「K」- 13 [END]


A booming end minus land destruction.

Well readers it’s officially time to say good bye to the fantastic world of K because we have reached the final episode, but fear not because a second season has been announced. That said how will things end for all our favorite characters? I hope it ends with something awesome! So what are your thoughts going into the final Kyo?
Well, Fosh, K has definitely been a roller-coaster ride and I am glad that I was tagging it with you. Rather than deep plot points, I’ll remember this as a fun series we had fun blogging because even if the pacing was not what we desired, the conclusion was not all that bad. Some epic mind-games ensued and hey, with pretty animation to boot.

k yo (4)

Fushimi-“Hot tattoo you got there bro.”            Yata-“….”

 // Kountdown to the last face-offs – There are countless male pairings found throughout this series from MakotoxResisi, ShiroxKuro and YataxFushimi of course; however, most of these pairings promote conflict more than friendships even though we had a short flashback this week that followed Fushimi and Yata meeting Makoto for the first time. Now jump to the current time and these two dudes are die-hard enemies, but it was interesting to see them team up and fight off Kuro who kicked both their asses! While that was amazing to see those rivals work together, I wanted some more skateboard verses sword action from the final episode! Ah well I bet it must be hard to use a skateboard on snow huh? I died laughing when Rikio suddenly showed up to “escort” both Fushimi and Yata off the school grounds…good job bro…other than that whenever Makoto was in danger it was interesting that the tattoo on the bodies of Homura members started to glow. I guess that is a good way to inform your members you are in danger, but what can they really do when the leader is fighting another King? Sadly not a whole lot…

k yo (2)k yo (3)

Reisi-“Dude did you use your hand to block my sword?”                 Makoto-“Yeah…that wasn’t really smart…”

 // Kontinuing the Duel – Well, this has been one looooong fight. I mean, we have been seeing this for many episodes but you can deem it to anime logic and move on. The conclusion was quite imminent with everything falling into place after all. The moment I saw the red-labeled mouse out of its maze in the Weismann flashback experiment, I knew the same would befall on Mikoto. He has been an accident waiting to happen since his appearance in first episode. Volatile is what sums him in one word. A small part of me wanted him to evade his fate but oh well. Surprisingly, Reisi wasn’t as big a sadist as I expected because whatever he did, he did it for lost friendship and general public’s safety. From hating the guy’s guts, I came to admire him by the end, grudgingly too I might add. I would have liked some more details, especially when the four Kings faced-off in three bodies. Sadly, it turned into a battle of wits between Colourless and Silver King.

k yo (13)

Anna-“Dude, I am like so freaking high right now.”

k yo (12)

Neko is really sad and needs a hug.jpeg

 // Krushing defeat – With the sad passing of Makoto you can’t help but feel sad for the members of Homura, especially Anna who always had a special connection to the leader because no matter where he was she could always find him. So, now that he is gone forever what happens next for Homura? I thought for sure that BLANK was going to inherit the red king power after Makoto touched Izumo Kusanagai’s shoulder lightly, but that was not the case… I just hope we haven’t seen the last of these super cool red guys because we got to know a lot about them over these past thirteen episodes. Now I can’t really mention Anna without talking about Neko who also suffered the loss of Shiro! Well, not really because he is the Silver aka the Immortal King so he is probably alive somewhere washed up on some beach? She just has to team up with Kuro to find him and I bet money Shiro probably has a random case of surprise amnesia! I wonder how long it will take for them to find their beloved king…

K13-00249k yo (5)

New clansman-ship initiation by three indirect kisses and proposing… Are these guys really straight?

 // The Klans – Going back to the main premise of series, it’s sad how we never got to see the Green and Black clans at all except for mere mention by Yata and Fushimi in different scenes. The major stress was on red against blue throughout with the glimpses of Colourless, Gold and Silver lone-wolves. So, Mikoto’s end was almost inevitable; his bishie-self will be missed for sure. The new Red King should definitely be Izumo but we will see what happens in the next season. The flashback did help in explaining Yata’s anger and Fushimi’s guilt (I’m glad his tattoo’s finally off and hopefully he’s devoid of red-knifing ability). The surprise for me was Rikio’s skinny-self; dude, this guy needs to go on a diet to get back to his hunky self. While, Kuro switching to Shiro’s side was no surprise and I’m sure he’ll be teaming up with Neko to find his immortal King. Will there be more unrest? You betcha.

