12 Days of Anime #5 – Nicolove in Animusic

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After all, anime wouldn’t be complete without lovely ear candy from those OPs and EDs

Hello gais! It’s Miyu’s turn to join in the fun in 12 Days of Anime and can you guess what she’s going to be writing about? Yup, that’s right, it has everything to do with the Niconico community. xD *so predictable* But this time it’s a little different, because I’m going to be introducing artistes who started off uploading utattemitas on Niconico Douga, but have now become established names in the anime industry.

Every aniblogger here at Metanorn is writing about something that they found special this year, something true to their personality, so I thought I’d explain this little hobby of mine. Though I may seem obsessed with the Vocaloid fandom as well as the utaite community on Niconico, at the core what I really can’t live without is music. I’ve always loved singing since I was a little kid, and ever since I picked up my guitar for the first time in middle school we have been inseparable. I have had problems trying to pursue my passions in music in real life because of my ridiculously bad stage fright (no kidding, I get so nervous my legs actually shake). That’s why to me, the utaite community is a huge inspiration – simply because they’re people just like us, amateurs who upload and contribute to the site because they love music. And isn’t that the most beautiful thing ever? It gives me so much hope that someday, maybe I’ll be able to do what I love doing as a career too.


Okay, enough with all the mushy wushy stuff, you’re not here to listen to my life story, you’re here for some awesome music! This year has been a pleasantly surprising one because numerous utaites out there have actually taken their first steps out there in the anime world. You know that feeling when you’re so familiar with this artiste, and then s/he suddenly appears in one of your anime OPs/EDs? And you’re like all proud and teary and happy for them because they’re going to be able to get to such a larger audience and let their beautiful voices be heard by the millions? Yeah that’s what I get – ALL the feels!!


2012: btooom! / phi brain s2


First up is nano! nano is one of the best English-speaking utaites out there (and note I said English, not Engrish HAHA) because she was originally born in New York but moved to Japan for a long period of time. Her bilingual skills have allowed her to cover lots of Vocaloid songs while translating the lyrics into English, thus making her utattemitas truly one of a kind. As for her voice, she’s known for having a really deep, impactful voice – she notes that she is greatly inspired by Avril Lavigne. She debuted this year in the animusic industry with Now or Never (OP of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S2), and followed up with the amazing No pain, No game (OP of Btooom!).

No pain, No game // I am in love with that beautiful PV *w*

open to view more from nano >> Show ▼

ShounenT / Sako Tomohisa

2012: kimi to boku. 2 / zetsuen no tempest (upcoming)


This boy is such a cutie. Although in reality he’s 21 and kinda past being a shounen, his voice really embodies the essence of youth (and this is coming from a 16 year-old – oh the irony). That gentle voice of his coupled by his amazing acoustic guitar skills and DAT ADORABLE FACE has undoubtedly won over a whole bunch of dedicated fangirls. Though I suppose there are fanboys out there too *waggy eyebrows* He debuted in the animusic industry with Zutto (OP of Kimi to Boku. 2) and is planning an upcoming number in Zetsuen no Tempest. It’s a pity that since his debut he hasn’t been posting covers on Niconico anymore though, the utaite community misses him. I’ll be looking forward to his future works though, he has such a charming voice.

Zutto (Live) // What is this ridiculous cuteness ;w;


2012: hyouka / girls und panzer


Choucho is famous for her classic cover of Magnet, in which she did both the low and high parts. She’s really good at portraying emotions through her voice – when it’s high, it’s gentle and exquisitely feminine, and when it’s low, it’s heavy and mysterious, and that’s what makes listening to her songs fun. In actuality, she debuted in 2011 with Authentic Symphony (OP of Mashiroiro Symphony), but only really hit fame in the animusic industry with the release of Yasashisa no Riyuu (OP of Hyouka). Personally I thought that that OP was beautiful coupled with the intricately designed PV, and that really sparked off her career as a professional singer. Other songs released in 2012 also include DreamRiser (OP of Girls und Panzer).

