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Reisi, “What a nice view…”             Seri, “Captain!”

fosh Welcome back readers! It is time for another fantastic K review for you to enjoy and you can rejoice because Kyokai is back to join me for our usual epic tag team adventure.
kyo Heya Fosh and it’s good to be back for sure! I was sick of lying on bed and doing nothing. I couldn’t even marathon any anime because my eyes stung if I stared at my laptop even for a few minutes! D: Glad the stupid cold is over. So, let’s see what the bishies have been up to this week.

Homra has come a callin’. How can you resist the bishie power?

// Homra Taking Over- Last time Mikoto broke out of Scepter 4 and rejoined his team as they headed back to school! Wait are they going to transfer in as official students? Just kidding I don’t think those Homra dudes could ever blend in with normal students. However, they are on a quest to find Totsuka’s killer that might be a student at the school or will they even find the killer? I certainly hope they do! I was pleased that they didn’t go on a straight up rampage aka beating up all the students…so yeah…also it didn’t take long for Scepter 4 to arrive even though they sat outside waiting for Reisi to give the order. Speaking of Scepter 4 for a moment it was nice to see that short flashback between Yata and Fushimi, but honestly I rather learn more about Mikoto and Reisi because it appeared like those two characters were friends in the past? Also I can hear the screams of the fan girls as their faces got so CLOSE… Also that cigeratte scene? You might as well say that is something suggestive thrown in by the producers right Kyokai? I just wanted to see them fight instead of talk; however I think both of them have to constantly remain “calm” for their powers to keep in check.

Blue Vs Red is always hawt!

// Kinetic Friendship or Legit Rivalry? – It was just fangirl fodder, Fosh. I was literally rolling my eyes during the scene when Reisi was all over Mikoto. I’m sure any guy in general wouldn’t assault other person’s space until necessary but this has been a known theme for K so now I don’t even sigh in derision. Though, if you check the history of main cast from Homra and Scepter 4, it’s interesting how they are intertwined with each other. There’s lots of history with Fushimi and Misaki: Friendship gone wrong with a broken brotherhood. While same can be said about Reisi and Mikoto, who know each other quite well but still keep up the pretense of being nemesis. The only ones on friendly terms seem to be Seri and Izumo, responsible for the rendezvous between Red and Blue King. I really do wonder about their connection and now I theorize that they might be lab rats for Weismann when they were kids, being the final recipients for King powers from the relic he was researching on. Though, being from the same school setting also works. I really do want to trace back in timeline to see their deal.

Don’t you know they are important for plot development? Sheesh!

 // Moe moe Kyun – Sure this series has lots of bishies running around for the girls to drool over, but we also have some cute characters like Anna and Neko who bring out their moe power every week! Last time we discovered how Anna’s power works with her own blood and Neko’s special power allows her to basically create different illusions. So what else is there to talk about with Anna? Well it appears as if she is either color blind or that she sees the world differently? Aka she can only see the coloured powers? I know that was how she tracked Mikoto down because she saw his bright glow; however, it was snowing and she wanted to be near something warm which made me go D’awww THAT WAS SO CUTE! While Anna got comfortable with Mikoto, Neko spent most of her time worried about her favorite bowl that was broken… I would be more worried about I don’t know Shiro’s BLOWN UP dorm room?! That said Neko was still rather cute even though she was depressed. A bit useful too as she used her tricks to be undetected by Horam and Scepter 4. So, which moe character is your favorite? Neko or Anna, but hey I think both of them bring their own cute factor to this series.

 Misaki, “If I become your vassal, can I dye my hair like yours?”                     Mikoto, “…Uhh… I’ll think about it.”

// The Kingly Power – From what Izumo said and what we have been seeing from episode one: everyone in Homra respects Mikoto and would give their life for him (well, at least the main supporting cast from Homra; I’m really not sure about those sneering hoodlums, ready to kick normal students in their search). We haven’t really seen much emotion but we can clearly see him protecting his boys even when he’s completely laid back about it; that is from where the ghetto punk style comes in Homra. Contrary to the brotherhood makeup of Homra, Scepter 4 is all business and formalities. Reisi is the embodiment of strict rule and controlled power. His leadership is almost tyrannical in nature but people still follow him because of his power and authority. Not much is not known about other kings but the Golden one seems to be another rock with complete authority over earth (as it seems), while Silver was the pioneer of all, now reduced to a mad scientist. Did he create the Colourless King out of spite so that there would be continued power struggle between all the kings or there is an actual reason behind the wild card nature of colourless power? I don’t know if Shiro has discovered the secret or not but if things go on in the same way, the only thing I see is chaotic destruction with all Kings fighting till their deaths and more craters of course. But I’m sure our Knight (Shiro) has some plan to save the day.

//Extra FUN Stuff



*insert FLAME-ON joke here*

Tell me your secret, which breath-mint do you use?

DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND! *shakes fist at empty air*

Well that was a decent episode even though nothing serious really happened other than Homra invading the school while they search for Totsuka’s killer. However, the stuff between Reisi and Mikoto was interesting minus the “almost making out with each other” scene? Just kidding it wasn’t THAT bad! Also like I said before, I wonder if they were close friends back in the day or was it the fact that both of them are kings? I guess there is a shared respect between being kings. I thought it was also quite interesting when we saw how Anna sees the world around her? That short scene also explains why we always see her latched onto Mikoto’s arm because she likes to be near something warm! Again D’awww Anna stop being so freaking cute…just kidding…don’t! Overall nothing major happened but that is fine because things are building up to something awesome? Hopefully that “awesome” stuff happens soon!

Some progress and in some cases no progress at all. Still, I always end up enjoying the lighter moments of K, like Izumo whistling to call Misaki and he actually showing up in an instant to his call. That was hilarious! Though, the more I want to understand Fushimi, the more disappointed I get because every time we see him, he’s tsking to himself in restlessness. I know he seeks power but what’s his deal? Will he keep jumping ships in search of his true calling or get jealous of brotherhood and trample people caring enough to be his friend? That’s really shallow character progress but with only three more episodes to go, I don’t think this fact will be explained.

In the Shiro land nothing big happened except for them getting back in trouble (when will they learn? First Weismann’s ship and now back at school, which is supposedly the hotbed of an impending war). Neko definitely is proving her worth with hiding their trespass of school but not for long as Shiro seems to be ready to enter the fray. I was sure he would take the side of school, his supposed home where he made friends; it’s sad how Kukuri and the rest don’t remember his name rather with that guy but at least it’s better than not remembering at all. It’s still to be seen what ‘wild card’ means; creating more confusion (Tatara’s death) or actually stopping the war between Red and Blue to save the day. Looking at the current scenario, the next episode will have an all out fight between the factions. I’ll look forward to the action and hopefully some more reveals.


Sword of Damocles, “Check mah bling yo~ Red King’s shabby sword has nuthin on me!”


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7 Responses to “「K」- 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Welcome back, Kyokai and congratulations on your recovery! We missed you in the last post so it’s good to have you here. This was a decent episode and nice build up before the inevitable fight between the clans. Too bad the students are going to get caught in the middle though it’s only natural to have casualties in war.

    Mikoto pulled a Bane style takeover of the school and shows he can be a carefree, merciless tyrant to those he doesn’t consider his friends. When they decided to go after the killer, I expected a little group like the amount in Izumo’s bar, not an all out army. It was pure disbelief seeing how many HOMRA members there were.

    Seeing the flashback between Yata and Fushimi was interesting and shows Fushimi was always very soft in the head. And that smile he had while burning his HOMRA tattoo, the guy is paying tribute to Accelerator.

    [K] continues to win points with the flawless animation like the scenery of the school covered in snow, especially where Mikoto and Reisi had their little smoke and talk. To me, they’re much like Yata and Fushimi were at first and it’s become a “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” situation. Where things stand, this is the moment where last minute negations fail before the war starts and Reisi is really trying to avoid it even after he was seen as a sadist after what he did to Kuroh.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, BB! It’s good to be back and watching animu. Being sick is such a drag!

      This was a good progress episode indeed. I sure want some action pretty soon. Homra seems quite strong but then Blue has more tech so it’s gonna be interesting how they fight fire with fire.

      Fushimi did piss me off this time around as I said but oh well, I should not try to find good in him at all; though, Accelerator has some real good traits.

      With how things are going, I remember what the Silver King initially wanted to do: spread love with the ancient power he found in the relic (which sounds cheesy), but I have a feeling our Shiro would be doing the same thing with his goody-two-shoes face. Somehow. What do you think?

      Btw, another sadist remark from Reisi to Seri in this episode, “The expression of humiliation on your face doesn’t look so bad!”

      • BlackBriar says:

        No problem. I couldn’t agree more about being sick being a drag. I had the chicken pox early this year and it wasn’t pretty. The worst two weeks I could ever remember.

        I was expecting some action in this very episode but didn’t mind the dialogs. Most likely we’ll get it the next time around. Since the OP was giving away a lot of stuff we’ve seen during the series, I hoping for an epic fight between the two clans, especially between their kings Mikoto and Reisi. HOMRA’s takeover of the school was like putting martial law into effect, something I’d expect from Scepter 4.

        Fushimi’s character is an enigma. I think he’s bipolar thanks to the mood swings he seems to go through and I also think he never really wanted to join HOMRA in the first place. He was nowhere near acting like the others.

        Other than the pursuit of clearing his name, Shiro’s intentions are unclear but one is sure is that he’s making good use of Neko’s power to bend reality around him. She’s totally devoted to him. The question is why he went back to his supposed home in the apartment complex when there’s a mob of people hunting him. It was funny when he brought up the Ichigen Miwa thing. I think the killer has no body of his own and possesses people. The body was different when he was talking to Mikoto before the breakout.

        I never thought about it like that. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if Reisi is into S&M and dragged Seri into it.

        • Kyokai says:

          Oh man, chicken pocks are horrible! I had them when I was a kid so the memories are fuzzy but getting them when you are old enough to remember are more than a drag.

          And you know what, 100 points for the no body theory, which actually became half-truth for the next episode. xD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Spammy sure doesn’t take a day off when it’s eating the comments of readers. Well, comes with the territory of being a commenter.

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