Sukitte Ii na yo – 05-07

And no one had the heart to tell him that “Blackie” wasn’t a very original name at all…

Again, I’m so sorry for being missing in action for Sukitte for so long! AFA, prom and post-exam parties (it’s neverending because I keep having random exams) have gotten the better of me hehe but I’m baaaack for some Sukitte… and lots of cats.

The focus is back on the budding relationship between Yamato and Mei this few weeks, which is fantastic because I need me some rabu rabu action >D It’s interesting to see the contrast between how the both of them are looking at this relationship – for Yamato, calling Mei by the first name is something really natural to him but for Mei, it holds much more significance and takes a lot more effort. It’s sweet how Yamato understands this and is willing to wait for her, even though waiting can be really tough. While Yamato is helping Mei to open up her social circle, Mei on the other hand, I think, reminds Yamato about simple things in life and sensitizes him to things he may have ignored or simply dismissed – like how she raised his compassion for the little kitten and sort of “guilt-tripped” him into keeping it. I think he’s learning things from her too, and that’s what so beautiful about this unusual relationship of theirs – their mutual sharing and influencing.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a third party to kick things up a little! To Mei who has 0 experience in love, it would make sense that she feels frustrated at herself for feeling these negative emotions like worry, inferiority and jealously. She doesn’t know that it is only natural, and instead blames herself for feeling this way. Sukitte has this way of making you feel for the antagonists, even – although Megumi is seen as a love rival to Mei, in reality all she wants is a genuine friend to help her overcome her loneliness too. Although I suppose her motive in getting Yamato to model with her isn’t entirely clean, we can sort of empathize with her and it’s hard to actually hate her. In foresight, a love triangle would help to speed up the progression of the relationship between Yamato and Mei a little – that kiss at the end of episode 7 was surprising! Although the pacing of it all started off quick (what with kissing in episode 1 and not), it’s been going slowly for the both of them, and introducing unexpected participants in their relationship is one way of getting things moving. Yamato’s friend who’s going to be introduced next episode looks like he’s gonna complicate things further too, and perhaps this time it’s Yamato who’s gonna be in trouble.

Coming back to episode 5, the interaction between Nagi and Mei was so adorable to watch – they have a special connection because of their common unfortunate experiences with sucky friends, which was what really allowed them to hit it off after they began to understand each other even despite the generation gap. Her hostility at first makes sense because Yamato was Nagi’s only remaining friend – she didn’t want her brother to get snatched away by some random girl. Mei’s heartfelt advice really touched her in the end though, and it’s heartwarming how they’ve become good friends. It actually also brings out the fact that Yamato doesn’t really know much about the feelings/positions of not having friends, since he’s always been surrounded by them (even if they were bullies, like when he was a chuugakusei). Whereas he was at a loss as to how to convince his sister to go to school for 6 months and couldn’t do much more than being there for her and comforting her, Mei knew just what to do to get her back on her feet again, and managed to reassure her within 1 short conversation, that friends can be worth making if she just puts in a little more effort.

I really enjoy watching Mei, who’s only recently begin to learn about friendship and love, helping others to overcome their problems, as she did with Nagi and also Nakanishi, Asami and Aiko. She’s so sincere and pure, and that’s what really makes her advice moving, even if she doesn’t realize that she’s actually a big help to those around her. I like how our main characters all have their own scars and problems that they’ve overcome together one way or another, and how they use this rather special relationship they have to draw closer to each other :3 Even though the scene where Aiko and Asami was giving Mei some emotional support was short, I felt that it was really touching as it shows how far they’ve come as friends, as well as as individuals.


Although there are 4 different shoujo titles this season (sukitte, chu2koi, tonokai, kamisama), there’s a good mix of different genres and paces in each one. Sukitte really focuses on the complexity of human relationships and is so very realistic in the sense that it brings to light many issues that we face in real life, but often choose to ignore. I love how believable everything is in the show and how it really makes you feel for ALL the characters, not just the main couple, and that’s really not an easy feat considering how the cast is getting bigger and bigger. Anyway, I’m just glad that I finally have shoujo titles of such high caliber to enjoy. What did you guys think of these few episodes of Sukitte?

Have how told you guys how much I love cats? They are so cute and fluffy and lazy and– hnggggg (´ ▽`).。o♡

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A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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11 Responses to “Sukitte Ii na yo – 05-07”

  1. Vance says:

    Chu2koi isn’t a shoujo.

    • Miyu says:

      Oh I apologize haha, I was thinking more of series that have romance as one of their main genre. Sorry ’bout that!

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Those cats with human eyes… Scary…

    Well, to me, Sukitte is just so adorable. Just like you said, the relationship between the characters is believable and it’s nice to see them helping each other out. I just felt like Aiko was suddenly put among Mei’s circle of friend, because I don’t remember to have seen her on the episodes 5 and 6… Is like they forgot her XD

    Anyways, at the same time I think those relationships amazing, I was starting to feel a bit annoyed too with Yamato and Mei. Damn it, Yamato! It’s not possible that you are so naïve to enter on a lone girl’s house! You have already done THAT! You know what can happen!!! THINK OF TACHIBANA, DAMN IT!!! And Mei who just accepts everything diligently, as if Yamato is actually looking her with eyes that says “I will go no matter what you say”. Can’t you think a little on you, too?


    Anyways, I feel that on the next episode, things will change… And I hope to better with that unexpected kiss of Mei on the middle of the corridor, which makes it more unexpected, yet.

    But it can change to worse too ><'

  3. akagami says:

    I’m finding this is leaning more and more towards the manga in terms of the smut content, and it’s making me lean more towards my opinion of the manga, which is drop. I mean seriously, I’m sure sex is on teenager’s minds most of the time (100% for males), but to non-stop openly talk about it? Has high school really degenerated into a cesspool? I haven’t seen anything that indicates that (or maybe I don’t live in a “hip” enough area)… >.>

    I’m finding Yamato in the anime to be really flat and bland. At least in the manga he had some character, even if it was one you disliked. Mei is the only one keeping me interested enough to still watch it…for now.

  4. akagami says:

    Annnndddd ahahahaha, overalls? Do people seriously wear those? It hasn’t been in fashion since… oh.. um, what, the 90’s? I like the white turtleneck though.

    • Highway says:

      I gotta say I see overalls in anime all the time. Maybe not on the most stylish of people (Dekomori is wearing them in Chu2Koi ep 7), but certainly not a “never” proposition.

      • akagami says:

        How about in RL? I don’t think I’ve *ever* seen anyone wear them… Aside from old people and babies/kids.

        • Highway says:

          I work in an engineering office, and don’t go out much after that. I couldn’t tell you what people actually wore any more than my cats could. 🙂

  5. AllenAndArth says:

    blackie is sooooooo not original!

  6. atien panda says:

    can i get more picture of tachibana mei san?

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