Yasashisa no Riyuu

open to see more from choucho >> Show ▼

Gazelle / Nagi Yanagi

2012: ano natsu / jormungand / jormungand s2


Nagi’s voice is a classic. Ever since her first cover under the alias Gazelle on Niconico in 2007, her popularity has been steadily increasing. What’s really special about her is that her vocal range is unearthly – she can hit really high notes. Her cover of Melt caught the attention of Supercell’s ryo, and rather adorably, the two happened to be fans of each other’s music. And that’s also why when Supercell was producing their debut single, ryo recruited Nagi to be their guest singer. That sparked off her career as a professional singer, with her debut in the animusic industry Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (ED of Bakemonogatari) in 2009.This year, she released Vidro Moyou (ED of Ano Natsu de Matteru), Ambivalentidea (ED of Jormungand) and Laterality, a personal favourite of mine (ED of Jormungand: Perfect Order). She’s also going to be releasing her fourth single next year, with its title track being the OP of the upcoming series Amnesia.

Vidro Moyou

open to see more from nagi >> Show ▼

AliceClara / ClariS

2012: nisemonogatari / madoka the movie


It’s pretty cool that ClariS debuted on Niconico under the alias Alice☆Clara as a duet, which is not something you’d often find. It’s even cooler that ClariS actually consists of two high school girls, pursuing a career in music while focusing on their studies – that’s why they chose to remain anonymous for now. Their voices work really well together and have that distinct cuteness you’d expect from girls of that age. They debuted in 2010 with Irony (OP of OreImo), but rose to fame with Connect (OP of Madoka), which was pretty much most highly-acclaimed anime of 2011. This year, they continued to shine with Naisho no Hanashi, a number composed by Supercell’s ryo (ED of Nisemonogatari) and Luminous (Theme song of Madoka’s recent movie). I’m actually really looking forward to what they’ll bring to us as they grow and mature both as teenagers as well as singers, and perhaps the day will come when they reveal their real faces. Pretty happy with their music now though xP

Naisho no Hanashi

open to see more from claris >> Show ▼


I’d like to think of Niconico as a platform that helps people to pursue their dreams. Although Niconico is essentially like Youtube in Japan, what I’ll say is different is the atmosphere. Japan’s culture has translated well into the different communities on Niconico, and when you visit the site with all those white comments flitting past your screen, you can’t help but smile at how warm and open everybody is, and how encouraging they are. Niconico is one of my favorite online websites, just like Metanorn is, and I don’t think I will ever stop loving Vocaloid music as well as the lovely utaite community. What did you like out of 2012’s animusic? Share your obsessions in the comments below!~


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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46 Responses to “12 Days of Anime #5 – Nicolove in Animusic”

  1. Rakkyo says:

    Eeeeehhhh I didn’t know Nagi and ClariS debuted in niconico >_<
    I learnt something new I guess.

    For 2012 my memory doesn't go so far back but there are some high points I remember. Like when my anticipated single/album is released or a song just blows me away. Getting EGOIST's songs, the Jun Maeda x Yanagi Nagi album, GUMing and Vocaloconnection, searching for the Fate Violin Zero album for 3 days, and more recently the newest MuryokuP album. Those aren't really animusic are they…
    2012 still has a few weeks left too and there are still quite a number of music I'm looking forward too being released in December, like DECO*27's acoustic album.

    So yeah, 2012 has been pretty eventful for me with its highs and lows and I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring(new Exit Tunes album, GUMI & Lily compilation album oooh yeah).

    Thanks for the nice post as usual XD.

    I saw your convo on twitter with Iso and I'll be looking forward to that Voca-P post. 😉

    • Miyu says:

      Nagi’s actually really famous for her cover of Melt so you could try listening to it!! xD

      My favorite OPs this year would probably have been Guilty Crown’s, I should think xD Super addictive and supercell never disappoints! Same here, can’t wait for the DECO*27 album ahhh I only wish shipping wasn’t so expensive so I could order myself a copy :’c

      Hehe thanks Rakkyo for always reading and commenting!! ♥
      Ah alright, it’ll probably be more informative and useful than usual because lvlln will be helping me out xD Stay tuned!~

      • lvlln says:

        Yeah, Nagi’s amazing cover of Melt is likely at least partially responsible for supercell taking off the way it did back when ryo was an unknown. I believe Nagi was singing even before those days, though Melt was obviously ryo/supercell’s debut original.

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Unfortunately, all of the japanese songs I know comes only from the animes I watch. Yes, I would like to go deeper into the music community of Japan, but sometimes it feels so BIG that I feel like I will feel a little lost if I do it.

