Code:Breaker – 11


This is what you get for constantly trying to impersonate Rin Okumura, Rei.

Well, sorry for the later than usual update on Code:Breaker (and everything else I’m blogging). As expected, the holidays were busy. …Plus I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the subs for episodes 12-13. …Maybe I’ll write something from the raws if the subs take forever.

It’s kind of laughable that Rei still keeps up his evil facade when everything about this arc is about moral ambiguity. Hitomi is doing the wrong thing with the right reasons (…minus thinking killing a ton of Japanese citizens is okay because they’re expendable). The same goes with Rei doing evil for good. As for Sakura… okay, she thinks in black and white. Since this episode was all about extending the plot so that there’s still enough content for the final two episodes, I guess this is the episode where everyone gets their motive straight so they can all go unconfused into later episodes.

So to recap, Hitomi wants to kill off a percentage of the public along with Fujiwara in order to get people to accept that they need Code:Breakers and this somehow will prevent anyone else from overusing their powers and reaching Code:End. …Or for what he said this episode, maybe we’re supposed to believe that Hitomi’s goal is just to let Code:Breakers live normal lives before they all die untimely deaths due to working for the government. I dunno, this whole thing still seems somewhat confusing. As for Rei, he’s definitely more emotionally invested into this incident than usual since Hitomi was basically his mentor or sorts. Maybe the two might have even come to terms if not for Hitomi blowing people up left right and centre because really, that seems to be the only thing Rei had a problem with (other than the whole kidnapping Fujiwara thing). It’s funny how mass murder can put a rift between people. Hell, if Hitomi had simply informed the rest of the Code:Breakers about the misunderstanding in a calm fashion (they seemed to have trusted him enough), maybe they could have done something about the child experiments together instead of fighting each other like this.


Sakura… just kind of hung there this episode and I highly doubt her views on anything have changed at all. Sadly, even the dog had more effect on the ongoing battles then she did. I’m expecting her to (maybe) be more useful the next couple of episodes, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

…Okay, I’ll give it to them that they thought Oogami’s fight with the sword through. And here I thought they did it just to make the battles look cool. …I’m just going to suspend my disbelief about if lightning really works like that or if they were just BSing their way through that explanation. At least they tried. Anyways, this episode was just a lot of Rei attacking and Hitomi batting him off like he’s nothing. It had some decent animation in there, but other than that, nothing really happened other than dialogue and I’ve already talked about that above. I’m sure they’re saving the budget for a big finale. …Hopefully.


In contrast to the seriousness of Hitomi and Rei, Toki and Heike fighting was more like a comedy segment. Though then again, pretty much anything involving Heike fighting is like a comedy segment (minus maybe one fight I recall from a couple arcs later where he almost loses against Yukihina or someone). His powers of light are just too fabulous. Which isn’t to say that his powers aren’t as badass as anyone else’s, but it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he arrives sparkling from an elevator or throws random English into his speech (I kind of wish they had retained the stars in his attack names). I can’t really complain about the fight (other then Toki getting some pretty QUALITY faces, but what else is new?) other than the fact that the overly dramatic music that Code:Breaker has just did not fit with the mood of the battle. …Though if you wanted to be stubborn, I’m sure you could say that the dramatic music added to the comedy. In any case, I’m actually looking forward to Ouji’s fight the next episode, if only because we’ve never really seen their power in action.

I like how there are obvious bombs going off everywhere and there are still people walking around casually like nothing important is going on. Way to go, general public! (Though seeing the yakuza and the police work together was a bit heartwarming.) …But even with their ignorance to what’s going on around them, it still doesn’t really make Hitomi’s sudden declaration of “They not worth my protection!” make sense. It’s not their fault that they have no idea about Code:Breakers. To be fair though, that broad statement about the public going into a panic over the existence of the Code:Breakers is the most likely outcome and there’s no real way to solve that. Other than that, pretty much everything that screwed Hitomi over can be blamed on Eden and the government. They kind of tried to make connections between getting the Code:Breakers recognition and saving them from Code:End, but his character STILL seems to have taken a giant leap from flashback to now with little to no explanation.

Well, Code:Breaker is taking it’s sweet time getting anywhere. Yes, they’ve found Hitomi and yes, we have motives sorted. I can’t imagine how they’re going to draw this out any longer unless they plan on doing 2 entire episodes of fighting. Exciting things are happening all around, but I can’t help but feel a bit… bored. Especially since they’ve been dragging this climax out for almost half a season and it doesn’t look anywhere near as exciting as everything else that’s finishing airing. …Or maybe that’s just me and Jormungand setting my standards unbelievably high. Anyways, the things I’m looking forward to in the next episodes isn’t Hitomi and Rei fighting, but instead seeing Ouji do their thing and figuring out what the hell Heike is doing. Even if I didn’t know how his character is, he looked surprised when Hitomi came up behind him this episode. Maybe he might redeem his character before the end after all.

In any case, I see episodes 12 AND 13 out there, so you should probably expect a double post in the near future. …Whether the subs come or not.



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4 Responses to “Code:Breaker – 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I just watched this on my new PS3 I got for Christmas and it is nice!! The picture quality is awesome. This was the best episode out of the whole lot so far. I like how well both action and drama came together here. Rei’s blue flame sword attack on Hitomi was admirable but Rin Okumura he is not (even if both have the same seiyuu).

    Yuki has really impressed me with his sonar powers. Being skilled enough to scan all of Japan is insane but it’s also insane how many bombs Hitomi has placed and all of them within range of each other.

    After hearing Hitomi’s reasoning for why he’s doing this, I can now say he’s acting like both X-Men’s Xavier and Magneto. Xavier for trying to make a possibility of having Code: Breakers integrate with society and now Magneto by killing normal people to protect Code: Breakers and the children with special abilities.

    As for Heike, he’s still too mysterious. I have a feeling he might cross Hitomi as well because he’s a little too polite and looks like he’s hiding something especially when Hitomi snuck up behind him. His fight with Toki was good and funny. Creeping Toki out with all that “S” talk must be his way of throwing off and Toki is cold hearted. All he cared about was the possibility of going up in rank. LOL. So much for loyalty.

    • Highway says:

      What method did you use to watch it (Downloaded file, streaming from somewhere)? I was happy because as a pre-christmas ‘present’, Crunchyroll rolled out their Xbox Live App for streaming. So now I can watch their shows on my 56″ television. Apart from initial buffering, the quality was great for what I watched. The subs were a good size, seemed to be scaled properly for the TV, and finally getting a per-pixel display really seemed to make a difference (computer monitors with 1920×1080 scaling up 720 video are always going to look softer, and it doesn’t matter what you do about it). Something like that makes me look forward to more stuff being on CR.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The method I used is the first one you had in mind as I only recently got the PS3 so I’m not completely familiar with all its capabilities. I downloaded the file from Cyber12, copied it onto a flash drive and played it through the PS3.

        If you’re inclined to downloading animes instead of streaming and waiting for the buffering, I strongly recommend Cyber12. There’s a choice between HQ and LQ (Go for the LQ. Trust me, it’s a good to manage your computer’s memory), the quality is 720p and the memory for the files range between 75 and 80 MB.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, the Xbox won’t play files in the format I have them, and I’m not really interested in re-encoding them to something it will play. That’s why the CR app is interesting to me. 🙂

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