Last Fun with K

k fun (1)

The anti girl shield can be yours for a million dollars! Get one today!

k fun (3)

Evil Kukuri has a scary mind.

K fun (2)

Best idea ever, normal Kukuri!

k fun (4)

OR we could just do that for a few hours…

k yo (11)

Shiro x Shiro ship is sailing today

Oh K, you were such a fun series to blog even though I admit the first five or six episodes moved really damn slow, then again those were world building episodes. I liked how things actually happened in this final episode with all these main character deaths! I was really shocked that Shiro got blown up so fast but I know why he did that because he just had to get rid of the colorless king forever, but part of me was expecting Mikoto to survive until I saw Reisi’s sword go right through him! That was really crazy! I guess I was just surprised to see at least three main characters get killed… After Mikoto died, my mind jumped right to Anna. I know the two of them were extremely close, but hey at least she had a smile on her face at the end right? Then of course Neko was on my mind as well when Shiro got blown up…thankfully he is immortal so I fully expect him to appear in the second season.

Speaking of season two, what are we in store for? I have no idea other than a new Red king popping up and maybe we will find out who the other color kings are like the green king? Damn this series feels like power rangers, also the return of the Silver king aka Shiro because of that whole immortality thing inside of him. I know we have not seen the last of Scepter 4 with Reisi walking back to his team like a boss, which makes me believe that team will be back next time, but we probably will get a time gap between the events of season one and two; sort of like what Code Geass did? I forget how many years passed in that universe…I want to say seven? Anyway what do you think season two of K will cover?

Overall K was an interesting ride even though like I said at times it felt like the story was falling apart, but you just have to stick to it and watch things progress. So was K the best thing ever made? Not really I mean sure I did enjoy watching it because it looks amazing and there were some fantastic characters like Neko, Anna, Mikoto, Reisi, Yata and Kukuri running around. Besides the slow start I was pleased that it finished strong! Most series that I watch don’t really kill off any main characters even though I kind of guessed that Mikoto was going to eventually die at the end anyway… At least we got another season to enjoy, right? I also have to say thank you to Kyokai for letting me tag along on these episode reviews! It really was a lot of fun.

I am glad that K didn’t go completely KO in the end. Rather than tapering off to nothingness, things ended with a bang and some characters actually died! Life is full of hardships and choices, people. Even when I do like the latter, the former keeps things gritty and I appreciate the plot tightening up and delivering some justice rather than hey, everyone lives happily ever after. My beginning expectations were quite high to be realistically met but then I came to the conclusion that everything doesn’t have to be filled with deep plot to enjoy. A light-hearted series with interesting characters is enough for entertainment. And that is what K was for me, a one-time watch for eye-candy, laughs and giggles (especially on all those shounen-ai moments. Like really, so many closeups and deeeeeeeep staring into eyes during conversations…).

The rivalry dynamics really helped in the buildup of story but it was left for dead for plot progression and conclusion. Some conclusions I didn’t like:

  • Fushimi is a heartless prick who equals people caring for him as looking down upon him. Not to mention truckload of identity issues.
  • Mikoto was a great King but still failed to provide continued leadership.
  • Kuro has more than feeeels for Shiro.
  • All the males in this series don’t know what personal space means.
  • Neko and Anna are fanservice and loli monikers respectively.

Now, I like yaoi but there’s a limit to male pairings and K provided plenty with already released doujinshis in line. This is a hotbed for most fujoshis but I like my actiony-eye-candy with friendships and brotherhood strictly unambiguous  The whole I am IMMORTAL KING WEISMANN kinda pissed me off as a reveal because it seemed, he was stealing Shiro’s thunder but then he was Shiro we came to like in the first place so it all ended well. Not so well for our colourless-fellow whose face we never even saw. His next incarnation would be something I’d look forward to in second season but if he’s the baddie again, boooo GO HANDS, hire new writers! With the crater threat averted, I wonder if everything will go back to normal for the clans? But this is no utopia and some twist will surely happen.