    Anyways, this season there were some truly remarkable songs I heard. No Pain, No Game by Nano is sooo cool *-* There is both, opening and ending of Psycho-Pass, and daaaamn, I can’t help but like EGOIST. The ending for Shin Sekai Yori, Wareta Ringo, is too, one of a kind. It’s intro is really calm and the animation for the ending helps too. And I can’t forget the cheerful opening for Tonari, Q&A Recital. I was just disappointed with K’s songs. The opening is weird, and the ending is nice, though boring to hear when you are in a rush to watch another anime. And there was Sakurasou’s opening, Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita. It’s really nice *-*

    Ah, a group I discovered I like is nano;RIPE. First time I heard them was on both openings of Hanasaku Iroha, and I couldn’t help but sing along the openings, especially Omokage Warp. After that, I liked Esoragoto, the opening for Sankarea, too. And there is the opening of Bakuman 3, which is really nice, too. I just think it is really weird because their look really don’t fit their music style. They look like a rock band with darker feelings but.. They actually play cheerful musics .-.

    This year, there was the opening for Natsuyuki Rendezvous, the first ending for Kokoro Connect (the preview on the intro of the song really helped TT.TT But DAMN, they changed the ending on Ep 4 i.i I was so depressed), the OP for Sakamichi no Apollon, the OP for Nyaruko-san, and all of the openings and endings for P4. Shihoko Hirata sings english so well that I can’t even believe she is japanese.

    Regarding the singers on the post, I listened to most of them already, but most of the time I didn’t even know who they were. I already mentioned nano and she really have a nice english. Among other singers who have good english I could mention, besides Shihoko Hirata, Olivia, who sang some OPs and EDs for Nana and make the voices for Trapnest. And her voice is soo…. Deep… I don’t how to describe it ¬¬

    About ShounenT, his OP for Kimi To Boku was cute, but I prefer the first opening. It was the king of song that you would be glad if they didn’t change on another season e.e’

    Choucho’s voice is really nice… It is… .-. soft? (?) I don’t know, but I liked more the calm style of Authentic Symphony than the cheerful style of Hyouka OP.

    I only heard Nagi Yanagi on the OP for Ano Natsu and I thought it was really nice. I really like the beats of the music.

    And about ClariS, her style is the normal style of shoujo OPs. Even though she is nice, her rise to fame could only happen by sing the OP for an anime so unique and great like Madoka. Otherwise, they would probably still be obscure like the hundreds of other shoujo-like singers.

    • Highway says:

      Actually, for me, the OP to OreImo was much more memorable from ClariS than the Madoka OP. I don’t really care much for the songs they’ve released since, tho (Nisemonogatari, in addition to being disappointing on a story front compared to Bakemonogatari, was sorely lacking on the music front in comparison).

      • CarVac says:

        I found that the BGM in Nisemonogatari was more memorable than Bakemonogatari, but the theme songs weren’t as good.

        That said I really enjoy the BMG BGM (BakeMonoGatari BackGroundMusic?) tracks on the OST.

        • JPNIgor says:

          That was confusing XD In instead of you, I can’t really pay attention to the BGM when I’m watching something. Usually the story keeps me so entertained that if the BGM is my favorite song, I won’t know that it was there as BGM.

    • Miyu says:

      Haha I get that feeling sometimes too, because the utaite community that I’m obsessed with alone, is already so big and endless. Don’t give up though, it’s really worth it – although it’s definitely impossible to search through the entire database, you’ll eventually find a genre that you’ll like. Also, online platforms like this is where the magic comes in! There’s never any harm from sharing good music with people who know how to appreciate it c:

    • skylion says:

      nano.RIPE is one of my favorites, as well, for all the reasons you’ve stated. At first, I hated the vocals, but I gave them a chance when watching Hanasaku, and they started to grow on me; to the point to where I can’t even imagine disliking them. It’s a rare voice, and she projects it so very well. Plus, they have some really cool lead/rhythm guitar features.

      • JPNIgor says:

        Indeed XD And their clips are so cool \o/

        Also, have you guys ever listened to tommy heavenly 6? They sang the one of the endings for Bakuman called Monochrome Rainbow and it is sooo magical. And the videoclip for the music is soooo cool.

        • Highway says:

          I don’t know if I have heard Monochrome Rainbow, but I do regularly listen to her Heavy Starry Heavenly album, and really like quite a few of the songs on there (Door Mat and Bloody Knee-High Socks, particularly).

          I didn’t like her Tommy February6 composition as much, tho. It’s more electronica, and I like the rock style a lot better.

