enough going through it in the manga. T_T

    • anaaga says:

      Oh man, imagine all the magic Aladdin is going to do, the ANIMATED version of it. It’s like having your heart stabbed with Aladdin’s sword ;_____;

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