Overall, this was an entertaining watch. Now share your own experience with K, readers. Did it give you enough stuffs for hanging on till the end? See you again when season two airs! Ja ne~

k yo (1)

Izumo-“I guess I can open my bar again… So, until next season, LETS GET DRUNK!”


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16 Responses to “「K」- 13 [END]”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    I found myself very… uncaring in the end. To the point where I was laughing at things like Anna dramatically yelling “Mikotooo!!!” Ugh, I’m a terrible person.

    I wish that the characters had been explored better. There’s so many and we didn’t get to see much background or development in them. I really wanted to see how Anna got involved with Mikoto and Homra, but we never got that (unless I completely missed an episode or something)and it was like that for most of the characters.

    Still, I watched it based of pure entertainment factor and it did not fail to entertain. I’ll certainly watch the second season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True I felt the same way towards certain characters, but Mikoto and Anna had a special connection so it was still random but sad! No problem I usually react the same way some times xD

      Agreed I wanted to see how Anna joined Homura! Oh well maybe we will learn in season two? Just kidding I think s2 will focus on a new red team.

      Awesome! Glad to hear it~

  2. d-LaN says:

    So I thought I’d just look at the pics even though I hadn’t been up to date with K and…. wht have they done to you Kukuri!? I think the BL vibes increases too XD

    Lol the ANN comment section for K S2 is full of “discussion” ^.^; I think K along with SAO just earned its place next to GC XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Kukuri was taken over by the colorless king for the last three episodes, basically he steals your body and uses you? sort of a puppet master character~

      I think K is a million times more fun that SAO, but that is just my personal thoughts! GC was entertaining~

      Ohhh I bet the fangirls are freaking out ;P

  3. BlackBriar says:

    NO BLOOD! NO BONE! NO ASH!! Another anime ends but they made sure to tell us that there’s another season announced and right in the middle of the episode. For a train wreck show, I enjoyed it. It’s right up there with Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online. The only troubling thing was the BL element and one can probably guess that was to attract the female audience.

    Mikoto and Reisi had a good fight. It shouldn’t be so surprising to be dragged out. In DBZ, after the attack to Namek’s core that would later make the planet explode, the fight between Goku and Frieza dragged on for a couple of episodes while in the story, it was all in the span of 5 minutes. Speaking of DBZ, Mikoto wants to pay tribute to Goku by catching Reisi’s sword the same way Goku did with future Trunks. If he didn’t have the powers of the Red King, he’d have lost a few fingers.

    It’s a shame that a badass like Mikoto had to die. Killing off three characters important to the story is a bold move. When season 2 comes along, hopefully it’ll be more focused than all over the place even though it was fun with the latter. Like the first episode with similarities in appearance, the last one pulled similarities in material. The first one with the fight dragging out and second with Mikoto pulling an Itachi whispering something before he died.

    Weismann sure is lucky to be immortal because it can’t be easy leaving yourself open to an attack that can kill you. Since the Colorless King is dead and his body destroyed, maybe Weismann will go back to his old body since it doesn’t have a scratch on it. I know Neko is desperate to see him again and I don’t want to see her disappointed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      NO BLOOD! NO BONE! NO ASH!! < when they started chanting that at the end I got chills man! It was so fitting~ Hmmmm for me I feel that K is far more entertaining than Harem Art Online and yes K does have a lot of BL-ish undertones but at least they have entertaining characters and not 1 dude is more powerful than the other! Hell Kuro can hold his own against a king? Kirito on the other hand would god mode and kick ass. Hahahah yeah their final king fight was a bit DBZish wasn't it? Good times...I wish the fight was more over the top but whatever~ I know! He will be missed RIP Mikoto <3

  4. Yvoon says:

    I was actually crying by the end of the series. Though there were points which really got on my nerves such as the stare-offs in between Mikoto and Reishi’s battles (kinda reminded me of DBZ) or the constant rowdy rivalry between Yata and Fushimi, it was quite a touching series. Or….maybe I just cry really easily.

    I had grown to like Mikoto quite a bit and it’s unfortunate he had to die. Even though we all knew it was gonna happen, I still hoped that he somehow could’ve been saved.