          • JPNIgor says:

            Yeah, usually the results isn’t very nice when someone who sings rock suddenly changes to another different styles.

      • Highway says:

        I seriously thought the singer for nano.RIPE was a guy until I took a look at some of their videos, but either way, I really like their songs. They are a perfect style for me, and they always fit well with the animations they are used with in anime. I never had a problem with the voice, but then I listen to all sorts of music with weird voices (Rush – Happy 2112 Day! btw -, The Darkness, and Muse for example).

        • skylion says:

          I cut my eye teeth, so to speak, on Micheal Stipe of R.E.M. in the late eighties, so weird, oddball vocals aren’t new to me either.

          As mentioned above, Esagarato, is a great song, and it really summed up the whole of the show for Sankarea. More than the show deserved actually.

          Then they just got fun, and funny, and cool for Humanity has Declined.

          • JPNIgor says:

            I didn’t know that nano;RIPE sang the OP for Jinrui =o But thinking back now, it surely was her voice… It’s because I’m no good when trying to recognize voices. But that OP was epic XD And the fairies-san dancing just helps to the fun.

  3. Highway says:

    ChouChou is a singer that just doesn’t grab me with her voice, but for whatever reason, after a few weeks, the songs worm their way into my consciousness and I really enjoy them. It’s been the same with the three major songs you mention: Authentic Symphony I didn’t really pay attention to until halfway through Mashiroiro Symphony, Yasashisa no Riyuu took almost until they replaced it with Makensei Stride as the Hyouka OP (I think Yasashisa no Riyuu was actually held back by the OP animation of Hyouka, because it was so abstract and disconnected (to me)), and DreamRiser was faster, partly because I realized about this pattern and paid more attention to it starting off. I don’t know if it helps or hurts DreamRiser that Girls und Panzer *never* uses a cold open, always going right into the OP.

    But the songs that ChouChou has released that aren’t anisongs? Bleh, I can’t stand them.

    • JPNIgor says:

      I know how it feels to only realize that the anime have an awesome music after you’re halfway on the show. The second ending for Bakuman 1 or 2 was really epic and I only stopped to pay attention when there was only 2 or 3 episodes left TT.TT

    • Miyu says:

      Hmm I guess everyone has their own tastes xD I think Choucho’s utattemitas are pretty on their own too, but Yasashisa no Riyuu is by far the best song I like from her, and is probably the only OP from her that I listen to instead of skipping when I’m watching an episode.

      I get that too! Like when a song doesn’t really click at first, but then later it gets stuck in your head. Though in my case it’s usually terribad songs (like Shugo Chara’s OPs… GAH WHAT WAS I THINKING)

  4. Krono says:

    Thank you for all the amazing music. I know practically nothing about any of these people but I do enjoy listening to the music.

    • Miyu says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting! c: Hehe that’s my job, introducing some of the people I’ve found and loved to the community I love here on Metanorn. Glad you liked it!~

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Great post, Miyu. Nano gets huge points Phi Brain S2’s [Now or Never] and BTOOOM!’s [No pain, No game]. They’re the two Japanese OP’s I’ve heard with so many English words. Well spoken english, no less.

    This year has been great with the Ops. The music really fits with each anime and I have quite a few favorites:
    Senki Zesshou Symphgear: [Synchrogazer] by Nana Mizuki
    Rinne no Lagrange: [TRY UNITE!] by Megumi Nakajima
    Rinne no Lagrange S2: [Marble] by Megumi Nakajima
    Another: [Kyōmu Densen] by ALI PROJECT
    High School DxD: [Trip -innocent of D-] by Larval Stage Planning
    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Of the Dead: [Passionate] by Iori Nomizu
    Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: [CHOIR JAIL] by Konomi Suzuki
    Hyouka: [Yasashisa no Riyuu] by Chouchou; [Mikansei Stride] by Saori Kodama
    Jormungand: [Borderland] by Mami Kawada
    Jormungand: Perfect Order: [UNDER/SHAFT] by Maon Kurosaki
    AKB0048: [Kibou ni Tsuite] by No Name
    Sword Art Online: OP1: [crossing field] By LiSA; OP2: [INNOCENCE] by Eir Aoi; ED2: [Overfly] by Luna Haruna
    Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse: OP1: [Go to the top] by Kumi Koda; ED1: [signs—Saku Tsukiichi Yoru] by Minami Kuribayashi ; OP2: [Doubt the World] by Kuribayashi Minami; ED2: [Revise the World] by ayami
    Robotics;Notes: OP: [Junjō Spectra] by Zwei; ED: [Umikaze no Brave] by fumika
    Psycho-Pass: OP: [abnormalize] by Ling Tosite Sigure; ED: [Namae no nai Kaibutsu ] by EGOIST
    Magi: [V.I.P] by SID
    Zetsuen no Tempest: [Spirit Inspiration] by Nothing’s Carved in Stone
    [K]: [KINGS] by Angela

    I guess this counts as an obsession, right?

    • skylion says:

      Oh, yes. High School DxD. DAT SCISSOR KICK. Hellz yes.

    • Miyu says:

      I know right, and the English actually makes sense!! Borderland and Spirit Inspiration have quite a bit of English in them too, but it’s so funny that all the fansub groups can’t figure out what they actually are, so different versions have different subs and they all sound strangee xD

      Yes. Definitely an obsession.
      Thanks for reading and commenting as usual BB~ c:

  6. tsog says:

    Great post. Never heard of nano and am now digging his/her anime tie-ins.

    IIRC ClariS did the OP for Moyashimon Returns as well. They had a pretty good 2012.

    • Miyu says:

      Thank you! c:
      Yeah do check nano out! If you’ve never heard her songs you could try listening to some of her utattemitas of vocaloid songs too, I’d personally recommend Black Board and Rolling Girl. ^ – ^

  7. Highway says:

    BB, don’t forget that Nothing’s Carved in Stone is a Japanese band that sings all their songs in English.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Really? I didn’t know that. I thought it was a collaboration like what DWB and Fade did for the Deadman Wonderland OP [One Reason]

  8. Gecko says:

    I’ve heard Nano’s full English cover of some song a while ago, and her English impressed me. And man, No pain, No game is amazing. So amazing. I also have listened to Choucho before, although not much.
    I think a lot of the OP’s this year and the ED’s in some cases have been really great. OP wise I can’t say that there any OP’s that disappointed me besides Sukitte’s, and then, I like the ED better. And I love the ED of Shinsekai Yori. Love love love. Robotics;Notes and Zetsuen have the other good ED’s for my ears this year. Zetsuen’s OP is okay, not my style, but it works well with the anime, so I can’t complain.

    • Miyu says:

      I know! The first time I listened to No pain, No game on btooom I was so moved by the song I had to search for the full version right away!!

      Somehow I find I usually enjoy OPs more than EDs in general – like I don’t skip the former but don’t watch till the end for the latter (Shin Sekai Yori’s being the exception – that one is truly a work of art). xD

  9. skylion says:

    There was one moment that blew me away in an ED.


    Natsuiro Kiseki. There is a moment between 1:14 and 1:18 the just captures my attention. The character to the right of the screen (the left in the original broadcast). She runs with her arms close to her chest, and the drops them and sways them from side to side. It is a moment that is so very real, and so very indicative of how a young girl will run with enthusiasm. I thought, these animators are paying attention. Someone saw that in real life, and cared enough to want to capture it.

    Animation aside, I love Sphere (every single seiyuu is amazing) and this was a great song; put to just simple amazing wonder by the first episodes’ end.

    Hikari, from Odo Nobuna. One of my all time fav’s this year. Makino Mizuta goes from hushed tones to full punch in her vocals. Kudos to the rock orchestra score as well.


    Thank you for posting Vidro Moyou. That song doesn’t come up often enough on my mp3 player. Such a solid piano performance that only come thru in a few select moments. But the staff gave it such maximum impact by every episodes end of Ano Natsu. Really made the show memorable.

    • Miyu says:

      Ah, I’ve never listened to that because I didn’t catch Natsuiro Kiseki, but I really do enjoy listening to Sphere. It’s like they gathered all the seiyuus with the prettiest voices and gave them good music to sing xD

      Nagi’s songs are all so calm and gentle, when they come up on my iPod it startles me because a lot of my songs are all BAM BAM BAM electric guitar haha. I enjoy the acoustic feels of piano and guitar once in awhile too :3

      • skylion says:

        Speaking of BAM BAM BAM, I would love to her Nagi team up with School Food Punishment. They did a great job with Maaya Sakamoto for the Last Exile Fam OP.