    • Foshizzel says:

      D’awwww no problem! It was certainly a sad ending for Homura and Mikoto T______T

      Same! He was a cool character~

  5. Cholisose says:

    LOL! The anti-girl shield is one of Kuro’s most amazing abilities.

    Overall K was Krazy Kool. Shiro was definitely my favorite character, but I hope a second season will be able to flesh out everyone else a bit more, as there was just so much random stuff the series had to/wanted to deal with in this first season. I can’t make much sense of the plot at this point, but at least it was entertaining along the way.

    • Foshizzel says:


      Krazy Kool works! Shiro was annoying at the start, but near the end he was really awesome! I will probably miss Anna and Neko a lot because they where both cute and fun to watch every week…

      At least we get a season two! WOoooooo!!

  6. anaaga says:

    Wait, what? Am I the only one who likes this anime? And I don’t even have any pairing in K, seriously. The little interactions among the homos failed me to create pairings. And little character development. God, where the hell is character development?

    I have to agree about Mikoto. I did cry when he died, but then I was all “lolz wtf” because I don’t get why he should die. Well, I get it, his power is running out of control, but why?

    Beh, whatever, I don’t care. Eye-candy bishies are the only things that matter. And season two!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I had a lot of fun with K! I mean yeah it started off really slow for me, but after you get familiar with the characters it becomes so damn addictive~

      Dawww yeah Mikoto’s death was quite sad I was expecting them to find a way to save him in the end =/

      Woooooot s2! I NEED MORE NEKO

  7. Shiizumi says:

    I really like this anime. Though at first few episodes it really sucks, at some point you’ll know that within those episodes there are some clues left for us. And episode per episode it just keep on getting better.

    Mikoto wanted to avenge Totsuka’s death. To accomplish that, he knew he needed to fight another king and it will take all of his powers to do so. With that,there’s a possibility that his sword of damocles will fall. To prevent that, he need Munakata to end his life before another Kagutsu incident happen. I dunno what Munakata felt at that moment. I feel that they really were close with each other before. O well.

    Poor Anna. I also pity Kusanagi, he lost his two friends but shed no tears. It really does hurt inside.

    As for Neko and Kuroh, they’ll most probably find Shiro again (I hope so).

    K is definitely not the best anime of 2012, but I enjoyed it even though it has its flaws.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed slow at the start giving us some hints and clues, but past those episodes it started to get really cool even though EVERY episode ended on a cliffhanger? Damn…

      Yep you are right on the money with that! I kind of wish we got to see how Mikoto and Reisi knew each other, I mean where is that back story?

      Yep Anna needs a hug right now! I was happy she had a smile on her face at the end.

      Right Neko and Kuro will find Shiro eventually~


  8. akagami says:

    There was too much unexplained, but I agree with the rest of you, it was still very entertaining. Though I was seriously thinking of dropping the show at the beginning, the whole focus on all those skateboarding scenes had me headbang_on_desk.gif.

    I disagree d-Lan – while K and SAO had lots of flaws, they were still very fun to watch. GC I watched for completion’s sake, though I was disgusted with the whole thing halfway through (by the time I wanted to drop it, it was almost done, so why not finish it? BAD MISTAKE).

    Overall, I’m looking forward to K2. If there was anything that bothered me, it was too many unanswered questions with no help from the supporting material (i.e. manga, LNs – from what I’ve heard they don’t really fill in much detail). E.g.:
    – Why is the Gold King the strongest? He’s not the first.
    – What exactly did Weismann discover/invent that created Kings?
    – More info about the King’s power – why and when do they deteriorate, can you simply “step down”, what conditions are there to using the power?
    – Do the powers of each Color King remain the same? The current Colourless King has a possession ability, did Ichigen-dono have it as well?

    Surprisingly the BL undertones didn’t really hit my radar (or reach uncomfortable levels), unlike No.6. My favorite characters were Neko (liked her cheerful/playful-ness) and Fushimi (something interesting about his flawed character).

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahah yeah I will agree there they did leave a few things un answered huh?

      K > SAO

      Nice set of questions I hope we get the answers in the second season <3

      Yeah there are some BL undertones but if you don't focus on those you can enjoy the series because there are plenty of side characters to watch.

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