      • Highway says:

        I don’t know if I’d say that the women in Sphere necessarily have the prettiest voices. Of the four, Minako Kotobuki has what I’d say is the prettiest voice, and I find that the Aki Toyosaki and Ayahi Takagaki have a fair amount of affectation to their voices. It’s hard to tell what Haruka Tomatsu’s voice is like, because she’s so good at changing it.

        Something impressive is how they’ve really grown as a group. From Super Noisy Nova (the first song I heard from them) where basically everyone sings the same melody and it feels very basic, to Now Loading… Sky which is the best disco song made in the last 20 years and is much more complicated with handoffs, and then Hazy was great, and the songs from NatsuKiseki are even better.

    • Highway says:

      From Natsuiro Kiseki, Non-Stop Road is definitely one of my most favorite songs, because it’s amazingly uplifting and inspiring, but I don’t like Ashita e no Kaerimichi nearly as much, because it’s so much sadder, to me. I’d almost have liked it more if they’d reversed those two songs for the OP and ED of the show, to leave me with a feeling of looking up to the future, rather than being sad that things are ending.

      The sky is so blue and so high…

      • skylion says:

        I have to respectfully disagree with you, Highway. I find the ED to be just as uplifting as you find the OP. But then we are talking taste, and as a great musician once said, talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

        Wait….that kinda undermines this whole thing! Forget I said anything…bleeh.

        Seriously, when those four voices join as one, it hits me every time.

  10. berrish17 says:

    love all these jpop songs <3
    can't wait for the new releases =]

    • Miyu says:

      c: Glad you liked it!
      Which releases are you looking forward to in particular? I can’t wait for DECO*27’s new albummm~~

  11. Hoshi says:

    ~Music is my life as well, but I’d prefer being the appreciator rather than the player since I have some stage fright as well (plus I can’t play any instruments *cries*)

    Ahhhh, I just want to say Shounen T is such a cutie!!
    I managed to see the music video of the song he did for Kimi to Boku 2 and I was in loveeeee<3 I can't wait to hear more of his music~

    As for my favorite animusic, I absolutely love both Tonari's OP and ED songs, as well as Joshiraku's ED, which is just all sorts of fun. I'm not an avid listener of Jpop, so anime is mainly where I find artists to listen to, and so far it has not done me wrong.

    • Miyu says:

      *high-fives* Stage fright is really a terrible thing, isn’t it ;w; It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument!! Guitar is pretty easy to pick up imo c:

      I KNOWWW I wanna hug him and let him serenade me everyday haha *creeper* Zetsuen no Tempest’s new OP is by him too, and if I’m not wrong it’s coming out next week!!~

      Yeah most anime have a rather good selection of Jpop songs out there. Tonari’s OP wasn’t one that I loved right from the start, but after that it just got stuck in my head because it’s so catchy!! And the PV is adorable *w*

  12. Yvoon says:

    OMG! Nano~ I love her. Her voice is amazing!

    So utaite is a community of amateu singers, does that these people weren’t professionally singers before this? They get scouted through that site and then debut?

    Is there a site for this or is this an online community which can be found on anywhere?

    Sorry, quite a few questions there. haha

    • Miyu says:

      Yup, they’re like people on youtube – they just upload the audio of them singing xD Not everyone gets scouted, but there are a lot of famous utaites within in the sphere, and they can make a career through releasing their own CDs even without being signed to a company too~

      Oh, this is from Niconico Douga 🙂

      No probz!! I love nano too hehe :3 Thanks for reading & commenting~~♥

  13. skylion says:

    We need some AKB0048 love up in here. BB did mention the OP, Kibou ni Tsuite. But for my love, I enjoyed the ED,Yume wa Nandodemo Umarekawaru even more. Very thoughtful, and had felt calming.

    I don’t even dig idols all that much, if at all. Yet this was one of my favorite shows this year. Heck, I thought the setting was half-backed, but the music was good in underscoring the character’s enthusiasm; which was the main selling point for me.

    Oh, that Sonata.

  14. Toori-chan says:

    Yay more Nico Nico love~ NANO!!! NAGI!!!

    As a fan (thanks to Miyu), Nano’s debut in animusic got me really excited but a little depressed because she’ll be doing vocaloid covers less often… now all I want is to listen to her new upcoming album!!!

    I’ve been loving Nagi’s songs ever since Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari and her collabs with Jun Maeda are my favourites~ Vidro Moyou and Laterality was the highlight for me in Anisongs.

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